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brought thy people forth out of sea, which cannot bo numbered godly man céaseth; for the faiththe land of Egypt with a mighty for multitude,

ful fail from among the children hand,and hast gotten thee renown, as at this day; we have signed, we fore, O LORD God of Israel, keep 2 Chron. vi, 16, 17. Now there- of men.

Jonah I, 14. Wherefore they have done wickedly.

with thy servant David my father cried unto the LORD, and said,

that which thou hast promised We beseech thee, O LORD, we beCONFESSION OF SIN TO

bím, saying, There shall not fait seech thee, let us not perish for OTHERS.

thee a man in my sight to sit upon this man's life, and lay not upon Josh. vii, 19. And Joshua said the throue of Israel; yet so that us innocent blood: for thou, o unto Achan, My son, give, I pray thy children take heed to their LORD, hast doue as it pleased thee, glory to the LORD God of way to walk in my law as thou thee. Israel, and make confession unto bast walked before me. Now him; and tell me now what thou then, O LORD God of Israel, let UPON THE DIVINE GOODNESS. hast done; hide it not from me. thy word be verified, which thou

1 Kings III, 6, 7. And Solomon hast spoken unto thy servant said, Thou bast shewed unto thy James v, 16. Confess your faults

David. one to another, and pray one for

servant David my father great another, that ye may be healed.

Neh. 1, 8-10. Remember, I be- mercy, according as he walked The effectual fervent prayer of a seech thee, the word that thou before thee in truth,

and in rightrighteous man availeth much.

commandedst thy servant Moses, eousness, and in uprightness of saying,Ifyo trangress, I willscatter heart with thee; and thou hast

you abroad among the nations: kept for blm this great kindness, Gen. xli, 9. Then spake the But if yo turn unto me, and keep that thou hast given him a son to chief butler unto Pharaoh, saying, my commandments, and do them; sit ou his throne, as it is this day. I do remember my faults this though there were of you čast And now, O LORD, my God, thou day.

out unto the uttermost part of the hast made thy servant king Exod. ix, 27. And Pharaoh sent, heaven, yet will I gather them instead of David my father, and I and called for Moses and Aaron, from thence, and will bring them am but a little child: I know not and said unto them, I have sinned unto the place that I have chosen how to go out or come in. this time: the LORD is righteous, to set my name there. Now these P3. XXV, 6. Remember, O LORD, and I and my people are wicked are thy servants and thy people, thy tender mercies and thyloving

whom thou hast redeemed by thy kindnesses; for they have been Num. xxl, 7. Therefore the peo- great power, and by thy strong ever of old. ple came to Moses, and said, We hand. have sinned; for we have spoken

Ps. xxvii, 9. Hide not thy face against the LORD, and against

Neh. is, 32. Now therefore, far from me; put not thy servant thee.

our God, the great, the mighty, away in anger: thou hast been my Joshua vii, 20. And Achan an- and the terrible God, who keepest help; leave me pot, neither for. swered Joshua, and said, Indeed covenant and mercy, let not all sako me, o God of my salvation.

the trouble seem little before thee I have sinned against the LORD God of Israel, and thus and thus kiugs, on our princes, and on our

P3, İyi, 13. For thou hast dethat hath come upon us, on our livered my soul from death: wilt have I done. 1 Sam. XV, 24. And Saul saia priests, and on our prophets, and not thou deliver my feet from on our fathers, and on all thy God in the light of the living?

falling, that I may walk before unto Samuel, I have sinned; for I have transgressed the command people, since the time of the

Isa. Ixill, 15. Look down from ment of the Lord, and thy words, kings of Assyria unto this day. because I feared the people, and

Ps.cxix, 49, 169, 170. Remember habitation of thy holiness and of

heaven, and behold from the the word obeyed their voice.

unto thy servant, thy glory: where is thy zeal and

upon which thou hast caused thy strength, the sounding of thy, 1 Sam. xxvi, 21. Then sald Saul, me to hope. Let my cry come bowels and of thy mercies toward I have sinned: return, my son Dear before thee, O LOBD: give me? Are they restrained? David; for I will no more do theo me understanding according to harm, because my soul was pre- thy word. Let my snpplication Dan. ix, 17-19. Now therefore cious in thino

eyes this day: come before thee: deliver me ac- O our God, hear the prayer of thy behold, I have played the fool,cording to thy word.

seryant, and his supplications, and have erred exceedingly.

Jer. xiv, 21. Do not abhor us,

and cause thy face to shine upon unto the king, Let not my lord grace the throne of thy glory: re-cline thine ear, and hear; open 2 Sam. xix, 19, 20. And said for thy name's sake; do not dis- thy sanctuary that is desolate, for

the Lord's sake. O my God, inimpute iniquity unto me, neither member, break not thy covenant do thou remember that which thy with us.

thine eyes, and behold our desolservant did perversely the day

ations, and the city which is called that my lord the king went out of UPON PROVIDENCE.

by thy name: for we do not preJerusalem, that the king should

Exod. xvii, 4. And Moses cried for our righteousness, but for thy

sent our supplications before theo take it to his heart. For thy ser- unto the Lord, saying, What sball vant doth know that I havesinned: 1 do unto this people? they be Ö LORD, forgive; O Lord, hearken

great mercies. O Lord, hear; therefore, behold, I am come the almost ready to stone me. first this day of all the house of

and do; defer not, for thine own Joseph to go down to meet my Deut. iii, 23, 24. And I besought sake, O my God: for thy city and lord the king. the LORD at that time, saying,

thy people are called by thy O Lord God, thou bast begun to name. PETITION.

show thy servant thy greatness,

and thy mighty hand: for what UPON THE DIVINE JUSTICE, BASED UPON THE DIVINE God is there in beaven or in

Gen, xviii, 23-25, 28--32. And PROMISES. earth that can do according to

Abraham drew near, and said, Gen. xxxii, 12. And thou saidst, thy works, and according to thy Wilt thou also destroy the right I will surely do thee good, and might?

eous with the Wicked? Peradnake thy seed as the sand of tho Ps. xi, 1. Help, LORD; for the / venture there be fifty righteous within the city: wilt thou also man, then the nations, which and with a perfect neart, and have destroy and not spare the place have heard the fame of thee, will done that which is good in the for the Afty righteous that are speak, saying, Because the LORD sight. And Hezekiah wept sore. therein? That be far from thee to was not able to bring this people Neh. v, 19. Think upon me, my do after this manner, to slay the into the land which he sware unto God, for good, according to all righteous with the wicked: and them, therefore he hath slain that I have done for this people. that the righteous should be as them in the wilderness.

Neh. xiii, 14. Remember me, O the wicked, that be far from thee. Deut. ix, 28, 29. Lest the land my God,' concerning this, and Shall not the Judge of all the earth whencethoubroughtest us out say. wipe not out my good deeds that do right? Peradventure thereshall Because the LORD was not able I have done for the house of my lack five of the fifty righteous to bring them into the land God, and for the offices thereof. wilt thou destroy all the city for which he promised them, and lack of five? And he said, if I because he hated them, he hath

Ps iii, 3. But thou, O LORD, art find there forty and five, I will brought them out to slay them in

a shield for me, my glory, and the

lifter not destroy it. And he spake the wilderness. Yet, they are

up of mine head. unto him yet again, and said, Per- thy people, and thine inheritance,

Ps. xvi, 1. Preserve me, o God: adventure there shall be forty which thou broughtest out by thy for in thee do I put my trust. found there. And he said, I will

mighty power,

and by thy Ps. xxvi, 1-3. Judge mo, O not do it for forty's sake. And he stretched-out arm.

LORD; for I have walked in mine said unto him, Oh let not the

Joshua vil, 7-9. And Joshua integrity: I have trusted also in Lord be angry, and I will speak: said, Alas! O'LORD God, where the Lord; therefore I shall not Peradventure there shall thirty fore hast thou at all brought this slide. Examine me, O Lord, and be found there. I will not do it if I find thirtythere people over Jordan, to deliver us prove me; try my reins and my

For thy loving-kindness And he said, Behold now, I have destroy us? would to God we had is before mine eyes; and I have LORD: Peradventure there shall other side Jordan! O Lord, what taken upon me to speak unto the been content, and dwelt on the walked in thy truth.

P3. XXXI, 1. In thee, O Lorn, do be twenty found there. And he shall I say, when Israel túrneth I put my trust; let me never be said, I will not destroy it for their backs before their enemies? ashamed: deliver me in thy righttwenty's sake.

And he said, Oh For the Canaanites, and all the cousness. let noi the LORD be angry, and I inhabitants of the land, shall bear will speak yet but this once: Per, of it, and shall environ us round, Lord, be upon us, according as we

P3. xxxiii, 22. Let thy mercy, O adventure ten shall be found and cut off our nume from the hope in theo. there. And he said, I will not earth: and what wilt thou do unto destroy it for ten's sake.

Ps. Ixxi, 1, 7. In thee, O LORD, thy great name. Py. xvii, 1, 2. Hear the right, O

do I put my trust; let me never be

1 Kings xviii, 36, 37. And it put to confusion.' I am as a wonLORD, attend unto my cry; give came to pass at the time of the der unto many, but thou art my ear unto my prayer, that goeth offering of the evening sacrifice, strong refuge. not out of feigned lips. Let my that Elijah the prophet came near, sentence come forth from thy and said, LORD God of Abraham, thine ear, O LOBD, hear me; for I

P3. lxxxvi, 1, 2. Bow down presence; let thine eyes behold laaac, and of Israel, let it be the things that are equal.

Preserve known this day that thou art God am poor and needy. Ps. liv, 1. Save me, O God, by in Israel, and that I am thy ser-) my soul; for I am holy; O thou thy name, and judge me by thy vant, and that I have done all my God, save thy servant that

trusteth in thee. strength,

these things at thy word. Hear

me, O LORD, hear me, that this Ps. cxix, 30, 31, 41, 42, 94, 132. UPON THE DIVINE GLORY.

people may know that thou art I have chosen the way of truth: Exod. xxxil, 11, 12. And Moses the LORD God, and that thou hast thy judgments have I laid before besought the LORD his God, and turned their heart back again.

I have stuck unto thy testisaid, LORD, why doth thy wrath 1 Chron. Avi, 35. And say ye,

monies: O LORD, put me not to wax hot against thy people, which save us, o God of our salvation also unto me, oʻLORD, even


shame. Let thy mercies come thou hast brought forth out of the and gather us together, and deand with a mighty hand? Where may give thanks to thy holy swer him that reproacheth me: land of Egypt with great power, liver us from the

heathen, that we salvation, according to thy word. fore should the Egyptians speak, name, and glory in thy praise. and say, For mischief did he bring

for I trust in thy word.

I am Ps. cxv, 2. Wherefore should thine, save me: for I have sought them out, to slay them in the the heathen say, Where is now thy precepts. mountains, and to consume them their God?

Look thou upon from the face of the earth? Turn

me, and be merciful unto me, as

Isa. xxxvii, 17, 20. Incline thine thou usest to do unto those that from thy fierce wrath, and repent ear, 0 LORD, and hear; open thine love thy name. of this evil against thy people. Num. xiv, 13--16. And Moses all the words of Sennacherib, eyes, O LOND, and see: and hear

Ps. cxli, 8. But mine eyes are said unto the LORD, Then the which hath sent to reproach the unto thee, Gop the Lord: in Egyptians shall bear it, (for thou living God. broughtest up this people in thy LORD our God, save us from his

Now therefore, O

thee is my trust; leave not my

soul destitute. might from among them,), And hand, that all the kingdoms of the

Ps. cxlii, 5, 6. I cried unto thee, they will tell it to the inhabitants earth may know that thou art the O LORD: I said, Thou art my reof this land: for ihey have heard LORD, even thou only.

fuge and my portion in the land that thou, LORD, art among this

of the living Attend unto my people; that thon, LORD, art seen AND ALSO UPON CONFIDENCE cry; for I am brouglit very low: face to face; and that thy cloud standeth over them; and that thou


deliver me from my persecutors; goest before them, by day-time in


for they are stronger than I.

Isa. xxxviii, 2, 3. Then Hezea pillar of a cloud, and in a pillar 2 Kings xx, 3. I beseech thee, klah turned his face toward the of fire by night. Now, if thou O LORD, remember now how i wall, and prayed unto the LORD, shalt kill all this people as one I have walked before thee in truth and said, Remember DOW, O




LORD, I beseech thee, how I have with the rest of the wise men of the Spirit, that ye strive together walked before thee in truth and Babylon.

with me in your prayers to God with a perfect heart, and have

2 Tim. 1, 3, 4. I thank God, for me; That I may be delivered done that which is good in thy whom I serve from my forefathers from them that do not believe in Bight: and Hezekiah wept sore. with pure conscience, that with-| Judea; and that my service which

Jer. xvii, 17. Be not a terror out ceasing I have remembrance I have for Jerusalem may be unto me: thou art my hope in the of thee in my prayers night and accepted of the saints; That I day of evil.

day; Greatly desiring to see thee, may come unto you with joy by Mark xi, 24. Therefore I say being mindful of thy tears, that i the will of God, and may with you

be refreshed. Now the God of unto you, What things soover ye may be filled with joy. desire, when ye pray, believe that Philemon 4. I thank my God, peace be with you all. Amen.

2 Cor. 1, 11. Ye also helping ye receive them, and ye shall have making mention of thee always them. in my prayers.

together by prayer for us, that,

for the gift bestowed upon us by INTERCESSION.


the means THE EXCEPTION.

many persons,

thanks may be given by many on Jer. vii, 16. Therefore pray not

our behalf. Mal. 1, 9. And now, I pray you, thou for this people, neither lift beseech God that he will be up cry nor prayer for them,

Eph. vi, 19, 20. And for me, that gracious unto us: this hath been neither make intercession to me: utterance may be given unto me, by your means: will he regard for I will not hear thee.

that I may open my mouth boldly, your persons? saith the LORD of

Jer. xi, 14. Therefore pray not to make known the mystery of hosts.

the Gospel. For which I am an thou for this people, neither lift Eph. vi, 18. Praying always up a cry or prayer for them: for I in I may speak boldly, as I ought

ambassador in bonds; that therewith all prayer and supplication will not hear them in the time

to speak. in the Spirit, and watching there that they cry unto me for their unto with all perseverance and trouble.

Col. iv, 3, 4. Withal praying also supplication for all saints.

Jer. xiv, 11. Then said the LORD us a door of utterance, to speak

for us, that God would open unto 1 Tim. li, 1. I exhort therefore, unto me, Pray not for this people the mystery of Christ, for which that, first of all, supplications, for their good.

I am also in bonds. That Ignay prayers, intercessions, and giving 1 John V, 16. ... There is a sin make it manifest, as I ought to of thanks, be made for all men. unto death: I do not say that he speak. shall pray for it.

1 Thess. Y, 25. Brethren, pray Exod. Ix, 29. And Moses said

for us. unto him, As soon as I am gone INTERCESSION REQUESTED.

2 Thess. fil, 1, 2. Finally, brethout of the city, I will spread Exod. ix, 28. Intreat the LORD ren, pray for us, that the word of abroad my bands unto the LORD; (for it is enough) that there be no the Lord may have free course, and the thunder shall cease, more mighty thunderings and and be glorified, even as it is with neither shall there be any more hail; and I will let you go, and yo you; And that we may be dehail; that thou mayest know how shall stay no longer.

livered from unreasonable and that the earth is the LORD's.

E.cod. 3, 17. Now therefore wicked men: for all men have not Ecod. x, 18. And he went out forgive, I pray thee, my sin only faith. from Pharaoh, and entreated the this once, and intreat the LORD

Hleb, xill, 18, 19. Pray for us: for LORD.

your God, that he may take away we trust we have a good con

from me this death only. Num. xii, 13. And Moses cried

science, in all things willing to unto the LORD, saying, Heal her

1 Sam. vii, 8. And the children live honestly. But I beseech you

of Israel said to Samuel, Cease the rather to do this, that I may now, O God, I beseech thee.

not to cry unto the LORD Our God be restored to you the sooner. 1 Sam. 1, 17, 18. Then Eu an- for us, that he will save us out of swered and said, Go in peace: and the band of the Philistines.

FOR SAINTS. the God of Israel grant thee thy

Jer. xxxvII, 3. And Zedekiah

2 Chron. vi, 41. Now therefore petition that thou hast asked of the king sent Jehucal the son of arise, O LORD God, into thy

resthim, and she sald, Let thine Shelemiah, and Zephaniah the ing-place, thou, and the ark of bandmaid find grace in thy sight. son of Maaseiah the priest, to the

thy strength; let thy priests, O So the woman went her way, and prophet Jeremiah, saying, Pray tion, and let thy saints rejoice in

LORD God, be clothed with salvadid eat, and her countenance was

now unto the LORD our God for no more sad,

goodness. us. Job xlil, 9, 10. So Eliphaz the

Acts vill, 24. Then answered P3. x, 12. Arise, O LORD; O God Temanite, and Bildad the Shuhite, Simon, and said, Pray ye to the lift up thine hand: forget not the and Zophar the Naamathite,went Lord for me, that none of these humble. and did according as the LORD things which ye have spoken PS. XXXVI, 10. O continue thy commanded them: the LORD also come upon me.

loving-kindness unto them that acceptedJob. Andthe Lordturned

know thee; and thy righteousthe captivity of Job, when he


ness to the upright in heart. prayed for his friends: also the FOB MINISTERS OF THE GOSPEL. Ps. xl, 16. Let all those that LORD gave Job twice as much as Matth. ix, 37, 38. Then said he seek thee rejoice and be glad in he had before.

unto his disciples, The harvest thee: let such as love thy salvation Dan. ii, 17, 18. Then Daniel truly is plenteous, but the labour- say continually, The LORD be went to his house, and made the ers are few; Pray yo therefore magnified. thing known to Hananiah, Mis the Lord of the barvest, that he

Ps. Ixvii, 1, 2. God be merciful hael, and Azariah, his compan- will

send forth labourers into his unto us, and bless us; and cause fons: That they would desire harvest.

his face to shine upon us. Selah. mercies of the God of heaven con- Rom. xv, 30-33. Now, I beseech That thy way may be known cerning this secret; that Daniel you, brethren, for the Lord Jesus upon earth, thy saving health and his fellows should not perish Christ's sake, and for the love of l among all nations.

Ps. Ixx, 4, 5. Let all those that sight, O Lord, let my Lord, I pray Joseph like a flock; thou that seek th-e rejoice and be glad in thee, go among us. ....

dwellest between the cherubims, theu: and let such as love thy

Num. xiv, 17, 19. And now. Ishine forth. Before Ephraim and salvation say continually, Let beseech thee, let the power of my Benjamin and Manasseh stir up God be magnified. But I am Lord be great, according is thou thy strength, and come and savo poor and needy: make haste unto bast spoken, saying, Pardon, I us. me, O God: thou art my help and beseech thee, the iniquity of this Ps. cvi, 4, 5. Remember me, O my deliverer; O LORD, make no people according unto the great- LORD, with the fisvour that thou tarrying

ness of thy mercy, and as thou bearest unto thy people: () visit Ps. cxix, 79. Let those that fear hast forgiven this people, from me with thy salvation; That I thee turn unto me, an I those that Egypt even until now.

may see the good of thy chosen, have known thy testimonies.

Num. xxvil, 15-17. And Moses that I may rejoice in the gladness Ps. cxxv, 4.5. Do good, O LORD, spike unto the Lord, saying, of thy nation, that I muy glory unto those that be good, and to Let the LORD, the God of the with thine inlierilance. them that are upright in their spirits of all flesh, set a man over Isa Ixiv, 9. Be not wroth very hearts. As for such as turu aside the congregation, which may sore, O LORD, neither remember unto their crooked ways, the go out before them, and which iniquity for ever: beholid, see, we LORD shall lead them forth with may go in before thein...... beseech thee, we are all thy the workers of iniquity: but peace Deut. 1x, 19, 25, 26. (For I was people. shall be upon Israel.

afraid of the anger and hot disActs xx, 32. And now, brethren, pleasure wlierewith the LORD was IN PUBLIC DISTRESS. I commend you to God, and to the wroth against you to destroy yon.) Ps. x, 1. Why 'standlest thou word of his grace, which is able to But the LORD bearken luuto m: afar off, 0 LORD? why liidest thou build you op, and to give you an at that time also, Thus I felt thyself in times of trouble? Inherliance amoug all them wbich down before the Lord forty day are sanctified. and forty nighis, as I fell down at

P3. XXV, 22. Redeem Israel, o Phil. I, 3-5. I thank my God the first; because the LORu had God, out of all his troubles. upon every remembrance of you, said he would destruy you. I Ps. xliv, 23-25. Awake, why Always in every prayer of mine prayed therefore Uuto the LORD, sleepest thou, O LORD? arise, cast

us not off for ever. Wherefore for you all making request with and said, O Lord God, destroy not Joy. For your fellowship in the thy people and thine inherituncu, liidest thon thy fuce, and forget

thou bast redeemed test our affliction and vur oppres gospel from the first day until which Dow.

through thy greatness, which sion? For our soul is bowel down Col. I, 9. For this cause we also, last brouglit forth out of !o the dust, our beily cleaveth

unto the earth. since the day we heard it, do not Egypt with a miglity land ce ise to pray for you, and to de- Deut. xxvi, 15. Look down from

P& IX, 1, 11, 12. O God, thou hast sire that ye might be filled with thy huly habitation, from heaven, 1 cast us off, thivu hast scallered us, the knowledge of his will, in all and bless thy people Israel, and thou hast been displeased; O lura Wisdom and spiritual understand the land which thou hast given thyself to us again. Give us help ing.

us, as thou swarest unto our from trouble: for vain is the help 1 Thess. iil, 10-13. Night and fathers, a lan / that floweth with of man. Through God we shall day praying exceedingly that we milk and honey.

do valiantly: for be it is that shall

tread down our enemies. mizhi see your face, and miglit

1 Sam. vii, 5. And Samuel said, perfect that which is lacking in Gather all israel to Mizpeh, and Ps. Ixxiv, 19. O deliver not the your faith? Now God himself and I will pray for yvu unto the LORD. soul of thy turtle-love uulo the our Father, and vor Lord Jesus

multitude of the wicked: torget

1 Chron. xxix,18. O LORD God of not the cougregation of thy puor Christ, direct our way unto you. Abraham, Isaac, and of Israel, tur ever, And the Lord make you to in- our fathers, keep this for ever in crease and abuund in love one to the imagination of the thoughts est them with the bread of tears

Ps. Ixxx, 5, 6, 14, 15. Thou feedward another, and toward all of the heart of thiy people, and and givest them tears to drink in men, even as we do toward you: prepare their leart unto thee. To the end he may stublish your

great measure. Thou makest 118 hearts unblameuble in holiness

P3. xxviii, 9.. Save thy people, a strife unto our ueighbours; and before God, even our Father, at and bless thine inheritance: foed the coming of our Lord Jesus thein also, and litt thema up for selves. Return, we beseech thee,

our enemies laugh among themChrist with all his sainis.

O God of hosts: look down from 2 Thess. 1, 11, 12. Wherefore congregation, which thou hast vine; And the vineyard which

Ps. Ixxiv, 2, 3. Remember thy heaven, and behold, and visit this also we pray always for you, that purchased ot old; the rod of thine thy right bund hath planted, and our God w..uld cunt you wortliyiuleritance, which thou hast re- the branch that thou madest of this calling, and fulfil all the deemed; this mount Zion, wherein strong for thysell. good pleasure of his goodness, thou hast dwelt. Lift up thy feet ant the work of faith with power. unto the perpetual desotations, rejected Judab? bath thy soul

Jer. xiv, 19. Hast thou utterly That the name of our Lord Jesus even all that the enemy hath done loathed Zion? Christ my be glorifled in you,

wliy hast thou wickedly in the sanctuary. and ye in him, according to the

smitten us, and there is no healing grace of our God and the Lord

Ps. lxxix, 8. 9. () remember not for us? we looked for peace, and Jesus Christ,

against us former iniquilles: let there is no good; and for the time

tly tender mercies speedily pre- of healing, aud behold trouble! FOR FAMILY, See under

vent us; for we are brought very
low. Help as, O God of uur sal lovers, but they deceived me: my

Lam. I, 19, 20. I called for my

vation, for the glory of thy Dume; priests and mine elders gave up

and deliver us, and purge away the ghost in the city, while they FOR OUR COUNTRY. our sins, for thy name's suke.

sought their meat to relieve their Exod. xxxiv, 9. And he said, if Ps. Ixxx, 1, 2. Give ear, 0 Shep- souls. Behold, 0 LORD, for I am now I have found grace in tby herd of Israel, thou that loadest' in distress my bowels are troub


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led: mine heart is torned within them, and to their fathers. If thy , thine enem les make a tumult; and me; for I have grievously rebell- people go out to war. against they that hate thee have lifted up ed: abroad the sword bereaveth, their enemies by the way that the head. at home there is as death.

thou shaltsend them and theypray Ps. cvill, 10-13. Who will bring Ezek. 1x, 8. And it came to pass, unto thee toward this city which me into the strong city? who while they were slaying them, thou hast chosen, and the house will lead me into Edom? and I was left, that I fell upon my

which I have built for thy name: not thou, o God, who hast cast us face, and cried, and said, Ah Lord Then hear thou from the heavens off? and wilt not thou, o God, go God! wilt thou destroy all the their prayer and their supplica- forth with our hosts? Give us residue of Israel in thý pouring tion, and maintain their cause.

help from trouble: for vain is the out of thy fury upon Jerusalem? 2 Chron. xiv, 11. And Asa cried help of man, Through God we

Daniel ix, 16. O Lord, accord- unto the Lord his God, and said, shall do valiantly: for he it is that ing to all thy righteousness, I LORD, it is nothing with thee to sball tread down our enemies. beseech thee, let thine anger

and with them that have no power:

help, whether with many, or thy fury be turned away from help us, O Lord our God; for we

1 Chron. V, 19, 20. And they thy city Jerusalem, thy holy

made war with the Hagarites, rest on thee, and in thy name we with Jetur, and Nephists

, and mountain. ..... go against this multitude.

Nodab. And they were helped FOR VICTORY.

LORD, thou art our God; let not against them, and the Hagarites

man prevail against thee. Judges V, 31. So let all thine

were delivered into their hand,

2 Chron. XX, 12, 13. O our God, and all that were with them: for enemies perish, O LORD: but let wilt thou not judge them? for we they cried to God in the battle, them that love him be as the sun

have no might against this great and he was entreated of them; when he goeth forth in his might company that cometh against us; because they put their trust in And the land had rest forty neither know we what to do: but him. years.

our eyes are upon thee. And all 1 Kings vill, 32--34, 44, 45. Then Judah stood before the LORD, Judah looked' back, behold, the

2 Chron. xiil, 14--16. And when hear thou in heaven, and do, and with their little ones, their wives, battle was before and behind and judge thy servants, condemning and their children, the wicked, to bring his way upon

they cried unto the LORD, and the his head; and justifying the right not man prevail:

let the heathen pets. Ps. ix, 19. Arise, O LORD; .let priests sounded with the trum

Then the men of Judah eous, to give him according to his be judged in thy sight.

gave a shout: and as the men of righteousness. When thy people Israel be smitten down before the Ps. xvii, 7. Shew thy marvell- Judah shouted, it came to pass, enemy, because they have sinned ous loving-kindness, 0 thou that that God smote Jeroboam and all against thee, and shall turn again savest by thy right hand them Israel before Abijah and Judah. to thee, and confess thy name, which put their trust in thee from and the children of Israel fled

before Judab; and God delivered and pray, and make supplication those that rise up against them.

them into their hand, onto thee in this house: Then

Ps. xliv, 4,5. Thou art my King, hear thou in heaven and forgive o God: command deliverances salvation, and in the name of our

P3. xx, 5. We will rejoice in thy the sin of thy people Israel, and for Jacob. Through thee will God we will set up our banners: bring them again unto the land we push down our which thou gavest unto their through thy name will we tread the Lord fulfl all thy petitions. fathers. If thy people go out to them under that rise up against battle against their

EARNEST DESIRE OF BEING whitbersoever thou shalt send Ps. Ix, 9, 10. Who will bring me

HEARD. them, and shall pray unto the "LORD toward the city wbich thou into the strong city? who will lead 2 Chron. vi, 20, 21, 28, 29, 36-40.

Wilt not thon, That thine eyes may be open upon bast chosen, and toward the house me into Edom? that I have built for thy name: O God, which badet cast us oli? this house day and night, upon Then hear thou in heaven their and thou, O God, which didst not the place whereof thou hast said

that thou wouldest put thy name prayer and their supplication, and go out with our armies. maintain their cause.

Ps. Ixxiv, 22, 23. Arise, O God, there; to hearken unto the prayer 2 Kings xix, 19, 20. Now there- plead thine own cause: remember which thy servant prayeth toward

how the foolish man reproacheth this place. Hearken therefore fore, O LORD our God, I beseech thee daily. Forget not the voice unto the supplications of thy serthee, save thou us out of his hand, of thiue enemies: the tumult of vant, and of thy people Israel, that all the kingdoms of the earth those that rise up against theo

which they shalí make toward may know that thou art the LORD increaseth continually.

this place: bear thou from thy God, even thou only. Then

dwelling-place, even from heaven; Isaiah the son of Amoz sent to 1's. lxxix, 10 - 12. Wherefore and when thou bearest, forgive. Hezekiah, saying, Thus saith the should the heathen say, Where is if there be dearth in the land, it LORD God of Israel, That which their God? let him be known there be pestilence, if there'be thou bast prayed to me against among the heathen in our sight blasting, or mildew, locu-ts, or Sennacherib king of Assyria Iby the revenging of the blood of caterpillars; if their enemies have heard.

tbyservants which is shed. Let the besiege them in the cities of their 2 Chron. vi, 24, 25, 34, 35. And sighing of the prisoner come before land; whatsoever sore,

or whatso if thy people Israel be put to the thee; according to the greatuess of ever sickness there be? Then what worse before the enemy, because thypower preserve thou those that prayer, or what supplication sa they have sinned againt thee; and are appointed to die;

And render ever shall be made of any man, shall return and confess thy name, unto our neighbours seven-fold or of all thy people. Israel, when before thee in this house: Then wherewith

they have reproached sore, and his own grief, and shall hear thou from the heavens, and thee, O LORD.

spread forth his hands in this forgive the sin of thy people Ps. Ixxxiii, 1, 2. Keep not thou house: If they sin against thee, Israel, and bring them again unto silence, O God: hold not thy peace, (for there is no man that sinneth the land which thou gavest to and bo not still, O God. For, lo, I not,) and thou be angry with

enemy, us.

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