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Jer. xlix, 21-23. The earth 18 Josh. vit1,5--8. And I, and all the due falleth on the ground: and of moved at the noise of their fall; people that are with me, will ap- him and of all the men that are at the cry the noise thereof was proach unto the city: and it shall with him there shall not be left so heard in the Red sea. Behold, he come to pass, when they come much as one. Moreover, if he be shall come up and sy as the eagle, out against us, as at the first, that gotten into a city, then shall all and spread his wings over Bozrab: we will flee before them, (For Israel bring røpes to that city, and at that day shall the heart of they will come out after us) till and we will draw it into the river, the mighty men of Edom be as we have drawn them from the until there be not one small stono the heart of a woman in her city; for they will say, They flee found there. pangs. Concerning Damascus. before us, as at the first: therefore Hamath is confounded, and Arpad: we will flee before them. Then children of Ammon caune out, and

1 Chron, xix, 9--12. And tho for they bave heard evil tidings: ye shall rise up from the ambush, put the battle in array before the they are falnt-hearted; there is and seize upon the city: for the gate of the city: and the kings sorrow on the sea: it cannot be LORD your God will deliver it into that were come were by themquiet.

your hand. And it shall be, when selves in the field. Now when Jer. 1, 46. At the noise of the yo have taken the city, that yo Joab saw that the battle was set taking of Babylon the earth is shall set the city on fre: accord against him before and behind, he moved, and the cry is heard amonging to the commandment of the chose ont of all the choice of Is

LORD shall ye do. See, I have rael, and put them in array against the nations. commanded you.

the Syrians. And the rest of the COUNCIL OF WAR Judges vii, 16-18. And he did people he delivered unto the hand 2 Sam. xvii, 5-10, 14, 15. Then

vided the three hundred men into of Abishai his brother, and they sald Absalom, Call now Huslaithree companies, and he put a set themselves in array aginst the the Archite also, and let us hear trumpet in every man's hand, with children of Ammon. And he said, likewise what he saith. And when empty pitchers, and lamps within II the Syrians be too strong for Hnshai was come to Absalom, the pitchers. And he said unto me, then thou shalt help me: but Absalom spake unto him, saying them, Look on me, and do like if the children of Aminon be too Ahithophel hath spoken after this wise: and, behold, when I come strong for theo, then I will help manner: shall we do after his say; be that, as I do, so shall yo do.

to the outside of the camp, it shall thee. ing? if not; speak thou.

2 Chron. xviii, 30. Now the Husbai said unto Absalom, The When I blow

with a trumpet, 1 king of Syria had commanded counsel that Ahithophel 'hath and all that are with me, then the captaius of the chariots that given is not good at this time. blow ye the trumpets also on were with him, saying, Fight yo For, said Hushai, thon knowest every side of all the camp, and not with small or great, save only thy father and his men, that they sayThe sword of the Lord, and with the kiug of Israel.

of Gideon. be mighty men, and they be chafed in their minds, as a bear robbed

18a. viii, 9, 10, 12, 15. Associate 2 Sam. X, 8-11. And the children yourselves, o ye people, and ye of her whelps in the field: and thy of Ammon came out, and put the shall be broken in pieces and give father is a man of war, and will battle in array at the entering in ear, all ye of far countries: gird not lodge with the people. Bee of the gate; and the Syrians of yourselves, and ye shall be broken hold, he is hdd now in some pit, or Zoba, and of Rehob, and Ish-tub, in pieces, gird yourselves, and ye in some other place: and it will and Maacah, were by themselves shall be broken in pieces. Take come to pass, when some of them in the field. When Joab saw that counsel together, and it shall be overthrown at the first, that the front of the battle was against come to nought; speak the wurd, whosoever heareth it will say, him before and behind, be chose and it shall not stand: for God is There is a slaughter amung the of all the choice men of Israel, with us. Say ye Rot, A confeder. people that follow Absalom. And and put them in array against the acy, to all them to whom this peohe also that is valiant, whose Syrians. And the rest of the plo sball say, A confederacy; heart is as the heart of a lion, shall people he delivered into the band neither fear ye their fear, nor be utterly melt: for all Israel know- of Abishat his brother, that be afraid. And many among them eth that thy father is a mighty might put them in array against the shall stumble, and fall, and be man, and they which be with bim children of Aminon. And he said, broken, and be snared, and be are valiant inen. And Absalom 11 the Syrians be too strong for taken. and all the men of Israel sall, The me, then thou shalt help me; but counsel of Hushai the Archite is it the children of Aminon be too hast trasted in thy works, and in

Jer. xlvill, 7. For because thou better than the counsel of Ahl- strong for thee, then I will come thy trojsures, thou shalt also be thophel. For the LORD had ap- and lielp thee.

taken: and Cuenosh sball go pointed to defeat the good counsel of Alithophiel, to the intent that

2 Sam. xvii, 1, 2, 11-13. Moreover forth into captivity with his the LORD might bring evil upon Ahithophel salu unto Absalom, Let priests and his princes together. Absalom. Then said Hushai unto me now choose out twelve thou

Jer. xlix, 14. I have heard a Zadok and to Abiatlar the priests, and men, and I will arise and Thus and thus did Anithopher pursue

after David this night: ambass .dor is sent into the hea

rumour from the LORD, and an counsel Absalom and the elders And I will come upon him while he is weary and weak landed; and come against her, and rise up

then, saying, Gather ye together, of Israel; and thus and thus bave I counselled. and will make him alrald: and all

to the battle. the people that are with himn shall VARIOUS CAMPAIGNS AND

flee; and I will smite the king Jer. 1, 21. Go up against the

only: Therefore I counsel that all land or Merathaim, even against MANEUVRES, ETC.

Israel be generally gathered unto it, and against the inbabitants of Josh. vii, 3. And they returned thee from Daneven to Beer-sheba, Peko : waste and utierly destroy to Joshua, und said uuto bim, Let as the sand that is by the sea for af er thein, saith the Lonn, and do not all the people go up; bui let multitude; and that thou go to according to all that I bave come

about two or lliree thousand men battle in thine own person. So manded them. . go up and sinite At; and make shall we come upon him in some Ezek. vii, 21. And I will give it

po all the people to labour this place where he shall be found. 'iow the lands of the strangers ther; for they arc but few. and we will light upon him as tho for a prey, and to the wickou uf


the ength for a spoil; and they for the transgressions of Israel, the people returned to the camp sliall po'late it. were found in thee.

to Josbua at Makkedah in peace: Leek. xvii, 21. And all his fugl- Nahum 11, 4, 5. The chariots none moved his tongue against tives with all his bands shall fall shall rage in the streets, they any of the children of Israel. And by the sword, and they that re- shall justle one against another in Joshua returned, and all Israel main shall be scattered toward all the broad ways: they shall seem with him, unto the camp to Gilwinds; and ye shall know that I like torches, they shall run like gal. the LORD bave spoken it.

the lightnings. He shall recount Judges x, 17. Then the children Ezek. xxi, 12-14, 16, 17, 19, 20. bis wortbies: they shall stumble ofAmmon were gathered together, Cry and bowl, son of man; for it in their walk; they shall make and encamped in Gilead: and the shall be upon my people, it shall haste to the wall thereof, and the children of Israel assembled thembe upon all the princes of Israel: defence shall be prepared. selves together, and encamped in terrors, by reason of the sword, Zech. xiv, 3, 6, 7. Then shall the Mizpeh. sball be upon my people: smite LORD go forth, and fight against 1 Sam. xlll, 16. And Saul, and therefore upon thy thigh. Because those nations, as when he fought Jonathan his son, and the people it is a trial, and what if the sword in the day of battle. And it shall that were present with them, contemnn even the rod? it shall be come to pass in that day, that the abode in Gibeah of Benjamin: no more, saith the Lord God. light shall not be clear, nor dark; but the Philistines encamped in Thou therefore, son of man, pro- But it shall be one day, which Michmash, phesy, and smite thine hands to- shall be known to the LORD, Dot 1 Sam. xxi, 6. When Sanl heard gether, and let the sword be day, nor night: but it shall come that David was discovered, and doubled the third lime, the sword to pass, that at evening-time it the men that were with him: (now of the slain; it is the sword of the shall be light.

Saul abode in Gibeah under a tree great men that are slain, which

in Ramadı, having his spear in his entereth into their privychambers. 4.-ACTIVE WARFARE. hand, and all his servants were Go thee one way or other, either

standing about him.) on the right hand, or on the left,

TUE HEBREW MUSTEB. whithersoever thy face is set. I HEROES, HEROINES, DISCIPLINE, ETC. arose, and came to the place where

1 Sam. xxvi, 5--7. And David will also smite mine hands to

(See under ARMY-ARMS. Saul had pitched; and David begether, and I will cause my fury

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held the place where Saul lay, and to rest: I the LORD have said it.

Abner the son of Ner, the captain Also, thou son of man, appoint

of his host. And Saul lay in the

IIEBREW LAWS. thee two ways, that the sword of

trench, and the people pitched the king of Babylon may come: Deut. xx, 2. 3. And it shall be, round about him. Then answered both twain shall come forth out when ye are come nigh unto the David, and said to Abimelech the of one land; and chooso thou a battle, that the priest shall ap- Hittite, and to Abishai the sou of place, choose it at the head of the proach and speak unto the people, Zeruiah, brother to Joab, saying, way to the city. Appoint a way, and shall say unto them, Hear, 0 Who will go down with me to saal that the sword may come to Rab- Israel; Ye approach this day unto bath of the Ammonites, and to battle against your enemies: let i avill go down with thee.

to the camp? And Abishai said,

So Judah in Jerusalem the defenced. not your hearts faint; fear not, David and Abishal came to the

Ezek. xxxv, 10, 11. Because thon and do not tremble, neither be ye people by night: and, behuld, Saul bast said, These two nations, and terrified because of them.

lay sleeping within tbe trench, these two countries, shall be mine, Deut. xxiii, 12, 13, 14. Thou and bis spear stuck in the ground and we will possess it; whereas shalt have a place also without at his bolster: but Aliner and the the LORD was there: Therefore, as the camp, whether thou shalt go people lay round about him. I live, saith the Lord GOD, I will lorth abroad: And thou shalt have even do according to thine anger, a paddle upon thy weapon; and it

2 Kings vil, 5. And they rose and according to thine envy,which shall be, when thou will ease ths- up in the twilight, to go unto the thon hast used out of thy haired self abroad, thou shalt dig there

camp of the Syrians; and when against them; and I will make with, and 'sbalt turn back and they were come to the utternost myself known among them, when cover that which cometh from part of the camp of Syria, behold, I have judged thee.

thee: For the LORD thy God there was no inan there. Ezek. xxxix, 10. So that they walketh in the midst of thy camp, 1 Chron. XI, 15. Now three of shall take no wood out of the to deliver thee, and to give up the thirty captains went down to field, neither cut down any out of thine enemies before thee: there- the rock to Davidl, into the care of the forests; for they shall burn the fore shall thy camp be holy; that Adullam; and the host of the weapons with fire: and they shall be see no unclean thing in thee, Philistines encamped in the velley spoil those that spoiled them, and and turn away from thee.

of Rephaim. rob those that robbed them, saith the Lord God.


ARRAY OF BATTLE. Obad. 3. The pride of thine Num. x, 35, 36. And it came to

Judges vi, 33. Then all the heart hath deceived thee, thou pass, when the ark set forward, Midjanites and the Amal hiles and thirt dwellest in the clefts of the lihat Moses said, Rise up, LORD, the chiluren of the east tore garock, whose habitation is high; and let thine enemies be scat- thered together, and went over, that saith in his beart, Who shall tered, and let them that hate and pitched in the valley of Jezbring me down to the ground? thee fee before thee. And when reel.

Micah i, 12, 13. For the inhabi- it rested, he said, Return, O LOND, Judges vil, 1. Then Jerubhaal, tant of Maroth waited carefully unto the many thousands of 1s- who is Gideon, and all the peerple for good; but evil came down rael.

that were with him, rose up early, from the LORD unto the gate of


and pitched besitle the well of Jerusalem. 0 thou inhabitant of

Ilarod: so that the host of the Lachish, bind the chariot to the Josh. x, 15, 21, 43. And Joshua Midianites were on the north side swift beast: she is the beginning returned, and all Israel with him, of them, by the bill of Morth, in of the sin to the daughter of Zion; I unto the camp to Gilgal. And all the valley.


1 Sam. Iv, 1. And the word of, but with me thou shalt be'in safe : Hur stayed up his hands, the ono Samuel caine to all Israel. Now guard.

on the one side, and the other on Israel went out against the Philistines to battle, and pitched beside

Acts xxill, 32. 83. On the mor- the other side; and his bon is Eben-ezer: an

row they left the horsemen to go were steady until the going down the Philistines

with him, and returned to the of the sun. And Joshua dispitched in A phek.

castle: Who, wheu they came to comfited Ainalek and bis people 1 Sam. xvii, 1, 2, 3, 21. Now the Cesarea, and delivered the epistle with the edge of the sword. Philistines gathered together their to the governor, presented Paul For he said, Because the LORD armles to battle, and were ga- also before him.

hath sworn that the LORD will

hare war with thered together at Shochoh, which

Amalek from belongeth to Judah, and pitched


generation to generation. between Shochoh and Azekab, in Deut. xx, 8. And the officers

Num. xiv, 45. Then the Amalek. Ephes-dammim. And Saul and shall speak farther unto the peo- ites came down, and the Canaanthe men of Israel were gathered ple, and they shall say, What man ites which dwell in that will, and together and pitched by the val- is there that is fearful and falnt-smote them, and discomited them, ley of Elah, and set the battle in hearted? let bim go and return

even unto Hormah. array øgainst the Philistines. And unto bis house, lest his brethren's the Philistines stood on a moun- heart faint as well as bis heurt.

WITH OG. tain on the one side, and Israel

Judges vii, 3. Now therefore go stood on a mountain on the other to, proclaim in the ears of the turned and went up by the way

Num. XXI, 33--35. And they side: and there was a valley be- people, saying, Whosoever is fear. of Bashan: and Og the king of tween them. For Israel and the ful and afraid, let him return and Bashan went out against them, he, Philistines had put the battle in depart early from mount Gilead. and all his people, to the battle at array, army against army.

And there returned of the people Edrei. And the LORD said unto 1 Sam. xxill, 16. And David twenty and two thousand; and Moses, Fear him not: for I have saw that Sanl was come out to there remained ten thousand. delivered him into thy hand, and seek his life: and David was in the

all bis people, and his fand; and wilderness of Ziph in a wood.


thou shalt do to him as thou didst 1 Sam. XXVI, 1--3. And the OF THE CONFEDERATE KINGS.

unto Sibon king of the Amorites, Ziphites came untoSaul to Gibeah,

which dwelt at Heshbon. So they

Gen. xiv, 1-3, 5, 7-9. And it came saying, Doth not David bide him to pass in the days of Amraphel his people, until there was none

fmote him, and his sons, and all seit in the hill of Hachilah, which king of shinar, Arloch king of left bim alive: and they possessed is before Jeshimon? Then Saul Ellasar, Chedorlaomer king of his land. arose, and went down to the wil. Elam, and Tidal king of nations; derness of Ziph, having three That these made war with Bera thousand chosen men of Israel king of Sodom, and with Birsha

AGAINST MACDIR. with him, to seek David in the king of Gomorrab, Shinab king of

Num. xxxii, 39. And the chilwilderness of Ziph. And Saul Admah, and Shemeber king of dren of Machir the son of Manaspitched in the hill of Haclillah, Zeboim, and the king of Bela, seh went to Gilead, and took it, which is before Jeshimon, by the which is Zoar. All these were and dispossessed the Amorité way: but David abode in the wil. joined together in the vale of which was in it. derness; and he saw that Saul Siddim, which is the salt sea. came after him into the wilder. And in the fourteenth year came ness. Cbedorlaomer, and the kings that

AGAINST THE ANAKIMS, ETC. 1 Sam. xxviij 4. And the Phili- rere with him, and smote the Deut. ii, 21--23. A people great, stines gathered themselves to- Rephaims in Ashteroth Karnaim, and many, and tall, as the Anagether, and came and pitched in and the Zuzims in Ham, and the kims; but the LORD destroyed Slunem: and Saul gathered all Emims in Shaveh Kirlathaim. them before them; and they sucIsrael together, and they pitched and they returned, and came ceeded them, and dwelt in their in Gilboa,

to En-mishpat, which is Kadesh, stead: As ho did to the children 2 Sam. v, 17. But when the and emote all the country of the of Esau which dwelt in Seir, when Philistines' heard that they bad Amalekites, and also the Amorites he destroyed the Horims from anointed David king over Israel, that dwelt ein Hazezon - tamar. before them; and they succeeded all the Philistines came up to seek And there went out the king of them, and dwek in their stead,

And the David; and David heard of it, and Sodom, and the king of Gomorrah, oven unto this day; went down to the bold.

and the king of Admah, and the A vims which dwelt in Ilazerim,

king of Zebolm, and the king of eren unto Azzah the Capitorims, 2 Sam. xyli, 26. So Israel and Beta, (the same is Zoar,) and they which came forth out of Caphator, Absalom pitched in the land of joined battle with them in the destroyed them, and dwelt in Gilead.

valo of Siddim; With Chedor their stead. 1 Chron xiv, 8.9, 13. And when laomer the king of Elam, and with the Philistines heard that David Tidal king of nations, and Amra

AGAINST Sinox. was anointed king over all Israel, phel king of Sitnar, and Arioch all the Philistines went up to seek king of Ellasar; four kings with came out against us, he and all

Deut. il, 32-36. Then Sihon David; and David heard of it, and fire.

his people, to fight at Jahaz. And went out against them. And the

the LORD our God delivered him Philistines came and spread them


before us, and we smote him, and selves in the valley of Rephaim.

Exod. xvii, 11-13,16. And it came bis sons, and all his people. And And the Philistines yet again to pass, wlien Moses held up his we took all bis cities at that time, spread themselves abroad in the band, that Israel prevailed; and and utterly destroyed the men, Valley.

when he let down bis hand, and the women, and the little

Amalek prevailed. But Moses' ones, of every city; we left none 1 Sam. xxii, 23. Abide thou hands were heavy; and they took to remaln: Only the cattle we with me, fear pot; for he that a stone, and put it under him, and look for a prey unto ourglves, seeketh my life seeketb thy life: I be sat' thereon: and Aaron and I and the spoll of the cities which



we took. From Aroer, which is Deut. xxlı, 7, 8. And when yo souls that were therein. And by the brink of the river of Arnon, came unto this place, Sihon the Joshua returned, and all Israel and from the city that is by the king of Heshbon, and Og the king with him, tu Debir; and fuoght river, even unto Gilead, there was of Bashan, camé out against us against it. And he took is, and the not one city too strong for us: the unto battle, and we smote them: king thereof, and all the cities LORD our God delivered all unto Add we took their land, and gave thereof; and they smote them

it for an inheritance unto the with the edge of the sword, and Dcut. II, 4, 6-8, 10. And we Reubenites, and to the Gadites, utterly destroyed all the souls took all his cities at that time, and to the balf-tribe of Manasseh. that were therein; he left none rethere was not a city which we

maining: as he had done to He

Josh. viii, 24; 25. And it came to bron, so he did to Debir, and to took not from them, threescore pass, when Israel had made an the klog thereof; as he had done cities, all the region of Argob, the end of slaying

all the inhabitants also to Libnah, and to ber king. kingdom of Og in Bashan. And of Ai in the field, in the wilder- So Joshua smote all the country we utterly destroyed them, as ness wherein they chased them, of the hills, and of the south, and we did unto Sihon king of Hesh- and when they were all fallen on of the vale, and of the springs, bon, utterly destroying the men, the edge of tlie sword, until they and all their kings: he leti none women, and children, of every were consumed, that all the ls- remaining, but utterly destroyed city. Bat all the cattle, and the raelites returned unto Ai, and all that breathed, as the LORD spoil of the cities, we took for a smote it with the edge of the God of Israel commanded. And prey to ourselves. And we took sword. And so it was, that all Joshua smote them from Kareshat that time, out of the hand of that fell that day, both of men and barnea even unto Gaza, and all the two kings of the Amorites, women, were twelve thousand, the country of Goshen, eren unto the land that was on this side even all the men of Al *Jordan, from the river of Arnon

Gibeon. And all these kings, and unto mount Hermon. All the Josh. x, 28--42. And that day their land, did Joshua take at one cities of the plain, and all Gilead, Joshua took Makkedab,and emote time; because the Lord God of and all Baslan, unto Salchah, and it with the edge of the sword, and Israel fought for Israel Edrei, cities of tbe kingdom of the king thereof he utterly de- Josh, xi, 8-14, 17, 23. And the Og in Bashan.

stroyed, them, and all the souls | LORD delivered them into the Deut. iv, 46. On this side Jor- that were therein; he let none re hand of Israel, who smote them, dan, in the valley over against main: and he did to the king of and chased them unto great Zidon, Beth-peor, in the land of Sibon Makeddah as he did unto the king and unto Misrephoth-maim, and king of the Amurites, who dwelt of Jericho. Then Joshua passed unto the valley of Mispeli eastat lleslibon, whon Moses and the from Makkedah, and all Israel ward; and they smote them, antil children of Israel smote, after with bim, unto Libnah, and fought they left them none remaining. they wero come

fortu out of against Libnah: And the LORD de- And Joshua did unto them as the

livered it also, and the king Lord bade him: he boogbed their Egypt.

thereof, into the hand of Israel; horses, and burnt their chariots WITH THE ABORIGINES.

and he smote it with the edge of with fire. And Joshua at that

the sword, and all the souls that time turned back, and took Hazor, Deut. vii, 1, 2, 16. When the were therein; be let none remain and smote the king thereof with LORD thy God shall bring thee in it; but did unto the king thereof the sword: for Hazor beforetime into the land whither thou goest as he did unto the king of Jericho. was the head of all those kingto possess it, and hath cast out And Joshua passed from Libnah, doms. And they smote all the many nations before thee, the and all Israel with bim, unto La- souls that were therein with the Hittites, and the Girgasbites, and chish, and encamped against it, edge of the sword, utterly dethe Amorites, and the Canaanites, and fought against it: And tho stroying them; there was not ang and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, LORD delivered Lachish into the left to breathe: and be burnt and the Jebusites, seven nations hand of Israel, which took it on Hazor with fire. And all the cities greater and mightier than thou; the second day, and smote it with of those kings, and all the kings And wben the LORD thy God shall the edge of the sword, and all the of them, did Joshua take, and deliver them before thee; tbou souls that were therein, according smote them with the edge of the shalt smite them, and utterly de to all that he had done to Libnab. sword; and he utterly destroyed stroy them; thou shalt make no Then Horam king of Gezer came them, as Moses, the servant of the covenant with them, nor show up to help Lachish; and Joshua LORD, commanded. But as for mercy unto them. And thou smote him and his people, until the cities that stood still in their shalt consume all the people he had left biin none reinaining, strength, Israel burned none of which the LORD thy God sball And from Lachish Joshua passed them, save Hazor only; that did deliver thee; thine eye shall have unto Eglon, and all Israel with Joshua burn. Aud all the spoil no pity upon them: neither shalt him; and they encamped against of these cities, and the cattle, the thou serve their gods; for that it, and fought against it: And they children of Israel took for a prey will be a suare unto thee.

took it on that day, and smote it unto themselves; but every man Deut. 1x, 16-18. But of the cities with the edge of the sword, and they smote with the edge of the of these people, which the LORD all the souls that were therein he sword, until they had destroyed thy God doth give thee for an in- utterly destroyed that day, ac- them, neither left they auy to heritance, thou shalt save alive cording to all that he bad done to breathe. Eren from the mount nothing that breatheth: But thou Lachish. And Joshua went up Halak, that goeth up to Seir, even shalt utterly destroy them; name from Eglon, and all Israel with unto Baal-gad in the valley of Le ly, the Hittites, and the amorites, bim, unto Hebron; and they fought banon under mount Hermon: and the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, against it: And they took it, and all their kings he took, and smote the Hiviles, and the Jebusites; as smote it with the edge of the them, and slew them. So Josbus the LORD thy God hath command- sword, and the kiog thereof, and took the whole land, according to ed thee: That they teach you all the cities thereof, and all the all that the LORD said unto Moses, not to do after all their abomina- souls that were therein; he left and Joshua gave it for an inherittions, which they have done unto none remaining, accoring to all ance unto Israel, according to their guus; so should ye sin against that he had done to Eglon, but their divisions by their tribes. luu LURD your God.

destroyed it uuerly, and all the 'And the land rested from war.

Josh. xv, 14. And Caleb drove | BATTLES OF SAUL WITH AMMONITES ; nofilms man nor roman alive, and thence the three sons of Anak, AND AMALEKITES AND PHILISTINES. Lokaway the sheep a id the oxen, Sheshai, and Ahlman, and Talmal

1 Sam. xi, 11. And it was so on and the asses, and the camels, and the children of Anak.

the morrow, that Saul put the the apparel, and returned,' and Josh. xix, 47. And the coast of people in three companies; and came to Achish. the children of Dan went out too they came into the midst of the 2 Sam. il, 17. And there was a little for them: therefore the child host in the morning watch, and very sore battle that day; and dren of Dan went up to fight slew the Ammonites until the heat Abner was beaten, and the men against Leshem, and took it, and of the day: and it came to pass, of Israel, before the servants of smote it with the edge of the that they which remained weré David. sword, and possessed it, and dwelt scattered, so that two of them

2 Sam. vill, 1. And after this it therein, and called Leshem, Dan, were not left together.

came to pass, that David smoto after the name of Dan their fa- 1 Sam. xlv, 48. And he gathered the Philistines, and subdued them: ther.

an host, and smote the Amalekites, and David took Metheg-ammab Judges I, 17, 18. And Judah and delivered Israel out of the out of the hand of the Philistines. went with Simeon his brother, hands of them that spoiled them. 2 Sam. 2, 17. And when it was and they slew the Caananites that 1 Sam. xv, 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 18-20. told David, be gathered all Israel inhabited Zephath, and utterly Samuel also said unto Saul, The together, and passed over Jordan, destroyed it: (and the name of the LORD sent me to anoint thee to be and came to Helam: and the city was called Hormah.) Also king over his people, over Israel: Syrians set themselves in array Judab took Gaza with the coast now therefore hearken thou unto against David, and fought with thereof, and Askelon with the the voice of the words of the LORD. bim. coast thereof, and Ekron with the Thus saith the LORD of hosts, I 1 Kings xl, 15, 16. For it camo coast thereof,

remember that which Amalek did to pass, when David was in Edom,

to Israel, how he laid wait for him and Joab the captain of the host WITH ABIMELECI.

in the way, when he came up from was gone up to bury the slain, Judges ix, 39. And Gaal went Egypt. Now go and smite Amalek, after he had smitten every malé out before the men of Shechem, and utterly destroy all that they in Edom, (For six months did and fought with Abimelech.

have, and spare them not; but Joab remain there with all Israel,

slay both man and woman, infant until he had cut off every male in WITH BENJAMIN.

and suckling, ox and sheep, camel Edom.)

and ass. And Saul smote the Judges xx, 20-24. And the men Amalekites from Havilah until would not hear: therefore Jehoash

2 Kincs xiv, 11, 12. Bat Amaziah of Israel went out to battle against thou comest to Shur, that is over king of Israel went up; and live Benjamin; and the men of Israel against Egypt. And he took Agag and Amaziah king of Judah looked put themselves in array to fight the king of the Amalekites alive, one another in the face at Betliagainst them at Gibeal. And the and utterly destroyed all the shemesh, which children of Benjamin came forth people with the edge of the Judah. And Judah was put to

belongeth to out of Gibeah, and destroyed down sword. And the LORD sent thee the worse before Israel, and they to the ground of the Israelites on a journey, and said, Go and thed every man to their tents. that day twenty and two thousand utterly destroy the sinners the men. And the people, the men of Amalekites and fight against them

2 Kings xiii, 25. And Jehoash Israel, encouraged themselves, until they be consumed. Where the son of Jehoabaz took again, and set their battle again in array, fore then didst thou not obey the

out of the hand of Ben-hadad the in the place where they put them- voice of the LORD, but didst fly had taken out of the hand of

son of Hazael, the cities which ho selves in array the first day. (And upon the spoil, and didst evil in the children of Israel went up and the sight of the Lord? And Saul Jehoahaz his father by war: three wept before the LORD until even, said unto Samuel, Yea, I have times dia Joash beat him, and and asked counsel of the LORD, obeyed the voice

of the Lord, and recovered the cities of Israel. saying, Shall I go up again to have gone the way which the 2 Kings xxiv, 7. And the king battle against the children of Ben- LORD sent me, and have brought of Egypt came not again any moro Jamiu, my brother? And the LORD Agag the king of Amalek, and out of bis land: for the king of said, Go up against him.) And the have utterly destroyed the Amale- Babylon had taken from the river children of Israel near kites.

of Egypt unto the river Eupbrates, against the children of Benjamin the second day.

1 Sam. xvil, 19. Now Saul, and all that pertained to the king of they, and all the men of Israel,

Egypt. . Judges xxl, 10, 11. And the con- cere in the valley of Elah, fight- 1 Chron. 1v, 41--43. And these gregation sent thither twelve ing with the Philistines.

written by name came in the days thousand men of the valiautest,

of Hezekiah king of Judah, and and commanded them, saying, Go BATTLES OF DAVID AND OTUIER

smote their tents, and the habitaand smite the inhabitants of Ja

tions that were found there, and

KINGS. besb-gilead with the edge of the sword, with the women and the

1 Sam. xls, 8. And there was day, and dwelt in their rooms: be

destroyed thern utterly unto this children. And this is the thing and fought with the Philistines, their flocks. And some of them,

war again: and David went out, cause there was pasture there for that ye shall do, Ye shall utterly and blew them with a great even of the sons of Simeon, five des roy every male, and every slaughter; and thoy fed irom Lundred men, went to mount Seir, woman that hath lain by man. him.

having for their captains Pelatiah, WITH PHILISTINES.

1 Sam. xxvii, 8, 9. And David Neariah, and Rephaialı,aud Uzziel,

and his men went up, and invaded the sons of Ishl. And they smota 1 Sam. vii, 13. So the Philistines the Geshurltes, and the Gezerlies, the rest of the Amalekites that were subdued, and they caine no and the Amalekites: for those were escaped, and dwelt there more into the coast of Israel: and nations were of old the inhabitants unto this day. the hand of the LORD was against of the land, as thou goest to Sbur, the Pbilistlues all the days of even unto the land of Egypt. And of Saul they male war with the

1 Chron. v, 10. And in the days Samuel

David smote the land, and left I Hagarites, who fell by their hand:


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