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comforteth you: who art thou, s uprightness of thine heart, dost | I wm picad with thee, because that thou shouldest be afraid of a thou go to possess their land: but thou sayest, I have not sinned. man that shall die, and of the sou for the wickedness of these na- Jer. xlix, 4, 16 Wherefore gloriof man which shall be made as tions the LORD thy God doth est thou in the valleys, thy flowgrass.

drive them out from before thee, ing valley, 0 backsliding daughIsa. Ivil, 11. And of whom hast and that he may perform the word ter? that trusted in her treasures, thou been afraid or feared, that which the LORD sware unto thy saying, Who shall come unto me? thou hast lied, and hast nít re- fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Thy terribleness bath deceived membered me, nor laid it to thy Jacob.

thee, and the pride of thine heart, heart? have not I beld my peace Job xi, 4-6. For thou hast said, thou that dwellest in the clefts even of old, and thou fearest me My doctrine is puro, and I am of the rock,that holdest the height not?

clean in thine eyes, But Oh that of the hill: though thou shouldest Luke 1, 77. To give knowledge God would speak, and open his make thy nest as high as the eagle, of salvation unto his people by the lips against thee; And that he I will bring thee down trom remission of their sins.

would sbew thee the secrets of thence, saith the LORD. Luke xii, 32. Fear not, little that which is! Know therefore away the evil day, and cause the

wisdom, that they are double to Amos vi, 3. Ye that pat far flock; for it is your Father's good that God exacteth

of thee less than seat of violence to como near. pleasure to give you the kingdom. thine iniquity deserveth.

Luke xvi, 15. And he said anto Col. ii, 2. That their hearts Job xxix, 18. Then I said, I them, Ye are they which justify might be comforted, being knit shall die in my nest, and I shall yourselves before men; but God together in lovo, and unto all multiply my days as the sand. knoweth your hearts: for that riches of the full assurance of un

Job xxxiii, 8, 9. Surely thou hast which is highly esteemed among derstanding, to the acknowledg; spoken in mine hearing, and I men is abomination in the sight of ment of the mystery of God, and have heard the voice of thy words, God. of the Father, and of Christ.

saying, I am clean without trans- 2 Cor. x, 17, 18. But he that Heb. vi, 11. And we desire that gression, I am innocent; neither is glorieth, let him glory in the every one of you do shew the there iniquity in me.

Lord. For not he that comsame diligence, to the full assur

Job xxxv, 2. Thinkest thou this mendeth himself is approved, but ance of hope unto the end.

to be right, that thou saidst, My wbom the Lord commendeth. Hleb, x, 35. Cast not away there righteousness is more than God's? Gal. vi, 3. For if a man think fore your confidence, which hath

P8. x, 5, 6. His ways are always himself to be something, when he great recoinpense of reward.

grievous; thy judgments are far is nothing, be deceiveth himself. TIeb. xill, 6. So that we may above out of his sight: as for all Rev, ili, 17. Because thou say. boldly say, The Lord is my helper, bis enemies, he pufleth at them. est, I am rich, and increased with and I will not tear what man He bath said in his heart, I shall goods, and have need of nothing shall do unto me.

not be moved: for I shall never be and knowest not that thou art 1 John il, 28. And now, little in adversity.

wretched, and miserable, and children, abide in him, that, when Prov. xxx, 12. There is a gener- poor, and blind, and naked he shall appear, we may have con-ation that are pure in their own fidence, and not be ashamed be- eyes, and yet is not washed from

1 Sam. XV, 13. And Samuel camo fore him at his coming. their filthiness.

to Saul; and Saul said unto him, 1 John Ili, 19, 21. And hereby we Isa. xxviii, 15. Because ye have Blessed be thou of the Lord: 1

bave performed the commandknow we are of the truth, and said, We have made a covenant shall assure our hearts before with death, and with hell are wo

ment of the LORD. him. Beloved, if our heart con- at agreement; when the overflow- Job xxxii, 1, 2. So these three demn us not, then have we conti- ing scourge shall pass through, it men ceased to answer Job, bedence toward God.

shall not come unto us:for we have cause he was righteous in his own 1 Jorn iii, 16-18. And we have made lies our refuge, and under eyes. Then was kindled the known and believed the love that falsehood have we hid ourselves. wrath of Elihu the son of Barachel God hath to 119. God is love; and

the Buzite, of the kindred of Ram;

Isa. xlill, 26. Put me in remem- against Job was his wrath kindled, he that dwelleth in love dwelleth brance; let us plead together: de- because he justified bimself rather in God, and God in him. Herein clare thou, that thou mayest be than God. is our love made perfect, that we justified. may have boldness in the day of

Mal, iii, 7. Even from the days judgment: because as he is, so are shall be a'lady

for ever: so that from mine ordinances, and have

Isa. xlvii, 7. And thou saidst, I of your fathers ye are gone away fear in love; but perfect love cast- thou didst not lay these things to not kept them. Return unto me, eth out fear; because fear hath thy heart, neither didst remem- and I will return unto you, saith torment. He that feareth is not ber the latter end of it.

the LORD of hosts. But ye said, made perfect in love.

Isa. Ivil, 10. Thou art wearied Wherein shall we return?

in the greatness of thy way; yet FORMS OF SELF-RIGHTEOUS- saidst thou not. There is no nope: saith unto him, All these things

Matth. xix, 20. The young man NESS.

thou bast found the life of thine have I kept from my youth up: Deut. ix, 4, 5. Speak not thou in band; therefore thou wast not what lack 1 yet? thine heart, after that the LORD

grieved. thy God hath cast them out from

Isa. Ixv, 6. Which say, Stand by the commandments, Do not com

Mark x, 19, 20. Thou knowest before thee, saying, for my thyself, come pot near to me; for! mit adultery, Do not kill, Do not righteousness the LORD hath am holier than thou. These are a steal, Do not bear false witness, brought me in to possess this smoke in my nose, a fire that Defraud not, Honour thy father Jand; but lur the wickedness of burneth all the day.'

and mother. And he answered these nations the LORD doth drive Jer. ii, 35. Yet thou sayest, Be- and said unto him, Master, all them out frm before thee. Not cause I am Innocent, surely his these have I observed from my for thy rigutuvustess, or for the anger shall turn from me: behold, youth.

Luke xvill, 21. And he said, All Rev. xvill, 7, 8. How much she upon my shoulder, and bind it as these have I kept from my youth hath glorified herself, and lived a crown to me. I would declare up.

deliciously, so much torment and unto him the number of my steps;

sorrow give her: for she saith in as a prince would I go near unto THREATENINGS AGAINST IT. her heart, I sit a queen, and am him. Isa. xxvii, 17, 18. Judgment also no widow, and shall see no sorrow.

Ps. xviii, 19--23. He brought me will I lay to the line, and righteous. Therefore shall her plagnes come forth also into a large place; ho ness to the plummet: and the hail in one day, death, and mourning, delivered me, because he delightshall sweep away the refuge of and famine; and she shall be ut- ed in me. The Lord rewarded mo lies, and the waters shall overflow terly burnt with fire: for strong is according to my righteousness; the hiding place. And your cove the Lord God who judgeth her.

according to the cleanness of my pant with death shall be disan

hands hath be recompensed me, nulled, and your agreement with GENUINE CONFIDENCE. For I have kept the ways of the hell shall not stand; when the 2 Sam. xxli, 20-25. He brought Lord, and have not wickedly deoverflowing scourge shall pass me forth also into a large place; parted from my God. For all his through, then yo shall be trodden he delivered me, because he de judgments were before me, and I down by it.

lighted in mo. The Lord rewarded did not put away his statutes from Isa. xlvii, 8, 9. Therefore hear me according to my righteousness: me. I was also upright before now this, thou that art given to accordiug to the cleanness of my him; and I kept myself

from mine pleasures, that dwellest carelessly; bands hath he recompensed me. iniquity. that sayest in thine beart, I am, For I have kept the ways of the Ps. xliv, 17, 18. All this is come and none else besides me; I shalí Lord, and have not wickedly de- upon us; yet have we not forgotpot sit as a widow, neither shall i parted from my God. For all his ten thee, neither have we dealt know the loss of children: But judgments were before me; and as falsely in thy covenant. Our these two things shall come to for his statutes, I did not depart beart is not turned back, neither thee in a moment in one day, the from them. I was also upright have our steps declined from thy loss of children, and widowhood: before him, and have kept myself way. they shall come upon thee in their from mine iniquity. Therefore the

P8. cxix, 168. I have kept thy perfection, for the multitude of Lord hath recompensed me ac- precepts and thy testimonies: for thy sorceries, and for the great cording to my righteousness: all my ways are before thee. abundance of thine enchantinents. according to my cleanness in his

COMMUNION WITH GOD. Isa. xlvii, 10, 11. For thou hast eyesight. trusted in thy wickedness: thou Job vi, 29. Return, I pray you, P3. xlii, 8. Yet the LORD will hast said, None seeth me. Thy let it not be iniquity; yea, return command his loving-kindness in wisdom and thy knowledge, it again, my righteousness is in it. the day-time, and in the night his hath perverted thee; and thou Job x, 7. Thou knowest that I song shall be with me, and my hast said in thine heart, I am, and am not wicked; and there is none prayer unto the God of my life. none else besides me. Therefore that can deliver out of thine hand. John xiv, 20-23. At that day yo shall evil come upon thee; thou shalt not know from whence it

Job xill, 18. Behold now, I have shall know that I am in my Fa riseth: and mischief shall fall upon ordered my cause; I know that i ther, and ye in me, and I in you.

He that hath my commandments, thee; thou shalt not be able to put shall be justified.

and keepeth them, he it is that It off: and desolation shall come

Job xxiii,3--5, 11. Oh that I knew loveth me; and he that loveth me upon thee suddenly, which thou where I might find him that I shall be loved of my Father, and shalt not know.

might come even to his seat! II will love him, and will manifest Jer. xxi,

13. Bebold, I am against would order my cause before him, myself to him. Judas saith unto thoe, o inhabitant of the valley, I and All my mouth with arguments. him, (not Iscariot,) Lord, how is it and rock of the plain, saith the would know the words which that thou wilt manifest thyself LORD; which say, Who shall come stand what he would say unto Jesus answered and said unto

he would answer me, and under- unto us, and not unto the world? down against us? or who shall

me. My foot hath held his steps; him, If a man love me, he will enter into our habitations?

his way have I kept, and not de- keep my words: and my Father Ezek. xxxix, 6. And I will send clined.

will love him, and we will como a fire on Magog, and among them

Job XXVII, 6, 6. God forbld that unto him, and make our abode that dwell carelessly in the isles: and they shall know that I am the I should justify you: till I die i with him.

will not remove mine integrity LORD.

1 John i, 3, 6. That which we from me. Amos vi, 1. Woo to them that hold fast, and will not let it go: unto you, that ye also may have

My righteousness I have seen and heard declare we are at ease in Zion, and trust in my heart shall not reproach me fellowship with us : and truly our the mountain of Samaria, which so long as I live. are named chief of the nations, to

fellowship is with the Father, and whom the house of Israel camel

Job xxx1,5-8, 35-37. If I havewalk with his Son Jesus Christ. If we

ed with vanity, or if my foot bath say that we bave fellowship with Amos ix, 10. All the sinners of basted to deceit; Let me be him, and walk in darkness, we lio, my people shall die by the sword, weighed in an even balance, that and do not the truth. which say, The evil shall not God may know mine integrity. overtake nor prevent us.

Rev. ill, 20. Behold, I stand at If my step hath turned out of the the door, and knock: if any man 08. 3, 4. The pride of thine heart way, and mine heart walked after hear my voice, and open the door, hath deceived thee, thou that mine eyes, and if any blot bath I will come in to him, and will dwellest in the clefts of the rock, cleaved to mine hands; Then let sup with him, and he with me. whose habitation is bigh; that me sow, and let another eat; yea, saith in his heart, Who hall bring let my offspring be rooted out. REJOICING IN GOD. me down to the ground? Though Oh that one would bear me! be- Job xxli, 26, 27. For then shalt thou exalt thyself as the eagle, hold, my desire is, that the Altbou have thy delight in the Aland though thou set thy nest mighty would answer me, and that mighty, and shalt lift up thy face among thu stars, thence will I mine adversary had written a unto God. Thou shalt make thy bring thoe down, saith the Lord, book. Surely I would take it I prayer unto him and he shall bear

theo, and thou shalt pay thy rock, and my fortress, and my de- 1 Chrun. XVI. 10 Glory ye in his Vows.

liver; my God, my strength, in holy name: let the leart of them Ps. il, 11. Serve the Lord with whom I will trust; my buckler. rejoice that seek the LORD. fear, and rejoice with trembling.

and the horn of my salvation, and 182. xxviil, 5, C. In that day Ps. xxx 11. Be glad in the my high tower.

shall the LORD of bosts be fur LORD, and rejoice yo righteous : Ps. xxviii, 7, 8. The LORD is my a crown of glory, and for a diadem and shout for joy, all ye that are strength and my shield; my heart of beauty. unto the residue of upright in heart

trusted in him, and I am helped: his people. And for a spirit of

therefore my heart greatly re- judgment to him that sitteth in Ps. xxxvil, 4. Delight thyselt joiceth; and with my song will I judgment, and for strength to also in the LORD; and he shall give praise him. The Lord is their them that turn the battle to tho thee the desires of thine heart.

strength, and he is the saving gate. Ps. Ixiv, 10. The righteous shall strength of his anointed.

Jer. Ix, 23, 24. Thus saith the bo glad in the LORD, and shall

P3. xxxill, 21. For our heart LORD, Let not the wise man glory trust in him; and all the upright shall rejoice in him, because we in his wisdom, neither let the in heart shall glory.

have trusted in his holy name. mighty man glory in his miglit, Ps. Ixvill, 3, 4 But let the righteous be glad: let them rejoice be

Ps. xlii, 1, 2. As the hart panteth riches: But let him that glorieth

let not the rich man glory in bis fore God; yea, let them exceed- after the water brooks, so panteth glory in this, that he understandingly rejoice. Śing unto God, sing my soul after thee, O Guil. My eth and knoweth me, that I am praises to his name: extol hin that soul thirstetli for God, for the liv the Lund, which exercise loving rideth upon the heavens by liis ing God: when shall I come and kindness, judgment, and rightname JAH, and rejoice before appear before Gou?

eousness, in the earth: for in these him,

P3. Ixill, 6-9. My soul shall things I delight, saith the LORD. Ps. Ixxxix, 15, 16. Blessed is the be satisfied as with marrow and

1 Cor. 1. 31. That, according as peoplo that know the joyful fatness; and my mouth shall it is written, Ile that glorieth, let sound: they shall walk, o LORD, praise thee with joyful; When bim glory in the Lord. in the light of thy countenance.

I remember the upon my bed, In thy name shall they rejoicu all and meditate on thee in the night

HOPE IN GOD. the day: and in thy righteousness watches. Because thou hast been shall they be exalted.

my help, therefore in the shadow Ps. XXXI, 24. Be of good conrage, Ps. cxix, 165. Great peace have of thy wings will I rejoice. My and be shall strengthen your they which love thiy law; and now thy right hand upholdeth me. LORD.

soul lolloweth hard aiter thee: heart, all ye that hope in the thing shall offend thein.

But those that seek my soul, to P3. cxxxii, 16. I will also clothe destroy it, shall go into the lower eye of the Lord is upon them that

Ps. xxxili, 18. 19. Behold, the her priests with salvation; and parts of the earth.

fear him, upon them that hopo her saints shall shout aloud for joy.

Ps. lxxiii, 25, 26. Whom have I in his mercy; To deliver their Isaiah Ivi, 14. And when ye see in beaveu but theel and there is soul from death, and to keep them

alive in famine. this, your heart shall rjoice, and none upon earth that I desire be

Ps. xxxix, 7. And now, Lord, your bones shall flourish like an

sides thee. My flesh and my heart herb.

faileth; but God is the strength of what wait I for? my hope is in Micah vii, 8. Rejoice not against my beart, and my portion for thee.

P3. xlii, 11. Why art thou cast me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in dark

Ps. cxxvi, 3, 4. The Lord hath down, O my soul? and why art ness, the LORD shall be a liglit done great things for us, whereof thou disquieted within me? hope unto mo.

we are glad. Turn again our cap- thou in God; for I shall yet praise Zeph. III, 14. Sing, O daughter of divity, O Lord, as the streams in him, who is the health of my the .

countenance, and my God. Zion; shout, O Israel; be glad and rejoice with all the heart, 0 daugh-ated the weary soul, and I have thee will be glad when they see

Jer. xxxi, 25. For I have sati. P3. cxix, 74. 114. They that fear ter of Jerusalem. Matt. xi, 28. Come unto me, all

replenished every sorrowful soul. me; because I have hoped in thy ve tuat labour and are heavy la- Hab. iii, 16 18. When I heard, my

word. Thou art my hiding place den, and I will give you rest. belly trembled; my lips quivered and my shield: I hope in thy

word, John xv, 11. These things have at the voice: rottenness entered I spoken unto you, that my joy into my bones, and I trembled in Ps. cxxxi, 3. Let Israel hope in might remain in you, and that myself, that I might rest in the the LORD from henceforth and for your joy might be iull.

day of trouble: when he cometh ever, Phil. ill, 1. Finally, my brothren, them with his troups. Although pleasure in them that fear him,

up unto the people, he will invade 13. cxlvii, 11. The Lord taketh rejoice in the Lord. To write the the fig-tree shall not blossom, in those that hope in his mercy. same things to you, to me indeed neither shall fruit be in the vines; is not grievous, but for you it is the labour of the olive shall fail

, portion, saith my soul; therefore

Lam. iii, 24, 26. The Lord is my safe.

and the fields shall yield no meat; will I hope in hlm. It is good Phil. iv, 4. Rejoice in the Lord the flock shall be cut off from the that a man should both hope and alway: and again I say, Rejoice. fold, and there shall be no herd in quietly wait for the salvation of

1 Thess. v, 16. Rejoice ever-the stalls: yet I will rejoice in the the LORD. more.

LORD, I will joy in the God of my

Rom. viii, 24, 25. For we are

saved by hope: but hope that is Ps. Iv, 7. Thou hast put glad.


seen is not hope; for what a man ness in my heart, more than in the

seeth, why doth he yet hope for? time that their corn and their

Ps. Ixxxix, 17. For thou art the But if we hope for that we see wine increased.

glory of their strength: and in thy not, then do we with patience Ps. xvili, 2. The LORD is my favour our horn shall be exalted. wait for it.


Çol. I, 5. For the hope which is the hills be removed; but my kind. IIoly Ghost, and offith: and much laid up for you in heaven, whereof ness shall not depart from thee, people was added unto the Lord. ye heard before in the word of the neither shall the covenant of my Acts xiii, 43. Now, when the iruth of the gospel.

peace be removed, saith the LORD congregation was broken up many Heb. vi, 18, 19. That by two im- that hath mercy on thee.

of the Jews and religivus prosemutable things, in which it was John X, 27-29. My sheep hear lytes followed Paul and Barnab18; impossible. for God to lie, we my voice, and I know them, and who, speaking to them, persuaded might have a strong consolation, they follow me: And I give unto them to continuo in the grace of who have fed for refuge to lay them eternal life; and they shall God. bold upon the hope set before us: never perish, neither shall any

1 Cor. xv,58. Therefore, my beWhich hope we have as an anchor pluck them out of my hand. My loved brethren. be ye stediasi, unof the sout, both sure and stedfast, Father, which gave them me, is moveable, always abounding in and which entereth into that with greater than all; and none is able the work of the Lord, forasmuch in the vail.

to pluck them out of my Father's as ye know that your labour is Peter 1, 13.... Hope to hand.

not in vain in the Lord. the end for the grace that is to be Rom. xi, 29. For the gifts and

Phil. iv, 1. Therefore, my brobrought unto you at the revelation calling of God are without repent-thren dearly beloved and longed of Jesus Christ. ance.

for, my joy and crown, 80 gland 1 John ili, 3. And every man 1 Cor. 1, 8, 9. Who shall also fast in the Lord, my dearly bethat hath this hope in him purifi- confirm you unto the end, that ve loved. eth himself, even as he is pure. may be blameless in the day of

Çol. 11, 6. 7. As ye have thereour Lord Jesus Christ. God is fore received Christ Jesus the PERSEVERANCE; PROMISED fuithful, by whom ye were called Lord, so walk ye iu lime; Rooted AND SECURED ON GOD'S

unto the fellowship of his son and built op in him, and stablislied

Jesus Christ our Lord. PART AS A BLESSING.

in the faith, as ye have been

Phil. 1, 6. Being confident of this taught, abounding therein with 1 Sam. xii, 21. 22. And turn ye very thing, that he which hath thanksgiving not aside: for then should we go begun a good work in you, will after vain things which cannot pro-perform it until the day of Jesus be not weary in well-doing.

2 Thess. ifi, 13. But ye, brethren, fit nor deliver; for they are vain:

Christ. For the LORD will not forsake his

2 Tim. 1, 14. That good thing people for his great name's sake:

2 Thess. lll, 3. But the Lord is which was committed unto thee because it hath pleased the LORD faithful, who shall stablish you,

keep by the lloly Ghost which to make you his people. and keep you fidm evil.

dwelleth in us. Ps. xii, 7. Thou shalt keep them,

Rev. iii, 12. IIim that overcom- 2 Tim. ili, 14. But continue thou O Lord, thou shalt preserve them eth will I make a pillar iu tho in the things which thou hast from this generation for ever.

temple of my God, and he shall learned, and hast been assured of, Ps. xli, 12. And as for me, thou opon bim the name of my God, ed them.

go no more ont: and I will write knowing of whom thou hast learnupholdest me in mine integrity, and the name of the city of my and settest me before thy face for God, which is new Jerusalem, lest, a promiso being left us of

Heb. iv, 1. Let ns therefore fear, ever.

P8. xciv, 14. For the LORD will from my God; and I will write entering into his rest, any of you not cast oft his people, neither will

to upon him my new name. he forsake his inheritance.

2 Pet, ill, 17. Ye therefore, beIsa. xliv, 21. Remember these, PERSEVERANCE ON MAN'S loved, seeing ye kuow these things

Jacob and Israel; for thou art PART ENFORCED AS A DUTY. I before, beware, lest ye also, belug my servant: I have formed thee;

led away with the error of the thou art my gervant: 0 Israel,

Deut. iv, 9. Only take heed to wicked, tall from your own stedthou shalt not be forgotten of me. thyself, and keep thy soul dill- fastness. Isa. xlix, 14-17. But Zion said, which'thine eyes have seen, and that we lose not those things gently, lest thou forget the things

2 John 8. Look to yourselves, The LORD hath forsaken me, and lest they depart from thy heart all my Lord hath forgotten me. Can the days of thy life: but teach them which we have wrought, but that a woman forget her sucking child,

we receive a full reward. that she should not have comthy sons, and thy sons' sons.

Rev, il, 24, 25. But unto you I passion on the son of her womb? Josh. xxiil, 8. But cleave unto yea, they may forget, yet will ithe LORD your God, as ye have say, and unto the rest in Thyatira,

(as many as have not this docnot forget thee. Behold, I have done unto this day.

trine, and which have not known graven thee upon the palms of 1 Sam. xil, 21. And turn ye not the depths of Satan, as they speak,) my hands; thy walls are continu- aside: for then should ye go after I will put upon you none other ally before me. Thy children vain things, which cannot profit burden: But that which ye have shall make haste; thy destroyers, nor deliver; for they are vain. already hold fast till I come. and they that made thee waste, shall go forth of thee.

John xv, 9, 10. As the Father Rev. xxil, 11. IIe that is unjust, Isa. liv, 8-10. In a little wrath I hath loved me, so bave I loved let him be unjust still: and lie that hid my 'lace from thee for a you; continue ye in my love. If which is filly, let him be filthy moment; but with everlasting e keep my commandinents, yo still: and he that is righteous, let kindness will I have mercy on have kept my Father's command- is holy, let him be holy still.

shall abide in my love; even as I him de righteous still: and he that thee, saith the LORD thy Redeemer. For this is as the waters of Noah meuts, and abide in his love.

ITS NOBLENESS AND BENEFIT. unto me: for as I have sworn that Acts xi, 23, 24. Who, when he the waters of Noah should no came, and had seen thé grace of Matth. xxiv, 13. But he that shall moro go over the earth; so have I God, was glad, and exhorted them endure unto the end, the same sworn that I would not be wruth all, that with purpose of heart they shall be saved. with thee, nor rebuke thee. For would cleave unto the Lord. For Luke xxii, 28, 29. Ye are they the mountains shall depart, and he was a good man, and full of the which have continued with me in

my temptations: And I appoint 1 Pet. 1, 5. Who are kept by the Gal. 111, 22. But the scripture unto you a kingdom, as my Fa- power of God threrigh faith unto hath concluded all under sin, that ther bath appointed unto me. balvation, ready to be revealed in the promise by faith of Jesus John viil, 31. Then said Jesus to the last time.

Christ might be given to them those Jews which believed on 1 John ii, 19, 24. They went out that believe. him, If ye continue in my word, from us, but they were not of us;

Phil. iii, 12-14. Not as though I then are ye my disciples indeed, for if they had been of us, they had already attained, either were John Xv, 10. If ye keep my com

would no doubt have continued already perfect; but I follow after, mandments, ye shall abide in my with us: but they went out, that if that I may apprehend that for love; even as I have kept my Fa- they might be made manifest that which also I am apprehended of ther's commandments, and abide they were not all of us. Let

that Christ Jesus. Brethren, I count

therefore abide in you which ye not myself to have apprehended: in his love.

have heard from the beginning. but this one thiug I do, forgetting Rom. viii, 35-39. Who shall sepa-If that which ye have heard from those things which are behind, rate us from the love of Christ? the beginning shall remain in you, and reaching forth unto those shall tribulation, or distress, or ye also shall continue in the Son, things which are before, I press persecution, or famine, or naked and in the Father.

toward the mark for the prize of ness, or peril, or sword? As it is

Rev. lll, 21. To him that over-the high calling of God in Christ written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted cometh will I grant to sit with me Jesus. as sheep for the slaughter. Nay, in in my throne, even as I also over

1 John 1, 8, 10. If we say that all these things we are more than came, and am set down with my we have no sin, we deceive ourconquerors, through him that Father in his throne.

selves, and the truth is not in us. loved us. For I am persuaded, Rev. xxj, 7. He that overcometh If we say that we have not sinned, that neither death, nor life, nor shall inherit all things; and I will we make him a liar, and his word angels, nor principalities,' nor be his God, and he shall be my is not in us. powers, nor things present, nor son. things to come, Nor height, nor

YET SECURED TO BEdepth, nor any other creature, NO PERFECTION ON EARTH.

LIEVERS. shall be able to separato us from Job ix, 14, 15. How much less Ps. xxxvii, 31. The law of his the love of God, which is in Christ shall I answer him, and choose God is in his heart, none of his Jesua our Lord.

out my words to reason with him? steps shall slide. Cor. xv, 1, 2. Moreover, bre- Whom, though I were righteous, thren, I declare unto you the yet would I not answer, but I thou come unto me? I will walk

Ps. ci, 2.

O when wilt gospel

, which I preached unto you, would make supplication to my within my house with a perfect which also ye have received, and judge.

heart. wherein ye stand: By which also Job is, 20, 21, 27–31. If I justify ye are saved, if ye keep in memory myself, mine own mouth shall

Ps. cxix, 1-4. Blessed are the what I preached unto you, unless condemn me, if I say I am perfect, the law of the LORD

undefiled the way, who walk in ye have believed in vain. it shall also prove me perverse.

Blessed are Gal. vi, 9. And let us not be Though I were perfect, vet would they that keep his testimonies, weary in well-doing; for in due I not know my soul: I would des- and that seek him with the wbole season we shall reap, if we faint pise my life. If I say, I will for-heart. They also do ho iniquity: not.

get my complaint, I will leave off they walk in his ways. Thou cause I also suffer these things: know that thou wilt not hold me 2 Tim. 1, 12, 13. For the which my heaviness, and comfort mysels; hast commanded us to keep thy I am afraid of all my sorrows, i precepts diligently.

Luke vi, 40. The disciple is not for I know whom I have believed, then labour 'I in vain? nevertheless I am not ashamed; innocent. if I be wicked, why above his master, but every one and am persuaded that he is able

If I wash that is perfect shall be as his to keep that which I have com- make my hands never so clean;

myself with snow water, and master. mitted unto him against that day. Yet shalt thou plunge me in the chosen us in him before the foun

Eph. 1, 4. According as he hath Hold fast the

form of sound words; ditch, and mine own clothes shall dation of the world, that we which thou hast heard of me, faith and love which is in Christ abhor me.

should be holy and without blamo Jesus.

Ps. cxliii, 2. And enter not into before him in love. 2 Tim. iv, 18. And the Lord shall judgment with thy servant: for in

Col. I, 21, 22, And you, that deliver me from every evil work, I thy sight shall no man living be were sometime alienated, and and will preserve me unto his justified.

enemies in your mind by wicked heavenly kingdom: to whom be Prov. xx, 9. Who can say, I works, yet now hath he reconcilglory for ever and ever. Amen. have made my heart clean, I am ed. in the body of his flesh pure from my sin?

through death, to present you Heb. iii, 14. For we are made partakers of Christ, if we hold the Eccles. vil, 20. For there is not a proveable in his sight.

boly and unblameable and inrebeginning of our confidence sted- just man upon earth, that doeth fast unto the end. good, and sinneth not.

Col. iv, 12. Epaphras, who is Heb. x, 39. But we are not of

one of you, a servant of Christ, Isa. Ixiv, 6, 7. But we are all as

saluteth you, always labouring them who draw back unto perdi- an unclean thing, and all our

fervently for you in prayers, that tion; but of them that believe to and we all do fade as a leat, and ye may stand perfect and comthe saving of the soul.

our iniquities, like the wind, have plete in all the will of God. James 1, 25. But whoso looketh taken us away. And there is 1 John 11, 5. But whoso keepeth into the perfect law of liberty, and none that calleth upon thy name, his word, in him verily is the love continveth therein, he being not a that stirreth up himself to take of God perfected: hereby know we forgetful hearer, but a doer of the hold of thee: for thou hast bid thy that we are in him. work, this man shall be blessed in face from us, and hast consumed 1 John jil, 6-9. Whosoever his deed.

us, because of our iniquities. abideth in him sinneth not: who

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