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satisfy ng early with thy mercy, / sore ran in the night, and ceased, Ps. xllv, 23. Awake, why sleep that we may rejoice and be glad not: my soul refused to be com est thou, O LORD?, cast us all our days. Make us glad ac- tortou.

not off for ever. cording to the days wherein tbou

Ps. Ixxxvi, 1. Bow down thino Ps. Ixix, 1, 2. 14. 15. Save me, O hast afllicted us, and the years ear, 0 LORD. hear me, for I am Gol; for the waters are come in wherein we have seen evil. Ani poor and needy.

unto my soul. I sink in deep let the beauty of the LORD our

Ps. 1xxxvili, 2 3. 14-17. Let my mire, where there is no starding: God be upon us; and establish prayer come before thee; incline

I am come into deep Waters, thou the work of sur hands upon thine ear unto my cry; For my where the floods overflow me us yea, the work of our bauds svul is full of troubles, and my life Diliver me out of the mire, and establish thon it.

drawetli nigh into the grave. let me not sink: let me be deliverPs. cxvill, 25. Save now, I be- Lori), why castest thou off my ed from them that hite me, and seech thee, O LORU: O Lord. I be- soul' why widest thon thy face out of the derp waters Let not seech theo, send now prosperity. from mu? I am afflicted and the water - flood overf, w


rearly to die fr in my youth up: neither let the deep swallow me

while I suffer thy terrors l an up. and let not the pit shut her Ps. vi, 1. O LORD, rebuke me distracted. Thy Bierce wrath go- mouth upon me. Dot in ih ne anger, neither chas. eth over me; this terrors have cut! Ps. Ixxi, 12. O God, be not far ten me in thy hot displeasure. me off. They came runnd about froin me: v my God, male hasta

Ps. xiii, 3, 4. Consider and hear i me daily like water; they com- for my help. me, O LORD my God: lighteo inine 'passed me about together.

Ps. Ixxx. 7, 19. Turn ns again, eyes, lest I sleep the sleep. of Ps. cxix, 25, 28, 29, 107. 153. My O God of hosts, and canse thy death; Lest mine enemy say. I Boul cleaveth unte thie dust; face to shine; and we shall be have prevailed against him; and quicken thou me according to thy sved. Turn us azıin, O LORD those that Trouble me rejuice word. My sul melleth for heavi. God of liosts, cause thy face to when I am moved,

ness: strengthen thou me accord- shine; and we shall be saved. P3. Xxil, 11. Be not far from me. ing unto thy word. Renove

Ps. Ixxxvi, 4. Rejoice the soul for irvublo is neur; for there is from me the way of lying and of thy servant: for unto thee, o Dune to help. Ps. xxv, 16, 17. Turn thee unto u afilicted very much: quicken Lord, do 1 lift up my soul.

Ps. cil, 1, 2. Hear my prayer, O me, and liave mercy upon me; for me, O LORD, according to thy

word. I am «lesolate and unlicted. The

Consider mino afilictiou, LORD, and let my cry come unto troubles of iny leart are onlarg. and deliver me: for 1 do not forget thee. llide not thy face from ine od! o bring thivu ino out of iny

in the day when I am in trouble; thy law. dis resses.

incline thine ear unto me: in the

Ps. cxliii 11, 12 Quicken me, O PS. xxxi, 9. Have mercy upon richteousness' siku bring my soul LR, lor by namnes sitke: fortliy day when I call, answer me

speedily. . me, o kuro, for I am tu trouble, ont of trouble. And williy mercy

Ps. cxix, 123, 135, 173. Mino minio eye is consumed with grief; ni ull mine ononies, indestruy eyes fall for thy salvation, and for yea, my soul and my belly. Ps. xxxvili , 1. 2. 01.0RD, rebliko am iliy servitut. all them that alllict iny soul: for i the word of thy righteousness.

Make thy face to shine upou try me not in thy wrath; neither


servant; and Jer. x, 23, 24. O LORD, I know

thy cha ten me in thiy hot displeasure that the way of man is not in

statutes. Let thine hand help Forihiwe arrow's slick bust in mo, himself it is not in man that me; for I have chosen thy preand thy hand presseth my pure. walketh to direct bis steps. ()

cepts. Ps. xxxix, 10, 12, 13. Remove LORD, correct me, but with Judg

P3. cxxx, 1, 2. Out of the depths thy struke away from me: ! am ment; not in thine anger, lest thou have I cried unto tliee, O LORD. "consumed by the blow of thine bring me to nothing.

LORD, hear my voice; let thing hund. Hour my prayer, 0 LORI),

ears be attentive to the voice of and give ear unto my cry; hold

Jer. xvii, 14. lleal me, O LORD, my supplications. not thy peace ut my tears: for 1 and I shall be healed; save me.

Ps. cxliil, 6, 7. I stretch forth am a stranger with thee, and a and I sliall be saved: fur thou art my hands unto thee: my soul 8oj triver, is all my fathers were. my praise

thirstelh after thee, as a thirsty O spare me, that I may recover

land. Selah. llear me speehily, strengih, before I go hence, and PRAYER IN GREAT SORROW O LORD; my spirit faileth: hide not be to more.


thy face from me, lest I be like Ps.lvll, 1. Be merciful unto me, o God, be merciful unto me; for from me, O LORD: O my strength,

P3. xxil, 19. But be not thou far unto them that go down into the

pit. my soul trusteth in thee: yea, in haste thoo w help me.

Ps. cxliv, 7, 8. Send thine hand the shadow of thy wings will I make my refuge, until these have mercy upon me: LORD, be me out of great Waters, from the

Ps. xxx, 10. Hear: 0 LORD, and froin above; rid me, and deliver calamities be uverpast. thou my lielper.

band of strange children; Whose Ps. Ixix, 17, 18, 29, 30. And hide

month speaketh vanity; and their not thy face from thy servaut; for

P3. XXXI, 16. Make thy face to right band is a right bund of I am in irvuble: hear me specully. shlue upon thy servant: suve me falsehood. Draw nigli unto my sunl, and for thy inercies' sake.

Lam. V, 20, 21. Wherefore dost recem i1: deliver me because of Ps. xxxviii, 21, 22. Forsake me thou forget us for ever, and furmine eleintes. But I am poor not, O LORD: O iny God, be not far sake us so long time? "Turo thou and sorrowful: let thy salvation. from ine. Make baste to help me, us unto thee, O LORD, and we O God, set mu up on high. I will O Lord my salvation,

shall be turned; renew vur days praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with needy; vet the LORD thinketh up

Ps. xl, 17. But I am poor and as of old. thanksgiving on me; thou art my help and my

IN OLD AGE AND DEATII. Ps. Ixxvil, 2. In the day of my deliverer, make no tarrying, o my Ps. xxxi, 5. Into thine hand trouble I sought the LORD; my God.

I'commit my spirit: thou hast


redeemed me, O LORD God of thee. Deliver me from all my Ps. xxv, 4. 5. Show me thy truth.

transgresslunx make me not the ways, O LORD; teach me thy P8. xxxix, 4. LORD, make me to reproach of the foolish. I was patlis. Lead me in thy truth, know mine end, and the measure dumb. I opened not my mouths; and teach me: for thou art ihe of my days, what it is; that I may because thou didst it.

God of my salvation; on thee do know how frail I am.

P3. II, 1, 2, 9, 14. Have mercy

I wait all the duy. Ps. Ixxl, 9. Cast ine not off in upon me, O God, according to thy Ps. xxvil. 11. Teach me thy the time of old age; forsake me loving-kin:lness; according, unto way, O LORD, and loud me in a not when my strength faileth.

the multitude of thy teuder plain path, because of mino

mercies blot out my transgres- enemies.
sions. Wash me throughly from

Ps. cxir. 26 27, 33 34 64 66 68, mine iniquity, and cleanse me Zech, viii, 20-22. Thus saith the from my sin. He thy faco froin 73, 74, 108, 124, 123. I have deciured LORD of hosts, It shall yet come my sing and blot out all min my ways, and thou hear lest ine: to pass, that there shall come

Deliver me iniquities.

teach me thy statutes. Make me

from people, and thie inhabitants of

to understand the way of thy premany cities: And the inhabitants of my suvaljun; and my tongue drous works. Teach me, O LUND, blood guiltiness, O God, thou God

cepts: 80 shall I talk of thy wonof onu city shall go to another, shall sing aloud of thy righteous- the way of thy statutes, and I saying. Let us go speedily to

ness, pray before tbe LORD, and to seek

shall keep it unto the end. Give the LORD of hosts: I will go also.

P3. Ixxxv, 7. Show us thyme under tan iing and I shall Yea, many people and strong mercy: O LORD, and grant us thy keep thiy law; yeu, I shall observe nations shall come to seek the salvation.

it with my whole heart. The LORD of hosts in Jerusalem, and Ps. Ixxxvi, 16, 17. O turn unto earth, O LOBU, is full of thy to pray before the LORD.

me, and have mercy upon me: mercy: trach mne thy statutes. Matth. xvill, 19. 20. Again I say give thy strength unto thy ser- Teach me good judgment und anto you, That if two of you shvil vant, and save the son of thine knowledge: for I have believed

Thou art agree on earth as touching any haudmi. Show me a token fur thy commandmen s. thing that they shall ask, it shall good; that they which hate me good, and dvest good: teach me be done for them of iny Father inay see it, and be ashamed: be- thy statutes. Thy hands have which lg in lavaven. For where cause thou, LURD, last holpen me, made me, and fashioned me: give

me understanding, that I may two or three are gathered to and comforted nie. gether in my name, there ann I in Ps. cxix, 76, 77. Let, I pray thee, learn thy commandments. They the midst of them. thy merciful kindness lie for my

that fear thee will be glad when with one accord in prayer and mercies come unto me, that I may mouth, O Lord, and touch me thay Acts 1, 14. These all continged confort, accorving to thy word they see me; because I have hopo:1 unto thy servant. Let thy tender in thy woril. Accrpt, I beseech

thee, the free-will-offerings of my Mary the mother of Jesus,' and live: for tly law is my delight.

judgments. Deal with thy ser with his breturen.

P3. cxxxix, 23, 24. Search me, vant inccording unto thy mercy,

O God, and knuit my heart; try and teach me iliy statuies. I an PRAYER FOR TIIE DIVINE

me, and know my thoughts; Aud thy servant; give me un lerstand

see if there be any wicked way in ing, thut I'muy kuow thy testi. MERCY.

me, anil lead me in the way ever- monies. Job vil, 21. And why dost thou / lasting. not pardon my transgression, and

Ps. cxlili, 9, 10. Deliver me, O

Hab. iii, 2. O Lord, I bave heard LOND, from inive enemies: 1 tles take away mine iniquity? for now thy speech, and was afraid: o unto thee to bide me. Teach me shall I sleep in the dust; and thou LORD, revive thy work in the to do thy will; for thou art my shall seek me in the morning, but must of the years, in the midst of God: thy Spirit is good; lead mo I shall not be.

the years make known; in wrath into the land of uprightness. Job xiii, 23. How many are remember mercy. mine iniquities and sins? maka

EXAMPLES me to know my transgression and


TEMPORAL THINGS. P3. iv, 1. Hear me when I call,

Exod. xxxiii, 12, 13. And Moses O Gud of my righteousness: thou

1 Sam. ix, 19, 20. And Samuel hast enlarged me when I was in salu unto the LORD, See, thou answered Saul, and sudd, I am llio distress; liave mercy upon me, and people; and thou hast not let me high place; for ye shull eat

sayest anto me, Bring up this seer: go up before, me uutu tlie hear my prayer.

kauw whom thou wilt send with with me to-day; and to-m rrow I Ps. xxv,7, 11, 18. Remember not we; yet thou hast silid, I know will let thee go, and will tell theo the sins of my youth, uor my thee by name, anu tlou hast also all that is in thine heart. And as transgressions: accurding to thy found grace in my sight. Now for thine asses that were lost mercy remember thou me for tly therefore, I pray thee, if I have three duys ago, set uot thy miud goodluess' suke, O LORD. Furthy found grace in thiy sight,, slew on them, for they are found. name's sake, O Lord, purdun miue

me now thy way, t. at I may iviquity; for it is great. Loukkoow thee, liiat I may find grace

1 Kings xiv, 1-4. At that timo upon wine affliction und my pain, in tly siglt; and consider that Avijali The son of Jerobum fell and forgive uli my sius. this nativu is thy people.

sick. Aud Jeroboam suid to his P3. XXVI, 11. But as for me, I will Job xlll, 4. Hear, I beseech guise thyself, that thou do not

wife, Arise, I pray thee, and diswalk in mine integrity: redeein thue, and I will speak: I will de- known to be the wile of Jero me, and be merciful uuto me. mand thee, and declare thou boum; and get thee 10 Shilub:

Ps. Ixvi1, 7. Hear, I LORD, when unto me. I cry with my voice: have mercy

behold, there is Alijah the pro

P3. V, 8. Lead mo, O LORD, in phet, which told me that I should also upon me, and answer me.

tby righteousness because of be king over this people. Aud Ps. xxxix, 7-9. And now, LORD, mine enemies; make thy way take with thee ten lvaves, and what wait I for? my hope is in straight before my face.

cracknels, and a ci Uso of honey, 663

my siu.

and go to him: he shall tell thee / up for us against the Canaanites | Then sald David, O LORD God of what shall become of the child. first, to fight against them? Israel, thy servant bad certainly And Jeroboam's wife did so, and

Judges xviii, 3-6. When they heard that Saul seeketh to come to arose, and went to Shiloh, and

were by the house of Micah, they Keilah, to destroy the city for my came to the house of Ahijah. But knew the voice of the young man sake. Will the men of Keilah Ahijah could not see; for his eyes the Levite: and they turned in deliver me up into his band? will were set by reason of his age.

thither, and said unto him, Who Saul come down, as thy servant 2 Kings vili, 14. So he departed brought thee hither? and what hath heard? O LORD God of from Elisha, and came to his makest thou in this placer and Israel, I beseech thee, tell thy master; who said to him, What what hast thou here? And he servant. And the LORD said, Ho said Elisha to thee? And he an- said unto them, Thus and thus will come down. Then said swered, He told me that thou dealeth Micah with me, and hath David, Will the men of Keilah shouldest surely recover.

hired me, and I am his priest. And deliver me and my men into the

they said unto him, Ask counsel, hand of Saul? And the LORD ON SPIRITUAL THINGS. we pray thee, of God, that we may said, They will deliver thee up. 2 Kings xxii, 12, 13. And the

know whether our way which we Then David and his men, which king commanded Hilkiah the go shall be prosperous. And the were about six hundred, arose priest, and Abikam the son of priest said unto them, Go in peace: and departed out of Keilah, and Shaphan, and Achbor the son of

before the LORD is your way went whithersoever they could wherein ye go.

go. And it was told Saul that Michaiah, and Shaphan the scribe,

David was escaped from Keilab; and Asahiah a servant of the Judges xx, 18, 23, 24, 26-28. and he forbare to go forth. king's, saying, Go ye, enquire of And the children of israel arose, the Lord for me, and for the peo- and went up to the house of God, after this, that David enqnired of

2 Sam. ii, 1. And it came to pass ple, and for all Judah, concerning and asked

counsel of God, and the Lord, saying, Shall I go up the words of this book that is said, Which of us shall go up into any of the cities of Judah? found: for great is the wrath of first to the battle against the And the Lord said unto him, Go the LORD that is kindled against children of Benjamin? And the us, because our fathers have not Loro said, Judah shall go up first. shall I go up? And he said, Unto

up. And David said, Whither hearkened uuto the words of this (And the children of Israel went

Hebron. book, to do according unto all up and wept before the LORD until that which is written concerning even, and asked couusel of the 2 Sam. v, 19, 22--25. And David Us.

LORD, saying, shall I go up again enquired of the LORD saying, Jer. xxiil, 35-37. Thus shall ye to battle against the children of Shall I go up to the Philistines ? say every one to his neighbour, Benjamin my brother? And the wilt thou deliver them into mine and every one to his brother, Lord sald, Go up against them.) hand? And the Lord said unto What hath the LORD answered: And the children of Israel camé David, Go up; for I will doubtless and, What hath the LORD spoken? near against the children of Ben- deliver the Philistines into thing And the burden of the LORD shall janin the second day. Then all hand. And the Philistines came ye mention no more; for every the children of Israel, and all the up yet again, and spread themman's word shall be his burden: people, went up, and came unto selves in the valley of Rephaim. for ye have perverted the words the house of God, and wept and And when David enquired of the of the living God, of the LORD of sat there before the LORD and Lorn, he said, Thou shalt not go hosts our God. Thus shalt thou fasted that day until even, and up; but fetch a compass behind say to the prophet, What hath offered burnt-offerings and peace-them, and come upon them over the Lord answered thee? and, offerings before the LORD. And against the mulberry-trees. And What hath the LORD spoken?

the children of Israel enquired of let it be, when thou bearest the Jer. xlil, 1-3. Then all the cap-nant of God was there in those the mulberry-trees, that theu thou

the LORD, (for the ark of the cove- sound of a going in the tops of tains of the forces, and Johanan the son of Kareah, and Jezaniah / days; And Phinehas the son of shalt bostir thysell: for then shall the son of Hoshalah, and all the Eleazar, the son of Aaron, stood the Lord go out before thee, to people, from the least oven unto

before it in those days,) saying, smite the host of the Philistines. the greatest, came near,


Shall I yet again go out to battle And David did so, as the LORD said unto Jeremiah the prophet, / against the children of Benjamin had commanded lim; and smote Let, we beseech thee our suppli- my brother, or shall I cease? And the Philistines from Geba until cation be accepted before thee,

the LORD said, Go up; for to-mor- thou come to Gazer. and pray for us unto the LORD thy tow

I will deliver them into thino 1 Chron. xiv, 10, 11. And David

hand. God, even for all this remgant;

enquired of God, sayiug, Shall I (for we are left but a few of many, 1 Sam. xxill, 1--4, 10--13. Then go up against the Philistines and as thine eyes do behold us;) That they told David, saying, Behold, wilt ihuu deliver them into mme the LORD thy God may sliew us the Philistines fight against hand? And the Lord said unto the way wherein we may walk, Kellah, and they rob the thresho him, Go up; for I will deliver them and the thing that we may do. ing-floors. Therefore David en into thine hand. So they came to

Zech. vil, 3. And to speak unto quired of the LORD, saying. Sball Baal-perazim; and David smoto the priests which were in the Aid the Lord said unto David, God liath broken in upon mine

go and smite these Philistines? them there. Then David said, house of the Lord of hosts, and to Go and smite the Philistines, and enemies by mine hand like the the prophets, saying, Should I weep in the fifth month, soparaf said unto himn, Behold,we be afraid fore they called the name of that

save Keilah. And David's men breaking forth of waters: thereing myself, as I have done these here in Judah; how much more place Banl perazim. 80 many years?

theu it we come to Keilah against 2 Chron, xvill, 4--7, 14. And Je.

the armies of the Philistines? hoshaphat suid unto the king of ON THE EVENTS OF WAR.

Then David enquired of the LORD | Israel, Enquire, I pray thee at the Judges 1, 1. Now, after the yet again. And the LORD an- ' word of the Lord to-day. Tbere. death oi Joshua, it caine to pass, swered him, and said, Arise, go lore the king of Israel gathered that the children of Israel asked, down to Keilah; for 1 will deliver together of prophets four hun. the Lord, saying, Whu sbull go the Philistines into thine band. 'dred men, and said unto them,



Shall we go to Ramotii-gilead to Zeph. 1, 6. And them that are PRAYER FOR THE DIVINE battle, or shall I forbear? And turned back from the LORD; and

GRACE, they said, Go up; for God will do those that have not sought the liver it into the king's hand. But LORD, por enquired for him.

P8. xvii, 4, 5. Concerning the Jehoshaphat said, Is there not

works of men, by the word of thy here a prophet of the LORD besides,

lips I have kept me from the that we might enquire of him?

ENQUIRIES UNANSWERED. paths of the destroyer. Hold up And the king of Israel said unto 1 Sam. xiv, 35-38. And Saul my goings in thy paths, that my Jehoshaphat, There is yet one built

an altar unto the LORD: the footsteps slip not. man, by whom we may enquire of same was the first altar that he Ps. xix, 11-13. Moreover, by the LORD: but I hate him; for he built unto the LORD. And Saul them is thy servant warned:' and never prophesied good unto me, said, Let us go down after the in keeping of them there is great but always evil: the same is Philistines by night, and spoil reward. Who can understand Micaiah the son of Imla. And them until the morning-light, and his errors? cleanse thou me from Jehoshaphat said, Let not the let us not leave a man of them. secret faults. Keep back thy serking say so. And when he was And they said, Do whatsoever vant also from presumptuous come to the king, the king said seemeth good unto thee. Then sins; let them not have dominion unto him, Micaiah, shall we go to said the priest, Let us draw near ever me: then shall I be upright, Ramotb-gilead to battle, or shall hither unto God. And Saul asked and I shall be innocent from the I forbear? And he said, Go ye up, counsel of God, Shall I go down great transgression. and prosper, and they shall be after the Philistines? wilt thou

PS. XXV, 19-21. Consider mine delivered into your hand.

deliver them into the ind of enemies, for they are many; and Jer. xxi, 2-4. Enquire, I pray Israel? But he answered him not they hate me with cruel hatred. thee, of the Lord for 'us," (for that day... And Saul said, Draw

O keep my soul, and deliver me: Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon se near bither all the chief of the let me not be ashamed; for I put maketh war against us,) if so be people, and know and see wherein my trust in thee. Lei integrity that the LORD will deal with us

this sin bath been this day. and uprightness preserve me; for according to all his wondrous

Ezek, xlv, 1-3, 7-10. Then came

I wait on thee. works, that he may go up from certain of the elders of Israel unto

Ps. xl, 11. Withhold not thou Then said Jeremiah unto

me, and sat before me. And the thy tender mercies from me, o them, Thus shall ye say unto word of the LORD came unto me,

LORD: let tby loving-kindness and Zedekiah, Thu, saith the LORD saying, son of man, these inen thy truth continually preserve God of Israel, Behold, I will turn have set up their idols in their me. back the weapons of war that are heart, and put the stumbling P3. 11, 9-13. Hide thy face from in your hands, where with ye block of their iniquity before my sins, and blot out all mine fight against the king of Babylon, their face: should i be enquired iniquities. Create in me a clean and against the Chaldeaus, which of at all by them? For every one heart, O God, and renew a right besiege you without the walls, and

the house of Israel, or of the spirit within me. Cast me not I will assemble them into the stranger that sojourneth in Israel, away from thy presence; and take midst of this city.

which separateth bims 11 from not thy Holy Spirit from me. ReJer. xxxvii, 17. Then Zedekiah me, and setteth up his idols in his store unto me the joy of thy salthe king sent, and took him out; heart, and putteth the stumbling- vation; and uphold me with thy and the king asked him secretly block of his iniquity before his tree Spirit: Then will I teach In his house, and said, Is there face, and cometh to a prophet to transgressors thy ways; and any word from the LORD? And enquire of him concerning me; I sinners shall be converted unto Jeremiah said, There is; for, said the LORD will answer him by thee. he, thon shalt be delivered into myself: And I will set my face Ps. lxviii, 28. Thy God hath the hand of the king of Babylon. against that man, and will make commanded thystrength: strength

Jer. XXXVIII, 14. Then Zedekiah bim a sigu and a proverb, and I en, O God, that which thou hast the king sent, and took Jeremiah will cut him off from the midst of wrought for us. the prophet 'unto him into the my people; and ye shall know

Ps. Ixxi, 3. Be thou my strong third entry that is in the house of that I am the LORD. And if the the Lord: and the king said unto prophet be deceived when he habitation, whereunto I may conJeremiah, I will ask thee a thing, hath spoken a thing, I the LORD tinually resort: thou hast given hido nothing from me.

have deceived that prophet; and commandment to save me; for I will stretch out my band upon

thou art my rock and my fortress. DANGER OF OMISSION.

him, and will destroy him from P3. Ixxx, 18. So will not we go

the midst of my people Israel. back from thee: quicken us, and Josh. ix, 14. And the men took And they shall bear the punish- we will call upon thy name. of their victuals, and asked not ment of their iniquity: the punish. counsel at the mouth of the ment of the prophet shall be even way, O Lord; I will walk in thy

P3. lxxxvi, 11. Teach me thy LokD

as the punishment of him that truth: unite my heart to fear thy 1 Sam. xiv, 18. 19. And Saul seeketh unto him.

name. said unto Ahiah, Briug hither the ark of God: (for the ark of God

Exek. XX, 1-3. And it came to P3. cxix, 5, 6, 8. 85-40, 43-45, 80, was at that time with the children pass in the seventh year, in the 87, 88, 116, 117, 133, 134, 158, 159, of Israel.) And it came to pass,

fifth month, the tenth day of the 160, 175. Oh that my ways were while saúl talked unto the priest, month, that certain of the elders directed to keep thy statutes! that the noise that was in the of Israel came to enquire of the Then shall I not be ashamed, host of the Philistines went on LORD, and sat before me. Then when I have respect unto all thy and increased: and Saul said unto came the word of the LORD anto commandments. "I will keep thy the priest, Withdraw thine hand.

me, saying, Son of man, speak statutes: O forsake me not uiterly.

unto the elders of Israel, and say Make me to go in the path of thy 1 Chron. x, 14. And enquired unto them, Thus saith the Lord commandments; for therein do i not of the LORD therefore he GOD, Are ye come to enquire of delight. Incline my heart unto slew him, and turued the kingdom me? As I live, saith the Lord God, I thy testimonies, and not to covetuuto David the son of Jesse. will not be enquired of by you. ousness. Turn away mine eyes

from beholding vanity; and it in pieces, while there is none ers of iniquity, and save me from quicken thou me in thy way to deliver.

bloody men, Slablish thy word unto thy ser

Ps. xill, 4. Lest mine enemy Ps. Ixiv, 1, 2. Hear my voice, vant, who is devoted to thiy fear. say. I have prevailed against blin; O God, in my prayer: preserve Turn away my reproach which I and those that trouble me rejoice my life' from fear of the enemy. ferr: for thy judgments are good. when I am moved.

Hide me from the secret counsel B hold, I liave longed after thy prec-p's: quicken me in thy

Ps. xvil. 8. 9. 13. Keep me as the tiun of the workers of iniquity.

of the wicked; from the insurrecrighteousness. And tuko not the apple of the eye; hide me unler

Ps. Ixix, 18. Draw nigh unto Worl of truth utterly out of my the shadow of thy wings, From muutli; for I hive loped in thy the wickel that of press me, from my soul, and redeem it: deliver ļu igm.nts. Su shall i keep thy my deadly enemies, who compass me, because of mine enemies. Jaw continually for ever and ever. me about. Arise, O LORD, dis- Ps. Ixx, 1-3: Make haste, O God, And I will w:ilk at liberty: for I appoint bim, cast him down to deliver me; inake haste lo help seek thiy precepts. Let my heart deliver my soul from the wicked, me, 0 LOR). Let thein be asham

ed and confoundel that seek after be sound in thy statute8, that I be which is thy sword. not ashamed. They had almost Ps. XXVI. 9, 10. Gather not my my soul: let them be turned backconsumed me upon earth: but I soul with sivuers, nor my life with ward, and put to contusion, that

Let them be forsvuk notily precepts. Quicken bloody men; In whose lands is desire my burt. me after thy loving-kinduess; so mixchief, and their right hand is turned back for a reward of their sball I keep the testimony of thy full of bribes.

shame that suy, Ala, aba! mouih. Uphold me according P's. xxviii, 3. Draw me not away

Ps. Ixxl, 2. 4. 5. Delirer me in unto thy word, that I may live with the wicked, and with the thy righteousness, and cause me an I let ine not be ashamed of my workers of iniquity; which speak to escape: incline thine ear unto bope. Ilold thou me up, and peace to their neighbours, but me, and save me. Deliver me, O sijall be safe: an! I will have inischief is in their hearts.

my God, out of the hand of the re-rect unto thy statutes contin

wicked; out of the hand of the unUally, Order my steps in thy

P3. XXXI, 15. My times are in righteous and cruel man. For wurd; and let lot ans iniquity thy hand: deliver me from the thou art my hope. O Lord God: hive dominion over me. Deliver land of mine enemies, and from thou art my trust froin my youtu. me from the oppression of inan; them that persecute me. 80) will I

P8. cix, 26-29. Help me, O LORD kerp thy precept8. P8. XXXV. 1-3, 24, 25. Plead my my God: o save me accirding to Great are thy tender mercies, o cause. O LORD. with them that thy mercy; That they miy h now Lori: quicken me according to strive with me: fight against them that this is thy hand; that thou, thy jmgments. Consider how that figlit against me. Take hold LORD, bust done it. Let thein I love thy precepis:

quicken of shield and buckler, and stand curse, but bless thou: wlien they me, O LORD, according to thy up for mine help. Draw out also arise, let them be ashamiel; but loving - kindness. Thy word is the spear, and stop the way let thy servant rejoice. Let mine true from the heginning: and against them that persecite me: adversaries be clothed will shame, every one of thy riglitevus juda- say unto my soul, I am thy sal- and let them cuver themselves ment enuureth fur ever. Let vation. Judge me, O LORD my with their own contusiun, us with my soul live, and it shall praise God, according to thy righteolls-a mautle. thee; and let thy juugments help ness; and let then not rrjuice me. over me. Let them not say in

Ps. cxix, 121, 122, 154. I hare P3. cxx, 2, 3. Deliver my soul, their hearts, Ah, 80 Would we have done ju igment and justice: leave O Lord from lyilig lips, and froin it: let them not say, We have me not to mine oppressors. Be

surely for thy servant for good: a deceitful tongile. What shall swallowed him up.

let not the proud oppress me. be given unto thee? or what shall

Ps. xxxvi, 11, 12. Let not the Plead my catise, and deliver me: be done uulu thee, thua false foot of pride come against me, quicken me accurding to thy tongie.

and let not the hand of the wicked word. P3. cxll. 3. Set a watch, O LORD, remove me. There are the before my moth; keep the door workers of iniquity fallen; they from the bands of the wicked;

Ps. cx1, 4, 8. Keep me, O LORD of iny lips. Incline not my beart are cast down, and shall not be preserve me from the violent to any evil thing. to practise able to rise.

man; who have purposed to overwickell works with men that work iniquity; and let me not eat of

P3. Xxxvili, 16. For I said, Hear throw my goings. Grant bot, O

me, lest otherwise they should LORD, the desires of the wicked: their dain: i-9.

rejoice over me: when my fout further not bis wicked device, Acts iv. 29. And now, Lord, slippeth, they magnify themselves lest they exalt themselves, Selab. bhull their threatenings; and

against me. granit unto thy servants, that with

P3. cxlII, 6. 7. Attend unto my all bulduess they may speak thiy to deliver me: O LORD, make haste deliver me from my persecutors

Ps. xl, 13. Be pleased, O LORD, cry; for I am bronglit very low: word. to lielp me.

for they are stronger than I. FOR DELIVERANCE FROM Ps. xlill, 1. 2. Judge me, O God, Bring my soul out of prison, that

and plead my cause against an I may praise thy name: the rightENEMIES.

ungodly Wation: O deliver me eous sliall compass me about; for Ps ill. 7. Arise, O LORD; save froin the deceitful and unjust thou shalt deal bountifully with ine, () my Gol: for thou hast man. For thou art the God of me. snitten all mine enemies upon my strength: wliy dost thou cast Ps. cxliii, 9. Deliver me. O LORD, the cheek-bone; thou last broken m of? why go I mourning be- from mine enemies: I flee Uuto the teeth of the ungodly.

Cluse of the oppression of tbe thee to hide me. Ps. vii, 1, 2. O LORD my God, enemy?

Luke i, 74, 75. That he wonld in thee do I put my trust: Save Ps. lix, 1. 2. Dellver me from grant unto us, that we. being deme from all thien that persecuto mine enemies, O my God; defend livered out of the liand of our me, und deliver me; Lest he me from them that rise np against enemies, might serve him williout lear my suul liko iliun, rending i me. Deliver me trom the work. I fear, lo buliness and righteous

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