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And cistern.

with us, and we will serve thee. Isa. XXXVI, 2, 3, 13, 14, 16. And the shall live, and this city shall not And Nabash the Ammonite an- king of Assyria seut Rab-shaken be burnt with fire; and thou shalt swered them, On this condition from Lachish to Jerusalem, unto live, and thine house: But if thou will I make a covenant with you, king Hezekiah, with a great army: will not go forth to the king of that I may thrust out all your and he stood by the conduit of the Babylon's princes, then shall this right eyes, and lay it for å re- upper pool, in the highway of the city be given into the hand of the próach upon all Israel.

fuller's field. Then came forth Chaldeans, and they shall burn it 1 Sam. xxvIII, 1. And it came to unto bim Ellakim, Hilkiah's son, with fire,and thou shalt not escape pass in those days, that the Philis- which was over the house, and out of their hand. And Zedekiah tines gathered their armies to Shebna, the scribe, and Joab, the king said unto Jeremiah, I am gether for warfare, to fight with Asapl's son, the recorder. Then afraid of the Jews that are fallen Israel: and Achish said unto Rabshakeh stood, and cried with a to the Chaldeans, lest they deliver David, Know thou assuredly, that loud voice in the Jews' language, me into their hand, and they mock thou shalt go out with me to and said, Hear ye the words of the me. But Jeremiah said, They battle, thou and tby men.

great king, the king of Assyria. shall not deliver thee. Obey, I 2 Sam. ii, 27. And Joab said, zekiah deceive you; for he shall LORD, wbich I speak unto thee: 50

Thus saith the king, Let not He- beseech thee, the voice of the A8 God liveth, unless thou hadst

not be able to deliver you. Hear- it shall be well unto thee, and thy spoken, surely then in the morn- ken not to Hezekiah: for thus saith soul shall live. But if thou refuse ing the people had gone up every the king of Assyrig, Make an to go forth, this is the word that one from following his brother.

agreement with me by a present, the LORD hath shewed me: And, 2 Sam. xx, 16, 17, 19, 20. Then and come out to me: and eat ye behold, all the women that are cried a wise woman out of the every one of bis vine, and every left in the king of Judal's house city, Hear, hear; say, I pray you, one of his fig tree, and drink ye shall be brought forth to the king unto Joab, Come near bither, that every one the waters of his own of Babylon's princes, and those I may speak with thee,

women shall say, Thy friends have when he was come near unto her, the woman said, Art thou Joab?

Isa. xxxvii, 11-13. Behold, thou set thee on, and have prevailed And he answered, I am he. Then bast heard what the kings of As- against thee; thy feet are sunk in she said unto him, Hear the words syria have done to all lands, by the mire, and they are turned of thine handmaid. And he an, thou be delivered? Have the gods out all thy wives and thy children

destroying them utterly, and shalt away back. So they shall bring swered, I do hear. I am one of of the nations delivered them to the Chaldeans, and thou shalt ful in Israel: thoa seekest to do which my fathers have

destroyed, not escape out of their hand, but stroy a city and a mother in and the children of Eden which king of Babylon: and thou shalt

as Gozan, and Haran, and Rezeph, shalt be taken by the hand of the Ierael: why wilt thou swallow up were in Telassar? Where is the

cause this city to be burnt with the inheritance of the LORD? And Joab answered and sald, Far be king of Hamath, and the king of fire. . tt, far be it from me, that'I should Arphad, and the king of the city swallow up or destroy. of Sepharvaim, Hena, and Ivah? Josh. Ix, 25, 27. And now, behold,

we are in thine hand: as it seem1 Kings xx, 2, 4. And be sent CAPITULATION. eth good and right unto thee to do messengers to Ahab king of Israel into the city, and said unto him, people thou shalt say, Thus saith

Jer. xxi, 8, 9. And unto this unto us, do. And Joshua made

them that day hewers of wood Thus saith Ben-hadad. And the the LORD, Behold, I set before you aud drawers of water for the conking of Israel answered and said, the way of life, and

the way of gregation, and for the altar of the My lord, 0 king, according to thy death. He that abideth in this LORD, even unto this day, in the saying, I am thine, and all that i city shall die by the sword, and by place which he should choose. bave.

the famine, and by the pestilence: 1 Kings xx, 34. And Ben-hadad 2 Kings xviii, 27--30. But Rab- but he that goeth out, and falleth said unto him, The cities, which shakeh said unto them, Hath my to the Chaldeans that besiege you, my father took from thy father, I master sent me to thy master, and he shall live, and his life shall be will restore; and thou shalt mako to thee, to speak these words ? unto him for a prey.

streets for thee in Damascus, as hath he not sent me to the men which sit on the wall, that they that bring their neck under the with this covenant. So he made a

Jer. xxvii, 11-13. But the nations said Ahab, I will send thee away

my father made in Samaria. Then may eat their own dung, and drink yoke of the king of Babylon, and covenant with him, and sent bim their own piss with you? Then Rab-shakeh stood and cried with still in their own land, saith the serve him, those will I let remain

away a loud voice in the Jew's language, Lord; and they shall till it, and

MISCELLANEOUS. and spake, saying, Hear the word dwell therein. I spako also to . Gen. alls, 7. Cursed be their of the great king, the king of As. Zedekiah king of Judah accord- anger, for it was fierce; and their syria : Thus saith the king, Let ing to all these words, saying, wrath, for it was cruel: I will dl. Dot Hezekiah deceive you; for be Bring your necks under the yoke vide them iu Jacob, and scatter shall not be able to deliver you of the king of Babylon, and serve them in Israel. out of bis hand: Neither let Heze him and his people, and live. Why klah make you trust in the LORD, will yo die, thou and thy people, that was in distress, and every

1 Sam. xil, 2. And every one saying, The LORD will surely de- by the sword, by the famine, and one that was in debt, and every liver us, and this clty shall not be by the pestilence, as the LORD one that was discontented, ga. delivered into the hand of the Lath spoken against the nation thered themselves unto him; and king of Assyria.

that will not serve the king of he became a captain over them: 2 Chron. xxxi, 18. Then they Babylon ?

and there were with him about cried with a loud .voice in the Jer. xxxviii, 17-23. Then said four hundred men. Jews' speech unto the people of Jeremiah unio Zedekiah, Thus 1 Sam. xxv, 21-24, 28. (Now Jerusalem that were on the wall, saith the LORD, the God of hosts, David had said, Surely in vain to affright them, and to trouble the God of Israel, If thou wilt as- have I kept all that this fellow them; that they might take the suredly go forth unto the king of hath in the wilderness, so that

Babylon's princes, then thy soul nothing was missed of all that



pertained unto him; and he hath Isa. XXX, 7,9. For the Egyptians God shall give Israel: and there requited me evil for good. So and shall help in vain, and to no pur shall not be an old man in thine more also do God unto the ene- pose: therefore have I cried con- house for ever. And I will raise mies of David, if I leave of all cerning this, Their strength is to me up a faithful priest, that shall that pertaineth to him, by the sit still. That this is a rebellious do according to that which is in morning light, aby that pisseth people, lying children, children mine heart and in my mind: and against the wall.) And when Able that will not hear the law of the I will build bim a sure house, and gail saw David, she hasted, and LORD.

he shall walk before

mine lighted off the ass, and fell before Jer. x1, 7. I have forsaken mine Anointed for ever. David on her face, and bowed her house, I have left mine heritage; I Belf to the ground, And fell at his bavegiventhedearly-belovedofmy glorious and excellent than the

Ps. lxxvi, 4, 6. Thou art more feet, and said, Upon me, my lord, soul into the hand of her enemies. mountains of prey. At thy re upon me let this iniquity be; and let thine handmaid, I pray thee, bring upon that land all my words chariot and horse are cast into a

Jer. xxv, 13, 14, 18-20. And I will buke, O God of Jacob, both the speak in thine andience, and hear which I have pronounced against dead sleep the words of thine handmaid. it, even all that is written in this pray thee, forgive the trespass of book, which

Jeremiah hath pro- eth the city of the mighty, and

Prov. xxi, 22. A wise man scalthine handmaid: for the LORD will phesied against all the nations. casteth down the strength of the certainly make my lord a sure For many nations and great kings confidence thereof. house; because my lord fighteth shall serve themselves of them the battles of the LORD, and evil also: and I will recompense them wounds of a friend: but the kisses

Prov. xxvii, 6. Faithful are the hath not been found in thee all according to their deeds, and thy days.

according to the works of their of an enemy, are deceitfol. 1 Kings xvi, 21, 22. Then were own hands. To wit, Jerusalem, Cant. vi, 12, 13. Or ever I was the people of Israel divided into and the cities of Judah, and the aware, my soul made me like the two parts: half of the people fol- kings thereof, and the princes chariots of Ammi-nadib. Return, lowed Tibni the son of Ginath, to thereof,to make them a desolation, return, O Shulamite; return, remake him king; and half followed an astonishment, an hissing, and turn, that we may look upon thee. Omri. But the people that fol- a curse; (as it is this day:) What will yo see in the Shulam. lowed Omri prevailed against the Pharaoh king of Egypt, and his ite? As it were the company of people that followed Tibni the servants, aud his princes, and all two armies. son of Ginath : 80 Tibni died, and bis people; And all the mingled Omri reigned. people, and all the kings of the Ephraim shall depart, and the

Isa. xl, 13. The envy also of Neh. Iv, 7, 8, 17, 22, 23. But it land of Uz, and all the kings of adversaries of Judah shall be cat came to pass that wben Sanballat, the land of the Philistines, and off: Ephraim shall not envy Jadah, and Tobiah, and the Arabians, and Ashkelon, and Azzah, and Ekron, and Judal shall not rex Ephraim. the Ammonites, and the Ashdo and the remnant of Ashdod, hites, heard that the walls of Jer. xli, 16-18. Then took Jo

Jer, xxix, 7. And seek the peace Jerusalem were made up, and banan the son of Kareah, and all of the city whither I have caused that the breaches began to be the captains of the forcos that you to be carried away captives, stopped, then they were very were with him, all the rempant of and pray unto the LORD for it: for Froth. And conspired all of them the people whom he had recover- / in the peace thereof shall ye bave

peace. together to come and to fighted from Ishmael the son of Neagainst Jerus lem, and to hinder thaniah, from Mizpah, (after that Jer. Xxx, 17, 19. For I will re it. They which builded on the he had slain Gedaliah the son of store health unto thee, and I will wall, and they that bare burdens, Ahikam,) eren mighty men of heal thee of thy wounds, saith the with thoso that laded, every one war, and the women, and the Lord; because they called thes an with one of his hands wrought in children, and the eunuchs, whom Outcast, saying, This is Zion, the work, and with the other he had brought again from whom no inan seeketh after. hand held a weapon.

Likewise Gibeon: And they departed, and And out of them shall proceed at the same time said I unto the dwelt in the habitation of Chim- thanksgiving, and the voice of people, Let every one with his ham, which is by Bethlehem, to them that make merry: and I will servant lodge within Jerusalem, go to enter into Egypt, Because multiply them, and they shall not that in the night they may be a of the Chaldeans: for they were be few; I will also glorify them, guard to us, and labour on the afraid of them, because Ishmael and they shall not be smali. day. So neither I, nor my breth- the son of Nethaniah bad slain 2 Cor. 4, 4-6. (For the weapons ren, nor my servants, nor the men Gedaliah the son of Ahikam, of our warfare are not carnal, but of the guard which followed me, whom the king of Babylon made mighty through God to the pollnone of us put off our clothes, governor in the land.

ing down of strong holdsi) Castsaving that every one put theni

ing down imaginations, and every off for washing

1 Sam. ii, 31, 32, 85. Behold, the bigh thing that exalteth itsell 180. xv, 9. For the waters of days come, that I will cut off thine against the knowledge of God, Dimon shall be full of blood: for I arm, and the arm of thy father's and bringing into captivity every

the obedience of will bring more upon Dimon, house, that there shall not be an thought to lions upon him that escapeth of old man in thine house. And Cbrist; And having in a readi. Moab, and upon the remnant of thou shalt soe an enemy in my ness to revenge all disobedieuco, the laud.

habitation, in all the wealth wbich ( when your obedience is falfilled.




compassed me about: all thy Ezek. xxvI, 16, 18, 19. For thos Gen. 1, 9, 10. And God sald, Let billows and thy waves passed saith the Lord GOD, When I shall the waters under the heaven be over me. The waters compassed make thee a desolate city, like gathered together unto one place, me about, even to the soul: the the cities that are not inhabited; and let the dry land appear: and depth closed me round about, the when I shall bring up the deep it was so. And God called the dry weeds were wrapped about my upon thee, and great waters shall land Earth; and the gathering to-head. I went down to the bottoms cover theo. Tinus saith the gether of the waters called he of the mountains; the earth with Lord God to Tyrus, Shall not Seas; and God saw that it was

her bars was about me for ever: the isles shake at the sound of good.

yet hast thou brought up my life thy fall, when the wounded cry,

from corruption, O LORD my God. when the slaughter is made in Neh, ix, 10, 11. And showedst

the midst of thee? Now shall the bigns and wonders upon Pharaoh,

isles tremble in the day of thy and on all his servants, and on all

Dan. vil, 2. Daniel spake, and fall; yea, the isles that are in the the people of his land; for thou knewest that they dealt proudly said, I saw in my vision by night, sea shall be troubled at thy deagainst them: so didst thou get and, behold, the four winds of the parture. thee a name, as it is this day. heaven strove upon the great sea.

Ezek. xxviii, 8. They shall bring And thou didst divide the sea be- Job xxvi, 5. Dead things are thee down ti the pit, and thou fore them, so that they went formed from ander the waters, shalt die the deaths of them that through the midst of the sea on and the inhabitants thereof. are slain in the midst of the seas. the dry land; and their persecutors

Ps. xviii, 16. He sent from above, Ezek. xxxi, 15. Thus saith the thou threwest into the deeps, as a he took me, he drew me out of Lord God, in the day when he stone into the mighty waters. many waters.

went down to the grave I caused Job xxvi, 10. He hath compassed

Ps. lxxxviil, 6,7. Thou hast laia a mourning: I covered the deep the waters

with bounds, until the me in the lowest pit, in darkness, for him, and I restrained the floods day and night come to an end. in the deeps. Thy wrath lieth thereof, and the great waters were Job xxxviii, 8, 10, 11, 16. Or who hard upon me, and thou hast af- stayed; and I caused Lebanon to shut up the sea with doors, when dicted me with all thy waves. mourn for him, and all the trees It brake forth, as if it had issued Selah

of the field fainted for him. out of the womb? And brake up

Jer, xxxIII, 22. As the host of

Rev. vill, 8, 9. And the second for it my decreed place, and set heaven cannot be numbered, angel sounded, and as it were a bars and doors, And said, Hither- neither the sand of the sea mea' great mountain burning with fire to shalt thou come, but no further; sured; go will I multiply the seed was cast into the sea and the and here shall thy proud waves of David my servant, and the

Le-third part of the sea became blood; be stayed? Hast thou entered into vites that minister unto me.

And the third part of the creathe springs of the sea? or hast

tures which were in the sea, and thou walked in the search of the had overwhelmed us, the stream of the ships were destroyed.

Ps. cxxiv, 4, 5. Then the waters had life, died; and the third part depth?

had gone over our soul: Then Ps. xxxlil, 7. He gathereth the the proud waters had gone over Rev. xvi, 3. And the second waters of the sea together as an our soul.

angel poured out his vial upon the heap: he layeth up the depth in

Isa. II, 14–16, 36. The captive sea; and it became as the blood of storehouses.

exile hasteneth that he may be a dead man: and every living soul Ps. civ, 6-9. Thou coveredst it loosed, and that he should not died in the sea. with the deepaswith agarment: the die in the pit, nor that his bread waters stood above the mountains. should fail. "But I am the LORD

ALWAYS UNDER DIVINE CONTROL At thy rebuke they fled; at the thy God, that divided the sea, Job ix, 8. Which alone spreadvoice of thy thunder they hasted whose waves roared: The LORD of eth out the heavens, and treadeth away. They go up by the moun bosts is his name. And I have upon the waves of the sea. tains; they go down by the valleys put my words in thy mouth, and anto the place wbich thou hast have covered thee in the shadow sea with his power, and by his

Job xxvi, 12. He divideth the founded for them. Thou hast set a of mine band, that I may plant understanding he smiteth through bound that they may not pass the heavens, and lay the foundaover, that they turn not again to tions of the earth, and say unto

the proud. cover the earth. Zion, Thou art my people.

P8. lxv,5,7. By terrible thing! Isa. v, 30. And in that day they the LORD, Behold, I will plead thy us, o God of our salvation; whe

Jer. 11, 36, 42. Therefore thus saith in righteousness wilt thou answer roaring of the sea; and if one look cause, and take vengeance for art the confidence of all the endi anto the land, behold darkness thee, and I will dry up ber sea, of the earth, and of them that are and sorrow; and the light is dar- and make her springs dry. The afar off upon the sea: Which still kened in the heavens thereof. sea is come up upon Babylon: she oth the noise of the seas, the noise

la covered with the multitude of of their waves, and the tumult of Jonah it, 3, 6, 6. For thou hadst the waves thereof.

the people. cast me into the deep, in the Lam. fil, 54. Waters flowed over Ps. Ixxxix, 9, 24, 25. Thou rules midst of the seas; and the floods Iming bead: then I sald, I am cat off. the raglog of the sea: when the

waves thereof arise, thou stillest sea: In summer and in winterspall that went over Jordan in tlo them. But my faithfuluess and it be.

first month, when it had overmy mercy shaủ be with him; and


flown all his bauks; and they put in my name shall his horn be ex

Eroa. X, 19. And the LORD to flight all them of the valleys, alted. I will set his hand also in turned a mighty strong west wind,

both toward the east and toward the sea, and his right hand in the which took away the locusts, and the west. rivers.

cast them into the Red sea; there Job xxviii, 10. He cutteth out Ps. xcill, 3, 4. The floods have remained not one locust in all rivers among the rocks; and his lifted up, O LORD, the floods have the coasts of Egypt.

eye seeth every precious thing. lifted up their voice; the floods Exod. xiii, 18. But God led the Eccles. I, 7. All the rivers ron lift up their waves. The LORD on people about, through the way of into the sea; yet the sea is not high is mightier than the noise of the wilderness of the Red sea: full: unto the place from whence many waters, yea, than the mighty and the children of Israel went the rivers come, thither they rewaves of the sea.

up harnessed out of the land of turn again. Isa. xvii, 12, 13. Woe to the multi- Egypt.

Isa, xxlil, 10. Pass through the tude of many people, which make Exod. xxiii, 31. And I will set land as a river, o daughter of a noise like the noise of the seas; thy bounds from the Red sea even Tarshish; there is no more and to the rushing of nations, that unto the sea of the Philistines, strength. make a rushing like the rushing and from the desert unto the of mighty waters! The nations river: for I will deliver the inshall rush like the rushing of habitants of the land into your

Ps. xlvi, 4. There is a river, the many waters: but God shall re- hand: and thou shalt drive them streams whereof shall make glad buke them, and they shall flee far out before thee.

the city of God, the holy place of ofy, and shall be chased as the

the tabernacles of the Most High. chaff of the mountains before the


Ezek. xxxil, 13, 14. I will de wind, and like a rolling thing be- Num. xxxiv, 12. And the bor- stroy also all the beasts thereof fore the whirlwind.

der shall go down to Jordan, and from beside the great waters, 18a. xxiv, 14. They shall lift up the goings out of it shall be at neither shall the foot of man their voice, they shall sing for the the salt sea: this shall be your trouble them any more, nor the

coasts thereofhoofs of beasts trouble the majesty of the LORD, they shall land with the round about.

Then will I make their waters cry aloud from the sea.

Deut. Ili, 17. The plain also, and deep, and cause their rivers to SEAS MENTIONED IN Jordan, and the coast thereof, run like oil, saith the Lord God. SCRIPTURE.

from Chinnereth even unto the Ezek. xlvii, 1-3,5-8, 11, 12. After

sea of the plain, even the salt ward he brought me again unto ADRIA.

sea, under Ashdoth-pisgah east- the door of the house; and, beActs xxvii, 27. But when the ward,

hold, waters issued out from fourteenth night was come, as Joel ii, 20. With his face under the threshold of the house we were driven up and down toward the east sea, and his bin- eastward: for the fore-front of the In Adria, about midnight the der part towards the utmost

house stood toward the east, and shipmen deemed that they drew sea..

the waters came down from unnear to some country.

der from the right side of the SEA OF GALILEE OR TIBERIAS.

bouse, at the south side of the MEDITERRANEAN-VARIOUSLY Matth. iv, 18. And Jesus, walk of the way of the gate northward,

altar. Then brought he me out NAMED.

ing by the sea of Galilee, saw two and led me about the way with Num. xxxiv, 6. And as for the brethren, Simon called Peter, and western border, ye shall even Andrew his brother, casting á net

out unto the outer gate by the have the great sea for a border: into the sea: for they were behold, there ran out waters on

way that looketh eastward; and, this shall be your west border. fishers.

the right side. And when the Dcut. xi, 24. Every place where- John vi, 1. After these things man that had the line in bis hand on the soleg of your feet shall Jesus went over the sea of went forth eastward, he measured tread shall be yours: from the wil. Galilee, which is the sea of Ti-a thousand cubits, and he brought derness and Lebanon, from the berias.

me through the waters; the river, the river Euphrates, even John asi, 1. After these things waters were to the ancles. Afterunto the uttermost sea shall your Jesus sbowed himself again to ward he measured a thousand, coast be.

the disciples at the sea of Tiberias: and it was a river that I could Deut. xxxiv, 2. And all Naph- and on this wise showed he him not pass over; for tbe waters were tall, and the land of Ephraim, and self.

risen, waters to swim in, a river Manasseh, and all the land of


that could not be passed over. Judah, unto the utmost sea. Jer. xlviii, 32. O vine of Sib-1 And he said unto me, son of man,

Ezra ill, 7. They gave money mah, I will' weep for thee with bast thou seen this. Then he also unto the masons, and to the the weeping of Jazer: thy plants brought me, and caused me to carpenters; and meat, and drink, are gone over the sea, they reach return to the brink of the river. and oil, unto them of Zidon, and even to the sea of Jazer: the Now, when I had returned, be to them of Tyre, to bring cedar spoiler is fallen upon thy summer hold, at the bank of the river trees from Lebanon to the sea of fruits, and upon thy vintage. were very many trees on the one

side, and on the other. Then Joppa, according to the grant

RIVERS. that they had of Cyrus king of

said he unto me, These waters

issue out toward the east country, Persia.

Judges V, 21. The river of and go down intothe desert,and go Zech, xiv. 8. And it shall be in Kishon swept them away, that into the sea; which being brought that day, that living waters shall

ancient river, the river Kishon. forth into the sea, the waters go out from Jerusalem; half of my soul, thou hast trodden shall be healed. But the miry them toward the former sea, and down strength.

places thereof, and the marshes half of them toward the hinder 1 Chron. xli, 15. These are they lihereof, shall not be healed; they


Bhall be given to salt. And by


2 Kings v, 9, 11, 13. So Naanin the river, upon the bank thereof,

Ezek. 1, 1, 3. Now it came to came with his horses and with his on this side and on that side, shall pass in the thirtieth year, in the charlot, and stood at the door of grow all trees for meat, whose fourth month, in the fifth day of the house of Elisha. But Naaman leaf shall not fade, neither shall the month, as I was among the was wroth, and went away, and the fruit thereof be consumed: it captives by the river Chebar, that said, Behold, I thought, He will shall bring forth new fruit accord- the heavens were opened, and I surely come out to me, and stand, ing to his months, because their saw visions of God. The word of and call on the vame of the LORD waters they issued out of the the Lord camo expressly unto his God, and strike his hand over sanctuary; and the fruit thereof Ezekiel the priest, the son of the place, and recover the leper, shall be for meat, and the leaf Buzi, in the land of the Chaldeans, And his servants came near, and thereof for medicine

by the river Chebar; and the hand spake unto him, and said, My Joel iil, 18. And It shall come to of the LORD was there upon him. father, if the prophet had bid theo pass in that day, that the moun

do some great thing,wouldest thou tains shall drop down new wine, them of the

captivity at Tel-abib, then, when he saith to thee, Wash,

Ezek. iil, 15. Then I came to not have done ilg how much rather and the hills shall flow with milk, that dwelt by the river of Chebar, and be clean. and all the rivers of Judah shall and I sat where they sat, and reflow with waters, and a fountain mained there astonished among up a river, and hasteth not: be

Job xl, 23. Behold, he drinketh shall come forth of the bouse of them seven days. the LORD, and shall water the

trusteth that he can draw up valley of Shittim.

Ezek. x, 15, 20. And the cheru- Jordan into his mouth,

bim were lifted up. This is the Nahum iil, 8, 9. Art thou better living creature that I saw by the

ΚΑΝΑΠ. . than populous No, that was river of Chebar. This is the living situate among the rivers, that had creature that I saw under the out from Tappuah westward unto

Josh, xvi, 8. The border went the waters round about it, whose God of Israel by the river of Che- the river Kanah; and the goings rampart was the sea, and her bar; and I knew that they were out thereof were at the sea. This wall was from the sea? Ethiopia the cherubim. and Egypt were her strength, and

ts the inheritance of the tribe of it was infinite; Put and Lubim EUPHRATES AND HIDDEKEL.

the children of Ephraim by their * were thy helpers,


Gen. 11, 14. And the name of Zech. xiv. 8. And It shall be in the third river is Hiddekel: that

Kishon. that day, that living waters shall is it which goeth toward the east

Judges V, 21. go out from Jerusalem; half of of Assyria. And the fourth river

The river. of them toward the foriner sea, and is Euphrates.

Kishon swept them away, that half of them toward the hinder

ancient river, the river Kishon.

GHO. sea: in summer and in winter

O my soul, thou hast trodden

down strength. shall it bo

Gen. 11, 13. And the name of Rev. vill, 10, 11. And the third the second river is Gihon: the

Pisos. angel sounded, and there fell a same is it that compasseth the

Gen. 11, 11. The name of the great star from heaven, burning whole land of Ethiopia.

first is Pison: that is it which as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and


compasseth the whole land of upon the fountains of waters; 2 Kings xvii, 6. In the ninth Havilah, where there is gold, And the name of the star is called year of Hoshea the king of Assy. Wormwood; and the third part of ria took Samaria, and carried

ULAI. the waters became wormwood; Israel away into Assyria, and Daniel viii, 16. And I heard a and many men died of the waters, placed them in Halah and in Ha- man's voice between the banks of because they were made bitter. bor by the river of Gozan, and in Ulai, which called, and said, Gs. Rev. XVI, 3, 4. And the second the cities of the Medes

briel, make this man to underangel poured out his vial upon

stand the vision. the sea; and it became as the

JABBOK. blood of a dead man: and every Gen. xxxi, 22, 23. And he rose

OF AHAVA. living soul died in the sea. d up that night, and took his two Ezra viil, 15. And I gathered the third angel poured out his wives, and bis two women-ser: them together to the river that vial upon the rivers and fountains vants, and his eleven sons, and runneth to Ahava; and there of waters; and they becamo passed over the ford Jabbok. And abode we in tents three days: and blood.

he took them, and sent them over 1 viewed the people and the the brook, and sent over that he priests, and found there none of had.


Deut. il, 37. Only unto the land of the children of Ammon

OF BABYLON ABANA AXD PHARPAR. thou camest not, nor unto any

Ps. cxxxvii, 1. By the rivers ot 2 Kings V, 12. Are not Abana place of the river Jabbok, nor Babylon, there we sat dowa; yea, and Pharpar, rivers of Damascns, l unto the cities in the mountains, we wept, when we remembered better than all the waters of nor unto whatsoever the LORD our Zion. Israel? may I not wash in them, God forbade us. and be clean? So he turned, and

OF Enex. went away in a rage.


Gen. il, 10. And a river went Josh. Ili, 8. And thou shalt com-out of Eden to water the garden; ARNOX.

mand the priests that bear the and from thence it was parted, Deut. ii, 36 From Aroer, which ark of the covenant, saying, When and became into four heads ts by the brink of the river of ye are come to the brink of the Arnon, and from the city that is water of Jordan, ye shall stand

OF EGYPT. by the river, even unto Gilead. still in Jordan.

Gen. xv, 18. In that same day

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