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when the Jews were gone out of gate before the LORD in the sab- eat. But when the Pharisees the synagogue, the Gentiles be- baths, and in the new-moons. And saw it, they said unto him, Behold, sought that these words might be the burnt-offering that the prince thy disciples do that which is not preached to them the next sab shall offer unto the LORD in the lawful to do upon the sabbathbath. And the next sabbath-day sabbath day shall be six lambs day. came almost the whole city to without blemish, and a ram withgether to hear the word of God. out blemish.

Mark 11, 23, 24. And It came to Acts xvl, 13. And on the sabbath Matth. xii, 5, 10--12. Or have ye corn flelds on the sabbath day;

pass, that he went through the we went out of the city by a river- not read in the law, how that on and his disciples began, as they side, where prayer was wont to be the sabbath-days the priests in went, to pluck the ears of corn. made; and we sat down, and spake the temple profane the sabbath, and the Pharisees said unto him, unto the women which resorted and are blameless? And, behold, Behold, why do they on the sab thither.

there was a man which had his bath-day that which is not lawful? Acts xvil, 1, 2. Now, when they hand withered. And they asked had passed through Amphipolis him, saying, Is it lawful to heal on

Luke vi, 1, 2, 5-7. And it came and Apollonia, they came to the sabbath days that they might to pass on the second sabbath Thessalonica, where was a syna- accuse him. And he said

unto after the first, that he went through gogue of the Jews: And Paul them, What man shall there be the corn fields; and his disciples as his manner was, went in unto among you, that shall have one plucked the ears of corn, and did them, and three sabbath-days sheep, and if it fall into a pit on the eat, rubbing them in their hands. reasoned with them out of the sabbath day, will he not lay hola And certain of the Pharisees sald scriptures.

on it, and lift it out? How much unto them, Why do ye that which in the synagogue every sabbath. Wherefore it is lawful to do well That the Son of man is Lord also Acts xviii, 4. And he reasoned then is a man better than a sheep? is not lawful to do on the sabbath

? And he said unto them, and persuaded the Jews and the on the sabbath days.

of the sabbath. And it came to Greeks.

Luke vi, 9, 10. Then sald Jesus pass also on another sabbath, that

unto them, I will ask you one he entered into the synagogue WORKS OF RELIGION, thing; Is it lawful on the sabbath- and taught: and there was a man NECESSITY, AND MERCY TO days to do good, or to do evil? to whose right hand was withered.

save life, or to destroy it? And And the scribes and Pharisees BE DONE.

looking round about upon them watched him, whether he would 2 Kings xi, 5, 7, 9. And he com- all, he said unto the man, Stretch heal on the sabbath-day; that they manded them, saying, This is the forth thy hand. And he did so: might find an accusation against thing that ye shall do; A third and his hand was restored whole him. part of you that enter in on the as the other. sabbath Sall even be keepers of

Like xlil, 14. And the rnler of the watch of the king's, house of the synagogue answered with dignation, because that Jesus had

Luke xiii, 14-16. And the ruler the synagogue answered with inAnd two parts of all you that go indignation, because that Jesus healed on the sabbath day, and forth on the sabbath, eren they had healed on the sabbath-day, said unto the people, There are shall keep the watch of the house of the Lord about the king. And and said unto the people, There six days in which men ought to the captains over the hundreds are six days in which men ought work: in them therefore come and did according to all things that and be healed, and not on the day.

to work; in them therefore come be healed, and not on the sabbath Jehoiada the priest cominanded:

The Lord then and they took every man his men

sabbath - day.
answered him, and said, Thou

John v, 10, 11, The Jews therethat were to come in on the sabbath, with them that should go hypocrite, doth not each one of fore said unto him that was cured, out on the sabbath, and came to you on the sabbath loose his ox It is the sabbath day: it is not Jeboiada the priest.

or his ass from the stall, and lead / lawful for thee to carry thy bed. him away to watering? And

He answered them, He that mado 2 Chron. xxiii, 4, 8. This is the ought not this woman, being a

me whole, the same said unto me, thing that ye shall do; A tbird daughter of Abrahain, whom Take up thy bed, and walk. part of you entering on the sab-Satan hath bound, lo, these eigh- Acts I, 12. Then returned they bath, of the priests and of the teen years, be loosed from this unto Jerusalem from the mount Levites, shall be porters of the bond on the sabbath-day?

called Olivet, which is from Jerydoors: So the Levites and all

salem a sabbath day's journey. Judah did accordlug to all things John vii, 22, 23. Moses therefore that Jehoiada the priest had com- gave unto you circumcision; (not

SABBATH PROFANATION. manded, and took every man his because it is of Moses, but of the men that were to come in on the fathers;) and ye on the sabbath- 2 Kings xvi, 19. And the covert sabbath, with them that were to day circumcise a man. If a man for the sabbath that they had go out on the sabbath: for Jehoia- on the sabbath-day receive cir- built in the house, and the king's ia the priest dis:nissed not the cumcision, that the law of Moses entry without, turned he from the courses.

should not be broken; are ye house of the LORD for the king of Ezek. xlvi, 2-4. And the prince angry at me, because I bave made Assyrla. shall enter by the way of the a man every whit whole on the

Neh. xiii, 15-18. In those days porch of that gate without, and sabbath-day?

saw I in Judah some treading shall stand by the post of the gate,

wine-presses on the sabbath, and and the priests shall prepare bis SUPERSTITIOUS OBSERV. bringing in sheaves, and lading burnt-offering, and his peace


asses; as also wine, grapes, and offerings, and he shall worship at

figs, and all manner of burdens, the threshold of the gate: then he Matth. xii, 1, 2. At that time which they brought into Jerusasball go forth; but the gate shall Jesus went on the sabbath day lem on the sabbath-day: and I Dot be shut'until the evening through the corn; and his disci- testined against them in the day Likewise the people of the

land ples were an hungered, and began wherein they sold victuals. There shall worship at the door of this to pluck the ears of corn, and to dwelt men of 'Tyre also ilierein,

which brought fish, and all man- put to death: all the congregation speaking thine own words: Then ner of ware, and sold on the sab- shall stone him with stones with shalt thou delight thyself in the bath unto the children of Judah, out the camp. And all the con- LORD; and I will cause thee to ride and in Jerusalem. Then I congregation brought him without upon the high places of the earth, tended with the nobles of Judah, the camp, and stoned him with and feed thee with the beritage of and said unto them, What evil stones, and he died; as the LORD Jacob thy father for the month thing is this that ye do, and pro- commanded Moses.

of the LORD hath spoken it. fane the sabbath-day?' Did not your fathers thus, and did not our

Jer. xvii, 27. But if you will not Jer, svil, 24, 25. And it shall

hearken unto mo to ballow the come to pass, if ye diligently God bring all this evil upon us, sabbath-day, and not to bear a hearken unto me, saith the LORD, more wrath upon Israel, by pro- gates of Jerusalem

on the sab- gates of this city on the sabbath.

bath-day, then will I kindle a fire day, but hallow the sabbath-day, Lam. 1, 7. Jerusalem remem- in the gates thereof

, and it shan :o do no work therein; Then shall bered in the days of her afliction, devour the palaces of Jerusalem, there enter into the gates of this and of her miseries, all ber pleas- and it shall not be quenched.

city kings and princes sitting upon ant things that she bad in the

Lam. ii, 6. And he hath violent- chariots and on horses, they, and

the throne of David, riding in days of old, when her people fell into the hand of the enemy, and if it were of a garden; he hath and the inhabitants of Jerusalem; ly taken away his tabernacle, as

their princes, the men of Judah, BAW her, and did mock at her destroyed his places of the assem. and this city shall remain for ever. sabbaths.

bly: the LORD hath caused the

solemn feasts and sabbaths to be Ezek. xx, 21. Notwithstanding forgotten in Zion, and hath de

SABBATH KEPT IN THE the children rebelled against me: spised, in the indignation of his

LETTER. they walked not in my statutes, anger, the king and the priest. Neh. x, 31. And if the people of neither kept my judgments to do

Hos. 11. 11. I will also cause all the land bring ware, or any them, which is a man do, bo shall her mirth to cease, her feast-days, victuals, on the sabbath-day to even live ja them; they polluted her new moons, and her sabbaths, sell, that we would not buy it of

them on the sabbath, or on the pour out my fury upon them, to and all her solemn feasts.

holy-day; and that we would leave accomplish my anger against them in the wilderness.

PROMISES TO SABBATH the seventh year, and the exaction

of every debt. Ezek. xxii, 8. Thou hast despised

Neh. xili, 19-22. And it came to mine holy things, and hast pro

Isa. Ivi, 2-7. Blessed is the man faned my sabbaths.

that doeth this, and
the son of man pass, that when the gates of Jeru.

salem began to be dark before Ezek. xxiii, 38. Moreover, this that layeth hold fonit; that keep the sabbath, i commanded that they have done unto me; they and keepeth bis land from doing charged that they should not be have deflled my sanctuary in the same day, and have profaned my the stranger, that hathi joined him: opened till after the sabbath: and Amos vili, 6. Saying, When will The Lord hath utterly separated be brought in on the sabbath day

self to the LORD, speak, saying: gates, that there should no burden the new moon be gone, that we me from his people: neither let So the merchants, and sellers of may sell corn? and the sabbath, the eunuch say, Behold, I am a dry all kind of ware, lodged without that we may set forth wheat, tree, For thus saith the LORD Jerusalem once or twice. Then I making the ephah small, and the unto the eunuchs that keep my testified against them, and said shekel great, and falsifying the sabbaths, and choose the things unto them, Why lodge ye about balances by deceit.

that please me, and take hold of the wall? it ye do so again, I will

my covepant; Even unto them PENALTY AGAINST will I give in mine house, and forth came theyno more on the sab

lay hands on you. From that time SABBATH BREAKERS. within my walls, a place and a

bath. And I commanded the LeExod. xxxi, 14, 16. Ye shall keep name better than of sons, and of vites that they should cleause the sabbath' therefore; for it is daughters: I will give them, an themselves, and that they should holy unto you: every one that de- everlasting name, that shall not be

come and keep the gates, to sancfileth it shall surely be put to cut off. Also the sons of the death: for whosoever doeth any stranger, that join themselves to tify the sabbath day. Remember work therein, that soul shall be the LORD, to serve bim, and to me, my God, concerning this cut off from among his people. love the name of the Lord, to be his also, and spare me according to

the greatness of thy mercy. Six days may work be done; but servants, every one that keepeth in the seventh is the sabbath of the sabbath from polluting it, and

AND TO BE ALSO KEPT IN SPIRIT. rest, holy to the LORD: whosoever taketh hold of my covenant; Even doeth any work in the sabbath-them will I bring to my holy Isa. I, 13. Bring no more vain day, he shall surely be put to mountain, and make them joyful oblations: incense is an abominadeath.

in my house of prayer: their burnt tion unto me; the new-moons and Num. XV, 32-36. And while the offerings and their sacrifices shall sabbatlıs the calling of assemblies, children of Israel were in the be accepted upon mine altar; for I cannot away with: it is iniquity, mine house shall be called an

even the solemn meeting. wilderness, they found a man that gathered sticks upon the sabbath

house of prayer for all people. Mark ii, 27. And he said unto day. And they that found him

Isa. lviii, 13, 14. If thou turn them. The sabbath was made for gathering sticks brought him unto away thy foot from the sabbath, man, and not man for the sabbath. Moses and Aaron, and unto all from doing thy pleasure on my

8rd. the congregation. And they put holy day; and call the sabbath a him in ward, because it was not delight, the boly of the LORD, THE CHRISTIAN SABBATH. declared what should be done to honourable; and shalt honour him, Acts 53,7. And upon the first

And the LORD said unto not doing thine own ways, nor day of the week, when the disMoses, The man shall be surely I finding thine own pleasure, nor ciples came together to break brend, Paul preached unto them, year, and eat yet of old fruit until him, and shall return unto his ready to depart on the morrow, the ninth year; until her fruits own family, and unto the posses. and continued his speech until come in yo sball eat of the old sion of his fathers shall he return. midnight. store.

And if he be not redeemed in 1 Cor. XVI, 1, 2. Now concerning Lev. XXVI, 34, 35, 43. Then shall these years, then he shall go out the collection for the saints, as i the land enjoy her sabbaths, as in the year of jubilee, both le, and have given order to the churches long as it lieth desolate, and ye be his children with him. of Galatia, even so do ye. Upon in your enemies' land; even then Lev. xxvii, 24. In the year of the first day of the week let every shall the land rest, and enjoy her the jubilee the field shall return one of you lay by him in store, as sabbaths. As long as it lieth unto him of whom it was bought, God bath prospered him, that desolate it shall rest; because it even to him to whom the posses. there be no gatherings when I did not rest in your sabbaths, sion of the land did belong. come.

when ye dwelt upon it. The Rev. I, 10. I was in the Spirit on land also shall be left of them, and

OTIIER HOLY DAYS. the Lord's day, and heard behind sball enjoy her sabbaths, while she lieth desolate without them:

Exod. xxiii, 14. 17. Three times me a great volce, as of a trumpet. and they shall accept

of the pun- thou shalt keep a feast unto me JEWISHI SABBATH NOT Ishmont of their iniquity: because, in the year. Three times in the

even because they despised my year all thy males shall appear BINDING ON CHRISTIANS.

judgments, and because their before the LORD God. Col. 11, 16, 17. Let no man soul abhorred my statutes.

Exod. xxxiv, 23, 24. Thrice in therefore judge you in meat, or in

2 Chron. XXXYI, 20, 21. And the year shall all your men-childrink, or in respect of an holyday, them that had escaped from the aren

appear before the Lord God, or of the new moon, or of the sword carried he away to Baby- the God of Israel. For I will cast sabbath-days; Which are a sha-lon; where they were servants to out the nations before thee, and dow of things to come; but the him and bis sons until the relga enlarge thy borders: neither shall body is of Christ.

of the kingdom of Persia: To any man desire thy land, when

fulfil the word of the Lord by the thou shalt go up to appear before 4th.

mouth of Jeremiah, until the the LORD thy God thrice in the SABBATICAL YEAR.

land had enjoyed her sabbaths: year. E.cod. xxiii, 10, 11. And six for as long as she lay desolate she Lev. xxill, 2, 4, 44. Speak unto years thon shalt sow thy land, kept sabbath, to fulfill threescore the children of Israel, and say and shalt gather in the fruits and ten years.

unto them, Concerning the feasts thereof; But the seventh year

of the LORD, which ye shall prothou shalt let it rest and lie still;


claim to be holy convocations, that the poor of thy people may THE YEAR OF JUBILEE. even these are my feasts. These eat: and what they leave the

Lev. XXV, 8-13, 39-41, 64. And

are the feasts of the LORD, even beasts of the field shall eat. In thou shall number seven sab- holy convocations, which ye shall like manner thou shalt deal with baths of years unto thee, seven proclaim in their seasons,

And thy vineyard, and with thy olive times seven years; and tho space

Moses declared unto the children yard.

of the seven sabbaths of years of Israel the feasts of the LORD. Lev. xxv, 2-7, 20-22. Speak shall be unto thee forty and nine Deut. xvi, 16. Three times in a unto the children of Israel, and years. Then shalt thou cause year shall all thy males appear say unto them, When ye come the trumpet of the jubilee to before the LORD thy God in the unto the land which I give you, sound, on the tenth day of the place wlilch ho shall choose; in then shall the land keep a sabo sevenih month; in the day of the feast of unleavened bread, and bath unto the LORD. Six years atonement shall ye make the in the feast of weeks, and in the thou shalt sow thy field, and six trumpet souud throughout all feast of tabernacles and they years thou shalt prune thy vine- your land. And ye shall hallow shall not appear before the LORD yard, and gather in the fruit the fiftieth year, and proclaim empty. thereof;. But in the seventh year liberty throughout all the land shall be a sabbith of rest unto unto all the inhabitants thereof: Behold, there is a feast of the

Judges xxl, 19. Then they said, the land, a sabbath for the LORD: it shall be a jubilee unto you; and LORD in Shiloh yearly, in a place thou shalt neither sow thy field, ye shall return every man unto which is on the north side of nor prune thy vineyard. That his possession, and ye shall re- Beth-el, on the east side of the which groweth of its own accord turn every man unto his family. Highway that goeth up from of thy harvest thou shalt not A jubilee shall that aftieth year Beth-el' to Shechem, and on the reap, neither gather the grapes of be unto you: ye shall not sow, south of Lebonah. thy vine undressed: for it is a neither reap that which groweth year of rest unto the land. And of itself in it, nor gather the

1 Sam. 1, 3, 21. And this man the sabbath of the land shall be grapes in it of thy vine undressed. went up out of his city searly, to meat for you; for thee, and for thy For it is the jubilee; it shall be worship and to sacrifice unto the servant, and for thiy maid, and for holy unto you: ye shall eat the

LORD of hosts in Sulloh: and the thy hired servant, and for thy increase thereof out of the field. two sons of Eli, Hophni and stranger that sojourneth with In the year of this jubilee ye shali Pliinelias, the priests or the Lord, thee. And for thy cutlle, and for return every man unto his pos

were there. And the man Elkthe beast, that are in thy land, session. And if thy brother that anah, and all his house, went up shall all the increase thereof bedroelleth by thee be waxen poor,

to offer unto ile LORD the yearly meat. And if ye shall say, What and be sold unto thee; thou shall sacrifice, and his vow. shall we eat the seventh year? not compel him to strve as a bunl- 2 Chron. viii, 13. Even after a behold, we shall not sow, nor servant: But as an hired servant, certain rate every day, offering gather in our increase; Then I and as a sojourner, he shall be according to the commandment will command my blessing upon with thee, and shall serve thee of Moses, on the sabbaths, and on you in the sixth year, and it stall unto the year of jubilee. And the new-moons, and on the solenin bring forth fruit for three years. then sball he depart from thee, feasts, three times in the year, And ye shall bow the eighth both he and his children with even in the feast of unleaveued bread, and in the feast of weeks, lambs, and a ram; they shall beering, which is in the end of the and in the feast of tabernacles. without bleinish.

year, when thou hast gathered in 2 Chron. xxx, 25. And all the

thy labours out of the field. congregation of Judah, with the 1 Sam. xx, 18, 24. Then Jona- Ecod. xxxiv, 22. And thou shalt priests and the Levites, and all than said to David, To-morrow is observe the feast of weeks, of the ihe congregation that came out of the new-moon; and thou shalt be first-fruits of wheat-harvest, and Israel, and the strangers that missed, because thy seat will be the feast of ingathering at the came out of the land of Israel, empty. So David hid himself in year's end. and that dwelt in Judah, rejoiced. the field: and when the new-moon

Lev. xxill, 16-17. And ye sbali Nen. viii, 9, 11, 12. And Nehe- was come, the king sat him down count unto'you from the morrow miah, which is the Tirshatha, and to eat meat.

after the sabbath, from the day Ezra the priest the scribe, and the

2 Kings iv, 22, 23. And she call that ye brought the sheaf of the Levites that taught the people, ed unto her husband, and said, wave offering seven sabbaths said unto all the people, This day Send me, I pray thee, one of the shall be complete: Even unto is holy unto the LORD your God; young men, and one of the asses,

the morrow after the seventh mourn not, nor weep. For all the that I may run to the man of God, sabbath shall ye number fifty people wept, when they heard the and come again. And he said, days; and ye shall offer a new words of the law. So the Levites Wherefore wilt thou go to bim meat-offering unto the LORD. Ye stilled all the people, saying, Hold to-day? it is neither new-moon

shall bring out of your habitations your peace, for the day is holy; nor sabbath. And she said, it two wave - loaves of two tenthneither be ye grieved. And all shall be well.

deals: they shall be of fine flour, the people went their way to eat,

they shall be baken with leaven; and to drink, and to send portions,

Isaiah i, 14. Your new-moons they are the first-fruits unto the and to make great mirth, because and your appointed feasts my Lord. they had understood the words soul hateth: they are a trouble that were declared unto them, unto me; I am weary to bear shalt thou' number unto thee:

Deut. xvI, 9-12. Seven weeks them. Isa, xxx, 29. Yo shall have a

begin to number the seven weeks song, as in the night, when a holy

from such time as thou beginnest

FEAST OF FIRST FRUITS. solemnity is kept; and gladness of

to put the sickle to the corn. And heart, as when one goeth with a Lev. xxiil, 10-14, 20, 21. Speak thou shalt keep the feast of weeks pipe to come into the mountain of unto the children of Israel, and unto the LORD thy God with a the LORD, to the mighty One of say unto them. When ye be come tribute of a free-will-offering of Israel.

into the land which I give unto thine hand, which thou shalt give Acts xvill, 20, 21. When they thereof, then ye shall bring a ing

as the Lord thy God hath you, and shall reap the harvest unto the LORD thy God, accorddesired him to tarry longer time sheat of the first-fruits of your blessed thee; And thou shalt rebade them farewell, saying, I'must barvest unto the priest; And he Joice before the LonD thy God, by all means keep this feast that shall wave the shear before the thou, and thy son, and thy daugh? cometh in Jerusalem: but I will LORD, to be accepted for you: on ter, and thy man-servant, and thy return again unto you, if God will. priest shall wave it. And ye shall is within thy' sates, and the stran

the morrow after the sabbath the maid-servant, and the Levite that And he sailed from Ephesus.

offer that day, when ye wave the ger, and the fatherless, and the

sheaf, an he-lamb without blem- widow, that are among you in the Lam. 1, 4. The ways of Zion do ish, of the first year, for a burnt- place which the Lord thy God mourn, because none come to the offering

unto the LORD. And the hath chosen to place lis name solemn feasts: all her gates are meat-offering thereof shall be two there. And thou shalt remember

tenth-deals of fine flour mingled that thou wast a bond-man in desolate: her priests sigh, ler with oil, an offering made by tire Egypt: and thou shalt observe virgins are afllicied, and she is in unto the Lond for a sweet savour. and do these statutes. bitterness.

and the drink - offering thereof Hosea ix, 5. What will ye do in shall be of wine, the fourth part of Pentecost was fully come, they

Acts il, 1. And when the day of the solemn day, and in the day of an bin. And ye shall eat neither were all with one accord in ono the feast of the LORD?

bread, nor parched corn, por place. Amos v, 21. I hate, I despise that ye have brought an offering termined to sail by Ephesns, begreen ears, until the selfsame day

Acts xx, 16. For Paul had deyour feast-days, and I will not smell in your solemnn assemblies. unto your God: it shall be a statute

cause he would not spond tho for ever throughout your genera- time in Asia: for he hasted, if it

tions in all your dwellings. And were possible for him, to be at NEW-MOON.

the priest shall wave them, with Jerusalem the day of Pentecost, Num. X, 10. Also in the day of the bread of the first-fruits for a your gladness, and in your solemn wave- offering before the LORD, FEAST OF TABERNACLES. days, and in the beginnings of with the two lambs: they shall bó your months, ye shall blow with holy to the LORD for the priest: this shall be a statute for ever

Lev. xvi, 29-31, 33, 34.

And the trumpets over your burnt-And ye shall proclaim on the self. offerings, and over the sacrifices same day, that it may be an holy upon you, that in the seventh of your peace-offerings; that they convocation unto you; ye shall do month, on the tenth day of the may be to you for a memorial be- no servile work inerein: it shall mouth, ye shall afflict your souls, fore your God: I am the LORD be a statute for ever in all your be one of your own country, or a

and do no work at all, whether it your God.

dwellings, throughout your gen-

stranger that sojourneth among Ezek. xlvi, 3, 6. Likewise the

you: For on that day shall the people of the land shall worship

priest make an atonement for you, at the door of this gate before the FEAST OF INGATHERING. to cleanse you, that ye may be LORD, in the sabbaths and in the Exod. xxill, 16. And the feast of clean from all your sins bofore new-moons. And in the day ut harvest, the first - fruits of thy the LORD. It shall be a sabbath the new-moon it shall be a young labours, which thou hast sowu in of rest unto you, and ye shall bullock without blemish, and six l thy field; and the feast of ingath-aflict your souls, by a statute tur


over. And he shall make an day shall be a sabbath, and on of the water-gate, and in the street atonement for the holy sanctuary, the eighth day shall be a sabbath. of the gate of Ephraim. And all and he shall make an atonement And ye shall take you on the first the congregation of them that for the tabernacle of the congre- day the boughs of goodly trees, were come again out of the capgation, and for the altar; and he branches of palm trees, and the tivity made booths, and sat under shall make an atonement for the boughs of thick trees, and willows the booths; for since the days of priests, and for all the people of of the brook; and ye shall rejoice Jeshua the son of Nun unto that the congregation. And this shall before the LORD your God seven day had not the children of Israel be an everlasting statute unto you, days. And ye shall keep it a done so: and there was very great to make an atonement for the feast unto the LORD seven days gladness. Also day by day, from children of Israel for all their sins in the year. It shall be a statute the first day unto the last day, he once a year. And he did as the for ever in your generations: ye read in the book of the law of LORD commanded Moses.

shall celebrate it in the seventh God: and they kept the feast seven

month. Ye shall dwell in booths days; and on the eighth day was Lev, xxiil, 24-37, 39--43. Speak seven days; All that are Israelites a solemn assembly, according unto unto the children of Israel, say-born shall dwell in booths : That the manner. ing, In the seventh month, in the your generations may know that first day of the month, shall ye I made the children of Israel to LORD thy God from the land of

TIos. sil, 9. And I, that am the have a sabbath, a memorial of dwell in booths, when I brought Egypt, will yet make thee to bluwing of trumpets, an holy con- them out of the land of Egypt: I dwell in tabernacles, as in the vocation. Ye shall do no servile am the LORD your God. work therein; but ye shall offer

days of the solemn feast. an offering made by fire unto the seventh month, on the first day of Lev. xxix, 1, 7. And in the

Zech. xlv, 16, 18, 19. And it LORD. And the Lord

spake unto the month, ye shall have an holy shall come to pass that every one Moses, saying, Also on the tenth convocation ; ye shall do no ser that is left of all the nations which day of this seventh month there vile work; it is a day of blowing came against Jerusalem shall even shall be a day of atonement: it the trumpets unto you. And ye go up from year to year to worshall be an holy convocation unto shall have on the tenth day of ship the King, the LORD of hosts, you; and you shall afilict your this seventh month an holy con- and to keep the feast of taber. souls, and offer an offering made vocation; and ye shall aflict your

nacles, And if the family of by fire unto the LORD. And yo souls: ye shall not do any work Egypt go not up, and come not, shall do no work in that same day; therein.

that have no rain, there shall be for it is a day of atonement, to make an aton -ment for you before

Num. XXIX, 12. And on the fif- will smite the leathen

the plague wherewith the LORD

that the LORD your God. For whatso- teenth day of the seventh month

come not up to keep the feast of ever soul it be that shall not be ye shall have an holy convocation; tabernacles. This shall be the amicted in that same day, he shall ye shall do no servile work, and punishment of Egypt, and the be cut off trom among his people. ye shall keep a feast unto the LORD punishment of all nations that And whatever soul it be that seven days.

come not up to keep the feast of doeth any work in that same day, Deut. xvi, 13-15. Thou shalt ob- tabernacles. the saine sul will I destroy from serve the feast of tabernacles

John vii, 2. Now the Jews' among his people. Ye shall do seven duys, after that thou hast feast of tabernacles was at hand. no manner of work; it shall be gathered in thy corn and thy a statute for ever throughout your wine: And thou sbalt rejoice in

FEAST OF DEDICATION. generations, in all your dwellings. thy feast, thou, and thy son, and It shall be unto you a sabbath of thy daughter, and thy man-ser

2 Chron. vii, 8-10. Also at the rest, and ye sball afflict your souls: vant and thy maid-servant, and

same time Solomon kept the feast in the ninth day of the month at the Levite, the stranger, and the

seven days,andall Israel with him, even, froin even unto even, sball fatherless, and the widow, that avery great congregation, from the ye celebrate your sabbath. And are within thy gates. Seven days entering in of Hamath unto the the LORD spake unto Moses, say- shalt thou keep a solemn feast river of Egypt. Aud in the eighth ing, $peak unto the children of unto the LORD thy God in the day they made a solemn assemIsrael, saying, The fifteenth day place which the LORD shall choose: bly: for they kept the dedication of this seventh month shall be the because the LORD thy God shall of the altar seven days, and the

And on the feast of tabernacles for seven days bless thee in all thing increase, least seven days. unto the LORD. Ou the first day and in all the works of thine

three and twentieth day of the shall be an holy convocation; ye bands: therefore thou shalt sure seventh month he sent the people Bball do no servile work therein. ly rejoice.

away into their tents, glad and Seven days ye shall offer an offer- Neh. viil, 14-18. And they found that the Lord had shewed unto

merry in Leart for the goodness ing made by fire unto the LORD; written in the law which the LORD David, and to Solomon, and to 18on the eighth day shall be an holý had commanded by Moses, that raul his people. convocation unto you, and ye the children of Israel should dwell shall offer an offering made by in booths in the feast of the

Ezra vi, 16, 17. And the children fire unto the Lord: it is a solemn seventh month: and that they of Israel, the priests, and the assembly, and ye shall do no ser- should publish and proclaiin in all Levites, and the rest of the chilpile work therein. These are the their cities, and in Jerusalem, dren of the captivity, kept the feasts of the LORD, which ye shall saying, Go forth unto the mouut, dedicatiou of this house of God proclaiın to be holy convocations, and fetch olive-branches, and pine with joy. And offered at the to offer an offeriug made by fire branches, and inyrtie-branches, dedication of this house of God unto the LORD, a burnt-offering and palm-branches, and branches an huudred bullocks, two hundred and a meat-offering, a sacrifice and of thick trees, tu make booths, as rams, four hundred lambs, and for drink-olerings, every thing upon it is written. So the people went a sin-offering for all Israel, twelve his day; Also in the fifteenth day torth, and brought them, and made Le-goats, according to the number of the seventh month, when yo themselves bootls, every one of the tribes of Israel. have gathered in the fruit of the upon the roof of his house, and in John x, 22. And it was at Jeruland, ye shall keep a feast unto their courts, and in the courts of salein the least of the dedication, the LORD seven days; on the first I the bouse of God, and in the street and it was winter.

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