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soever sinneth hath not seen him, mind, live in peace; and the God John 1, 47. Jesus saw Nathanael neither known bim. Little chil- of love and peace shall be with coming to him, and saith of him, dren, let no man deceive you: he you.

Behold an Israelite indeed, in that doeth righteousness is right

Phil. 1, 10. That ye may approve whom is no guile! eous, even as he is righteous. Ho things that are excellent; that ye that committeth sin is of the may be sincere and without of

VII. devil: for the devil sinneth from fence till the day of Christ.

DUTIES ON THE PART OF the beginning. For this purpose

Phil. ii, 15. That yo may be THE REDEEMED. the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works blameless and harmless, the song

TO LOVE GOD. of the devil. Whosoever is born of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse

Deut. vi, 5. And thou shalt love of God doth not commit sin; for

the LORD thy God with all thine his seed remaineth in him: and he nation, among whom yo shine as

heart, and with all thy soul, and cannot sin, because he is born of lights in the world.

with all thy might God.

Col. I, 28, 29. Whom we preach,

Deut. x, 12, 13. And now, Israel, 1 John v, 18. We know that warning every man, and teaching whosoever is born of God sinneth every man in all wisdom; that we what doth the Lord thy God re: not; but he that is begotten of God may present every man perfect inquire of thee, but to fear the LORD

Christ Jesus; Whereunto I also thy God, to walk in all his ways, keepeth himself, and that wicked labour, striving according to his and to love him, and to serve the one toucheth him not.

working, which worketh in me LORD thy God with all thy heart, THEIR DUTY TO REACH IT. Lightily.

and with all thy soul, To keep tho Gen. xvii, 1. And when Abram may stablish your hearts unblame thee this day for thy good?

1 Thess. ill, 13. To the end he commandments of the LORD, and

his statutes, which I command was ninety years old and nine, the able in holiness before God, even LORD appeared to Abram, and said unto him, I am the Almighty our Father, at the coming of our

Deut. xi, 1. Therefore thou shalt Lord Jesus Christ with all his love the LORD thy God, and keep God; walk before me, and be thou saints,

bis charge, and his statutes, and perfect.

his judgments, and his commandDeut. V, 32, 33. Yo shall be give in charge, that they may be

1 Tim. v, 7. And these things

ments alway, serve to do therefore as the blameless.

Josh. xxii, 5, 6. But, take dillLORD your God hath commanded

gent beed to do the commandyou: ye shall not turn aside to the the principles of the doctrine of the servant of the LORD, charged

Heb. vi, 1-3. Therefore, leaving ment, and the law, which Moses, shall walk in all the ways

which Christ, let

us go on unto perfec- you, to love the LORD your God, the LORD your God hath com- tion; not laying again the founda- and to walk in all his ways, and to manded you, that ye may live,

tion of repentance from dead keep his commandments, and to and that it may be well with you, works, and of faith toward God, cleave unto him, and to serve him and that ye may prolong your of the doctrine of baptisms, and with all your heart, and with all days in the land which ye shall of laying on of hands, and of re

youi soul. So Joshua blessed possess.

surrection of the dead, and of them, and sent them away: and

eternal judgment. And this will they went unto their tents.
Deut. xvill, 13. Thou shalt be
perfect with the LORD thy God.

we do, if God permit.
2 Pet. iii, 14. Wherefore, be therefore unto yourselves, that yo

Josh. xxiil, 11. Take good heed Deut. xxvil, 26. Cursed be he loved, seeing that ye look for such love the LORD your God. that confirmeth not all the words things, be diligent that ye may be of this law to do them; and all the found of him in peace, without

Ps. xviii, 1. I will love thee, O people shall say, Amen. spot, and blameless.

LORD, my strength. Josh. I, 7. Only be thou strong,

Ps. xxxl, 23. O love the LORD, and very courageous, that thou INSTANCES OF COMPARATIVE all ye his saints: for the LORD premayest observe to do according to

PERFECTION. all the law which Moses my ser

serveth the faithful, and plenti

fully rewardeth the proud doer. vant commanded thee: turn not

Gen. vi, 8, 9. But Noah found

* P3. xci, 14. Because he hath set from it to the right hand or to the grace in the eyes of the LORD. These are the generations of

his love upon me, therefore will I whithersoever thou goest. left, that thou mayest prosper Noah: Noah was a just man, and deliver him: I will set him on Josh. xxiii, 6. Be ye therefore Noah walked with God. perfect in his generations, and high, because he hath known my

name. very courageons to keep and to

Num. xxiil, 21. Ho hath not be

Ps. cxlv, 20. do all that is written in the book

The LORD preof the law of Moses, that ye turn

held iniquity in Jacob, neither hath serveth all them that love him: not aside therefrom to the right be seen perverseness in Israel: the but all the wicked will he destroy. band or to the left.

LORD his God is with bim, and the Matth. x, 37. He that loveth fa1 Kings viii, 61. Let your heart shout of a king is among them,

ther or nother more than me, is therefore be perfect with the

1 Kings xv, 14. But the high loveth son or daughter more than

not worthy of me; and he that LORD our God, to walk in his places were not removed; never

me, is not worthy of me. statutes, and to keep his com- theless Asa's heart was perfect mandments, as at this day. with the LORD all his days.

Matth. xxii, 37, 38. Jesus said

uuto bim, Thou shalt love the Matth. v, 48. Be yo therefore Job 1, 1. There was a man in Lord thy God with all thy heart, perfect, even as your Father the land of Uz, whose name was and with all thy soul, and with all which is in heaven is perfect. Job; and that man was perfect thy mind. This is the first and

2 Cor. xili, 9, 11. For we are and upright, and one that feared great commandinent. glad when we are weak, and ye God, and eschewed evil,

Mark xii, 33, 34. And to love are strong: and this also we wish, Luke 1, 6. And they were both him with all the heart, and with even your perfection. Finally, righteous before God, walking in all the understanding, and with brethren, farewell. Be perfect, all the commandments and ordi- all the soul, and with all the be of good comfort, be of one nances of the Lord blameless. strength, and to love his neigh


bour as himself, is more than all of hosts himself; and let him be est fear the LORD thy God, to keep whole burnt-offerings and sacri- your fear and let him be your all his statules and his coin mand. fices. And when Jesus saw that dread.

ments, which I command thee, he answered discreetly, he said

Jer. V, 22. Fear yo not me? thou, and thy son, and thy son's unto him, Thou art not far from saith the Lord: will ye not trem- son, all the days of thy life; and the king lom of God. And no man

ble at my presence, which have that thy days may be prolonged. after that durst ask bim any ques. placed the sand for the bound of And the LORD coinnanded us to tion.

the sea by a perpetual decree, that do all these statutes, to fear the 1 Cor. viil, 3. But if any man it cannot pass it: and though the LORD our God, for our good love God, the same is known of waves thereof toss themselves, always, that he might preserve us him.

yet can they not prevail; though alive, as it is at this day.

they roar, yet can they not pass Ps. XXV, 12-14. What man is he AND AT THE SAME TIME TO FEAR over it?

that feareth the LORD? him shall HIM.

Luke xil, 4, 5. And I say unto he teach in the way that he sball Exod. xx, 20. And Moses said you, my friends, Be not afraid of choose. His soul shall dwell at unto the people, Fear not: for them that kill the body, and after ease; and his seed shall iuberit the God is come to prove you, and that have no more that they can earth. The secret of the LORD 13 that his fear may be before your do; But I will forewarn you with them that fear him; and be fuces, that ye sin not.

whom ye shall fear: fear him, will show then his covenant. Deut. viii, 6. Therefore thou which, after he bath killed, hath shalt keep the commandments of power to cast into hell; yea, I say ye bis saints: tor there is no want

Ps. xxxiv, 9, 10. O fear the Lorn, the LORD thy God, to walk in his unto you, Fear him.

to them that fear him. Tlie young ways, and to fear him.

Heb. xii, 28. Wherefore, we re- lions do lack, and suffer hunger, 1 Sam. xii, 24. Only fear the ceiving a kingdom which cannot but they that seek the LORD shali Lori), and serve him in truth with be moved, let us have grace, not want any good thing. all your heurt: for consider how whereby we may serve God acgreat things he hath done for you. ceptably with reverence and godly Ps. ciii, 11, 12. For as the heaven

is high above the earth, so great 1 Kings viii, 4). That they leur.

is his mercy toward them that may fear thee all the days that they live in the land which thou

Gen. xlii, 18. And Joseph saia fear him. As far as the east is gavest unto our fathers.

unto them the third day, This do, from the west, so far hath he reand live; for I fear God.

moved our transgressions from 2 Kings xvil, 36, 37, 39. But the


Exod. ix, 20. He that feared the LOE), i ho brought you up out of the land of Exypt with great power, word of the LORD among the ser.

P3. cxv, 13. He will bless them and a stretchil-out arm, hi hali vants of Pharaoh mide bis ser-that fear the LORD, both small and ye fear, and him shall yo worship, I vants and his cattle flee into the great. and to him shall ye do sacrifice houses.

P3. cxxviii, 1. Blessed is every And the statutes, and the ordin- 1 Kings xvill, 3. And Ahab call- one that feareth the LORD; that ances, and the law, and the com- ed Obadiah, which was the gov- walketh in his ways. mandment, which he wrote for ernor of his house: (now Obadiah Prov. iii, 7, 8. Be not wise in yon, ye shall observe to do for feared the LORD greatly.)

thine own eyes: fear the LORD, evermyre; anl ye shall not tear Ezra ix, 4. Then were assem- and depart from evil. It shall be other gods. But the LORD your bled unto me every one that health to thy navel and marrow God ye shall fear; and ho shall trembled at the words of the God to thy bones deliver you out of the hand of all of Israel, becanse of the transyour enemies. gression of those that had been LORD is the beginning of wis lom;

Prov. 1x, 10, 11. The fear of the 1 Chron. XVI, 30. Fear before carried away; and I sat astonied and the knowledge of the Holy is hiin, all the earth: The world also until the evening sacrifice.

understanding: For by me iby shall be stable, that it be not Job xiii, 11. Shall not his ex-days shall be multiplied, and the moved.

cellency inake you afraid? and his years of thy life shall be increas2 Chron. vi, 31. That they may dread fall upon you?

ed. fear thee, to walk in thy ways so Job xxiii, 15. Therefore am I Prov. xiv, 26. 27. In the fear of long as they live in the land which troubled at his presence: when I the LORD is strong confidence; thou yil Vest unto our fathers. consider, I am afraid of him. and his children shall have a place

Ps. xxxiii, 7, 8. IIe gathereth P3. cxix, 120. My flesh trem- of refuge. The fear of the LORD the waters of the sea together as bleth for fear of thee; and I am is a fountain of life, to depart an heap; he lusch up the depth in afraid of thy judgments.

from the snares of death, storchonsos. Let all the eartlı

Jonah i, 9. And he said unto

Prov. xví, 6, 7. By mercy and fear the Lorc: let all the inhabt. them, I am an Hebrew; and I fear truth iniquity is purged; and by tants of the world stand in uwe of the LORD, the God of hicaven, the fear of the LORD men depart hiin.

wliich hath made the sea and the from evil. When a man's ways Ps. Ixxvi. 7. Thou, cven thou, dry land.

please the LORD, he maketh even art to be feared: and who may

Tab. iii, 16. When I heard,

his enemies to be at peace with stand in thy sight when once thou

him. art angry?

my belly trembled; - my lips quiv.
ered at the voice: rotterhess en-

Prov. xix, 23. The fear of the 13 1xxxix, 7. God is greatly to tered into my bones, and I LORD tendeth to life: and he that be feared in the assembly of the trembled in myself, that I might hath it shall abide satisfied; Le saints and to be hau in reverence rest in the day of trouble: when shall not be visited with evil. of all them that are about him.

he cometh up unto the people, he Isa. xxxiil, 6. And wisdom and P3. xcix, 1 The Lord reigneth; will invade them with his troops, knowledge shall be the stability let the people tremble, ho sitleth

of thy times, and strength of sai. bet reen the cherubiins; let the BLESSINGS ATTACHED TO SUCH vation: the fear of the LORD is bis eurtu be moved.


treasure. Isa. viil, 13. Sanctify tho LORD Deut. vi, 2, 24. That thou might-! Luke i 50. And his mercy is on


tiem that fear him from genera- Isa. xvil, 7. At that day shall & , will meditate also of all thy work, tiou to generation.

man look to his Maker, and his and talk of thy doings.

eyes shall have respect to the Iloly Ps. cxix, 23, 24, 52. Princes also Prov. I, 29-31. For that they had One of Israel.

did sit and speak against me: but hated knowledge, and did not

180. xxx, 18. And therefore will thy servant did meditate in thy choose the fear of the LORD: They the LORD wait, that he may be gra- statutes. Ty testimonies also would done of my counsel; they cions unto you, and theretore are my delight, and my counseldespised all my reproof: There will he be exalted, that he may lors. I reinembered thy judg. fore shall they eat of the fruit of have mercy upon you: for the ments of old, O LORD; and layo their own way, and be filled witb LORD is a God of judgment : comforted myself. their own devices.

blessed are all they that wait for Ps. cxliii, 5. I remember tho


days of old; I meditate on all thy Gen. xxii, 5. Aud Abraham said

Isa. x1, 31. But they that wait works; I muse on the work of unto his young men, Abido ye

upon the LORD shall renew their thy hands. here with the ass; and I and the strength; they shall mount up lad will go yonder and worship, run, and not be weary, and they out to meditate in the theld at the

with wings as eagles; they shall Gen. xxiv, 63. And Isaac went and come again to you. shall walk, and not faint.

even-tide..... Gen. xxiv, 26. And the man bowed down his head and wor

Micah vil, 7. Therefore I will ped the LORD.

look unto the LORD; I will wait TO BEWARE OF SIN. 1 Sam. xv, 30,31. Then he said, for the God of my salvation : my

Psalm cxix, 113. I late rain God will hear me. I have sinned'; vet honour me

thoughts: but thy law do i luve. now, I pray thee, before the elders John iv, 23. But the hour cometh,

Prov. vi, 14, 15. Frowardness is of my peuple, and before Israel

, and now is, when the true wor- in his heart, he deviseth mischief and iurn again with me, that i shippers shall worship the Father continually; he soweth discord. may worship the Lord thy God. in spirit and in truth; for the Fa- Therefore shall his calamity come So Samuel turned again after ther seeketh such to worship him. suddenly; suddenly shall he be Saul; and Saul worshipped the Acts xviii, 7. And he departed broken without remedy. LORD.

thence, and entered into a certain 1 Chron. xvi, 29. Give unto the man's house, named Justus, one the righteous are right: but the

Prov. xii, 5, 6. The thoughts of LORD the glory due unto his name: that worsuipped God, whose counsels of the wicked are deceit. bring an offering, and come before hcuse joined hard to tho syna- The words of the wicked are to him; worship the LORD in the gogue.

lie in wait for blood : but the beauty of holiness.

Ileb. si, 21. By faith Jacob month of the upright shall deliver Ps. xxvii, 14. Wait on the Lord; when he was a dying, blessed both them. be of good courage, and he shall the song of Joseph; and wor

Prov. xv, 26. The thonghts of strengthen thine Leart: wait, 1 shipped, leaning upon the top of the wicked'are an abomination to say, on the LORD. his staff.

the LORD: but the words of the Ps. xxxii, 20. Our soul waiteth

pure are pleasant words. for the Lord: he is our help and


Prov. xxiv, 8, 9, 11, 12. Ile that Ps. iv, 4. Stand in awe, and sin deviseth to do evil shall be called P8. lix, 17. Unto thee, O my not : commune with your own a mischievous person. Thetlionght strength, will I sing for God is my heart upon your bed, and be still. of foolishness is sin; and the scordetenicu and the God of my mercy. Selah.

ner is an abomination to men. If Ps. Ixil, 1, 4, 5. Truly, my soul Ps. xvi, 7. I will bless the LORD, thou forbear to deliver them that waiteth upon God: from him who hath given me counsel: my are drawn unto death, and those cometh my salvation. They only reins also instruct me in the night that are ready to be slain; il tliou consult to cast him down from his seasons.

sayest, Behold, we knew it not; excellency: they delight in lies: lley bless with their mouth, but mouth, and the meditation of my heart consider it and, lue that

Ps. xix, 14. Let the words of my doth not he that pondereth the they curse inwardly. Selah. My heart, be acceptable in thy sight, keepeth, thy soul, doth not ho Soul, wait thou only upon God; O LORD, my strength, and my re- know it, and shall not he render fur my expectation is from him. deemer.

to every man according to bis Ps. Ixxxvi, 9. All uations whom

works? thou last made shall come and within me; while I was musing

P3. xxxix, 8. My heart was hot

Prov. xxvill, 26. He that trusteth worslılp before thee, O Lord; and the fire burned: then spake I witá in his own heart is a fool: but whoshall glority thy name. my tongue.

so walketh wisely, he shall be dePs. xcvi, 9. O worship the LORD

P3. xlix, 3. My mouth shall

livered. in the beauty of holiness: fear bo speak of wisdom; and the medita

Jer. iv, 14. O Jerusalem, wash fore bim, all the earth.

tion of my lieart shall be of un- thine heart from wickedness, that Ps. cxxx, 4-6. But there is for- derstanding.

thou mayest be saved: how long giveness with thce, that thou

shall thy vain thoughts lodge mayest be feared. I wait for the considered the days of old, the

Ps. lxxvil, 5, 6, 10--12. I have

within thee? Lond, my soul doth wait, and in years of ancient times. I call to

Jcr. vi, 18, 19. Therefore heai, his word do I hope. My soul remembrance my song in the ye uations, and know, I congrewaiteth for the LORD more than night: I commune with mine own gation, what is among them. they that watch for the morning, I heart; and my spirit made diligent Hear, 0 earth: behold, I will bring say, more than they that watch for carch. And I said, This is my evil upon this people, even the the morning

infirmits: but I will remember the fruit of their thoughis, because 18. vill, 17. And I will wait years of the right hand of the they have not hearkened unto my upon the LORD, that hideth his most High. I will remember the words, nor to my law, but rejected face from the house of Jacob, and works of the LORD; surely I will it. I will look for him.

remember tby wonders of old. I Ezek. xl, 21. But as for them whose heart walketh after the them, the same shall be called 1 John il, 26. These things have heart of their detestable things great in the kingdom of heaven. I written unto you concerning and their abominations, I will re- Matth. xviil, 6, 7. But whoso shall them that seduce you. compense their way upon their offend one of these little ones own heads, saith the Lord God. which believe in me, it were


TEMPTATION. Matth. xv, 18-20. But those better for him that a millstone things which proceed out of the

were hanged about his nock, and WATCHFULNESS AND PRATER. mouth come forth from the heart; that lie were drowned in the depth

Neh. iv, 9. Nevertheless we made of the sea. Woe unto the world and they defile the man. For out

our prayer unto our God, and set of the heart proceed evil thoughts, because of offences! for it must murders, adulteries, fornications, needs be that offences come; but a watch against them day and

night, because of them. thefts, false witness, blasphemies. woe to that man by whom the offence cometh!

Amos iv, 12. Therefore thus will These are the things which defile

I do unto thee, O Israel: and be. a man: but to eat with unwashen Matth. xxiil, 13. But woe unto cause I will do this unto thee, hands defileth not a man,

you, scribes and Pharisees, hypoMark vil, 20--23. And he said, crites! for ye shut up the kingdom prepare to meet thy God, o Israel

Matth. xxiv, 42-44. Watch thereThat which cometh out of the of heaven against men: for ye man, that defileth the man. For neither go in yourselves, neither fore: for ye kuow not what hour from within, out of the heart of suffer ye them that are entering your Lord doth come. But know

this, that if the goodman of the men, proceed evil thoughts, adul- to go in.

house had known in what watch teries, fornications, murders,

Bark 1v, 15. And these are they the thief would come, he would Theits, covetousness, wickedness, by the way-side, where the word have

watched, and would not have deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, is sown; but, when they have suffered his house to be broken blasphemy, pride, foolishness: Ati heard, Sátan cometh immediately, up. Therefore be ye also ready: these evil things come from with- and taketh away the word that for in such an hour as ye think in, and defile the man. was sown in their hearts.

not the Son of man cometh. Acts vill, 21,22. Thou hast neither Mark ix, 42. And whosoever

Matth. xxv, 13. Watch therepart nor 'lot in this matter: for shall offend one of these little ones fore; for ye know neither the day thy heart is not right in the sight that believe in me, it is better for nor the hour wherein the Son of of God. Repent therefore of this him that a millstone were hanged man cometh. thy wickedness, and pray God, if about his neck, and he were cast perhaps the thought of thine into the sea.

Matth. xxvi, 40, 41. And ho heart may be forgiven thee. Luke xvii, 1, 2. Then said he findeth them asleep, and saith

cometh unto the disciples, and James iv, 17. Therefore to him unto the disciples, It is impossible unto Peter, What! could ye not that knoweth to do good, and but that offences will come: but watch with me one hour? Watch doeth it not, to him it is sin. woe unto him through whom they and pray, that ye enter not into

come! It were better for him that temptation: the spirit indeed is TEMPTATION.

a millstone were hanged about his willing, but the flesh is weak. Prov. ix, 15--17. To call pas-neck, and he cast into the sea,

Mark xiii, 33--37. Take ye heed, sengers who go right on their than that he should offend one of these little ones.

watch and pray: for ye know not ways: Whoso is simple, let him turn in bitber; and as for him that

Lrike xxii, 40. And when he was man is as a man taking a far

when the time is. For the Son of wanteth understanding, she saith at the place, he said unto them, journey, who left his house, and to him, Stolen waters are sweet, Pray that ye enter not into tempt-gave authority to his servants, and and bread eaten in secret is plea- ation.

to every man his work, and comsant.

2 Cor. 11, 11. Lest Satan should manded the porter to watch. Prov. xii, 26. The righteous is get an advantage of us: for we are Watch ye therefore; for ye kuow more excellent than his neigh not ignorant of his devices. not when the master of the house bour: but the way of the wicked 2 Cor. xii, 7. And lest I should cometh, at even, or at midnight, seduceth them.

be exalted above measure through or at the cock-crowing, or in the Prov. xvi, 29. A violent man the abundance of the revelations, morning; Lest, coming suddenly, enticeth his neighbour, and lead there was given to me a thorn in he find you sleeping. And what eth him into the way that is not the flesh, the messenger of Satan I say unto you, I say unto all, good. to buffet me, lest I should be ex

Watch. Prov. xxviil, 10. Whoso causeth alted above measure.

Mark xiv, 37, 38. And lie cometh, the righteous to go astray in an Eph. ii, 2. Wherein in time past and findeth them sleeping, and evil way, he sball fall himself into ye walked according to the course saith unto Peter, Simon, sleepest his own pit: but the upright shall of this world, according to the thou? couldest not thou watch one have good things in possession. prince of the power of the air, the hour? Watch ye, and pray, lest ye

spirit that now worketh in the enter into temptation: the spirit Matth. iv, 10, 11. Then saith children of disobedience.

truly is ready, but the flesh is Jesus unto him, Get thee hence,

1 Thess. til, 5. For this cause,

weak. Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt

Luke xil, 35--38. Let your loins Worship the Lord thy God, and when I could no longer forbear, 1 him only shalt

thou serve. Then sent to know your faith, lest by be girded about, and your lights the devii leaveth him, and, behold, somo means the tempter have burning; And ye yourselves like angels came and ministered unto tempted you, and our labour bo in unto men that wait for their lord,

when he will returu from the him. Malth v, 19. Whosoever there

1 Tim. v, 15. For some are al- wedding, that, when he cometh

and knocketh, they may open unto fore sliall break one of these least ready turned aside after Satan.

him immediately. Blessed are comman linents, and shall teach 2 Tim. fil, 13. But evil men ana those servants, whom the lord men so, he shall be called the least seducers shall was worse and when he cometh shall find watchin the kinçilor of heaven: but worse, deceiving, and being de ing: verily I say unto you, that he whosoover shall do and teach ceived.

shall gird bimself, and make them

to sit down to meat, and will come provoked the most higo God, and but my righteousnees shall be for forth and serve them. And if he kept not his testimonies.

over, and my salvation from shall come in the second watch,

Isa. Xxvi, 10. Let favour be generation to generation, or come in the third watch, and showed to the wicked, vet will be Jer. xvil, 5, 6. Thus saith the find them so, blessed are those not learn righteousness: in the LORD, Cursed be the man that kervants.

land of uprightness will be deal trusteth in man, and maketh flesh Luke xxi, 33-36. Heaven and unjustly, and will not behold the bis arm, and whose heart departearth shall pass away; but my majesty of the LORD.

eth from the LORD: For he shall words shall not pass away. And Llosea vil, 15. Though I have be like the heath in the desert, take heed to yourselves, lest at bound and strengthened their and shall not seo when good comany time your bearts be over: arms, yet do they imagine mis- eth; but shall inhabit the parched charged with, surfeiting, and chief against me.

places in the wilderness, in a salt drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon thee in the wilderness, in the land

Hosea xlil, 5, 6. I did know land and not inhabited.

Matth. x, 26. Fear them not you unawares. For, as, spare of great drought. According to therefore: for there is nothing shall it come on all them that their pasture, so were they filed: covered, that shall not be revealdwell on the face of the whole they were niled, and their heart ed; and bid, that shall not be earth. Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be

was exalted; therefore have they known.
forgotten me.

John xv, 18, 19. If the world accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to Matth. iv, 7. Jesus said unto bate you, ye know that it hated

If yo pass, and to stand before the son him, It is written again, Thou me before it hated you. of man.

shalt not tempt the Lord thy wero of the world, the world God.

would love his own; but becauso Luke xxii, 46. And said unto them, Why sleep ye? Rise and Luke iv, 12. And Jesus an- ye are not of the world, but I

have chosen you out of the world, pray, lest ye enter into teinptation. swering said unto him, It is said therefore the world hateth you.

1 Cor. xvi, 13. Watch ye, stand Thou shalt not tempt the Lord fast in the faith, quit you like thy God.

John xvil, 14--18. I have given men, be strong.

1 Cor. x, 13. There hath no hated them, because they are not

them thy word; and the world 1 Peter iv, 7. But the end of all temptation taken you but such as of the world, even as I am not of things is at hand: be ye therefore faithful, who will not suffer you shouldest take them out of the sober, and watch unto prayer.

to be tempted above that ye are world, but that thou shouldest Rev. iii, 2 3. Be watchful, and able; but will with the temptation keep them from the evil. They strengthen the things which re- also make a way to escape, that are not of the world, even as I am main, that are ready to die: for ! ye may be able to bear it. have not found thy works perfect

not of the world, Sanctify them before God. Remember there

James i, 13-15. Let no man say through thy truth: thy word is fore how thou hast received and when he is tempted, I am tempted truth. As thou hast sent une into beard, and hold fast, and repent. of God: for God cannot be tempted the world, even so have I also If therefore thou shalt not watch with evil, neither tempteth he sent thern into the world. I will come on thee as a thief, and any man: But every man is Rom. xii, 2. And be not conthou shalt not know what hour I tempted, when he is drawn away formed to this world; but be yo will come upon thee.

of his own lust, and enticed. transformed by the renewing of

Then, when lust hath conceived, your mind, that ye may prove CAUTION AGAINST IN

it bringeth forth sin; and sin, what is that good, and acceptable, GRATITUDE.

when it is finished, bringeth forth and perfect will of God.

death, Vum. xiv, 22. Because all those

Col. ill, 2. Set your affection on men which have seen my glory,

Rev. III, 10. Because thou hast things above, not on things on the and my miracles whicli i did-in kept the word of my patience, I earth. Egypt, and in the wilderness, have also will keep thee from the hour templed me now these ten times of temptation, which shall come adulteresses, know

yo not that

James iv, 4. Ye adulterers and Surely they shall not see the land upon all the world, to try them

the friendship of the world is which I sware unto their fathers. that dwell upon the earth.

enmity with God? whosoever Deut. vi, 16. Ye shall not tempt

therefore will be a friend of the the LORD your God, as ye tempted NON-CONFORMITY TO THE world is the enemy of God. him in Massah.


1 John ii, 15-18. Love not the Deut. xxxii, 6. Do ye thus re- 1:a. X, 24, 25. Therefore thus world, neither the things that are quite the LORD, O foolish people saith the Lord God of hosts. O my in the world. If any min love the and unwise? is not he thy father people that dwellest in Zion, be world, the love of the Father is that hath bought thee? hath he not afraid of the Assyrian: le not in him. For all that is in the not made thee, and established shall smite thee with a rod, and world, the last of the flesh, and thee?

shall litt up his staff against thee, the list of the eyes, and the pride 2 Ohron. xxxll, 25. But Heze- after the manner of Egypt. For of life, is not of the Father, but is kiah rendered not

again accord- yet a very little while, and the of the world. And the world ing to the benefit done unto

him; indignation shall cease, and mine passeth away, and the lust therefor his heart was lified up: there-anger, in their destruction.

of; but he that doeth the will of fore there was wrath upon him,

Isa. 11, 7, 8, Hearken unto me, God abideth for ever. Little and upon Judah and Jerusalem.

ye that know righteousness, the children, it is the last time: and as Ps. lxxvill, 18, 41, 56.

And they people in whose heart is my law; ye bave heard that antichrist tempted God in their heart, by tear ye not the reproach of men, shall come, even now are there asking meat for their lust. Yea, nelther be ye afraid of their re- many antichrists; whereby we they turned back, and tempted vilings: For the moth shall eat know that it is the last time. God, and limited the Holy One of them up like a garment, and the 1 John 111, 13. Marvel not, my Israel. Yet they tempted and worm shall eat them like wool: I brethren if the worlu hate you.


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