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Complete in two imperial octavo volumes, of more than fourteen hundred pages of double column letter-press, and upwards of three hundred elegant illustrations.

Price, cloth, $5,00.

The work embraces about one thousand authors, chronologically arranged and classed as Poets, Historians, Dramitists, Philosophers, Metaphysicians, Divines, etc., with choice selections from their writings, connected by a Biographical, Historical, and Critical Narrative; thus presenting a complete view of English Literature, from the earliest to the present time. Let the reader open where he will, he cannot fail to find matter for profit and delight. The selections are gems - infinito riches in a little mom; in the language of another, “ A WHOLE ENGLISH LIBRARY FUSED DOWN INTO ONE CHEAP BOOK!"

* The AMERICAN edition of this valuable work is enriched by the addition of fine steel and mezzotint Engravngs of the heads of SHAKSPEARE, ADDISON, BYRON; a full-length portrait of DR. JOHNSON, and a beautiful scenic representation of OLIVER GOLDSmith and Dk. Johnson. These important and elegant additions, together with superior paper and binding, render the AMERICAN superior to all other editions.

EXTRACTS FROM COMMENDATORY NOTICES. From W. H. Prescott, Author of " Ferdinand and Isabella.” “The plan of the work is very judicious ... It will put the reader in the proper point of view for surveying the whole ground over which he is travelling. . . . Such readers cannot fail to profit largely by the labors of the critic who has the talent and taste to separate what is really beautiful and worthy of their study from what is superfluous."

“ I concur in the foregoing opinion of Mr. Prescott." - Edward Everett.

" It will be a useful and popular work, indispensable to the library of a student of English literature.”. - Francus Wayland.

“We hail with peculiar pleasure the appearance of this work, and more especially its republication in this country at a price which places it within the reach of a great number of readers." - North American Recier.

“This is the most valuable and magnificent contribution to a sound popular Interature that this century has brought forth. It fills a place which was before a blank. Without it, English literature, to almost all of our countrymen, educated or uneducated, is an imperfect, broken, disjointed mass. Every intelligent man, every inquiring mind, every scholar, felt that the foundation was missing. Chambers's Cyclopædia supplies this radical defect. It begins with the beginning; and, step by step, gives to every one, who has the intellect or taste to enjoy it, a view of Eng. lish literature in all its complete, beautiful, and perfect proportions.” Onondaga Democrat, N. Y.

“We hope that teachers will avail themselves of an early opportunity to obtain a work so well calculated to im. part useful knowledge, with the pleasures and ornaments of the English classics. The work will undoubtedly find a place in our district and other public libraries; yet it should be the 'vade mecum' of every scholar.” – Teachers' Advocate, Syracuse, N. Y.

“ The design has been well executed by the selection and concentration of some of the best productions of Engish intellect,

from the earliest Anglo-Saxon writers down to those of the present day. No one can give a glance a! (he work without being struck with its beauty and cheapness.” Boston Courier.

“We should be glad if any thing we can say would favor this design. The elegance of the execution feasts the eye with beauty, and the whole is suited to refine and elevate the taste. And we might ask, Who can fail to go back to its beginning, and trace his mother tongue from its rude infancy to its present maturity, elegance, and rich ness?” – Christian Mirror, Portland.

“ This Cyclopædia is executed with great fidelity and tact. We know no work which we can recommend nore highly.” - Neal's Saturday Gazette, Phila.

“It is a good selection from the most renowned English writers, and has been fitly described as a whole Enguish "ibrary fused down into one cheap book.” The Boston edition combines neatness with cheapness, engraved portraits Jeing given, over and above the illustrations of the English copy.” – N. Y. Commercial Advertiser.

“Welcome! more than welcome! It was our good fortune some months ago to obtain a glance at this work, and we have ever since looked with earnestness for its appearance in an American edition.” -- Ver York Recorder."

“The industry, learning, and ability of Mr. Chambers are securities for the excellence of the work, and we com. nend it to every man of taste and letters as worthy of his patronage." - New York Observer.

“ This is an elegant reprint of the Edinburgh edition, and certainly presents a specimen of typography and en graving of which we may be proud.” – Ladies' Repository, Boston.

“ This publication winnows the grain from an interminable mass of literary chaff; and, in this regard, is mos welcome to such a labor-saving age as that in which we live. No man of taste should fail of possessing a work which is evidently a classic.” – Morning Signal, Cincinnati.

“ It embodies a large amount of historical and biographical facts, and illustrates more perfectly than any other single book. A work like this cannot fail to prove convenient and interesting to the man of letters; while, to me ordinary reader, it opens a store of information which he will not be likely to obtain from any other source. We hope t may be widely circulated in this country, and contribute something

to the cultivation among vur people of a taste for the literature of their mother tongue, and an acquaintance with the character of its best masters.” – Providence low mal



WILLIAMS'S WORKS. RELIGIOUS PROGRESS. Discourses on the Development of the Christian Character. By WILLIAM R. Williams, D. D. 12mo. Cloth, 85 cents.

" This work is from the pen of one of the brightest lights of the American pulpit. We scarcely know of any living writer who has a finer command of powerful thought, and glowing, impressive language, than he." - Alamy Evening Allas.

“ This book is a rare phenomenon in these days. It is a rich exposition of Scripture, with a fund of practical eligious wisdom, conveyed in a style so strong and so massive, as to remind one of the English writers of two cenmiries ago; and yet it abounds in fresh illustrations drawn from every - even the latest opened — field of science and of literature.” – - Methodist Quarterly. LECTURES ON THE LORD'S PRAYER. By William R. WILLIAMS, D.D., author of “Reli

gious Progress," etc. 12mo. Cloth, 85 cents. “ The breadth of view, the strength of logic, and the stirring eloquence of manner which they disclose, place them among the very best homiletical efforts of the age. We can say that there is not a page which is not full of sugges. tion, as well as eloquence. It does honor to the heart that indited it, and will be accepted as another contribution to the best religious literature of the day.” – Christian Parlor Magazine. MISCELLANIES. By William R. Williams, D.D., author of "Religious Progress," " Lectures on the

Lord's Prayer," etc. New and improved edition, and the price reduced. mo. Cloth, $1,25.
• “ A volume which is absolutely necessary to the completeness of a modern library.” — N. . Weekly Rerich
" Dr. Williarus is a profound scholar and a brilliant writer." – N. Y. Evangelista
“.... fro in the pen of one of the most able and accomplished authors of the age.” – Baptist Memorial.

HARRIS'S WORKS. THE PRE-ADAMITE EARTH. Contributions to Theological Science. By John Harris, D. D. New

and revised edition. One volume, 12mo. Cloth, $1,00. MAN PRIMEVAL; or the Constitution and Primitive Condition of the Human Being. A Contribution to Theological Science. By John Harris, D. D. With a finely engraved portrait of the author. Third edition. 12mo. Cloth, $1,25.

“ His copious and beautiful illustrations of the successive laws of the Divine Manifestation have yielded us inei. prossible delight.” - London Eclective Revieto. THE GREAT COMMISSION. THE GREAT TEACHER. MISCELLA ES


REPUBLICAN CHRISTIANITY; or, True Liberty, as exhibited in the Life, Precepts, and Early

Disciples of the Great Redeemer. By Rev.’E. L. Magoon, author of “Proverbs for the People," etc. Second edition. 12mo. Cloth, $1,25.

“Mr. M. has a his command a rich store of learning, from which he skilfully draws abundant evidence for the support of the positions he assumes." — Puritan Recorder.

“Mr Magoon is known as one of the most glowing and impressive orators among the Baptist clergy. fle thinks boldly and speaks frankly, and with a variety and freshness of illustration that never fail to command attention." N. Y. Tribune. PROVERBS FOR THE PEOPLE; or Illustrations of Practical Godliness, drawn from the Book of

Wisdom. By Rev. E. L. Magoon. Second thousand. 12mo. Cloth, 90 cents.

“Ho is quaint, sententious. He has indeed the three great qualities, pith, point, and pathos;' and always enforces high and noble sentiments.” – N. Y. Recorder.

“ It is an excellent book for young people, and especially for young men, amidst the temptations of business and pleasure." - Albany Express. FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF ENGLAND AND ITS PEOPLE. By Hluch MILLER, author of " Old Red Sandstone,” « Footprints of the Creator,” etc.,

with a likeness of the author. 12mo. Cloth, 31,00. " Let not the careless reader imagine, from the title of this book, that it is a common book of travels ; on the con!rary, it is a very remarkable one, both in design, spirit, and execution. The facts recorded,

and the views advanced in this book, are so fresh, vivid, and natural, that we cannot but commend it as a treasure both of information and entertainment. It will greatly enhance the author's reputation in this country, as it already has in England." — Willis's Home Journal. THE LIFE AND CORRESPONDENCE OF JOHN FOSTER. Edited by J. E. RTLAND, with notices of Mr. Foster, as a preacher and a companion. By JOHN SHEPPARD. A new edition, two volumes in one, 700 pages. 12mo.' Cloth, $1,25. “In simplicity of language, in majesty of conception, in the eloquence of that conciseness which conveys in a mort sentenco more meaning than the mind dares at once admit, - his writings are unuiatched.” — Norts British Rerico. UNIVERSITY SERMONS. Sormons delivered in the Chapel of Brown University. By Rev. Francis

WAYLAND. 12mo. Cloth, $1,00.

Dr. Wayland has discussed in this volume most of the prominent doctrines of the Bibie, in his usual clear and masterly style, viz. : Theoretical Atheism ; Practical Atheism ; Moral Character of Man ; Love to God; Fall of Man ; Justification by Works impossible ; 'Preparation for the Advent of the Messiah ; Work of the Messiah ; Justification by Faith; The Fall of Peter; The Church of Christ ; The Unity of the Church ; The Duty of Obedience to the Civil Magistrate; also the Rocent Revolutions in Europe.

• The whole volume is well worthy of the pen of the distinguished scholar and divine from whom it emanales.' - Dr. Baird's Christian Union.



PHILOSOPHY OF THE PLAN OF SALVATION; a Book for the Times. By an American Citizen. With an Introductory Essay, by Calvin E. STOWE, D D.' 12mo. Cloth, 621 cents.

If you have not read this book, do not fail to get a copy and read it. It is one of the best books in the English language. It has been translated into several diferent languages in Europe. It has been republished by the Londor Tract Society, and also as one of the volumes of “Ward's Standard Divinity,” London, odited by Dr. John Harris Dr. Pye Smith, and others. THE PERSON AND WORK OF CHRIST. By ErnesT SARTORIUR, D. D. Translated by Rev

0. S. Stearns, A. M. 1810. Cloth, 42 cents.

“ A work of much ability, and presenting the argument in a style that will be now to most American readers. It will deservedly attract attention.”— New York Observer.

“ It will be found, both from the important subjects discussed, as well as the earnestness, beauty, and vivacity of its style, to possess the qualities which should recommend it to the favor of the Christian public.” — Michigan Chris tian Herald. A WREATH AROUND THE CROSS ; or, Scripture Truths illustrated. By A. M. Brown, D. D Author of the Leader of the Lollards, &c. With a recommendatory Preface, by Rev. J. ANGELL JAMES.

With a beautiful Frontispiece. 16mo. Cloth, co cents.

The book is especially designed for, and adapted to, “inquirers after Christ,” as the title might indicate ; or, more fully, it was written "to exbibit Scripture doctrine through the medium of Scripture facts; to awaken the careless to arouse the slumbering, to encourage the believer, to elevate the cross before all, and to plead with all classes ti louk to Jesus." The author, we think, has been very successful in what he has undertaken, and we think every reader will be of the same opinion. THE GREAT TEACHER ; or, Characteristics of our Lord's Ministry. By John Harnis, D. D. With an

Introductory Essay, by H. Humphrey, D. D: 12mo. Cloth, 85 cents. “Ita styie is, like the country which gave it birth, beautiful, varied, finished, and every where delightful. But the style of this work is its smallest excellence. It will be read it ought to be rend. The writer pours forth a clear ind beautiful light, like that of the evening lighthouse, when it sheds its rays upon the sleeping waters, and covers hem with a surface of gold. We can have no sympathy with a beart which yields not to impressions delicate and holy, which the perusal of this work will naturally make.” -- Himpshire Gazette. THE APOSTOLICAL AND PRIMITIVE CHURCH ; popular in its Government, and simple in its Worship. By LYMAN COLEMAN. With an introductory Essay, by Dr. AUGUSTUS NEANDER, of Berlin. Second edition. Price, $1,25.

The publishers have been favored with many highly commendatory notices of this work, from individuals and public journals. The first edition found a rapid sale ; it has been republished in England, and received with much Favor; it is universally pronounced to be standard authority on this subject; and is adopted as a text book in theological seminaries. THE CHURCH MEMBER'S MANUAL of Ecclesiastical Principles, Doctrines, and Discipline. By

Rev. W. CROWELL. Introduction by H. J. Ripley, D. D. New edition, revised. 12mo. Cloth, 75 cents.

" This very complete Manual of church polity is all that could be desired in this department. Every important point within a wide range is brought forward, and every point touched is settled.” — Christian Review. THE CHURCH MEMBER'S HAND BOOK; a Guide to the Doctrines and Practice of Baptist

Churches. By Rev. WILLIAM CROWELL. 18mo. Cloth,' 371 cents. CONTENTS — Groundwork of Religion. Christian Truth. Framework of Religion : Christian Churches. Memorials of Religion : Christian Ordinances. Symbols of Religion: Christian Sacraments. Privileges of Religion: Christian Exercises. Duties of Religion : Church Discipline. Life of Religion: Christian Love. It is concise, clear, and comprehensive; and as an exposition of ecclesiastical principles and practice, is worthy of careful study of all the young members of our churches. We hope it may be widely circulated, and that the youthful thousands of our Israel may become familiar with its pages." -- Watchman and Rezector.

YE CHURCH IN EARNEST. By John ANGELL JAMES. 18mo. Cloth, 50 cents. “We are glad to see that this subject has arrested the pen of Mr. James. We welcome and commend it. Let 1 be scattered like autumn leaves. We believe its perusal will do much to impress a conviction of the high mission of the Christian, and much to arouse the Christian to fulfil it.” – New York Recorder.

“ Mr. James's writings all have one object-- to do execution. He writes under the impulse, Do something; do it lle studies not to be a profound or learned, but a practical writer. He aims to raise the standard of piety, holiness in the heart, and holiness of life. The influence which this work will exert on the church must be highly salutary." -- Boston Recorder. THE CHURCH MEMBER'S GUIDE. By Rov. J. A. JAMES. Edited by Rev. J. O. CHOULES. New edition ; with an Introductory Essay, by Rev. IIUBBARD Winslow. Price, 38 cents.

" The spontaneous cffusion of our heart, on laying the book down, was, May every church member in our land soon possess this book, and be blessed with all the happiness which conformity to its evangelic sentiments and directions is calculated to confer."" - Christian Secretary. THE CHRISTIAN'S DAILY TREASURY ; a Religious Exercise for every Day in the Year. By E. T'EMPLE, D. D. 12mo. Cloth, $1,00.

I No Christian should be without this book. It is indeed a “treasury” of good things. THE IMITATION OF CHRIST. By THOMAS A KEMPIS. Introductory Essay, by T. CHALMERS, D. D

New and improved edition. Edited by II. Malcou, D. D. 18mo. Cloth, 38 cents. Fine edition, 16mo., 50 cts THE SAINT'S EVERLASTING REST. By RICHARD BAXTER. 16mo. Cloth, 50 cents.



THE EXCELLENT WOMAN, as described in the Book of Proverbs. With an Introduction, by Bts

W. B. SPRAGUE, D. D. Containing twenty-four splendid Illustrations. Third thousand. 12mo. Cloth, 31,00 cloth, gilt, $1,75; extra Turkey, $2,50. SUBJECTS : The Virtuous Woman - Trustworthy – Beneficent - Active - Enterprising - Provident

- Man aging - Energetic - Vigilant - Industrious - Humane – Thoughtful - Tasteful - Creditable — Trafficking Zeputable – Peacefut — Domestic - Commended – Preëminent – Godly, and Rewarded Woman.

37. This elegant volume is an appropriate and valuable “ gift book” for the husband to present the wife, or the child the mother. MOTHERS OF THE WISE AND GOOD. By Jabez Burns, D. D., author of “Pulpit Cyclopædia,” etc. Fourth thousand. 16mo. Cloth, 75 cents.

A beautiful gallery of portraits of those who not only were " wise and good " in their own generation, but whost influence, long after they were slumbering in the dust, went forth to live again in their children. A sketch of the motiiers of many of the most eminent men of the world, showing how much they were indebted

to ma ernal influence for their

greatness and excellence of character, is given. Works of this nature cannot be too widely circulated or attentively read. THE MARRIAGE RING ; or, How to make Home Happy. From the Writings of JOHN ANGELL JAMES

BEAUTIFUL ILLUSTRATED EDITION. '16mo. Cloth, gilt, 75 cents.

A more beautiful or appropriate “gift” to present a newiy-married couple cannot be found.
THE GUIDING STAR ; or, The Bible God's Message. By Louisa Payson Hopkins. 12mo. Cloth, 50 cents.

An exceedingly interesting and instructive work for youth, on the evidences of Christianity.
HOW TO BE A LADY ; a Book for Girls, containing useful Hints on the Formation of Character. By

Rev. H. NEWCOMB. Twelfth thousand. Cloth, gilt, 50 cents.
HOW TO BE A MAN ; a Book for Boys, containing useful Hints on the Formation of Character. By Rev

H. NEWCOMB. Eleventh thousand. Cloth, gilt, 50 cents. “Two delightful volumes by the Rev. Harvey Newcomb. These are written by an intelligent Christian fatker. They contain wise and important counsels and cautions, adapted the young, and made entertaining by the interesting style and illustrations by the author. They are fine mirrors, in which are reflected the prominent lineaments of the Christian young gentleman

and young lady. The execution of the work is of the first order, and the books will afford elegant and most profitable presents for the young.” -- American Pulpit. ANECDOTES FOR BOYS. Entertaining Anecdotes and Narratives, illustrative of Principles and

Character. By H. NEWCOMB. Seventh thousand. 18mo. Cloth, gilt, 42 cents. ANECDOTES FOR GIRLS. Entertaining Anecdotes and Narratives, illustrative of Principles and Character. By H. NEWCOMB. Seventh thousand. 18mo. Cloth, gilt, 42 cents. “There is a charm about these two beautiful volumes not to be mistaken. They are deeply interesting and in. structive, without being fictitious. The anecdotes are many, short, and spirited, with a moral drawn from each, somewhat after the manner of Todd; and no youth can read them without finding something therein adapted to every age, condition, and duty of life. We commend it to families and schools.” – Albany Spectator. YOUNG AMERICANS ABROAD; or, Vacation in Europe : the Results of a Tour through Great

Britain, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland. By John OVERTON CHOULES, D, D., AND HIS Pupils. With elegant Illustrations. 16mo. Cloth, 75 cents. * This is a most captivating book of travels; a book which will be road when more pretending and elaborate works will stand on the shelf." - N. Y. Recorder. THE ISLAND HOME ; or, the Young Castaways. By CHRISTOPHER ROUMAUNT, Esq. With elegant Mes

trations. 16mo. Cloth, 75 cents. " It is a most enchanting narrative, such as will attract the attention of every youth who has one single chord in his heart that will vibrate by strokes of the romantic and marvellous. A better Crusoe book we have never read than this." - Christian Intelligencer. ORLANDINO : a Story of Self-Denial. By EDGEWORTH. 18mo. Cloth, gilt, 38 cents.

Latioual Series of American Histories.

BY REV. JOSEPH BANVARD. PLYMOUTH AND THE PILGRIMS; or, Incidents of Adventure in the History of the First Settlers ;

with Illustrations. 16ino. Cloth, 60 cents. NOVELTIES OF THE NEW WORLD; an Account of the Adventures and Discoveries of the First Explorers of North America. Being the second volume of BANVARD's SERIES OF AMERICAN HISTORIES. With

numerous Illustrations. 16mo. Cloth, 60 cents. ROMANCE OF AMERICAN HISTORY; or, an Account of the Early Settlement of North Carolina and Virginia, embracing a Narrative of the tragic Incidents connected with the Spanish Settlement at St. Augus. tine, the French Colonies at Roanoke, and the English Plantation at Jamestown; the Captivity of Captain John Smith, and the interesting Adventures of the youthful Pocahontas. Being the third volume of BANFARD's SERIES OF American Histories. With numerous Úlustrations. 16mo. Cloth, 60 cents.

Other volumes of this popular series are in course of preparation. The series will embrace the most interesting and important events which have occurred in the United States since the first settlement of the country; illustrating the trials and adventures of the early colonists both at the north and the south, their intercourse and conflicts with the natives, their peculiarities of character and manners, the gradual development of their institutions, sketches of their prominent men in both the church and the state, incidents in the revolution, with various other subjects of interest of more recent date. They will be adapted to the popular mind, and especially to the youth of our country, and will contain numerous fine engravings. There will be twelve or more 16mo, volumes, of about three hundred pages. Each volume to be complete in itself, and yet, when all are published, they will together form a regular SYRIES OF AMERICAN HISTORIES.





CRUDEN'S CONDENSED CONCORDANCE. A Complete Concordance to the Holy Scrip

tures; by ALEXANDER CRUDEN, M. A. A new and condensed edition, with an Introduction ; by Rev. David King, LL.D. Price, in boards, $1,25; sheep, $1,50.

The con lensation of the quotations of Scripture, arranged under their most obvious heads, while it diminishes the bulk or the work, greatly facilitates the finding of any required passage.

“ Those who have been acquainted with the various works of this kind now in use well know that Cruden's Concordance far excels all others. Yet we have in this edition of Cruden the best made better. That is, the present is better adapted to the purposes of a Concordance, by the erasure of superfluous references, the omission of unnecessary explanations, and the contraction of quotations, &c. It is better as a manual, and is better adapted by its price to the means of many who need and ought to possess such a work, than the former larger and expensive edition.” — Boston Recorder.

"The present edition, in being relieved of some things which contributed to render all former ones unnecessarily vumbrous, without adding to the substantial value of the work, becomes an exceedingly cheap book.”—Albany Argus. KITTO'S POPULAR CYCLOPÆDIA OF BIBLICAL LITERATURE. Condensed from the larger work. By JOHN KITTO, D.D., F.S.A., author of "The Pictorial Bible," i History and Physical Geography of Palestine," editor of "The Journal of Sacred Literature," etc. * Assisted by numerous distinguished scholars and divines, British, Continental, and American. With numerous illustrations. One volume, octavo, 812 pp. Cloth, $3,00.

The Popular BIBLICAL CYCLOPÆDIA OF LITERATURE is designed to furnish a DICTIONARY OF THE Bible, em-
bodying the products of the best and most recent researches in biblical literature, in which the scholars of Europe
and America have been engaged. The work, the result of immense labor and research, and enriched by the con-
tributions of writers of distinguished eminence in the various departments of sacred literature, has been, by universal
consent, pronounced the best work of its class extant, and the one best suited to the advanced knowledge of the
present day in all the studies connected with theological science. It is not only intended for ministers and theo-
logical students, but is also particularly adapted to parents, Sabbath school teachers, and the great body of the
religious public. The pictorial illustrations -- amounting to moro than three hundred - are of the very highest
order of the art.
KITTO'S HISTORY OF PALESTINE. From the Patriarchal Age to the Present Time ; with In-

troductory Chapters on the Geography and Natural History of the Country, and on the Customs and Institutions
of the Hebrews. By John Kitto, D. D., editor of “The Pictorial Bible,” “Daily Bible Readings,” “ “Cyclo-
pedia of Biblical Literature," etc. With upwards of 200 illustrations. 12mo. Cloth, $1,25.
** A more useful and instructive book has rarely been published.” — N. Y. Commercial,

“Whoever will read this book till he has possessed himself thoroughly of its contents, will, we venture to say,
read the Bible with far more intelligence and satisfaction during all the rest of his life.” – Puritan Recorder.
THE FOUR GOSPELS, WITH NOTES. Chiefly explanatory; intended principally for Sabbath
school teachers and Bible classes, and as an aid to family instruction. By HENRY J. Ripley, Newlon Theological
Institution. Seventh edition. Price $1,95.

This work should be in the hands of every student of the Bible, especially every Sabbath school and Bible class teacher. It is prepared with special reference to this class of persons, and contains a mass of just the kind of in formation wanted.

“ The undersigned, having examined Professor Ripley's Notes on the Gospels, can recommend them with confi-
dence to all who
need such helps

in the study of the Sacred Scriptures. Those passages which all can understand
are left without note or comment,' and the principal labor is devoted to the explanation of such parts as need to be
explained and rescued from the perversions of errorists, both the ignorant and the learned. The practical sugges-
tions, at the close of each chapter, are not the least valuable portion of the work. Most cordially for the sake of
truth and righteousness, do we wish for these Notes a wide circulation.
Baron Stow, Wm. Hague,


Teachers in Sabbath schools and Bible classes, and as an aid to family instruction. By Prof. HENRY J. RIPLEY Price, 75 cents. “The external appearance of this book — the binding and the printed page — it is a pleasant thing for the eyes u behold. On examining the contents we are favorably impressed, first, by the wonderful perspicuity, simplicity, and comprehensiveness of the author's style; secondly, by the completeness and systematic arrangement of the work, in all its parts, the remarks' on each paragraph being carefully separated from the exposition ; thirdly, by the correct theology, solid instruction, and consistent explanations of difficult passages. The work cannot fail to be received with favor. These Notes are much more full than the Notes on the Gospels, by the same author. A beautiful map accompanies them.” — Watchman and R flector, Boston. SABBATH SCHOOL CLASS BOOK. Comprising copious exercises on the Sacred Scriptures. By

E. LINCOLN. Revised and improved by an eminent clergyman, and a superintendent. Price 124 cents. “ Having examined your Sabbath School Class Book, it gives us pleasure to express our satisfaction with its de. sign and execution. 'The great benefit which a good class book accomplishes consists in guiding the mind of this scholar in the study of his lesson, and in suggesting topics of conversation to the teacher. To this end we think your work is well adapted ; baving avoided, in a great degree, the evils of extreme redundance or conciseness.

Wu. Hague, E. THRESHER, H. Malcom, BARON Stow." LINCOLN'S SCRIPTURE QUESTIONS. With the answers annexed, giving, in the language of the sacred volume, interesting portions of the history, and a concise view of the doctrines and duties, exhibited in the Bible. Price $1,00 per dozen.

Where Bibles cannot be furnished to each scholar, the Scripture Questions may be used with convenience, as the answers are printed. THE SABBATH SCHOOL HARMONY. Containing appropriate hymns and music for Sabbath

schools, juvenile singing schools, and family devotion. By N. D. GOULD Price 12 cents.

This little work contains about fifty tunes, most of which are original, and seventy-five hymns, well adapted to the use of Sabba a scherls, and on other purposes for which it was intended, and of such variety as require no other hymn book


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