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called onto Abraham out of heaven 1 Chron. xvil, 7, 8. Now there-| that I will send unto him wanderthe second time, And salt, By fore thus shalt thou say unto my ers, that shall cause him to wanmyselt have I sworn, saith the servant David, Thus saith the der, and shall einpty his vessels, LORD; for because thou hast done Loss of hosts,' I took thee from and break their bottles. this thing, and hast not withheld the sheep-cote, even from follow- Lam. iii, 17. And thou hast rethy son, thine only son; that in ing the sheep, that thou shouldest moved my soul far off from peace: blessing I will bless thee, and in be ruler over my people Israel; I forgat prosperity. multiplying I will multiply thy And I bave been with thee

Lam. iv, 5. They that did feed seed as the stars of the heaven, whithersoever thou hast walked,

delicately are desolate in the and as the sand which is upon and have cut off all thine enemies the sea - shure; and thy seed from before thee, and have made streets, they that were brought shall possess the gate of his ene- thee a name like the name of the up in scarlet, embrace danghills. mies. And it came to pass after great men that are in the earth. Dan. xi, 19. Then he shall turn

his face toward the fort of his own these things. that it was told A. braham, siying, Behold, Milcah, AND SOMETIMES DEPRESSES.

land: but he shall stumble, and she hath also burn children unto thy brother Nabor; Huz his first of my glory, and taken the crown Job xix, 9. He hath stripped me fall, and not be found

Rev. xviii, 14. And the fruits born, and Buz his brother, and from my head.

that thy soul lasted after are Kemuel the father of Aram, And Chesed, and Hazo, and Pildash, made his glory to cease, and cast

P8. Ixxxix, 44. 45. Thou hast departed from thee, and all things

which were dainty and goodly and Jidlaph, and Bethuel. bis throne down to the ground. shalt find them no more at all.

are departed from thee, and thou PROVIDENCE SOMETIMES EXALTS.

The days of his youth hast thou

shortened; thou hast covered him 1 Sam. 11, 8. He raiseth up the with shame. Selah.

BUT STILL IT IS JUST. poor out of the dust, and listeth

Job v, 3. I have seen the foolish up the beggar from the dunguill deliver them; but they provoked taking rout: but suddenly I cursed to set them among princes, and him with their counsel, and were to make them inherit the throne

Job xxiv, 22. 23. He draweth of glory: for the pillars of the brought low for their iniquity.

Ps. cvil, 39. Again they are he riseth up, and no man is sure

also the mighty with his power, eartlı are the LORD's, and he hath set the world upon them.

minished and brought low through of life: Though it be given him to Job viii, 7. Though thy be- oppression, amiction, and sorrow. be in safety whereon he resteth, ginning was small, yet thy latter

Isa. xiv, 16, 17. They that see yet his eyes are upon their ways. enu should greatly increase. thee shall narrowly look upon

P3. xxxvii, 31-36. Wait on the Ps. cxiii, 7-9. He raiseth up the this the man that made the earth Lord, and keep his way, and he poor out of the dust, and lifteth to tremble, that did shake king- land: when the wicked are cut off,

shall exalt thee to inberit the the needy out of the Junghill; doms; That made the world as a That he may set him with princes wilderness, and destroyed the thou shalt see it. I have seen the eren with the princes of his peo- cities thereof; that opened not the

wicked in great power, and ple. He maketli the barren house of bis prisoners?

spreading himself like a green woman to keep house, and to be a

bay-tree: Yet he passed away, joyful mother of children, Praise

18a, xxii, 15--19. Thus saith the and, lo, he was not; yea, I sought ye the LORD.

Lord God of hosts, Go, get thee him, but he could not be found. unto this treasurer, even unto

Ixxili16 -- 20. When I 1 Sam xv, 17. And Samuel said. Shebna, which is over tbe house, thought to know this, it was too

say, What bast When thou wast, little in thing and whóm bast thou here, that painful for me, Until I went into own sight, wust thou not made thou hast hewed thee out a

ihe sanctuary of God; then underand the LORD anointed thee king him out a sepulchre on bigh, and thou castedst them down into the head of the tribes of Israel, sepulchre here, as he that heweth stood of their end. Surely thou over Israel?

that graveth an habitation for 2 Sam. vii, 8, 9. Now therefore himself in a rock? Behold, the

destruction. Ilow are they 80 shalt thou say unto my ser. LORD will carry thee away with a brought into desolation, as in a vant David, Thus saith the LORD mighty captivity, and will surely sumed with terrors. As a dream of hosts, I took thee from the, Не will surely when one awaketh; so, O Lord, sleep-cote, froin following the violently turn and toss thee like a sheep, to be ruler over my peo- ball into a large country: there

when thou awakest, thou shalt plo, over Israel: And I was with shalt thou die, and there the

despise their image. Thee whithersoever thou wentest, chariots of thy glory shall be the

Ps. xcii, 6, 7. A bratish man and have cut off all thine enemies shame of thy luru's house. And knoveth not; neither doth a fool out of thiy sight, and have made I will drive iree from thy station, understand this. When the thee a great name, like unto the and from thy state shall be pull wicked spring as the grass, and name of the great men that are thee down.

when all the workers of intquity in the earth.

Jer. xlviii, 10–12. Cursed be he do flourish; it is that they shall be 2 Sam. xii,7,8... Thugsaith the that doeth the work of the LORD

destroyed ior ever, LORD God of Israel, I anointed deceitfully, and cursed be he that Eccles. vill, 11-13. Because sen. thee king over Israel, and I de- keepeth back his sword from tence against an evil work is not livered thee out of the hand of blood. Moab hath been at ease executed speedily, therefore the Saul. And I gave thee thy mas- from his youth, and he bath heart of the sons of men is fully ter's house, and thy master's settled on his lees, and hath not set in them to do evil. Though wives into thy bosom, and gave been emptied from vessel to a sinner do evil an hundred times thee the house of Israel and vessel, teither bath be gone into and his drys be prolonged, yet of Judah; and if that had been too

captivity; therefore his taste re- surely I know that it shall be little, I would moreover have mained in him, and his scent is well with them that fear God, given unto thee such and such not changed. Therefore, behold, which fear before him: But it things.

the days come, saith the LORD, I sball not be well with the wicked,


peither shall be prolong his days, | forth fruit: thou art near in their enica between the Egyptians and tohich are as a shadow; because mouth, and far from their reins. Israel. be feareth not before God.

Hab. 1, 3, 4, 13, 17. Why dost Num. xiv, 34 35. After the num“

thou shew me iniquity, and cause ber of the days in which yo FOR GOD is GOVERNOR AND me to behold grievance? for spoil- searched the land, eren forty JUDGE.

ing and violence are before me: days, (each day for a year) shall 1 Chron. xvi, 14, 15. He is the and there are that raise up strife ye bear your iniquitis, ercú torty LORD our God; his judgments are and contention. Therefore the years, and ye shall know my in a l the earth. Be yo mindful law is slacked, and judgment doth breach of promise. I the Lorn always of his covenant, the word never go forth: for the wicked have said, I will surely do it unto which he commanded to a thou- doth coinpass about the righteous; all this evil congregation, that are sand generations.

therefore wrong judgment pro- gathered together against me: in Job xxi, 22. Shall any teach God ceedeth. Thou art of purer eyes this wilderness they shall be conknowledge? seeing he judgetla look on iniquity: wherefore look

than to behold evil, and canst not sumed, and there they shall die. those that are high.

Job xv, 31. Let not him that is Job xxiii, 7. There the righteons treacherously, and holdest thy vanity shall be his recompence. est thou upon them that deal

deceived trust in vanity; for might dispute with him: so should tongue when the wicked devonrI be deiivered for ever from my eth the man that is more right

Job xvill, 7. The steps of his Judge.

evus than he? Shall they therefore strength shall be straitened, and Ps. vii, 8. The LORD shall judge empty their net, and not spare his own counsel shall cast him

down. the people: judge me, o Lokd, continually to sliy the nations? according to my righteousness,

Job xxxiv, 11. For the work of and according to mine integrity LORD with your words: yet ye and cause every man to find

Mal il, 17. Ye have wearied the

a man shall be render unto him, that is in me.

say, Wherein have we wearied Ps. ix. 8. And he shall judge him? When ye say, Every one

according to his ways. the world in righteousness, lie that doeth evil is good in the sight

P3. vii, 15. Ile made a pit, and shall minister judgment to the of the Lord, and lie delighteth in digged it, and is fallen into the people in uprightness.

thern; or, Where is the God of ditch which he made. Ps. 1, 4, 6. IIe shall call to the judguient?

PS. XxxvII, 14, 15. The wicked heavens from above, and to the Mal ill, 15. And now we call bave drawn out the sword, and earth, that he may judge bis the proud happy; yea, they that have bent their bow, to cast down people. And the beavens shall work wickedness are set up; yea; the poor and needly, and to slay declare his righteousness: for God they that tempt Gud are even de such as be of upright conversais judge himself. Selah. livered.

tion. Their sword shall enter


bows shall be broken. Job xxi, 6-9 Even when I re

Ps. xciv, 23. And he shall bring

ED IN ITS DISCRIMINAmember I am afraid, and tremb

upon them their own iniquity, and ling taketo hold on my flesh.


sball cut them off in their own Wherefore do the wicked live, Exod. viii, 22, 23. And I will wickedness; yea, the LORD our become oid, yea, are mighty in sever in that day the land of God shall cut them off. power? Their seed is established Goshen, in which my people Prov. v, 22. His own iniquities in their siglit with them, and their dwell, that no swarms of flies shall take the wicked himself, off-pring before their eyes. Their shall be there; to the end ihuu and he shall be hulden with tho houses are safe from fear, neither mayest know that I am the LORD cords of his sins. is the rod of God upon them. in the midst of the earth. And I Job xxiv, 12. Men groan from will put a division between my a pit shall fali therein; and he that

Prov. xxvi, 27. Whoso diggeth ont of the city, and the soul of the people and thy peuple: to-morrow rolleth a stone, it wvill return upon wounded crieth out; yet God shall this sigu be.

him. layeth not folly to them.

Exod. ix, 4-.7, 26. And the LORD Eccles. x, 8, 9. He that diggeth Ps. Ixxiil, 2-4, 13-15. But aa for shall sever between the cattle of a pit sball fall into it; and wioso me, my feet were almost gone; Israel and the cattle of Egypt: breaketh an hedge, a serpent my steps had well nigh silpped and there shall nothing die of all shall bite him. Whoso removeth For I was envious at the foolish, that is the children's of Israel. stones shall be hurt therewith, when I saw the prosperity of the And the LORD appointed a set and be that cleaveth wood shall wickel. For there are no bands time, saying, To-morrow the LORD be endangered thereby. in their death; but their strength shall do this thing in the land. is fum. Verily I have cleansed And the LORD did that thing on ed! it shall be ill with him; for the

Isa. Ill. 11. Wue unto the wickmy bieart in vain, and washed my tlie morrow, and all the cattle of reward of his hands shall be given hands in inuocency. For all the Egypt died: but of the cattle of

bim. day long have I been plagued, the children of Israel died not and chastened every morning. one. And Pharaoh sent, and,

Jer. 1v, 18. Thy way and thy If I say, I will speak thus; behuld, behold, there was not one of thé doings have procured these things I should offeud against the gener cattle of the Israelites dead. And unto thee: this is thy wickedness, ation of thy children.

the heart of Pbaraoh was harden- because it is bitter, because it Jer. xii, 1, 2. Righteous art ed, and he did not let the people reachetli unto thine heart. thon, O LORD, when I plead with go. Only in the land of Goshen, Jer. 11, 24. And I will render the-; yet let ine talk with thee of where the children of Israel were, unto Babylon and to all the inthy judgments: Wherefore doth was there no bail.

babitants of Chaldea all their evli the way of the wicked prosper? Exod. xl, 7. But against any of that they have done in Zion in rolerefore are all they happy that the children of Israel shall not a your sight, saith the LORD. deal very treacherously? Thou dog move his tongue, against man Hosea xií, 2. The Lord hath hast planted them; yea, ihey have or beast; that ye may know how also a controversy with Judah, taken root: they grow; they bring that the LORD doth put a differ- and will punish Jacob according



to his ways; according to his do- concerning which I sware to make his uprightness feareth the LORD: ings will be recompeuse uiin. you dwell tlierein, save Caleb the but he that is perverse in uls ways

Obad. 15. For the day of the son of Jephunneh, and Joshua the despiseth bim. LORD is near upon all the heathen: son of Non. And the men which

Prov. xxi, 8. The way of man is as thou hast dune,

shall be done Moses sent to search the land, who froward and strange: but as for unto thee; thy reward shall re- returned, and made all the con- the pure, his work is right. turn upon thine own head.

gregation to murmur against him,
by bringing up a slander upon the

Prov. xxvill, 1. The wicked fing Malth. xxiv, 10. Then shall two land. Even those men, that did when no man pursueth: but the be in the field; the one shall be bring up the evil report upon the righteous are bold as a lion, taken, and the other left. lund, died by the plague before

Prov. xxix, 6. In the transgresa Luke iv, 25-27. But I tell you the LORD. But Joshua the son of sion of an evil man there is a stare: of a truth, many widows were in Nun, and Caleb the son of Je- but the rigutevus duth sing and Israel in the days of Elias, when phunnel, which were of the men rejoico. the heaven was shut up three ihat went to search the land, lived Isa. Ixv,13,14. Therefore thus saith years and six months, when great still. And Moses told these say- the Lord Gud, Behold, my servants iamine was throughout all the ings unto all the children of Israel: shall eat, but ye shail be hungry: land; But unto pone of them was and the people mourned greatly. behold, my servants sliall drink, Elias sent, save unto Sarepta, a

Num. XXVI, 63-65. These are but ye shall be thirsty: behold, my cily of Silon, unto a svoman that they that were numbered by servants shall rejuice, but ye shall was a widow. And many lepers Mores and Eleazar the priest, who be ashamed: Behold, my servants were in Israel in the time of numbered the children of Israel shall sing for joy of heart, but ye Elis:us the prophet; and none of in the plains of Moab by Jordan shall cry for sorrow of heart, and them

cleansed, saying near Jericho. But among these shall howl for vexation of spirit. Naaman the Syrian

there was not a man of them Luke xvil, 34-36. I tell you, in whom Moses and Aaron the priest unto him, Go trongli the midst of

Ezek. 1x. 4-6. And the LORD said that might there shall be two men numbered, when they numbered the city, through the midst of Jein one bed; the one shall be taken, the children of Israel iu the wil rusalem, and set a mark upon the and the other shall be left. Two derness of Sinit. For the LORD foreheads of the men that sigh and women shall be grinding together; had said of tliem, They shall surely that cry for all the abominations the one shall be takeu, and the die in the wilderness. And there that be done in the midst thereof. other left. Two men shall be in was uot left a man of thein, save And to the others he said in mine the field; the one shall be taken, Culeb the son of Jephunnels, and hearing, Go ye atter him through and the other leit. Jostiua the son of Nun,

the city, and smite; let not your

Deut. 1v, 3, 4. Your eyes have eye spare, neither have ye pity: Judges i, 6. 7. But Adoni-bezek seen what the LORD did because say utierly old and young, botla fed; and they pursued after him, of Biul peor: for all the inen that maids, and little children, and and' ciught him, and cut off his followed Bual-peor, the LORD thy women; but come not near any thumbs and his great toes. And God hath destroyed them from man upon whom is the mark; and Adoni-bezek salud, Threescore and among you. But ye that did cleave begin at my sanctuary. Then ten kings, having their thumbs unto the LORD your God are alive they began at the ancient men and their great toes cut off, ga- every one of you this day.

which were before the house. thered their meat under my table: 2 Sam. xxii, 26-28. With the mer- 2 John 9. Whosoever trans. as I bare done, so God liath re- ciful thou wilt shew thiyself mer- gresseth, and abideth not in the quited me. And they brought him citul; and with the upright man doctrine of Christ, hath not God: to Jerusalem, and there he died. thou wilt sliew thyselt upright. he that abidoth in the doctrine of

Julges ix. 55-57. Anil when the With the pure thou wilt slew thy Christ, he hath buth the Father men of Israel saw that Abimelech sell pure; and with the froward and the Son. was dead, they departed every | And the afflicted peuple tliou wilt

thou will show thyself unsavoury. man unto his place. Thus God save: but thine eyes are upon the

CONTRAST OFTEN PRErendered the wickelness of Abi- laughty, that thou mayest brios

SENTED. melech, which he did unto his fa

them down. ther, in slaying his seventy brethren; And all the evil of the men Ps. xviii, 25-27. With the mer.

2 Chr. xv, 2. A

he went or of Shechem did God render upon ciful thou wilt shew thyself merci. their leads: and upon them came ful; with an upright mun thou wilt to meet Asa, and said unto him, the curse of Jotbam the son of shew thyself upright; With the Ilear ye me, Asa, and all Julah Jerobbaal. pure thou wilt show thyself pure;

and Benjinin; The LORD is with and with the froward thou wilt yon, while yo be with him; and if Esther ix, 25;. But when Esther shiew thyself froward. For thou ye seek, lim, he will be found of min led by letters, that his wicked wilt briug down high looks. came before the king, be com; will save the allicted people; but you; but if se forsako lilm, he will

forsake yon. device, which he devised against the Jews, should return upon his

P3. XXXVII, 17. For the arms of Job vill, 20-22. Behold, God will own bitail, and that he and bis the wicked shall be broken: but not cast away a perfect man, sons should be hanged on the the LORD upholdeth the righteous. neither will he help the ovil gullows.

Ps. xci, 7-9. A thousand shall doers; Till be fill thiy mouth with

fall at thy side, and ten thonsand laughing, and thy lips with rejvicTIIE Reasoy.

at thy right band; but it shall not ing. They that hate thee shall be Num. xiv, 24, 30, 36-39. But myser- come vigh thee. Only with thine clothed with slame; and the dwellvant Cleb, because he had another eyes shalt thou behold and see the ing place of the wicked shall coine

to nought spirit with bim, and liath followed reward of the wicked. Because me fully, him will I bring into the thou hast made the LORD which is Ps. 1, 6. For the Lord knoweth land whereunto he went; and his my refuge, even the Most High, the way of the righteous: but the seed shall possess it Doubtless thy habitation.

way of the ungodly shall perish. ge shall not come into the land Prov. xiv, 2. He that walketh in Ps. xxxii, 10, 11. Many sorrows


shall be to the wicked: but he that stroyed: but he that feareth the ment: but the righteous into lifo trusteth in the LORD, mercy shall commandment shall be rewarded. eterual, compass hiin abont. Be glad in Evil pursuetli sinners: but to the

1 Pet. iv, 17, 18. For the time is the LORD, and rejoice, yo right- righteous good shall be repaid.

come that judgment must begin ebus; and shout for joy, all ye that are upright in heart.

Prov. xiv, 19, 22, 34. The evil at the house of God: and in it

bow before the good; and the first begin at us, what shall the Proy ill, 32. For the froward is wicked at the gates of the right- end be of them that obey not the abom na'ion to the LORD: but his eous. Do they not err that de-gospel of God? And if ihe righsecret is with the righteous. vise evil? but mercy and truth teous scarcely be saved, where Prov. x, 6.9, 24, 25, 29, 30. Bless

shall be to them that devise good. shall the ungodly and tho siuner ings are opon the bead of the bul sin is a reproach to any

Righteousness exalteth a nation : appear? just: but vi lence covereth the mouth of the wicked.

people. Ho

5th. - TIE LOT IN ANCIENT that walketh uprightly walketh Prov. XV, 9. The way of tho

TIMES AN APPEAL TO Buroly: but he that perverteth his wicked is an abomination unto the

PROVIDENCE. ways shall be known. The fear LORD: but he loveth in that fulof the wicked, it shall como opon loweth after rigliteousness.

Num xxvi, 55, 56. Notwithstandbim: but the desire of the righte

Prov. xix, 16. He that keepething the land shall be divided by ons shall be granted. As the the commandment keepeth his lot: according to the nimes of this whirlwind passeth, so is the wick

own soul: but he that despiseth his tribes of their fathers they shall ed no more: but the righteous is ways shall die.

inherit. According to the lot shall an everlasting foundation. The way of the LORD is strength to Prov. xxi. 18. The wicked shall the possession thereof be divided

between many and few. the upright: but destruction shall be a ransım for the righteous, be to ino workers of iniquity. The and the transgressor for tho up.

Numb. xxxiv, 16-29. And the rigliteous shall never be removed: right,

LORD spake unto Moses, saying,

These are the names of the men but the wicked shall not inhabit

Prov. xxii,5. Thorns and snares which shall divide the land unto the earth.

are in the way of the froward; he you: Eleazır the priest, and JoProv. x1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 11, 19, 20 21,31. that doth keep Liis soul shall be shua the son of Nun. And ye shill The integrity of the upright small far from them.

take one prince of every tribe, guide them; but tlie pervers ness Prov. xxviii. 18. Whoso walketh to divide the land by iuleritance. of transgressors shall destroy uprightly shall be s.ved: but he and the names of the men are them. The rigliteousness of the that is perverse in his ways sliall these: Of the tribe of Judah, C. perfect shall direct his way: but full at once.

leb the son of Jephinneh. And The wicked shall fall by his own

of the tribe of the children of Si. wicke iness. The rigliteousness of Mal, iii, 17, 18. And they shall meon, Shemuel the son of Aminithe upriglit shall deliver them: but be mine, suith the LORD of hosts, buid. of the tribe of Benjamin, transgressors shall be taken in in that day when I mike up my Elwad the son of Chislon, Ain the in their oren naughtiness. When Jewels: and I will spare them, as a prince of the tribe of the children it goethi well with the righteous, man spareth his own sou that of Dan, Bukki the son of Joyli. the city rrjviceth; and when the sorveth him Then shall ye re- The prince of the children of Jowicked perish, there is shouting. turn, and discern between the seph, for the tribe of the children By the lossing of the upright the righteous and the wicked; be- 01 A masseh, Ilanniel the son of city is exa ted: but it is over- tween him that serveth God, and Eprod. And the prince of tho thrown by the month of the lim that serveth him not.

tribe of the children of Ephraim, wicked. As righteousness tendeih

Mal. iv, 3. And ye shall tread Kemuel the son of Shiphtan. And to lite; so he that pursueth evil, down the wicked; for they shall the prince of the tribe of the chil. pursueth it to his own death. be aslies under the soles of your dren of Zebulun, Elizaplan thie They that are of a froward heart feet in the day that I shall do this, son of Parnach. And the prince are abomination to the Lond: but suith the LueD uf hosts.

of the tribe of the children of Issuch as are npright in their way

sacher, Paltiel the son of Azzin. are his delight. Though hant


And the prince of the tribo vi the Juin in hand, the wicked shall not

children of Asher, Alihud the son be unpunished: but the seed of 1 Chron. xxviil, 9. And thou, of Shelomi. And the prince of the the righteous sliall be delivered. Solomon, my son, know tliou the tribe of the children of Napilit.uli, Behold the righteous shall be re- ciod of thy father, and serve him Pedahel the son of Ainud. compensed in the earth; much with a perfect heart, and with a These are they whom the LORD mure the wicked and the sioner. willing mind; for the LORD search couimanded to divide the inherita

I'rov. xii, 2, 3.7, 21. A good man eth all hearts, and understand- tance unto the children of Israel obtained fivoor of the LRD: bul eth all the inaginations of the in the land of Canaun. a man of wicked devices will be thoughts: if thou seek bim, he conleinn. A man shall not be eswill be found of thee; but if ihou

Josh. vii, 14, 16-18 In the morntablishel by wickedness but the forsake hiin, he will cast thee vir ing therefore ye shall be brought rool of the righteous shall not be for ever.

according to your tribes; and it moved. The wicked are over

P3. cxxv, 5. As for such as turn shall be, that the tribe which the thrown, and are noi: but the aside unto their crvoked ways, the

L.ORD taketli shull come according house of the righteous shall

stanu. LORD shall lead thein forth with to ile families thereof; and, the There shall nu evit happen to the the workers ot iniquity: but peace family which the LORD sull take jasi; but the wicked shall be filled shall be upon Israel.

shall come by households; and the with mischiet.

household which the LORD shall

Prov. xiv, 32. The wicked is take shall come man by man. So Prov. xili, 6. 13, 21. Righteous driven away in bis wickedness, Joshua rose up early in the mornn 8i kcepetli him that is upright but the rigliteous butli hope in his ing, and brought Israel by their in Lue way: but wickedness overdeath.

tribes; and the tribe of Judah throweth the winner. Whoso de- Batth. XXV, 46. And theso shall was taken. And he brought the spiset thu word shall be de- go away into everlastlog puuisu-l family of Judub; and lie took the


family of the Zarbites: and he one to his fellow, Come, and let, of Moses, that thou mayest pro brought the family of the Zarhites us cast lots, that we may know sper in all that thou doest, and man by mu; and Zabdi was for whose cause this evil is upon whithersoever thou turnest thytaken: And he brought his house- us. So they cast lots, and the lot self. hold man by man; and Achan, the fell upon Jonah.

1 Chron. xl, 9. So David waxed son of Carmi, the son of Zabdi, the

greater and greater; for the LORD son of Zerali, of the tribe of Ju- Prov. xvi. 33. The lot is cast of hosts was with bim. dah, was taken. into the lap; but the whole dis

1 Chron. xxii, 13. Then shalt 1 Sam. x, 19-21. And ye have this posing thereof is of the LORD.

thon prosper,

if thou takest heed day rejected your God, who him- Prov. xviii, 18. The lot causeth to fuifl the statutes and judgBeli sived you out of all your ad-contentions to cease, and parteth ments which the Lord charged versities and your tribulations; between the mighty.

Moses with concerning Israel: be and ye have said unto him, Way, Dan. xii, 13. But go thou thy strong, and of good courage; but set a king over us. Now way till the end be: for thou shalt dread not, nor be dismayed. therefore presentyourselves before rest, and stand in thy lot at the 2 Chron. xvii, 3-5. And the the LORD by your tribes, and by end of the days.

LORD was with Jehoshaphat, bem your thousands, And when Sa

Micah ii, 5. Therefore thou shalt cause he walked in the first ways muel bad caused all the tribes of have none that shall cast a cord of his father David, and sought Israel to come near, the tribe of by lot in the congregation of the not unto Balaam; But sought to Benjamin was taken. When he LORD.

the LORD God of his father, and had caused the tribe of Benjamin

walked in his cominandments, to come near by their families, the

(AFFLICTIVE PROVIDENCES, and not after the doings of Israel: family of Matri was taken, and

Therefore the LORD stablished the

See under Disease and Death.) Saul the son of Kish was taken:

kingdom in his hand; and all and when they sought him, he

Judah brought to Jehoshaphat could not be found.


presents; and he had ricles and ASPECTS OF PROVIDENCE honour in abundance. 1 Sam. xiv, 39.-42. For, as the LORD liveth, which saveth Israel, | TOWARDS THE RIGHTEOUS. 2 Chron. xxvil, 6. So Jotham though it be in Jonathan my son,


became mighty, because he prehe shall surely die. But there was not a man among all the Deut. xxviii, 11, 13. And the pared his ways before the LORD

his God. people that answered him. Tben LORD shall make thee plenteous in

Job iv, 5, 6. But now it is come said he unto all Israel, Be ye on goods, in the fruit of thy body, one side, and I and Jonathan my and in the fruit of thy cattle, and upon thee, and thou faintest; it son will be on the other side. And in the fruit of thy ground, in the toucheth thee, and thou art the people said unto Saul, Do land which the LORD sware unto troubled. Is not this thy fear, thy wliat seemeth good unto tliee. thy fathers to give thee. And conndence, thy hope, and the upTherefore Saul said unto the LORD the LORD shall make the the rightuess of thy ways? God of Israel, Give a perfect lot. head, and not the tail; and thou Job xxxvi, 11. If they obey and And Saul and Jonaihan were shalt be above only, and thou serve him, they shall spend their taken; but the people escaped. shalt not be beneath; if that thou days in prosperity, and their And Saul said, Cast lots between hearken unto the commandments years in pleasures. me and Jonathan my son. And of the LORD thy God, which I

Prov. ii, 21. For the upriglit Jonathan was taken,

command thee this day, to observe sball dwell in the land, and the

and to do them. 1 Chron. xxiv, 5, 31. Thus were

perfect shall remain in it.

Deut. xxx 9, 10. And the LORD they divided by lot, one sort with

Prov. xxiv, 10. If thou faint in another; for the governors of the thy

God will make thee plenteous the day of adversity, thy strength

in every work of thine hand, in is small. sanctuary, and governor of the house of God, were of the sons of fruit of thy catile, and in the fruit obedieut, ye shall eat the good of the fruit of thy body, and in the

Isa. I, 19. If ye be willing and Eleazar, and of the sons of Itha of thy land, for good: for the nur. These likewise cast lots LORD will again rejoice over thee

tho land. over against their brethren the for good, as he rejoiced over thy

Isa. Iil, 10. Say ye to the sons of Aaron in the presence of Davil the king, and Zaduk,

and fathers; If thou shalt hearken righteous, that it shall be well Abimelech, and the chief of the unto the voice of the LORD thy with him, for they shall eat the fatliers of the priests and Levites God, to keep bis commandments, fruit of their doings. even the principal fathers over ten in this book of the law, and if living man complain, a man for

and his statutes, which are writ- Lam. ill. 39. Whereunto doth a against their younger brethren.

thuu turn unto the LORD thy God the punishment of bis sins. 1 Chron. XXV, 8. And they cast with all thine heart, and with all lois, ward against ward, as well thy soul. the sinall as the great, the teacher

2 Sam. V, 10. And David went


on, and grew great; and the LORD 1 Chron. xxvi, 13. And they cast God of hosts was with him.

Gen, vil, 1. And the LORD said lots, as well the sinall as the

unto Noah, Come thou and all great, according to the house of 2 Sam. vi, 8. And David was thy house into the ark: for thee their fathers, for every gate.

displeased, because the LORD bad have I seen righteous before mo

made a breach upon Uzzah: and in this generation, Esth. 111, 7 I 1 the first month, that he called the name of the place is, the moun Nisan, in the twelfth Perez-uzzah to this day.

2 Kings xxii, 18--20. But to the year of king Ahasuerus, they cast

king of Judah, which sent you to Pur, that is, ibe lut, before llaman

1 Kings ii, 3. And keep the enquire of the LORD thus shall yo froin day to day, and from month charge of the

LORD thy God, to say to him. Thus saith the Lord to month, to the twelfth month, statutes, and his commandments, words which thou hast leard;

walk in his ways, to keep his God of Israel, As touching the that is, the month Adar.

and his judgments, and his testi- Because thine heart was tender, Jonah 1,7. And they said every monies, as it is written in the law I and thou hast humbled thyseli

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