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untn them, Oat of the eatoz came fowl of every wing; in the shadow dwelleth in me, and I in bine. As forth meat, and out of the strong of the branches thereof shall they the living Father bath sent me, came forth sweetness. And they dwell. And all the trees of the and I live by the Father, so he could not in three days expound fleld shall know that I the LORD' that eateth me, even he shall live the riddle. And it came to pass have brought down the high tree, by me. This is that bread which on the seventh day, that they havo exalted the low tree; have came down from heaven; not as said unto Samson's wifo, Entice dried up the green tree, anil have your fathers did eat mauna, and thy husband, that he may declare made the dry iree to flourishi: I the are dead. He that eateth of this unto us the riddle, lest we born Lord have spoken, and have done bread shall live for ever. thee and thy father's house with it.

1 Cor. x, 3. And did all eat the fire: have ye called us to take that Ezek. xxxiv, 29. And I will raise same spiritual meat. we have? is it not so? And Samson's up for them a plant of renown, wife wept before him, and said, and they shall be no more con

WATER. me not: thou hast put forth a neither bear the shame of the and said unto her, It thou knewThou dost but hate me, and lovest sumed with bunger in the land,

John iv, 10--12. Jesus answcred riddle unto the children of my heathen any more. people, and hast not told it me.

Zech. iil, 8. Hear now, O Joshua that saith to thee, Give me to

est the gift of God, and who it is And he said unto her, Behold, I have not told it my father nor my fellows that sit before thee; for of him, and he would have given

the high priest, thou, and thy drink; thou wouldest have asked mother, and shall I tell it thee? they are men wondered at: for, thee living water. And she wept before him the behold. I will bring forth my ser- saith unto him, Sir, thou hast no.

The woman seven days, while their feast vant The BRANCH. lasted: and it came to pass on the

thing to draw with, and tho well seventh day, that he told her, be

Zech. vi, 12, 13. And speak'unto is deep: from whence then last cause the lay sore upon him; 'and him, saying, Thus speaketh the thou that living water? Art thou she told the ridule to the

children Lord of hosts, saying, Behold the greater than our father Jacob, of lier people. And the men of man whose name is The BRANCHI; which gave us the well, and drank the city said unto him on the and he shall grow up out of his thereof himself

, and his children, seventh day before the sun went place, and he shall build the tem- and his cattle? down, Wliat is sweeter than ple of the LORD: Even he shall

John vil, 87--39. In the last day; honey? and what is stronger than bild the temple of the LORD; and a lion? And he said unto them, he shall bear the glory, and shall that great day of the feast, Jesnis If ye had not ploughed with my sit and rule upon his throne; and stood and cried, saying, If any heifer, ye liad not suund out my he shall be a priest upon bis man thirst, let him come unto mo, riddlo.

throne: and the counsel of peace and drink. He that believeth on shall be between them both.

me, as the scriptures hath suid, Ezek. xvii, 2. Son of man, put

out of his belly shall flow rivers of forth a riddle, and spouk a parable


living water. (But this spake bo unto the house of Israel.

John vi, 82--35, 48, 50-58. Then lieve on him should receive: for

of tho Spirit, wuich they that beJesus said unto them, Verily, the Holy Ghost was not yet giren; 7. EMBLEMSANDTITLES OF verily, I say yuto you, Moses

because that Jesus was not yet CHIRIST.

gave you not that bread from
heaven; but my Father giveth

glorified.) 182. iv, 2. In that day shall the you the true bread from heaven.

SHEPHERD brancis of the Loro bo beautiful For the bread of God is he which and glorious, and the fruit of the cometh down from heaven, and Ezelc. xxxiv, 23. And I will set earth shall be excellent and comely giveth life unto the world. Then up one shepherd over them, and for then that aro escaped of said they unto him, Lord, ever- he shall feed them, eren my serIsrael.

And vant David; he shall feed iher,

moro give us this bread. Jer. xxxill, 14-16. Behold, the bread of life: he that cometh to herd.

Jesus said unto them, I am the and he shall be their shepdays come, silith the Lord, that I me shall never hunger; and he will perform that good thing which that believeth on me shall never stand and feed in the strength of

Micah v, 4, 5. And he shall I have promised unto the house thirst. I am that bread of life. the Lord, in the majesty of tho of Israel, and to the house of This is the bread which cometh name of the LORD his God; and Jolah. In those days, and at down from heaven, that a man they shall abide: for now shall ho that time, will I cause the Branch may eat thereof, and not die. I be great unto the ends of the of righteousness to grow up unto am the living bread which came earth. And tbis man shall be the Davil; and he shall executo judg-down from heaven: if any man peace, when the Assyrian shall ment and righteousness in the eat of this bread, he shall live for come into our land; and when ho land. In those days shall Judah ever: and the bread that I will shall tread in our palaces, then be savel, and Jerusalem shall give is iny flesh, which I will give shall we raise against him seven dwell safely: and this is the name for the life of the world. wherewith she shall be called, The Jews therefore

The shepherds, and eight principal

strovo among men. LORD our Righteousness.

themselves, saying, Ilow can this Ezek. XVII, 22--24. Thus saith the man give us his flesh to eat? Then

LIFE. Lord God; I will also take of the Jesus said unto them, Verily, highest branch of the high cedor. verily, I say unto you, Except ye

John xi, 25. ... I am the reand will set it; I will crop off eat the flesh of the son of man, surrection, and the life. from the top of his young twigs and drink his blood, ye have no

John xiv, 19. .. .. . Because i a tender one, and will plant it life in you.

Whioso cateth my live, ye shall live also. upon high mountain and desh, and drinketh my blood, 2 Tim. 1, 10. But is now made eminent: In the mountain of the batli eternal life; and I will raise manifest by the app aring of our height of Israel will I plant it; bim up at the last day. For my Saviour Jesus Christ, who hath and it shall bring forth boughs, Desh is meat Indeed, and my blood abolished death, and halh brought and bear fruit, and be a goodly is drink indeed. He that eateth life and immortality to light cedar; and under it shall dwel all I my flesh, and drinketh my blood, I through the gospel.


1 John I, 2. (For the life was builders rejected, the same is prisoners from the prison, and manifested, and we have seen it, become the head of the corner: them that sit in darkness, out of and bear witness, and shew unto this is the Lord's doing, and it is the prison house. you that eternal life which was marvellous in our eyes?

Mal. iv, 2. But unto yon that with the Father, and was mani- Mark xil, 10, 11. And have ye fear my name shal the Sun fosted unto us.)

not read this scripture, The stone righteousness arise with healing 1 John v, 11, 12. And this is the which the builders rejected is be in his wings: and ye shall go record, that God hath given to us come the head of the corner: This forth and grow up as calves of the eternal life; and this life is in his was the Lord's doing, and it is stall. Son. le that hath the Son hath marvellous in our eyes?

LIGIIT OF THE WORLD. life; and he that hath not the Son

Luke xx, 17. And he beheld

Luke i, 78, 79. Through tho of God hath not life.

them, and said, What is this then tender mercy of our God; where

that is written, The stone which by the day-spring froin on high LANB.

the builders rejected, the same is hath visited us, To give light to John I, 29, 35, 36. The next day become the head of the corner ?

them that sit in darkness and in Johu seeth Jesus coming unto Acts iv, 11. This is the stone the shadow of death, to guide our him, and saith, Bebold the Lamb which was set at nought of you feet into the way of peace. of God, which taketh away the builders, which is become the sin of the world! Again the next head of the corner.

John vill, 12. Then spake Jesus day after Joho stood and two of

again unto them, saying, I am the

1 Peter 11, 7. Upto you therefore light of the world: he that follow. his disciples; And looking upon which believe he is precious: but eth me shall not walk in darkness, Jesus as he walked, he saith, Behold the Lamb of God!

unto them which be disobedient, but shall have the light of life.

the stone which the builders disRev. v, 6. And I beheld, and, 10, allowed, the same is made the said unto them, Yet a little while

John xli, 35, 36, 46. Then Jesus in the midst of the throne and of head of the corner. the four beasts, and in the midst

is the light with you: walk while

ye have the light, lest darkness of the elders, stood a Lamb as it


come upon you: for he that walk. had been slain, having seven


eth in darkness knoweth not horns and seven eyes, wbich are the seven Spirits of God sent Isa. vill, 14, 15. And he shall be whither he goeth. While ye have forth into all the earth.

for a sanctuary; but for a stone of light, believe in the liglit, that ye

stumbling and for a rock of of may be the children of ligit. FOUNDATION.

fence to both the houses of Israel, These things spake Jesus, and 1 Cor. Ili, 11. For other founda- for å gin and for a snare to the departed, and did hide himself

inhabitants of Jerusalem. And from them. I am corne a light tion aun no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

many among them shall stumble, into the world, that whosoever and fall, and be broken, and be believeth on me should not abido

in darkness, Eph. ii, 20--22. And are bullt snared, and be taken. apon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ him- Matth. xxi, 44. And whosoever

STARS. self being the chief corner stone; sball fall on this stone shall be Num. xxiv, 17. I shall sce him, In whom all the building, fillý broken: but on whomsoever it but not now; I shall behold hiin, framed together, groweth unto an shall fall, it will grind him to but not nigh: there shall come á holy temple in the Lord: In whom powder.

Star out of Jacob, and a Sceptre ye also are builded together for

Luke xx, 18. Whosoever shall shall rise out of Israel, and shall an habitation of God through the fall upon' that stone shall be smite the corners of Moab, and Spirit.

broken; but on whomsoever it destroy all the children of Sheth.

shall fall, it will grind him to FORETOLD AS THE CORNER STONE. powder.

Rev. 1, 20. The mystery of the Ps. cxviii, 22-24. The stone which the builders refused is be

Rom. ix, 33. As it is written, seven stars which thou sa west in come the head stone of the corner. Behold, I lay in Sion a stumbling- my right hand, and the seven

stone and rock of offence; and golden candlesticks. The seven This is the LORD's doing; it is marvellous in our eyes. This is whosoever believeth on bim shall stars are the angels of the seven not be ashamed.

churches; and the seven candlethe day which the LORD hath

sticks which thou sawest are the made; we will rejoice and be glad


seven churches, in it.

1 Peter il, 3-5. If so be yo haro

Rev. i1, 1. Unto the angel of the Isa. xxviii, 16. Therefore thus saith the Lord God, Behold, I lay To whom coming, as unto a liv- things saith be that holdeth the

tasted that the Lord is gracious: church of Ephesus write; These in Zion for a foundation a stone, a ing stone, disallowed indeed of seven stars in Liis right hand, who stone, a snre foundation: he that men, but chosen of God, and walketu in the midst of the seven believeth shall not make haste.

precious, Ye also, as lively stones, golden candlesticks.

are built up a spiritual house, Rev. lii, 1. And unto the angel. Zech, ill, 9. For behold the stono an holy priesthood, to offer up of the church in Sardis write; that I have laid before Joshua; spiritual sacrifices, acceptable to These things saith he that hath upon one stone shall be seven God by Jesus Christ.

the seven Spirits of God, and tho eyes: behold, I will engrave the

seven stars; I know thy works, graving thereof, saith the LORD of As LIGHT AND SUx.

that thou hast a name that thou hosts, and I will remove the inl

Isa. xlii, 6, 7. I the LORD have livest, and art dead. quity of that land in one day.

called thee in righteousness, and Rev. xxii, 16. I Jesus have sent

will hold thine hand, and will mine angel to testify unto you APPLICATION. keep thee, and give thee for a these things in the churches. I Matth. xxi. 42. Jesus saith unto covenant of the people, for a am the root and the offspring of them, Dil ye never read in the light of the Gentiles: To open the David, and the bright and mornscriptures, The stone which tho / blind eyes, to bring out the ing stor.


PICTURESQUE DESCRIP- pit and a great chain in his band. Isa. xlix. 1--4. Listen, O Isles,

And he laid hold on the dragon,

TIONS. unto me; and hearken, yo people,

that old serpent, which is the from far, The LORD hath called


Devil, and Satan, and bound him me from the womb; from the Rev. 11, 18. And unto the angel a thousand years, and cast him bowels of my mother hath be of the church in Thyatira write; into the bottomless pit, and shut made mention of my name. And These things saith the Son of him up, and set a seal upon him, he hath made my mouth like a God, who hath his eyes like unto that he should deceive the nations sharp sword; in the shadow of his a fame of fire and his feet are no more, till the thousand years hand bath he hid me, and made like fine brass.

should be fulfilled: and after that me a polished shaft; in his quiver Rev. xix, 11-14. And I saw hea- he must be loosed a little season. hath he bid me; And said unto ven opened, and behold a white But the rest of the dead lived not me, Thou art my servant, Israel, horse; and he that sat upon him again until the thousand years in whom I will be glorified. Then was called Faithful and True; and were finished.

This is the first I said, I have laboured in vain, 1 in righteousness he doth judge resurrection. Blessed and holy have spent my strength for and make war. His eyes

were as is he that hath part in the first nought, and in valu; yet surely a flame of fire, and on bis head resurrection: on such the second my judgment is with the LORD, were many crowns; and he had a

death bath no power, but they and my work with my God. name written that no man knew shall be priests of God and of

but he himself: And he was Christ, and shall reign with him a Rev. xix, 15, 21. And out of his clothed with a vesture dipped in thousand years. mouth goeth a sharp sword, that blood: and his name is called The with it he should smite the na- Word of God. And the armies

PAUL'S BATTLE. tions; and he shall rule them with which were in heaven followed a rod of iron: and he treadeth him upon white horses, clothed in

1 Cor. xV, 31, 32. I protest by the wine-press of the fierceness fine linen white and clean.

your rejoicing which I have in and wrath of Almighty God. And

Christ Jesus our Lord, I die the remnant were slain with the

daily. If after the manner of men

THE MILLENNIUM. sword of him that sat upon the

I have fought with beasts at horse, which sword proceeded out Rev. XX, 1-3, 5, 6. And I saw an Ephesus, what advantageth it me of his mouth:

and all the fowls angel come down from heaven, if the dead rise not? let us eat and were filled with their desh. having the key

of the bottomless | drink; for to-morrow we dle. 629



PERSECUTIONS IN Gal. iv, 29. But as then he that John XV, 20. Remember tho GENERAL.

was born after the flesh persecut word that I said unto you, The Ps. xciv,5. They break in pieces spirit, even so it is now. ed him that was born after the servant is not greater than his

lord. If they have persecuted me, thy people, O LORD, and atnict thine heritage.

1 Thess. 11, 14, 15. For ye, breth- they will also persecute you; if Ps. caix, 86. All thy command-ren, became followers of the they have kept my saying, they ments are faithful: they persecute are in Christ Jesus: for ye also

churches of God which in Judea will keep yours also. mo wrongfully; help thou me.

Acts xiv, 22. Confirming the have suffered like things of your souls of the disciples, and exhortLam. iil, 45. Thou hast made us own countrymen, even as they ing them to continue in the faith, as the off-scouring and refuse in have of the Jews; Who both and that we must through much the midst of the people.

killed the Lord Jesus, and their tribulation enter into the kingdom Matth. x, 21. And the brother own prophets, and have persecut-of God. shall deliver up the brother to ed us; and they please not God, death, and the father the child: and are contrary to all men,

Acts xx, 22, 23. And now, behold, and the children shall rise up Rev. vi, 9, 11. And when he had

I go bound in the spirit unto against their parents, and cause opened the fifth seal, I saw under that shall 'befall me there: Save

Jerusalem, not knowing the things them to be put to death.

the altar the souls of them that that the Holy Ghost witnesseth Mark xiii, 12. Now the brother were slain for the word of God, in every city, saying that bonds shall betray the brother to death, and for the testimuny which they and amictions abide me. and the father the son; and chil- held: And white robes were dren shall rise up against their given unto every one of them;

2 Tim. ill, 12. Yea, and all that parents, and shall cause them to and it was said unto them, that will live godly in Christ Jesus be put to death.

they should rest yet for a little shall suffer persecution. Luke xxi, 16. And ye shall be season, until their fellow-servants

1 Thess. III, 3, 4. That no man betrayed both by parents, and also, and their brethren, that should be moved by these amicbrethren, and kinsfolks, and should be killed as they were, tions: for yourselves know that friends; and some of you shall they should be fulfilled.

we are appointed thereunto. For cause to be put to death.

Verily, when we were with you,

FORETOLD AND EXPECTED. 1 Cor. iv, 9. For I think that

we told you before that we should God hath set forth us the apostles

Dan. xl, 33. And they that un- suffer tribulation; even as it came last, as it were appointed to derstand among the people shall to pass, and yo know. death; for we are made a spec- instruct many; yet they shall fall tacle unto the world, and to by the sword, and by flame, by VARIOUS FORMS OF PERangels, and to men. captivity, and by spoil, many

SECUTION. days. 2 Cor. 1, 8. For we would not, Matth. 2, 18. And ye shall be

1 Cor. iv, 12, 13. And labour, our trouble which came to us in brought before governors and working with our own hands Asia, that we were pressed out of kings for my sake, for a testimony being reviled, we bless

; being measure, above strength, ingo- against them and the Gentiles.

persecuted, we suffer it; Being much that we despaired even of Matth. xxiii, 34. Wherefore, be defamed, we entreat: we are made life.

hold, I send unto you prophets, as the filth of the world, and are 2 Cor. vii, 6. For when we were and wise men, and scribes; and the off-scouring of all things unto come into Macedonia, our flesh some of them ye shall kill and this day. had no rest, but we were troubled crucify; and some of them shall on every side; without were fight-ye scourge in your synagogues were made a gazing-stock both by

Heb. x33. Partly, ye ings, within were fears.

and persecute them from city to

reproaches and afflictions; and 2 Cor. xi, 26, 27. In journeyings

partly, whilst ye became comoften, in perils of waters, in hold, I send you forth as lambs panions of them that were so perils of robbers, in perils by mine own countrymen, in perils among wolves.

Heb. xi, 36. And others had by the heathen, in perils in the Luke xi, 49. Therefore also said trial of cruel mockings and city, in perils in the wilderness, the wisdom of God, I will send scourgings, yea, moreover, of in perils in the sea, in perils them prophets and apostles, and bonds and imprisonment. among false brethren; In weari- some of them they shall slay and ness and painfulness, in watch-persecute.

HIATRED AND ANIMOSITY. ings often, in hunger and thirst, in fasting's often, in cold and these, they shall lay their hands on sorely grieved him, and shot at

Luke xxi, 12, 13. But before all

Gen. xlix, 23. The archers have nakedness.

you, and persecute you, delivering Gal. i, 13. For ye have heard of you up to the synagogues, and him, and hated him. my conversation in time past in into prisons, being brought before Matth. X, 22. And ye shall be the Jews' religion, how that be- kings and rulers for my name's hated of all men for my name's yond measure I persecuted the sake! And it shall turn to you for sake; but he that endureth to the church of God, and wasted the a testimony.

end shall bo savod. 530.


Matth. xxiv, 9, 10. Then shall | occasion against Daniel concern- f shalt surely dle. Why bast thou they deliver you up to be afflicted, ing the kingdom; but they could prophesied in the name of the and shall kill yon: and ye shall be find none occasion nor fault; for. LORD, saying, This house shall be hated of all nations for my name's asmuch as he was faithful, neither like Shiloh, and this city shall sake. And then shall many be was there any error or fault found bo desolate without an inhabitant? offended, and shall betray one in him. Then said these men, And all the people were gathered another, and shall hate one an- We shall not find any occasion against Jeremiah in the house of other.

against this Daniel, except we the LORD. Luke xxi, 17. And ye shall be find it against him concerning the

Acts iv, 18. And they called bated of all men for my name's law of his God.

them, and commanded them not sake.

Acts v, 33. When they heard to speak at all, nor teach, in the Acts 1v, 1, 2. And as they spake that, they were cut to the heart, name of Jesus. unto the people, the priests, and and took counsel to slay them.

Acts V, 27, 28, 40. And when the captain of the temple, and Acts ix, 23. And after that they had brought them, they set the Sadducees, came upon them, many days were fulfilled, the them before the council: and the Being grieved that they tanght Jews took counsel to kill him. high priest asked them, Saying, the people, and preached through

Did not we straitly command you, Jesus the resurrection from the STIMULATING OTHERS TO PER- that ye should not teach in this dead.


name? and, behold, ye have filled Acts v, 17. Then the high priest

Jer. xxvi, 11. Then spake the

Jerusalem with your doctrine, rose up, and all they that were priests and the prophets unto the

and intend to bring this man's with him, (wbich is the sect of the princes, and to all the people, agreed: and when they had called

blood upon us. And to him they Sadducees) and were filled with saying, This man is worthy to indignation. die; for he hath prophesied against commanded that they should not

the apostles and beaten them, they Acts xiv, 2. But the unbelier this city, as ye have heard with speak in the name of Jesus, and ing Jews stirred up the Gentiles, your ears.

let them go. and made their minds evil-affect

Acts xvil, 5-8, 13. But the Jews
ed against the brethren.
which believed not, moved with

envy, took unto them certain
lewd fellows of the baser sort, and

Heb. x, 34. For ye had compagActs vil, 54. When they heard gathered a company, and set allsion of me in my bonds, and took

joyfully the spoiling of your goods, these things, they were cut to the the city on an uproar, and asheart, and they gnashed on him saulted the house of Jason, and knowing in yourselves that ye with their teeth.

sought to bring them out to the have in heaven a better and an Acts axil, 22-24. And they gave people. And when they found enduring substance. him audience unto this word, and them not, they drew Jason, and

IMPRISONMENTS. then lifted up their voices, and certain brethren, unto the rulers

2 Chron, xvi, 10. Then Asa was sald, Away with such a fellow of the city, crying, These that from the earth; for it is not fit have turned the world upside wroth with the seer, and put him that he should live. And as they down are come hither also; Whom in a prison house: for he was in a cried out, and cast off their Jason hath received: and these rago with him because of this clothes, and threw dust futo the all do contrary to the decrees of thing. . air, The chief captain commanded Cesar, saying that there is an- Acts 1v, 3. And they laid hands bim to be brought into the castle, other king, one Jesus. And they on them, and put them in hold and bade that he should be exam

troubled the people, and the unto the next day: for it was now ined by scourging; that he might rulers of the city, when they even-tide. know wherefore they cried so

beard these things. But when against him. the Jews of Thessalonica had on the apostles, and put them in

Acts v, 18. And laid their hands Acts xxvi, 11. And I punished was preached of Paul at Berea,

knowledge that the word of God the common prison. them oft in every synagogue, and they came thither also, and stir

Acts viii, 3. As for Saul, bo compelled them to blasplieme; red up the people.

made havock of the church, enterand, beingexceedingly mad against

ing into every house, and haling them, I persecuted them even JUDICIAL ProcesS.

men and women, committed them unto strange cities.

Acts iv,5-7. And it came to pass

to prison. on the morrow, that their rulers, Acts xii, 4. And when he had COXSPIRACIES.

and elders, and scribes, And apprehended him, he put him in Ps. Ixxl, 10, 11. For mine ene- Annas the high priest, and Caia- prison, and delivered him to four mies speak against me; and they phas, and John, and Alexander, quaternions of soldiers to keep that lay wait for my soul take and as many as were of the kin- him; intending after Easter to counsel together, Saying, God dred of the high priest, were bring him forth to the people. hath forsaken him: persecute and gathered together at Jerusalem. take him; for there is done to de- And when they had set them in


the midst, they asked, By what Dark xiii, 9. But take heed to Jer. xvilí, 18. Then said they, power, or by what name, have yourselves: for they shall deliver Come, and let us devise devices yo done this?

you up to councils; and in the against Jeremiah; for the law

synagogues ye shall be beaten: shall not perish from the priest, PREACHING SILENCED. and ye shall be brought before nor counsel from the wise, nor

Jer. xxvi, 8, 9. Now it came to rulers and kings for my sake, for the word from the prophet: come, pass, when Jeremiah had made a testimony against them. and let us smite him with the

an end of speaking all that the Acts xvi, 22, 23. And the multitongue, and let us pot give heed LORD had commanded him to tude rose up together against to any of his words.

speak unto all the people, that the them; and the magistrates rent Dan. VI, 4, 5. Then the presid- priests, and the prophets, and all off their clothes, and commanded ents and princes suught io find the people took him, saying, Thou (to beat them. And when they


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