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Ing-floor of Ornan the Jebusite, house, that is, the temple before it, and the great court, and doors for then he sacrificed there.

was forty cubits long. And the the court, and overlaid the doors 1 Chron. xxii, 1. Then David | cedar of the house within wal of them with brass. said, This is the house of the carved with knops and open

ced: there was LORD God, and this is the altar of flowers: all 2

PILLARS. the burnt-offering for Israel.

no stone seen. And the whole

house he overlaid with gold, until 1 Kings vii, 15-22, 27-37, 41, 2 Chron. ill, 1. Then Solomon he had finished all the house: also 42. For he cast two pillars of began to build the house of the the whole altar that was by the brass, of eighteen cubits high LORD at Jerusalem in mount

oracle he overlaid with gold. And apiece: and a line of twelve cubits Moriah, where the LORD appear-| the floor of the house he overlaid did compass either of them about. ed unto David his father, in the with gold, withln and without. And he made two chapiters of place that David had prepared in the threshing-door of Ornan the

2 Chron. iii, 3-7. 9. Now these molten brass, to set upon the Jebusite.

are the things wherein Solomon tops of the pillars: tho height of was instructed for the building of the one chapiter was five cubits

thie house of God. The length by and the Leight of the ober 2 Chron. xx, 8. And they dwelt cubits after the first measure was chapiter was live cubits: And therein, and have built thee a threescore cubits, and the breadth nets of checker-work, and wreaths sanctuary therein for tby uame, twenty cubits. And the porch of chain-work, for the chapiters saying.

that was in the front of the house, which were upon the top of the Ps. Ixviii, 16. Why leap yo, yo the leugth of it was according to pillars; seven for the one chapiter,

for the other chapiter. high bills? this is the bill which the breadth of the house, twenty and seve God desireth to dwell in; yea, the cubits, and the height was an hun- and he made the pillars, and two LORD will dwell in it for ever.

dred and twenty; and be overlaid rows round about upon the ono

it within with pure gold. 'And the net-work, to cover the chapiters Ps. Ixxvi, 1, 2. In Judah is God greater house he celled with fir- that were upon the top with pomcknown; his naine is great in Israel.' In Salem also is his taber-treewhich be overlaid with fine granates: and so did he for the

gold, and set thereon paluu-trees other chapiter. And the chapiters nacle, and his dwelling-place in and chaing. And be garnished that were upon the top of the pilZion,

the bouse with precious stones for lars were of lily-work in the porch, Ps. Ixxvlll, 67-69. Moreover, he beauty: and the gold was gold of four cubits. And the chapiters refused the tabernacle of Joseph, Parvaim. He overlaid also the upon the two pillars had pomeand chose not the tribe of Eph-house, the beams, the posts, and granates also above, over against raim; But chose the tribe of Judah, the walls thereof, and the doors the belly which was by the netthe mount Zion, which he loved, thereof, with gold; and graved work and the pomegranates were And he built his sanctuary like cherubims on the walls. And the two bandred, in rows round about high palaces, like the earth which weight of the nails was fifty upon the other chapiter. And he he hath established for ever. shekels of gold. And lie overlaid set up the pillars in the porch of

P8. cxxxií, 6. Lo, we heard of it the upper chambers with gold. the temple: and ho set up the right at Ephratali; we found it in the

pillar, and called the name thereof fields of the wood.

Jachin; and he set up the left pil. DOORS.

lar, and called the namo thereof

1 Rings vi, 31-34. And for the Boaz. And upon the top of the Ezekiel xli, 8. I saw also the entering of the oracle he made pillars was lily-work: 80 was thio height of the house round about: doors of olive-tree: the lintel and work of the pillars finished. And the foundations of the side-cham- side-posts were a Afth part of the 'ho made ten bases of brass; four bers were a full reed of sis great wall. The two doors also were of cubits was the length of one base, cubits.

olive-tree;and he carved uponthem and four cubits the breadth there Rev. xi, 1. And there was given carvings of cherubims, and palm of, and three cubits the height of me a reed like unto a rod; and the trees, and open flowers, and over it. And the work of the bases was angel stuud, saying, Rise, and

laid them with gold, and spread on this manner: they had borders, measure the temple of God, and gold upon the cherubiins, and and the borders were between the the altar, and them that worship made he for the door of the tem were between the ledges were

Só also ledges: And on the borders that therein.

plo posts of olive-tree, a fourth lions, oxen, and cherubims; and 2.-ITS DIMENSIONS AND

part of the wall. And the two upon the ledges thcre was a base

doors were of fir-tree: the two above: and beneath the lions and MATERIALS.

leaves of the one door were fold- oxen were certain alditions Diano 1 Kings vi, 2, 3, 15, 17, 18, 22, 30. ing. and the two leaves of the of thin work. And every base And the bouse which king Solo- other door were folding.

had four brason wlieels, and plates mon built for the LORD, the length

of brass; and the four coruers thereof was threescoro, cubits, WINDOWS, STAIRCASE, AND thereof liad undersetters: under and the breadth thereof twenty


the laver were undersetters molcubits, and the height thereof

ten, at the sides of every audition. thirty cubits. And the porch be

1 Kings vi, 4, 8, 36. And for the And the mouth of it, within the fore the temple of the bouse, house he made windows of narrow chapifer and above, was a cubit

: twenty cubits was the length lights. The door for the middle but the mouth thereof was round, thereof, according to the breadth chamber was in the riglit side of after the work of the base, a cubit of the house; and ten cublis was the house; and they went up with and an half; and also upon the the lreadth thereof before the winding stairs into tho middle mouth of it'were gravings with house. And he built the walls of chamber, and out of the middle their borders, four-square, not the use within with boards of into the third.

And he built the round. And under the borders cedar, both the floor of the house, inner court with three rows of were four wheels; and the axleand the walls of the ceiling and bé hewed stone, and a row of cedar- trees of the wheels were joined to covcred them on the inside with beams.

the base: and the height of a wheel wood, and covered the floor of the 2 Chron. iv, 9. Furthermore he was a cubit and lialt a cubit. And house with planks of fir. And the I made the court of the priests, the work of the wheels was like the work of a chariot-wheel: their

LAMPS, &c.

they drew out the stares of the axle-trees, and their naves, and their felloes, and their spokes, sticks of pure gold, five on the

1 Kings vil, 49. And the candle-ark, that the ends of the staves

were seen from the ark before the were all molten. And there were right side, and five on the left

, be- oracle, but they were not seen four undersetters to the four cor-fore the oracle, with the flowers,

without. And there it is unto ners of one base: and the under

this day. setters were of the very base and the lamps, and the tongs, of gold.

2 Chron. XXXV, 3. And said unto itself. And in the top of the base

the Levites that taught all Israel,

2Chron. iv,7,20,21. And he made was there a round compass of half

which were holy unto the LORD, a cubit high: and on the top of the ten candlesticks of gold, according Put the holy ark in the house base, the ledges thereof,

and the to their form, and set them in the which Solomon the son of David borders thereof, were of the same. temple, five on the right hand, King of Israel did build; it shall thereof, and on the borders there the candlesticks with their lamps ders: serve now the LORD your of, he graved cherubims, lions, and that they should burn after the God, and his people Israel. palm trees, according to the pro- manner before the oracle, of pure

Heb. ix, 3. And after the second portion of every one, and additions gold; And the flowers, and the round about. After this manner lamps, and the tongs, made he of veil, the tabernacle which is call

ed the Holiest of all. he made the ten bases:

all of them gold, and that perfect gold. had one casting, one measure, and

THE HOLY OF HOLIES. one size. The two pillars, and the

THE CHERUBIM. tico bowls of the chapiters that

- 1 Kings vi, 16, 19-21. And he 1 Kings vi, 23.-29. 35. And withwere on the top of the two pillars; built twenty cubits on the si les of in the oracle he made two chero. and the two net-works, to cover the house, both the floor and the bims of olive tree, each ten cubits the two bowls of the chapiters walls with boards of cedar: he bighi. And five cubits was the which were upon the top of the even built them for it withir, even one wing of the cherub, and five pillars: And four hundred pome- for the oracle,evenfor the most holy cubits the other wing of the granates for the two net-works, place. And the oracle he prepared cherub: from the uttermost part even two rows of pomegranates in the house within, to set there of the one wing unto the utter. for one net-work, to cover the two the ark of the covenant of the most part of the other were ten bowls of the chapiters that were LORD. And the oracle in the fore- cubits. And the otber cherub upon the pillars.

part was twenty cubits in length, was ten cubits: both the cheru

and twenty cubits in breadth, and bims were of one measure and one 2 Kings xxv, 17. The height of twenty cubits in the height there- size. The height of the one the one pillar was eighteen cubits, of: and he overlaid it with pure cherub was ten cubits, and so oras and the chapiter upon it was gold, and so covered the altar it of the ether cherub. And he brass: and the height of the chapi- which was of cedar. So Solomon set the cherubins within the ter three cubits; and the wreathen- overlaidthe house withinwith pure inner house: and they stretched work, and pomegranates upon the gold: and he made a partition by forth the wings of the cherubims, chapiter round about, all of brass: the chains of goldbefore the oracle; so that the wing of the one touchand like unto these had the second and he overlaid it with gold. ed the one wall, and the wfag of pillar with wreathen-work.

1 Kings vill, 6, 7, 8, 21. And the the other cherub touched the Jer. lil, 21, 22. And concerning priests brought in the ark of the other wall; and their wings touchthe pillars, the height of one pil- covenant of the LORD unto his ed one another in the midst of Iar was eighteen cubits; and a fil- place, into the oracle of the house, the house. And he overlaid the let of twelve cubits did compass to the most holy place, even under cherubims with gold. And be it; and the thickness thereof was the wings of the cherubims. For carved all the walls of the house four fingers: it was hollow. And the cherubims spread forth their round about with carved figures a chapiter of brass was upon it; two wings over the place of the of cherubims, and palm-trees, and and the height of one chapiter was ark and the cherubims covered the open flowers, within and without five cubits, with net-work and ark and the staves thereof above. And he carved thercon cherubims, pomegranates upon the chapiters And they drew out the staves, that and palm-trees, and open flowers: round about, all of brass: the the ends of the staves were seen and covered them with gold fitted second pillar also and the pome-out in the holy place before the upon the carved work. granates were like unto these. oracle, and they were not seen

2 Chron. ill, 10-13. And in the without: and there they are unto

most holy house he made two CHAMBERS.

this day. And I have set there a cherubims of image-work, and

place for the ark, wherein is the overlaid them with gold. 1 Kings vi, 5, 6, 10. And against covenant of the LORD, which he the wings of the cherubims rere

And the wall of the house be built made with our fathers, when he twenty cubits long; one wing of chambers round about, against bronght them out of the land of the one cherub was five cubite, the walls of the house round about, Egypt.

reaching to the wall of the houses both of the temple and of the oracle: and he made chambers the most holy house, the length five cubits, reaching to the ring

2 Chron. fil, 8. And he made and the other wing was likewise round about. The nethermost chamber was five cubits broad, breadth of the house, twenty cu- wing of the other cherub tas five

whereof was according to the of the other cherub. and the mildle was six cubits bits, and the breadth thereof cubits, reaching to the wall of the broad, and the third was seven twenty cubits: and he overlaid it house; and the other wing was cubits broad: for without in the with fine gold, amounting to six five cubits also, joining to the wall of the house he made nar

hundred talents. rowed rests round about, that the

wing of the other cherub, The bear 3 shonld not be fastened in 2 Chron. v, 7, 9. And the priests Wings of these cherubims spread the walls of the house. And then brought in the ark of the cover and they stood on their teet, and he buili chambers against all the nant of the Lord unto his place, their faces were inwarů. house five cubiis high; and they to the oracle of the house, into the rested on the house with timber most holy place, even under the 2 Chron. 5, 8. For the cheru. of cedar,

wings of the cherubims, And I bims spread forth their wings



And cne

over the place of the ark, and the 2 Kings xii, 13. Howbeit there ! Offerings, and the fat of the peacecherubims covered the ark and were not made for the house of offerings; because the brasen altar the slaves thereof above.

the LORD bowls of silver, snuffers, that was before the LORD was too

basons, trumpets, any vessels of little to receive the burnt-offerTIIE LAVER AND THE

gold, or vessels of silver, of the ings, and meat-offerings, and the MOLTEN SEA.

money that was brought into the fat of the peace-offerings. 1 Kings vli, 23–26, 38, 39. And house of the LORD.

2 Chron. 1, 6. Moreover, tho he made a molten sea, ten cubits 2 Chron. iv, 19, 22. And Solomon brasen altar, that Bezaleel the son from the one brim to the other: made all the vessels that were for of Uri, the son of Hur, bad made, it was round all about, and his the house of God, the golden altar he put before the tabernacle of height was five cubits, and a line also, and the tables whereon the the LORD; and Solomon and the of thirty cabits did compass it shew-bread was set. And the congregation sought unto it. ronnd about. And under the brim suffers, and the basons, and the of it round about there were knops spoons, and the censers, of pure

2 Chron. iv, 1. Moreoer, he compassing it, ten in a cubit, com- gold, and the entry of the

house, made an altar of brass, twenty passing the sea round about: the the inner doors thereof for the cubits the length thereof, and knops were cast ir two rows when most holy place, and the doors of twenty cubits the breadth thereit was cast. It stood upon twelve the house of the temple, were of of, and ten cubits the height

thereof. oxen, three looking toward the gold. north, and three looking toward 2 Chron. xxiv, 14. And when

Isa. xix, 19. In that day shall the west, and three looking to- they had finished it, they brought there be an altar to the LORD in ward the south, and three looking the rest of the money before the the midst of the land of Egypt, toward the east. and the sea was king and Jehoiada, whereof were and a pillar at the border thereof sct above upon them, and all their made vessels for the house of the

to the LORD. hinder parts were inward. And LORD, even vessels to minister, it was an handbreadth thick, and and to offer withal, and spoons,

OTHER ALTARS. the brim thereof was wrought and vessels of gold and silver: and Gen. xxi, 33. And Abraham like the brim of a cup, with they offered burnt-offerings in the planted a grove in Beer-sheba, flowers of lies: it contained two house of the LORD continually all and called there on the name of thousand baths. Then made he the days of Jehoiada,

the LORD, tho everlasting God. ten lavers of brass: one laver con

Josh. viil, 30. Then Joshua built tained forty baths: and every laver was four cubits; and upon Ezra v[it, 26-30. I even weighed an altar

unto the LORD God of Isevery one of the ten bases one unto their hand six hundred and rael in mount Ebal. laver. And he put five bases on fifty talents of silver, and silver Jud, xxi, 4. And it came to pass the right side of the house, and vessels an hundred talents, and on the morrow that the people five on the left side of the house; of gold an hundred talents; Also rose early, and built there an aland he set the sea on the right twenty basins of gold of a thou- tar, and offered burnt offerings side of the house eastward, over sand drams; and two vessels of and peace offerings. against the south.

fine copper, precious as gold. And
I said unto them, Ye are holy an altar onto the LORD: the same

1 Sam. xiv, 35. Aud Saul built 2 Chron. iv, 10. And he set the unto the LORD; the vessels are was the first altar that he built sea on the right side of the east holy also; and the silver and the

into the LORD. end, over against the south. gold are a free-will-offering unto

the LORD God of your fathers. 2 Sam. xxiv, 18. 25. And Gad 2 Chron. xxviii, 24. And Ahaz

Watch ye, and keep them, until came that day to David, and said gathered together the vessels of ye weigh them before the chief of unto him, Go up, rear an altar the house of God, and cut in chief of the fathers of Israel, at floor of Araunah the Jebusite.

ihe priests and the Levites, and unto the LORD in the thrashingpieces the vessels of the house of Jerusalem, in the chambers of the And David built there an altar God, and shut up the doors of the house of the LORD. So took the unto the Lord, and offered burnthouse of the LORD, and be made priests and the Levites the weight offerings and peace-offerings..... him altars in ever corner of Jeru- of the silver, and the gold, and salem. the vessels, to bring them to Jeru- said unto all the people, Come

1 Kings xviil, 30-32. And Elijah salem, unto the house of our God. near unto me. And all the people VESSELS. 1 Kings vii, 40, 43, 44, 48, 60.

Zech. xiv, 20, 21. In that day came uear unto him: and he reAnd Hiram made thé lavers, and shall there be upon the bells of paired the altar of the Lord

that the shovels, and the basons: 80 the horses, HOLINESS UNTO was broken down. And Elijah Hiram made an end of doing all THE LORD; and the pots in the took twelve stones, according to the work that he made king Solo Lord's house shall be like the the number of the tribes of the mun for the bouse of the LORD. bowls before the altar. Yea, every sons of Jacob, unto whom the And the ten bases, and ten lavers pot in Jerusalem and in Judah word of the LORD came, saying, on the bases; And one sca, and shall be boliness unto the LORD of Israel shall be thy name: And twelve oxen 'under the sea. And hosts; and all they that sacrifice with the stones he built an altar Solomon made all the vessels that shall come and take of them, and in the name of the LORD: and he pertained unto the house of the seethe therein: and in that day made a trench about the altar, as LORD: the altar of gold, and the there shall be no more the Ca- great as would contain two meatable of gold, whereupon the shew- Daanite in the bouse of the LORD sures of seed. bread was. And the bowls, and of hosts.

2 Kings xviii, 22. But if ye say the snuffers, and the basons, and

unto me, We trust in the LORD the spoons, and the censers, of


our God: is not that he whose high pure gold; and the Linges of gold, 1 Kings viii, 64. The same day places and whose aliars Hezekiah both for the doors of the inuer did the king ballow the middle of hath taken away, and hath suid to house, the most holy place, and the court that was before the Judah and Jerusalem, Ye shall for the doors of the house, to wit, house of the LORD: for there he worship before this altar in Jeruof the temple.

offered burnt offerings, and meat-salem?

2 Chron. xxx!!, 12. Tath not sheep. So the king and all the the shlelds of gold which Solomon the same Hezekiah taken away people dedicated the house of had made. his high places and his altars, and God.

2 Chron. XXXTI, 18. And all the commanded Judah and Jerusa


vessela of the bouse of God, great lemn, saying, Yo shall worship be- 1 Kings xv, 18. Then Asa took and small, and the treasures of the fura ono altar, and burn inceuse all the silver and the gold that house of the LORD, and the treas upon i:.

were left in the treasures of the ures of the king, and of his 2 Chron. xxxii, 16. And he re- house of the Lord, and the treas. 'princes: all these he (Nebuchadpaired the altar of the Lord and ures of the king's house, and de- bezzar] brought to Babylon. Bacrificed thereon peace-offerings livered them into the hand of his

Jer. lil, 17-19. Also the pillars and thark-offerings

and command servants: and king Asi sent thein of brass that were in the house of ed Judah to serve the LORD God of to Ben-hadad, the son of Tabri- the Lord, and the bases, anủ the Israel.

mon, the son of Hezlon, king of brasen sea that nous in the house

Syria, that dwelt at Damascus, of the LORD, the Chaldeans brake, Ezra ill, 2, 3. Then stood up Jeshua the son of Jozadak, and saying.

and carried all the brasg of thein his brethren the priests, and Ze- 2 Kings xii, 18. And Jehoash to Babylon. The caldrons also, rubbabel the son of Shealtiel, and king of Judah took all the hallows and the shovels, and the snuffers, his brethren, and builded the altared things that Jehoshaphat, and and the bowls, and the spons, of the God of Israel, to offer burnt- Jehoram, and Aliaziah, his fathers, and all the vessels of brass where offerings thereon, as it is written kings of Judah, bad dedicated and with they ministered, took they in the law of Moses, the man of his own hallowed things, and all away. And the basons, and the God. And they set the altar upon the gold that was found in the fire-pans, and the bowls, and the his bases; (for fear was upon them treasures of the house of the LORD, cldrons, and the candlesticks, and because of the people of those and in the king's house, and sent the spoons, and the cups: 'Wat countries;) and they offered burnt- it to Hazael king of Syria; and he which was' of gold in gold, and offerings thereon unto the LORD, went away from Jerusalem. that which was of silver in silver, even burnt-offerings inorning and 2 Kings Xvi, 8, 17. And Ahaz took the captain of the guard evening.

took the silver and gold that was away.

found in the house of the LORD, Dan. 1, 2. And the Lord gave THE ALLTAR A PLACK OP SAFETY. and in the treasures of the king's Jehoiakim king of Judah into bis

1 Kings 1, 50, 51, 53. And Adon house, and sent it for a present to hand, with part of the vessels of tjih feared because of Solomon, the king of Assyria. And king the bouse of God: which he carried and arose, and went, and caught Abaz cut off the borders of the into the land of Shinar to the hold on the horns of the altar. bases, and removed the laver from house of his god; and he brought And it was told Solomon, saying, off them; and took down the sea the vessels into the treasure-buuse Behold, Adonijala feareth king So- from off the brazen oxen that of his god. lomon: for, lo, he hath caught hold were under it, and put it upon a on the horns of the ultar, saying, pavement of stones.

Dan. v, 2, 3. Bolšbazzar, whiles

he tasted the wine, commanded to Let king Solo non swear unto me 2 Kings xvill 15, 16. And Heze bring the golden and silver ves to-day that he will not slay his klah gave him all the silver that sels which his father Nebuchadservant with the sword. So king was found in the house of the nezzar bad taken out of the temSolomon sent, and they brought | LORD, and in the treasures of the ple which was in Jerusalem; that him down from the altar, and he king's house. At that time did ihe king, and his prioces, Iris camo and bowed himself to king Hezekiah cut off the gold from tho wives, and his concubines, miglic Solomon; and Solomon said unto doors of the temple of the LORD, drink therein. Then they brought him, Go to thine house.

and from the pillars which Heze- the golden vessels that were 1 Kings ii, 28-30. Then tidings klah king of Judab had overlaid, taken out of the temple of the came to Joab; (for Joab had turn- and gave it to the king of Assyria house of God which was at Jerued after Adonijalı, though he 2 Chron. xxiv, 7. For the sons salom; and the king and his turned not ulur Absalom:) and of Athalialı, that wicked woman, princes, his wives and his conclJoab fled unto the tabernacle of bad broken up the house of God; bines, drank in them. the LORD, and caught hold on the and also all tho dedicuted things horns of the altar. And it was of the house of the LOBD did tbey taken ing silver and my gold, and

Joel lil, 5. Because ye have tuld king Solomon that Joab was bestow upon Baalim.

have carried into your temples way fled unto the tabernacle of the 2 Chron. xxviii, 21. For Alaz goudly pleasant things LORD; and, behold, he is by the took away a portion out of the al'ar: then Solomon sent Benaiah house of the LORD, and out of the • the son of Jehoida, saying, Go, house of the hing, and of the

REPAIRS. fall upon him. And Benaiah came princes, and save it unto the kin" Let the priesls take it to them,

2 Kings xii, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 14. to the tabernacle of the LORD, and of Assyria: but he helped liim not. said unto hiin, Thug saith the

every man of luis actualitance; king, Come forth. And he said,


and let thrin repair the breaches Nay; but I will die here. And

2 Kings xiv, 14.

of the lacuse, wherrsoever any

And be breach shall bo found. But it was again, saying, Thus said Joab, Steboast took all the sold and S, that is the three ons twentieth and thus he answered mo, were found in the honse of the had not repaired the breac'ies ol

Year of king Jchoaslı the priests Lok), and in the treasures of the the house. Then aing Jelioash 3.-DEDICATION OF THE

King's house, and hostages, and called fo: Jehojada ibe priest, and TEMPLE.

returned to Samaria. 2 Chron. vii, 4,5. Then the king

the other priests, and said unto

2 Chron. xli, 9. So Shishak king them, whi; repair ye not the and allthe people offered sacritices of Egypt came np against Jeru- breaches of the house?

Now before the Lord. And king Solo- s:alem, and took away the treas- therefore receive no more money mon offered a sacrifice of twenty urrs of the house of the Lord, and of yonr acquaintance, but deliver and two thousand oxen, and an the leasures o! the king's house; it for the Orvacles vi the house. bunured and twenty thousand | he look all: les calzed anay also laud the priests cousented to 18


celre no more money of the people, that had the oversight of the , among all people: And at this Deither to repair the breaches of house of the LORD, and they gave house, which is high, evry one the house.. And they gave the it to the workmen that wrought that passeth by it shall be astonishmoney, being told, into the hands in the house of the LORD, to repair ed, and shall biss; and they shall of them that did the work, that and amend the house: Even to the say, Why hath the LORD done thus had the oversight of the house of artificers and builders gave they it, unto this land, and to this house? the Lord: and they laid it out to to buy hewn stone and timber for And tbey shall answer, Bicause the carpenters and builders that couplinzs, and to floor the houses they forsook the Lord their God, wrought upon the house of the which the kings of Judah had de- who brought forth their f.thers LORD. And to masons, and hewers stroyed.

out of the land of Egypt, and have of stone, and to buy timbir and

taken hold upon other gods, and bewed stone to repair the breaches PURIFICATION.

lave worshipped them,and served of the house of the LORD, and for

2 Chron, xxix, 4, 5. 15--19. And them; therefore hath the LORD all that was laid ont for the house he brought in the priests and the brought upon them all this evil. to repair it. But they gave that Lerites, and gathered them to- Jer, vil, 13, 14. And now, beto the workmen, and repaired gether into the east street, And cause yo have done all these therewith the house of the LORD.

said unto them, Ilear me, ye Le- works, saith the Lord, and I spake 2 Kings xxii, 5, 6, 9. And let vites; Sanctify now yourselves and unto you, rising up early and them deliver it into the haud of sanctify the honse of the LORD speaking, but ye heard not; and I the duers of the work, that have God of your fathers, and carry, culled you, but ye answered not; the oversight of the house of the forth the Olthiness out of the boly Therefore' will I do unto this LURD; and let them give it to the place. And they gathered their house, which is called by my doers of the work which is in the brethren, and sanctified them- name, wherein ye trust, and unto hous of the LORD, to repair the selves, and came, according to the the place which I gave to you and breaches of the house, Unto car- commandment of the king, by the to your fathers, as I have done to penters, and builders, and masons, words of the LORD, to cleanse the Shiloh, and to buy timber and hewn stone house of the LORD. And the

Jer. xxvii, 18-22. But if they to repair the house. Aud Shaphan priest went into the inner part of be prophets, and if the word of the scribo came to the king, and the house of the LORD to cleanse the LORD bo with them, let them brought the king word again, and it, and brought out all the on now make intercession to the LORD said, 'Thy gervan's have gathered cleanness that they found in the of ho-is, that the vessels which the money that was found in the templo of the LORD into the court are left in the house of the Lord, house, and have delivered it into of the house of the LORD. And and in the house of the king of the band of them that do the the Levites took it, to carry it out Judah, and at Jerusulom, go not work, that have the oversight of abroad into the brook Kidron. Now to Babylon. For thus saith the the house of the LORD.

they began on this first day of the Lord of hosts concerning the pil2 Chron. xxiv, 12, 13.

first month to sanctify, and on the lars, and concerning the sea, and

And tho king apd Jebolada gave it to such eight day of the month came they concerning the bases, and concern. as did the work of the service or to the perch of the Lond: 60 they ing the residue of the vessels that the house of the LORD, and hired sanctifed tho house of the LORD remain in this city, which Nebamasons and carpenters to repair day of the first month they made not, when he carried away captive

in eight days; and in the sixteenth chadnezzar king of Babylon took the house of the Lori), and also an end. Then they went in to Jeconiah the son of Jehoiakiin such as wrought iron and brass to Hezekiah the king, and said, We king of Judah from Jerusalem mend the house of the Lord. So have cleansed all the house of to Babylon, and all the pobles the workmen wrought, and the the Lord, and the altar of burnt-of Judah and Jerusalem; Yea, they set the bouse or God in his offering, with all the vessels there. Thus saith the Lord of' hosts;

of, and the shew-bread table. the God of Israel, concerning the state. and strengthened it.

with all the vessels thereof. vessels that remiin in the house 2 Chron. xxvii, 3. He built the Moreover, all the vessels which of the Lord, and in this hour of bizu gute of the house of the LORD, king Ahaz in his reign did cast the king of Judah and Jerusalem; ant on the wall of Ophel be built away in his transgression, have we They shall be carrito Babylon, much.

prepared and sanctified, and, bed and there shall they be until the 2Chron. xxix, 3. He, in the first hold, they are before the altar of day that I visit them, saith the year of his reiga in the first month, the LORD..

LORD: then will I bring them up, opened the doors of the house of Nch, xiil, 9. Then I commanded, and restore them to this place. the LORD, and repaired them. and they cleansed the chambers; and thither brought I again the

Ezek. vii, 22. My faco will i 2 Chron. xxxiv, 8-11.. Now, in vessels of the house of God, with turu, also from them, and they the eighteenth year of his reign, the meat-offering and the frank- shall pollute my secret place to wi eu he had purged the land, and incense.

, and the house, he sent Shaphan the

defile it. Bon of Azlialı, and Maaseiali the THE RUIN OF THE TEMPLE Ezék. xxiv, 21. Speak unto the governor of the city, and Joal the

FORETOLD. son of Jualaz the recorder, to re

house of Israel, Tius saith the pair the house of the LORD his 1 Kings 1x, 6-9. But if ye shall Lord Goo; Behold, I will protane God. And when they came to at all turn from following me, ye

my sanctuary..... Hilkiah the high priest, they or your children, and will not keep delivered the money that was my commandments and my sta- 2 Kings XXV, 13-16. And the brought into the house of God, tutes, which I have set before you, pillars of brass that were in the which the Levites that kept tho but go and serve other gods, and house of the l..RD, and the bases, doors had gatherid of the band worship them; Then will I cut off and the brasen sca, that was in of Manas eli and Ephraim, and of Israel out of the land wbich I have the nonse oi the Loud, did the all the remuant of Israel, and of given ther; and this house, which Challees break in pieces, and all Judah and Benjamin; and thesive hallowed for my name, will carried the brass of thein io Bio returned to Jerusalem. 'And they I cast out of my sight; and Israel Baylon. And the pots, and the pul it in the land of the workmcu'sliall be a proverb and a by-word I Baovels, and the suuters, and the


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