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tempest calmed,—four thousand fed,-Christ | Gadara -dumb demoniac,-blind and dumb walking on the sea,-five thousand fed, - demoniac boy. fish with the money in its mouth,-fig-tree blasted, draught of fishe&


Daughter of Jairns, son of the widow of 2. THE HEALING OF DISEASES.

Nain,-Lazarus of Bethany. Thenobleman's son, Peter's mother-in-law,

OTHER MIRACLES IN THE NEW TESTAMENT. Leper,--Centurion's servant,-man sick of the palsy,—woman with the issue of blood,--the By the seventy disciples, — by and in con. lame man at Bethesda,-man with a withered pection with tho apostles, etc., -by Peter, band, -daughter of Syro-Phenician woman,

lame man cured, -death of Ananias,—death -man deaf and dumb cured, -woman cured of Sapphira,—the sick healed-Eneas made of eighteen years' infirmities,-dropsical man, whole-Dorcas restored to life:--by Stephen, -ten lepers cleansed, -the ear of Malchus -great miracles;—by Philip—various miracles; restored.

-- by Paul,-Elymas smitten with blindness,

lame man cured, -an unclean spirit cast out, 3. GIVING SIGHT TO THE BLIND.

special miracles,-Eutychus restored to life.-Two blind men, -blind man restored to sight; healed;-Paul and Barnabas,-various mir.

viper's bite made harmlese,-father of Publius -man born blind receiving sight-blind acles, - signs requested, -signs given, - & Bartimæus.

solemn caution, since the power to work mi4. EXPULSION OF DEMONS.

racles is not equivalent to the possession of

genuine faith and saving grace, I never knew Man with an unclean spirit,-demoniacs of you.




various, wine, wool, cedar, pearls, clothing, Writing, scribes, writing table,-parchments, let metals, spices, etc., -accounts regularly made ters, matters of antiquity recorded in old up, The Christian low-enjoining industry and Testament-Heraldry-pedigrees of the tribes quiet-Paul a tentmaker. originally, and of such as came back from Babylon. MUSIC

Preparation of food, cooking-pots—wine in Vocal-female choirs-choirs in temple; in stone botlles, cedar, timber for building, strumental music invented by Jubal, and of clothing-new cloth on old garrent-spinused in families and in public worship- ning, weaving, needle-work; carthenware Heman, Asaph, Levites and David-harp, -potters, pitchers, treasure in earthen vessels; psaltery, organ, cornet, trumpet, etc., power leather, Simon a tanner; working in metals of music-among sons of prophets, and over Tubal-Cain, silver and dross, (see under Saul and Elisha.

METALS) gold-smiths-silver-smiths—lamps carving-jewellery; mills, women grinding;

roads, cast ye up, cast ye up; fowling applied Employed by the tribes to survey the country, to devices of the wicked-done by pit, gin, ard by Nehemiah over the ruins of Jerusalem. snare, net; (NAVIGATION, see under WATER.)



CUSTOM OF CARRYING PRESENTS, Merchandise-old and early-gatting gain, Often referred to, often given for mere selfTyre the great mercantile city-buy the truth interest, and also from fear, and as compli. and sell it not; articles of merchandise very Iments,-a truly oriental fashion.



his sons-once against the letter of the law by Ceremonial institutions - daily burning of David; sprinkling on hand, ear and too, incense in censer — the symbol of prayer; symbol of complete purification-of things shewbread in twelve loaves, removed every -showing their dedication to divine ser. Sabbath, and to be eaten only by Aaron and vice, as in case of all things by the law purged





with blood-uncleanness and necessary cere- their stuff in their hands and kneading troughs monial ablution-the question among John's on their shoulders-observed annually in disciples-ablutions very frequent—the special Jernsalem-unleavened bread the bread of purification of the leper-and other forms of afliction and haste, and also symbol of sin. it-anointing the sacred oil after the art of the cerity and truth-the feast lasting seven days, apothecary, used in sacerdotal consecration and no leaven during that period to be found alone, the symbol of anion and the Holy in any house-kept on the fourteenth day of Ghost-sick anointed with oil in New Testa- the first month-no stranger, or one uncirment times.

cumcised, allowed to eat of it-ceremonial

purity an indispensable preparation-many SACRAMENTAL ORDINANCES,

sacrifices often accompanying the feast-

Christ's last Passover-in the upper room with Circumcision-ordered to Abraham and his his disciples preceding the institution at the house-for every min-child on eighth day, and same table of the Lord's Supper. to be observed by his posterity applied spis ritually to renovation of heart and obedi.

BAPTISM, ence--circumcision not made with hands-ob. served by Abraham-Jacob and sons of She- Instituted by Jesus—baptism the figure of chem, by Zipporah, wife of Moses, on her sons suffering in some places-apostolic baptism --Joshua on the nation after crossing the recorded often in Acts_its spiritual blessings Jordan-Paul on Timothy, but not on Titus Christ baptized by John-baptism dispensed --subject of keen dispute in days of the by Christ thronglı his disciples—the baptism apostles-inspired decision declaring that it of John initiatory by water in contrast with was not to be enforced on Gentile converts, that by Holy Ghost. for it availed nothing—the concision


Instituted on the night on which he was be. PASSOVER,

trayed in the upper room and at the paschal First observed on the night Israel left Egypt-table-bread broken, his body broken-wine the paschal lamb without spot-slain-and poured out, his blood poured out-drink ye all blood sprinkled on lintels and door-posts of it-the apostle Paul's account given to the roasted-not a bone broken-eaten with bitter church in Corinth-sin of unworthy commu. herbs and unleavened bread, and none of it to nicating and its awful penalty-mány sleep be left until the morning-the feasters having Lat a man examine himself.




Bowsandarrows-Bottles—Razor-Compound A favourite mode of teaching in the east animal-Candlestick-Chariots and horses, similitudes also commonly employed-Parables Cookery — Regal crowns - Ephah - Flying in the Old Testament-Royal Bramble-Ewe book-Ripe fruit-Confined posturc—GirdleLamb - Quarrelsome brothers -- Ambitious Horns and Carrenters-Equestrian scene, Thistle-Fruitless vineyard-Red wine vine Submersion-Naked prophet-Plumb-lineyard—Eagles and Vine-tree-Lioness—Christ's Removing furniture-Plan of a siege-Sticks Parables—Parables in the New Testament and staves-Vine-tree-The whale-Cup of The two foundations-axes Mustard-seed

wine-Yokes. -Heaven-Treasure found-Fishing-Debt. ors and Creditors-Day labourers- I'he two

PICTURED SPIRITUAL SCENES, sons—Marriage feast— Ten virgins-TalentSower-Seed springingupimperceptibly-Hus

Presence of Satan—Heaven in council--Jobandmen-Blind guide-The Good Samaritan shua and Satan-Riddles. - Midnight visitor-Unclean spirit-Rich fool -Barren fig-tree-Great supper-Lost sheep EMBLEMS AND TITLES OF CHRIST, Lost money-Prodigal son-Unjust steward - The branch-Bread— Water-Shepherd-Life Rich and poor-Unjust judge and importu--Lamb — Foundation-Foretold as the cornate widow-Pharisee and Publican-Tenner stone-Application-Predicted as a stum. pounds-Vernal trees Shepherd-Allegories, bling-block-Living stone-As light and sun Cedar, Vine out of Egypt.

-Light of the world - A star.





VARIOUS PLEAS FOR PERSECUTION, Springing from hatred of the righteous, but Defaming the apostles as disaffected—Elijah foretold and expected, often keen and rever- accused also of disaffection – persecutors sing natural affcction, son against father imagining that they are doing God serviceChrist and his Apostles warning the churches Apostles represented as troublesome-their of coming tribulation.

enemies often referred to.


The apostles and early church waxing bolder, Ridicule, gazing-stock-hatred_outrage-con- and when scattered abroad diffusing the gospel; spiracies-took counsel to kill-stimulating persecution forbidden by God, and punished others to violence--as against Jeremiah and by Him-blood required – they shed blood, against Paul-judicial process-preaching si- and they must drink blood; sufferers supported lenced as in case of Jeremiah and Apostles- by God — blessed, inspirited, and clothed at fines--imprisonment-scourging -excommu- length in white robes-suffer with him, reign nication, exile-death bysword-James killed with him—to be avoided however-persecuted by Herod-by stoning, and in various other in one city-flee ye into another-remarkable ways-sawn asunder,

deliverances celebrated in Scripture.




miah, Joshua, and Daniel; sin confessed to Offered to God alone, as alone worthy of it, others as Achan to Joshua-confess your faults

one to another. and as the one benefactor-offered to Him by angels, by saints, by all—by every thing that hath

PETITION, being; on earth, in public worship, in the con Based upon the promises—upon providence gregation, and in heaven-Hallelujah.

-upon the divine goodness—upon the divine justice, Lord hear the right-upon the divine

glory-upon confidence in God and relation It is good for his mercy, his providence, to Him, in Thee is my trust. mighly acts—for Christ and his blessingsthe unspeakable gift-for prayers heard—for daily

INTERCESSION, mercies, more in number than the sand, for spe- Commanded for all saints—some instances of cial mercies, as by Abraham, Jethro, Hannah, it, as in Moses, Eli, Job--some exceptionsetc -for public blessings for success in war,

pray not thou for this peoplethe sin unto death victory gotten by his right hand and holy arm.

not to be prayed for-intercession requested

by Pharaoh-intercession for ministers of the PRAISE NOW AND FOR EVER

gospel - pray for us-for saints—for family Seven times a dy-doxologies in Scripture- (see under FAMILY)— for our country-bless public processions of praise, in valleyof Berachah, thine inheritance; in public distress, for victory and at rebuilding of Jerusalem-two great -command deliverances for Jacob. companies—one over against the other, praising God.


Importance of prayer-he is good unto them that Commanded without ceasing—the example in wait for him-its value often experienced, from our Lord's prayer-forms of prayer-vain repe the time of Seth to that of Pentecost and the titions

Apostles--omission of prayer a sin-restraining SEASONS,

prayer; once forbidden by a human law, which Morning, noon, evening, midnight; place,

Daniel disregarded. anywhere-Jeremiah in dungeon, Jonah in whale's belly; posture, kneeling, bowing, and


Ack and it shall be given; conditions of being CONFESSION,

heard, sincerity, fervour, and faith; hope of

being heard--the Lord will hear-prayers beard Necessary, as the expression of genuine peni- in many recorded instances -- prayers not tence,I have sinned_many instances and heard, and reason given-if I regard iniquity records of it in Scriptures, as in Ezra, Nehe. Iin mine heart, the Lord will not hear me.




God against them-how are they increased that

trouble me, for their overthrow-for punishAs Moscs, Daniel, Job, Psalmist.

ment to them-prayer for them, lay not this

sin to their charge PRAYERS, For general and temporal blessings - fre

BENEDICTION, quent prayer in affliction, sorrow, and danger, in old age and at death-social prayer, Form in Old Testament–Ebai and Gerizim where treo or three are gathered together for di- -form under the New Testament-in the vine mercy-have mercy upon me; for divine various epistles, grace and peace. light-teach me

On temporal things
on the events of war-

Severely reprobated, instances in Shelomoths danger of omitting this often seen in Jewish son-Rabshakeh;—various forms of it--de.

nials of Providence-stout words, of divine jus. history-enquiries unanswered.

ticc--the way of the Lord not equalof divine PRAYERS FOR GRACE,

power, can God furnish a table? - of divine

truth and goodness--penalty oi blasphemyFor deliverance from enemies, complaint to stoning to death without mercy.


PROPHECY. THE COMMISSION, Necessary-given to Moses, Samuel, Nathan, When no vision people perish-schools of the Jehu, Gad, Shemaiah, David, Solomon, Elijah, prophets-prophetesses, Miriam, Deborah,Hul. Isaiah, and the other prophets.

dah-Anna, daughters of Agabus-Prophets

in the New Testament Judas and SilasTHE QUALIFICATION,

special gifts of edification-prophets somePossession of God's Spirit-sons of the pro- times respected, but sometimes persecuted as phets,

Micaiah, Elijah, Jeremiah, Amos-example of THE COMMUNICATION.

suffering affliction, as proposed by the Apostle Made in various forms to the prophets-word

James as a burning fire shut in my bones -Jeremiah.


To listen and obey—sin and penalty of un. Even in Balaam-certainty of fulfilment-lo it belief. will come-seen in rebuilding Jericho-pro

FALSE PROPHETS, phecy to Eli-doings of Josiah, Zimri-death of Ahab-Spoiling of the Syrians-death of Warning against them often given by Jere. Joram--prosperity of Israel under Jeroboam miah-abounding in his time-Wolves in sheep's the second-lessons of confidence and warning clothing-try the spirits, their character, mercenso taught to all pious minds.

ary, false, full of flattery, crying, Peace, peace,

especially in time of war; the criterion, fulfil. SPECIAL PROPHETIC PERIODS,

ment of the prediction; penaity-death-re. Time, time and dividing of time, 1360 days and proof often aaministered to them and their 1335 days-numbers of Beast, 666.

dupes, especially by Jeremiah and Ezekiel.

PROVIDENCE. EXERCISED IN THINGS TEMPORAL, chosen me-calling according to his own purpose In individuals—the hairs of your head are num- und grace-divine rejection--vessels of wrathbered-in public atfairs as shown in the history illustrations-Jacob and Esau, Pharaoh and of Israel and its pumerous changes, incul, symbol of potter's work. cating lessons of submission, obedience, and confideuce.

MEANS APPOINTED, EXERCISED IN THINGS SPIRITUAL. The divine decrees and choice-ye have not! Except those abide in the ship-lessons inculcated

of duty, praise, and humility–who maketh thee Egypt, Adonibezek, Abimelech, Hamanto differ?

Caleb-contrast often seen in this life-often RESPONSIBILITY.

described in the Book of Proverbs—and also for Independent of the divine foreknowledge- ever—everlasting punishment, life eternal. man's destiny determined by his choice-ye will not come to me.


In early times an appeal to God-land of In providence always found, but sometimes it-Saul elected by it_Jonathan taken by it,

Canaan divided by it-Achan apprehended by apparently, indiscriminate-all things happen alike to all, therefore mysterious as in the and Jonah—lot cast into

lap. command to Abraham to offer Isaac-in the complaint of Asaph, etc.


Towards righteous in temporal blessings EXALTATION,

under old economy - and giving them In providence often wonderful as in Saul and support and deliverance-light in the darkness; David-depression also-yet always just-it in spiritual blessings—imparting favour and shall be wel with them that fear God—God being strength and final peace; towards the wicked governor-mysteries in providence-teaching – bringing shame and penalty-no peace to the us patience and holy resignation,

wicked-especially when their sins are aggra

vated-satutes of Omri-national disaster-the MARKED DISCRIMINATION,

result in the case of Israel-death here and Wicked often signally punished, Israel and hereafter, the deluge, plague, etc:


works, but by faith and leading to sanctificaConsisting in deliverance from the curse and tion. power of sin, througn faith in the divine Re

PARDON, deemer who gave himself for us (His Divinity- Full, free, and frequent-the gift of GodHumanity, Messiahship, and Character, see sins of impenitent men not forgiven, they bear. under Jesus

CHRIST), Christ the dispenser of ing their own iniquity. grace out of his fulness-Mediator and Inter. cessor--one God and one Mediator—the Advo

SANCTIFICATION, cat-maintains communion with believers Through the blood and by the Spirit of Christ union symbolised in vine and its branches, -robes made white in the blood of the Lamb body and its members.

beginning in regeneration and perfected in the


APPLICATION OF REDEMPTION. The blood of Christ—as of a lamb, without The Holy Ghost-convincer, teacher, and blemish—his death predetermined before the applier. This Divinity-proved from his names, foundation of the world, and often predicted by perfections, and worship offered to him, his the prophets and by Christ himself, (Narrative personality also proved,

for he comes, speaks, of sufferings, see under JESUS CHRIST).

is given, may be grieved, and sin may be CHRISTS' PRIESTHOOD,

committed against him. Implying humanity, sympathy, sinlessness

SPIRITUAL INFLUENCE, and the possession of somewhat to offer-priest Often promised and described and in a variety after the order of Melchizedec–avā now over of forms illustrated, referred to, and instanced. the house of God and in the Holy of Holies with. in the vail.


Regeneration-born again, newness of life,Blood poured out freely in room of the guilty putting off old man and putting on new manby him who became sin—and tbe sacrifice not sons of God—(see under FAMILY). to be repeated it being once for all-propilia

FAITH, tion effected enemies reconciled, middle wall The great and necessary principle, often en. broken down-Jew and Gentile in one body.

joined and exemplitied-to be professed but

sincerely—awful penalty of unbelief-seen in JUSTIFICATION,

the early Jews who could not enter because of unThe pardon of sin—no condemnation—not of belief. Faith in connection with salvation


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