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spoons, and all the vessels of gold changedl the stones of the house, and, being set up. let him brass wherewith they ministered, sanctuary are poured out in the be hanged thereon; and let bis took they away. And the fire- top of every street.

house be made a dunghill for this. pans, and the bowls, and such

And the God that hath caused his things as were of gold, in gold, RESTORATION PREDICTED. name to dwell there, destroy all and of silver, in silver, the captain Zech. iv, 7. Who art thou, their hand to alter

and to destroy

kings and people that shall put to of the guard took away. The two great mountain? before Zerub- this house of God, which is at Jepillars, one sea, and the bases babel thou

shall become a plain: rusalem. I Darins have made : which Solomon had made for the and he shall bring forth the head-decree; let it be done with speed. house of the LORD: the brass of stone thereof with shoutings, cry. Then 'Tatnai,

governor on this all these vessels was without ing, Grace, grace, unto it. weight.

side the river, Shethar-bozpai, and 2 Chron. xxxvi, 19. And they

Zech. vi, 15. And they that are their companions, according to barnt the house of God, and brake far off shall come and

build in the that which

Darius the king bad down the wall of Jerusalem, and temple of the LORD; and ye shall sent, so they did speedily. burnt all the palaces thereof with know that the LORD of hosts bath fire, and destroyed all the goodly come to pass, if ye will diligently of the house of thy God, those

Exra vil, 19. The vessels also sent me unto you. And this shall that are given thee for the service vessels thereof.

obey the voice of the LORD your deliver thou before the God of Ps. Ixxiv, 3-8. Lift up thy God feet unto the perpetual desola

Jerusalem. tions, even all that the enemy AND ACCOMPLISHED UNDER CYRUS.

Ezra viil, 24, 25, 33, 34. Then I bath done wickedly in the sanctuary. Tbine enemies roar in the

Ezra i, 7--11. Also Cyrus the separated twelve of the chief of midst of thy congregations; they king brought forth the vessels of the priests, Sherebiah, Hashabiah, set up their

ensigns for signs. Á the house of the LORD, which Ne- and ten of their brethren with man was famous according as he buchadnezzar bad brought forth them, and weighed unto them had lifted up axes upon the thick out of Jerusalem, and had put the silver, and the gold, and the trees. But now they break down them in the house of his gods; vessels, even the offering of the the carved work thereof at once

Even those did Cyrus king of house of our God, which the king, with axes and bammers. They Persia bring forth by the hand of and his counsellors, and bis lords bave cast fire into thy sanctuary; Mithredath the treasurer, and and all Israel there present, had they have defiled by casting down numbered them unto Sheshbazzar, offered. Now, on the fourth day the dwelling-place of thy name to the prince of Judah. And this is was the silver, and the gold, and the ground. They said in their the number of them : the vessels, weighed in the house

hearts, Let us destroy them toge- chargers of gold, a thousand of our God by the hand of Mere-
ther: they have burnt up all the chargers of silver, nine and twenty moth the son of Uriah the priest;
synagogues of God in the land.

and with him was Eleazar the son
knives, Thirty basons of gold,
silver basons of a second sort four

of Phinebas, and with them was Ps. Ixxix, 1. O God, the heathen hundred and ten, and other ves- Jozabad the son of Jeshua, and are come into thine inheritance; sels a thousand. All the vessels Noadiab the son of Binnui, Lev. thy holy temple have they defiled; of gold and of silver were five ites; by number, and by weight they have laid Jerusalem on thousand and four hundred. All of every one: and all the weight heaps.

these did Sheshbazzar bring up was written at that time. Isa. Ixiv, 11, 12. Our holy and with them of the captivity that our beautiful house, where our were brought up from Babylon

REBUILT UNDER DIVINE fathers praised thee, is burnt up unto Jerusalem.

PROMISE. with fire: and all our pleasant Ezra v, 15. And said unto him,

Ezra iii, 6-9. From the first things are laid waste. Wilt thou Take these vessels, go, carry day of the seventh month began refrain thyself for these things, o them into the temple ibat is in they to offer burnt-fferings unto LORD? wilt thou hold thy peace, Jerusalem. and afflict us very sore?

the LORD: but the foundation of Ezra vi, 3--5, 11--13. In the first the temple of the LORD was not Jer. vii, 12. But go ye now onto year of Cyrus the king, the same yet laid. They gave money also my place which was in Shiloh, Cyrus the king made a decree unto the masons, and to the car. where I set my name at the first, concerning the house of God at penters; and meat, and drink, and and see what I did to it for the Jerusalem, Let the bouse be oil, unto them of Zidon, and to wickedness of my people Israel. builded, the place where they of them of Tyre, to bring cedar trees

Jer. lil, 12, 13. Now in the fifth fered sacrifices, and let the foun: from Lebanon to the sea of Joppa, month, in the tenth day of the dations thereof be strongly latd; according to the grant that they month, which was the nineteeuth the height thereof threescore cu- i had of Cyrus king of Persia. Now, year of Nebuchadrezzar king of bits, and the breadth thereof in the second year of their coming Babylon, came Nebuzar-adan, . . threescore cubits; With threerows unto the liouse of God at JerusaAnd burnt the house of the LORD, of great stones, and a row of new lem, in the second month began and the king's house; and all the timber: and let the expenses be Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel, houses of Jerusalem, and all the given out of the king's house. and Jeshua the son of Jozadak, houses of the great men, burnt he and also let the golden and silver and the remnant of their brethren with fire.

vessels of the house of God, which the priests and the Levites, and Lam, it, 7. The Lord hath cast Nebuchadnezzar took forth out of all they that were come out of the off his altar; he hath abhorred his the temple, which is at Jerusalem, captivity unto Jerusalem; and apsanctuary: he bath given up into and brought upto Babylon,

be re- pointed the Levites, from twenty the hand of the enemy the walls stored, and brought again unto years old and upward, to set for of her palaces; they have made a the temple which is at Jerusalem, ward the work of the noise in the house of the Lord, as Chery one to his place, and place the Lord. Then stood Jeshaa, in the day of a solemn feast.

them in the house of God. Also I with his sons and his brethren,

have made a decree, that whoso- Kudmiel and his sons, the sins of Lam. iv, 1. How is the gold be- ever shall alter this word, let Judah, together, to set forward come dim 1 now is the most fine | timber be pulled down from his I the workmen in the house of God;


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the song of Henadad, with their | day of the sixth month, in the and sald unto them, Let da balla Bons and their brethren the second year of Darius the king. with you: for we seek your God, Levites.

Haggai il, 2-4, 15, 16, 18, 19. as ye do; and we do sacrifice unto Erra v, 1, 2. 16. Then the Speak now to Zerabbabel the son him since the days of Esar-haddon proplets, Hagsal the prophet, and of Sbealtiel, governor of Judan, king of Assur, which brought us Zechariah the son of Iddo, pro- and to Joshua the son of Josedech, up hitler. But Zerubbabel, and plesied unto the Jews that were the high priest, and to the residue Jeshua, and the rest of the chief in Judah and Jerusalem in the of the people, saying, Who is of the fathers of Israel, said unto name of the God of Israel, left among you that saw this house them, Ye have nothing to do even unto them. Then rose up in her first gloryą and how do ye with us to build an house unto Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiei, see it now? is it not in your eyes our God; but we ourselves toand Jeshua the son of Jozadak, in comparison of it as nothing? gether will build unto the LORD and began to build the house of Yet now be strong, o Zerubbabel, God of Israel, as king Cyrus the God which is at Jerusalem; and saith the LORD; and be strong, 0 king of Persia bath commanded with them were the prophets of Joshua, son of Josedech, the high us. Then the people of the land God helping them. Then came priest; and be strong, all ye peo- weakened the hands of the people the same sheshbazzar, and laid ple of the land, saith the LORD, of Judah, and troubled them in the foundation of the house of and work: for 'I am with you, building, And hired counsellors God which is in Jerusalem: and waith the LORD of hosts. And against them, to frustrate their since that time even untu now now, I pray you, consider from purpose, all the days of Cyrus hath it been in building, and yet this day and upward, from before king of Persia, even until the it is not finished.

a stone was laid upon a stone in reiga of Darias king of Persia,

the temple of the Lord; Since And in the reign of Ahasuerus, in Ezra vi, 14, 15. And the elders those days were, when one came the beginning of bis reign, wrote of the Jews bullded, and they pros. Ito an heap of twenty measures, they unto him an accusation pereu through the prophesying of there were out ten: when one against the inhabitants of Judab flaggat the prophet, and Zechar- came to the press fat for to draw and Jerusalem, fah the son of Idio: and they out fifty vessels out of the press,

Ezra v, 8-11, 13, 17. At the builded, and finished tt , according there were but twenty. Consider same time came to them Tatnai

, to the commandment of the God now from this day and upward governor on this side the river, of Israel, and according to the from the four and twentieth day and Shethar-boznal, and their commandment of Cyrus, and of the ninth month, even from the companions, and said thus unto Darius, and Artaxerxes king of day that the foundation of the them, Who hath commanded you Peilla. And this house was fin- Lord's temple was laid, consider to build this house, and to make ished on the third day of the it. Is the seed yet in the barn? up this wall? Then said we unto month A lar, which was in the

yea, as yet the vine, and the fig them after this manner, What are sixth year of the reign of Darius tree, and the pomegranate, and the names of the men that make the king.

the olive-tree, hath not brought this building? But the eye of their Haggai 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 12--16. Thus forth: from this day will I bless God was upon th elders of the speaketla the LORD of hosts, say you.

Jews, that they could not cause ing, This people say, The time is Zech. iv, 9, 10. The hands of them to cease, till the matter camo not come, the time that the LORD'S Zerubabbel have laid the founda- to Darius: and then they returned house should be built. Then tion of this house; his hands shall answer by letter concerning this came the word of the LORD by also finish it; and thou shalt know matter. The copy of the letter Haggai the prophet, suying, Go that the LORD of hosts hath sent that Tatnal, governor on this up to the mountain, and bring me unto you. For who hath de- side the river, and Shethar-boznai, wood, and build the house; and I spised the day of small things and his companions the Apharwill take pleasure in it, and I will for they shall rejoice, and shall sacbites, which were on this side be gluriod, salth the LORD. Ye see the plummet in the hand of the river, sent unto Darius the looked for inuch, and, 10, it came Zerubbabel with those seven; they king: They sent a letter unto to little; and when ye brought it are the eyes of the LORD, which him, wherein was written thus; home, I did blow upon it. Why? run to and fro through the whole Unto Darius the kirg, all peace. Baith the LORD of hosts. Because earth.

Be it known unto the king, that of mine house that is waste, and Zech. viii, 9, 10. Thus saith the we went into the province of yo run every man unto his own LORD of hosts, Let your hands be Judea, to the house of the great house. Then Zerubbabel the son strong, ye that hear in these days God, which is builded with great of Shealtiel, and Joshua the son these words by the mouth of the stones, and timber is laid in the of Josedech, the high priest, with prophets, which were in the day walls, and this work goeth fast all the remnant of the people, that the foundation of the house on, and prospereth in their hands. obeyed the voice of the LORD of the LORD of hosts was laid, Then asked we those elders, and their God, and the words of Hag- that the temple might be built! said unto them thus, Who comgai the propbet, (as the LORD their For before these days there was manded you to build this house, God had sent him) and the peo- no hire for man, nor any hire for and to make up these walls? Wo ple did fear before the Lord. Then beast; neither was there any asked their names also, to certify spake II aggal the LORD's messen-peace to bin that went ont or thee, that we might write the ger in the Lord's message unto came in because of the affliction: names of the men that were the the people,, saying, 1 an, with you, for I set all mon every one against chief of them. And thus they resaith the LORD. And the LORD his neighbour.

turned us answer, saying, We are slirrod up the spirit of Zerub

the servants of the God of heaven babel the son of Shealtiel, gover


and earth, and build the house nor of Judah, and the spirit of Ezra iv, 1-6. Now, when the that was builded these many Joshua, the son of Josedech, the adversaries of Judah and Ben- years ago, which a great king of high priest, and the spirit of all Jamin heard that the children of Israel bullded and set up. But in tho remnant of the people; and the captivity builded the temple the first year of Cyrus the king they came, and did work in the unto the LORD God of Israel; of Babylon, the same king Cyrus house of the LORD of hosts their Then they came to Zerubbabel, made a decree to build this house Gud, in tuu lour and twentieth and to the chief of the fathers, l of God. Now therefore, it it seem

good to the king, let there be what manner of stones and what of threescore cubits, eveo upto the search made in the klog's treasure buildings are here! And Jesus post of the court round about the house, which is there at Babylon, answering, said unto hiin, Seest gate. And from the face of the Wuether it be 80, that a decree thou these great buildings? there gate of the entrance unto the face was made of Cyrus the king to shall not be left one stone upon of the porch of the inner-gate build this bouse of God at Jeru. another, that shall not be thrown were fifty cubits. And there were

narrow salem, and let the king send bis down.

windows to the little pleasure to us concerning this

Luke xxl, 6, 6. And as some chambers, and to their posts matter. apake of the temple, how it was

within the gate round about, and Ezra vi, 6, 7. Now therefore, adorned with goodly stones and likewise to the arches; and winTatnai, governor beyond the river, gifts, he said, As for these things dows were round about inward: Shethar-boznal, and your compan- which ye behold, the days will and upon each post were palmfons the Apharsachites, which are come, in the which there shall trees. Then brought he me into beyond the river, be ye far from not be left one stone upon an- the outward court, and, lo, there thence: Let the work of this house other, that shall not be thrown were chambers, and a pavement

made for the court round about: of God alone; let the governor of down.

thirty chambers were upon the the Jews, and the elders of the

III. Jews, build this house of God in

pavement. And the pavement his place.

MYSTIC TEMPLE OF by the side of the gates, over

against the length of the gates, DEDICATION OF THE SECOND

was the lower parement. Then

he measured the breadth, fron

Ezekiel. xl, 1, 5 -- 49. In the the fore-front of the lower gatə Ezra vi, 16, 17. And the chil-five and twentieth year of our unto the forefront of the inner dren of Israel, the priests, and the captivity, in the begioning of the court without, an hundred cubits Levites, and the rest of the chilo year, in the tentii day of the eastward and northward. And dren of the captivity, kept the month, in the fourteenth year the gate of the outward court dedication of this house of God after that the city was smitten, that looked toward the north, be with joy. And offered at the dedi- in the self-same day the hand of measured the length thereof, and cation of this house of God an the LORD was upon me, and the breadth thereof. And the hundred bullocks, two hundred bronght me thither. And behold little chambers thereof were three rams, four hundred lambs; and for a wall on the outside of the house on this side, and three on that a sin-offering for all Israel, twelve round abont, and in the man's side; and the posts thereof, and he-goats, according to the number hand a measuring - reed of six the arches thereof, were after the of the tribes of Israel.

cubits long, by the cubit and an measure of the first gate: the

hand-breadth: so he measured the length thereof was fifty cubits, ITS PURIFICATION BY JESUS. breadth of the building, one reed; and the breadth five and twenty

Mark x1, 15, 16. And they come and the height, one reed. Then cubits. And their windows, and to Jerusalem: and Jesus went into came he unto the gate which their arches, and their palm-trees, the temple, and began to cast out looketh toward the east, and were after the measure of the gate them that sold and bought in the went up the stairs thereof, and that looketh toward the east; and temple, and overthrew the tables measured the threshold of the they went up into it by seren of the money-changers, and the gate, which was one reed broad; steps; and the arches thereof were seats of them that sold doves; and the other threshold of the before them. And the gate of tho And would not suffer that any gate, which was one reed broad. inner court was over against the man should carry any vessel And every little chamber was one gate toward the north, and toward thirvugh the temple.

reed long, and one reed broad; the east; and he measured from Luke xix, 45, 46. And he went and between the little chambers gate to gate an hundred cubits into the teniple, and began to cast were five cubits: and the thres. After that he brought me toward out them that sold therein, and hold of the gate, by the porch of the south, and behold a gate to them that bought; Saying onto the gate within, was one reed. ward the south: and be measured them, It is written, My bouse is He measured also the porch of the the posts thereof, and the arches the house of prayer: bút ye have gate within, one reed, Then thereof, according to these meas. made it a den of Thieves.

measured he the porch of the ures. And there were windows Jolin ii, 15. And when he had gate, eight cnbits; and the posts in it, and in the arches thereof made a scourge of small

cords, he thereof, two cubits; and the porch round about, like those windows drove them all out of the temple of the gate was in ward.

And the the length was afty cubits, and and the sheep, and the oxen; and little chambers of the gate east- the breadth five and twenty

And there were seven poured out the changers' money, three on that side; they three steps to go up to it, and the and overthrew the tables.

were of one measure: and the arches thereof were before themr; PROPHECY OF ITS FINAL

posts had one measure on this and it had palm-trees, one on this DESTRUCTION.

side and on that side. And he side, and another on that side,

measured the breadth of the upon the posts thereof. And Matth. xxiv, 1, 2. And Jesus entry of the gate, ten cubits; and there was a gate in the inner went out, and departed from the the length of the gate, thirteen court toward the south: and he temple: and his disciples came to cubits. The space also before the measured from gate to gate to. him, for to shew him the build. little chambers was one cubit on ward the south an hundrelcubits. ings of the temple. And Jesus this side, and the space was one And he brought me to the inner said unto them, See ye not all cubit on that side; and the little court by the south gate: and be these things? Verily I say unto chambers were six cubits on this measured the south gate accordyou, There shall not be left here side, and eix cubits on that side. ing to these measures; And the one' stone upon another, that He measured then the gate from

abers thereof, and the shall not be thrown down.

the roof of one little chamber to posts thereof, and the arches Mark xill, 1, 2. And as be went the roof of another: the breadth ihereof, according to these meas out of the temple, one of his dis- was five and twenty cubits, door ures: and there were windows in ciples salth unto him, Master, seo against door. He made also posts it, and in the arches thereot


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round about tas nfty cubits for the priests, the keepers of the bere were toward the place that long, and five and twenty cubits charge of the house. And the was left, one door toward the broal, And the arches round chamber, whore prospect is to north, and another door toward about rere five and twenty cubits ward the north, is for the priests, the south: and the breadth of the long, und five cubits broad: And the keepers of the charge of the place that was left was five cubits the arches thereof were toward altar: these are the sons of Zadok, round about. Now the building the outer court; and palm-trees among the sons of Levi, which that was before the separate were upon the posts thereof; and come near to the LORD to minis- place, at the end toward the west, the going up to it had eight steps. ter unt) hiin. So he measured was seventy cubits broad; and tho And he brought me into the inner the court, an hundred cubits long, wall of the building was five cucourt toward the east: and be and an hundred cubits broad, bits thick round about, and the measured the gate according to four-square; and the altar that length thereof ninety cubits. So these measures. And the little was before the house. And he he measured the house, an hunchambers thereof, and the posts brought me to the porch of the dred cubits long; and the separate thereof, and the arches thereof, house, and measured each post of place, and the building, with the were according to these measures: the porch, five cubits on this side, walls thereof, an hundred cubits and there were windows therein, and five cubits on that side: and long; Also the breadth of the face and in the arches thereof round the breadth of the gate was three of the house, and of the separate about: it was afty cubits long, and cubits on this side, and three place toward the east, an hundred five and twenty cubits broad. cubits on that side. The length cubits. And he measured the And the arches thereof were too of the porch was twenty cubits, length of the building over against ward the outward court; and and the breadth eleven cubits; and the separate place which was bepalm-trees were upon the posts he brought me by the steps where- bind it, and the galleries thereof thereof, on this side, and on that by they went up to it: and there on the one side, and on the other side: and the going up to it had were pillars by the posts, one on side, an hundred cubits, with the eight steps. And he brought me this side and another on that side. inner temple, and the porches of to the north gate, and measured Ezek. xll, 1--7, 9--26. Afterward the court; The door-posts, and tho # according to these measures; ho brought me to the temple, and narrow windows, and the galleries The little chambers thereof, the measured the posts, six cubits round about on their three stories, posts thereof, and the arches broad on the one side, and six over against the door, ceiled with thereof, and the windows to it cubits broad on the other side, wood round about, and from the round about: the length was fifty which was the breadth of the ta- ground up to the windows, and cubits, and the breadth five and bernacle. And the breadth of the the windows were covered; To twenty cubits. And the posts door was ten cubits; and the sides that above the door, even into thereof were toward the outer of the door were five cubits on the inner house and without, and court; and palm-trees were npon the one side, and five cubits on by all the wall round about, withthe posts thereof on this side, and the other side: and he measured in and without, by measure. And on that side: and the going up to the length thereof, forty cubits, it was made with cherubims and It had eight steps. And the and the breadth, twenty cubits. palm-trees, so that a palm-troo chambers, and the entries thereof, Then went he inward, and mea was between a cherub and a chewere by the posts of the gates, sured the post of the door two rub; and every cherub had two where they washed the burnt- cubits, and the door six cnbits, facés; So that the face of a man offering. And in the porch of the and the breadth of the door seven was toward the palm-tree on the gate were two tables on this side, cubits. So he measured the one side, and the face of a young and two tables on that side, to length thereof, twenty cubits, and lion toward the palm-tree on the slay thereon the burnt-offering, the breadth twenty cubits, before other side: it was made through and the sin-offering, and the tres- the temple; and be said unto me, all the house round about. From pass-offering. And at the side This is the most holy place. After the ground unto above the door without, as one goeth up to the he measured the wall of the huuse were cherubims and palm-trees entry of the north gate, were two six cubits; and the breadth of made, and on the wall of the tables; and on the other side, every side-chamber four cubits, temple. The posts of the temple wbich was at the porch of the round about the house on every were squared, and the face of the gate, were two tables. Four side. Aud the side-chambers were sanctuary; the appearance of the tables were on this side, and four three, one over another, and thirty one as the appearance of the other. tables on that side, by the side of In order, and they entered into the altar of wood was three cuthe gate; eight tables, whereupon the wall which was of the house bits high, and the length thereof they slew their sacrifices. And for the side-chambers roundabout, two cubits; and the corners therethe four tables were of hewn stone that they might have hold, but of, and the length thereof, and the for the burnt-offering, of a cubit they had not hold in the wall of walls thereof, were of wood: and and an half long, and a cubit and the house. And there was an en- he said unto me. This is the table an half broad, and one cubit bigh: larging, and a winding about still that is before the LORD. And the whereupon also they laid the upward to the side-chambers; for temple and the sanctuary had two Instruments where with they slew the winding about of the house doors. And the doors had two the burnt-offering and the sacri. went still upward round about leaves apiece, two turning leaves; fice. And within were hooks, an the house: therefore the breadth two leaves for the one door, and band-broad, fastened round about: of the house was still upward, and two leaves for the other door. and upon the tables was the flesh so increased from the lowest cham- And there were made on them, on of the off-ring. And without the ber to the highest by the midst. the doors of the temple, cherubims Inner gate were the chambers of the thickness of the wall, which and palm-trees, like as vere made the singers in the inner court, was for the side-chanıber without, upon the walls; and there were which ucs at the side of the north was five cubits; and that which thick planks upon the face of the gate; and their prospect was to- was left was the place of the side- porch without. And there were ward the sooth; one at the side of chambers that were witbio. And narrow windows and palm-trees the east gate having the prospect between the chambers was the on the ore side and on the other toward the north. And he said wideness of twenty cubits round side, on the sides of the porch, unto me, this chamber, whose about the house on every side. and upon the sidle-chambers of prospect is toward the south, is and tho doors of the side-cbain- 'the house, and thick planks.


Ezek. xlll, 1-13, 15-20. Then he reeds, with tbe measuring-reed rael, bath entered in by it, thers. brought me forth into the outer round about. He measured the fore it shall be shut. it is for the court,thewaytoward the north;and south side, five hundred roe is. prince; the prince, he shall sit in he brought me into the chamber with the measuring-reed. He it to eat bread before the LORD; that was over against the separate turned about to the west side, he shall enter by the way of the place, and which was before the and measured five hundred reeds, porch of that gale, and shall go building toward the worth. Be with the measuring-reed. llo out by the way of the same. Then fore the length of an hundred cu. measured it by the four sides: it brought he me the way of the bits was the north door, and the bad a wall round about five hun. north gate before the house; and breadth was fifty cubits. Over dred reeds long, and Ave hundred I looked, and, bebold, the glory of against the twenty cubits which broad, to make a separation be- the LORD fllled the house of the were for the inner court, and over tween the sanctuary and tho pro- LORD; and I fell upon my face. against the pavement which wasfor fune place.

Aud thou shalt say to the rebel. the outer court,was galleryagainst Ezek. xllil, 1, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12-17. Thus saith the Lord Gon, o ye

lious, even to the house of Israel, galleryin three stories. And beforo Afterward he brought me to the house of Israel, let it suflce you the chambers was a walk of ten cu- gate, even the gate that looketh of all your abominations. In that bits breadth inward, a way of one

toward the east: And the glory of ye have brought into my sancti cubit; and iheir doors toward the the LORD came into the house by ary strangers, uncircumcised in north. Now the upper chambers the way of the gate whose pro- heart, and uncircumcised iv flesh, were shorter: for the galleries

spect is toward the east. So the were higher than these, than the spirit took me up, and brought me

to be in my sanctuary, to pollute lower, and than the middlemost into the inner court; and, behold, my bread, the fat and the blood,

eren my house, when ye offer of the building. For they were in the glory of the Lord filled the and they have broken my cute three stories, but had not pillars

house. as the pillars of the courts: there threshold by my thresholds, and nations. And ye have not kept

In their setting of the nant, because of all your ab ulfore the bullding was straitened their post by my posts, and their the charge of mine

boly things more than the lowest and the wall between me and them, they but ye have set keepers of my middlemost from the ground. have even defiled my boly name charge in my sanctuary for your And the wall that was witheut by their abominations that they selves. Thus saith the Lord GOD, over against the chambers, to have committed: wherefore I have No stranger, uncircumcised in ward the outer court on the forei consumed them in mine anger. heart, nor unclrcumcised in flesh, part of the chambers, the length Now let them put away their shall enter into my sanctuary

, of thereot was fifty cubits. For the whoredom, and the carcases of any stranger that is among the length of the chambers that were their kings, far from me, and 1 children of Israel in the outer court was fifty cubits; I will dwell in the midst of them and, to, before the temple were an for ever. This is the law cf the when the priuce shall enter, he

Ezck. xlví, 8-10, 19-24. And these chambers was the entry on house; Upon the top of the moun shall go in by the way of the

tain the whole limit thereof round porch of that gate, and he shall the east sido, as one goeth into them from the outer court. The this is the law of the house. And when the people of the land shall about shall be most holy. Behold,

go forth by the way thereof. But charbers were in the thickness of these are the measures of the the wall of the court toward the altar after the cubits: 'The cubit is solemn feasts, he that entereth in

come before the LORD in the east, over against the separate a cubit and an brand-breadtlı; even by the way of the north gate to place, and over agalust the build the bottom shall be a cubit, and worship shall go out by the way was like thie appearance of the the breadth a cubit, and the bor- of the south gate; and he that chambers which were toward the round about shall be a span: and gate shall go forth by the way of porth, as long as they, and as this shall be the higher place of the north gate: he shall not te broad as they; and all their goings the altar. And from the bottom turn by the way of this pats fashious, and according to their upon the ground, eren to the whereby he came in, but shall go

Aud tue dvors. And according to the doors and the breadth one cubit;

and prince

in the

midst of them, when of the chambers that were toward the way, even the way directly and the breadth one cubit. Sotho he brought me through the entire

greater settle shall be four cubits, they go forth, shali go forth. After before the wall toward the east, altar shall be four cabits; and from which was at the sideof the cate, in as one entereth into them. Then said he unto me, The north cham

the altar and upward shall be four to the holychambers of the priests: which are before the separate square in lie four squares thereot. ane two sides westward. Then bers and the south chambers, twelve cubits long, twelve broad, and, behold, there was a plaquen Lok" shall eat the most holy the four squares tereof; and the trespass-offering and the sin-o flere the priests

that approach unto the Aude the settle shall be fourteen said he upto me. This is the place things: there shall they lay tho border about it shall be half a Ing. where they shall bake iliyo must holy things, and the meat, cubit ; and the bottom thereof shall meat-offering that

they bearticia offering, and the sin-offering, and be a cubit about; and his stairs not mat into the outer court, hoe the trespass-offering; for the place is holy. Now, when he had made shall look toward the east.

sanctify the people. Then be an end of measuriug the inner Excl. xliv, 1-4, 6-9. Then he brought me forth into the outer house, he brought me forth to- brought me back the way of the court, and caused me to pass by ward 'the gate whose prospect is gate of tho outward sanctuary, the funr coruers of the court; and, toward the east, and measured it which looketh toward the east, i behold in every corner of the court round about. Hle measured the and it was shot. Then said the there was a court. east side with the measuring-reed, LORD unto me, This gate shall corners of the court there were suring-reed rouud about. He mea- and no'man shall enter in by it; long and thirty broad: these sured the north side, Ave hundred because the Lord, the God of Is- four corners were of one med

the south was a door in the head of from the lesser settle even to the they go in, shall go in; and when

In the four


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