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then will we take our daughter,


righteousness of the fasth which and we will be gone. And their CIRCUMCISION IN THE DAYS OF THE

he had yet being uncircumcised: words pleased Hamor, and Shec

that he might be the father of all

APOSTLES. hem, Hamor's son. And the

them that believe, though they be young man deferred not to do the Acts xv, 1, 2, 5, 6, 10, 24. And not circumcised; that righteousthing, because he had delight in certain men, which came down ness might be imputed unto them · Jacob's daughter and he was

from Judea, taught the brethren, also: And the father of circummore honourable than all the and said, Except ye be circumcis-cision to them who are not of the house of his father. And Hamor ed after the manner of Moses, ye circumcision

only, but who also and Slechem his son came unto cannot be saved. When therefore walk in the steps of that faith

of the gate of their city, and com- Paul and Barnabas had no small

our father Abraham, which he had muned with the men of their city, dissension and disputation with being yet ancircumcised. saying, These men are peace them, they determined that Paul

1 Cor. vii, 18, 19. Is any man able with us; ..... Only herein and Barnabas, and certain other will the men consent unto ng for of them, should go up to Jerusa called being circumcised? let him

not become uncircuícised: is any to dwell with us, to be one people, lem onto the apostles and elders called in uncircumcision? let him

But there if every male among us be circum- about this question.

not be circumcised. Circumcisioni cised, as they are circumcised. rose up certain of the sect of the is nothing, and uncircumcision is Shall not their cattle, and their Pharisees which believed, saying nothing, but the kveping of the substance, and every beast of That it was needful to circumcise

commandments of God. theirs, be ours? only let us consent them, and to command them to

Gal. II, 3-5. But neither Titus, unto them, and they will dwell keep the law of Moses. And the with us.

And unto Hamor, and apostles and elders came together who was with me, being a Greek, unto Shechem lis son, hearkened for to consider of this matter. was compelled to be circumcised: all that went out of the gate of Now therefore why tempt ye God, Aud that because of false brethren his city; and every male was cir- to put a yoke upon the neck of unawares brought in, who came in cumcised, all that went out of the the disciples which neither our privily to spy out our liberty gate of his city.

fathers nor we were able to bear? which we have in Christ Jesus,

Forasmuch as we have heard, that they might bring us into bunExod. iv, 24-26. And it came to that certain which went out from dage: To whom we gave place by pass by the way in the inn, that us have troubled you with words, subjection, no, not for an hour, the Lord met him, and sought to subverting your souls, saying that the truth of the gospel might kill him. Then Zipporah took a Ye must be circumcised, and keep continuo with you. sharp stone, and cut off the fore the law; to whom we gave no such Gal. v, 6-10, 11, 12. For in Jesus skin of her son, and cast it at his commandment.

Christ neither circumcision availfeet, and said,' Surely a bloody

Acts xvi, 3. Him (Timothy]I eth anything, nor uncircumcision; husband art thou to me. So he would Paul have to go forth with but faith which worketh by love. let him go: then she said, A him; and took and circumcised I have coufidence in you through bloody husband thou art, because him because of the Jews which the Lord, that ye will be none of the circumcision.

were in those quarters: for they otherwise minded: but he that Josh. V, 3-5, 7-9. And Joshua knew all that his father was à troubleth you shall bear his

Greek. made him sharp knives, and cir.

judgment, whosoever he be. And cumcised the children of Israel at Rom. il, 24-27. For the name of cision, why do I yet suffer perse

1, brethren, if I yet preach circumthe hill of the foreskins. And God is blasphemed among the this is the cause why Joshua did Gentiles through you, as it is cutin? then is the offence of the circumcise: All the people that written. For circumcision verily cross ceased. I would they were came out of Egypt, that were profiteth, if thou keep the law: even cut off which trouble you. males, even all the men of war, but if thou be a breaker of the Gal. vi, 12-15. As many as died in the wilderness by the way, law, thy circumcision is made up- desire to make a fair show in the after they came out of Egypt. circumcision. Therefore, if the flesh, they constrain you to be Now all the people that came out uncircumcision keep the right-circumcised; only lest they should were circumcised; but all the eousness of the law, shall not his suffer persecution for the cross of people that were born in the wil- uncircumcision be counted for Christ. For neither they themderness by the way as they came circumcision? And shall not un selves who are circumcised keep forth out of Egypt them they had circumcision which is by nature, the law; but desire to have you not circumcised; And their chil- if it fulfil the law, judge thee, who circumcised, that they may glory dren wlum be raised up in their by the letter and circumcision in your flesh. For in Christ Jesus stead, them Joshua circumcised: dost transgress the law?

neither circumcision availeth anyfor they were uucircumcised, be

thing, nor uncircumcision, but a cause they had not circumcised God which shall justity the cir

Rom. 11, 30, 31. Seeing it is one

new creature. them by the way. And it came cumcision by faith, and uncircum

Phil. iii, 2, 3. Beware of dogs, to pass, when they bad done cir- cision through faith. Do we then beware of evil workers, beware

of cumcising all the people, that they make void the law through faith?

the concision. For we are the abode in their places in the camp, God forbid: yea, we establish the circumcision, which worship God till they were whole. And the law.

in the Spirit, and rejoice in Christ LORD said unto Joshua, This day

Jesus, and have no confidence in have I rolled away the reproach Rom. iv, 9.-12. Cometh this

the flesh, of Egypt from off you: wherefore blessedness then upon the circumthe name of the place is called cision only, or upon the uncircum

Gilgal unto this day.

cision also? for we say that faith
was reckoned to Abraham for

INSTITUTION Acts vil, 8. And he gave him the righteousness. How was it then Exod. xii, 14, 17, 24, 42. And this covenant of circumcision: and so reckoned? when he was in circum- day shall be unto you for a memoAbraham begat Isaac, and cir- cision, or in uncircumcision? Not rial; and ye shall keep it a feast cumcised him the eighth day, and in circumcision, but in uncircum- to the LORD throughout your Isaac begat Jacob; and Jacob becision. And he received the sign generations: ye shall keep it a feast gat the twelve patriarchs. of circumcision, a seal of the l by an ordinance for evor. And yo


at even.

And ye


shall observe the feast of unlea- | goats. And ye shall keep it up UNLEAVENED Bread. Vened bread; for in this sell-same until the fourteenth day of the

Exod. xii, 15, 18--20 Seven days day have I brought your armies same month; and the whole as, shall ye eat unleavened bread; out of the land of Egypt: therefore sembly of tho..congregation of even the first day ye shall put shall yo observe this day in your Israel shall kill it in the evening away leaven out of your houses: generations by an ordinance for and they shall take of the blood, for whosoever eateih leavened ever. And ye shall observe this and strike it on the two side-posts, bread, from the first day until tlie thing for an ordinance to thee and and on the upper door-post of the seventh day, that soul shall be to thiy sons for ever. It is a night houses wherein they shall eat it. cut off from Israel. In the first to be much observed unto the And they shall eat the flesh, in month, on the fourteenth day of LORD for bringing them out from that niglit, roast with fire, and un- the month at even, ye shall eat the land of Egypt: this is that leavened bread; and with bitter unleavened bread, until the ono night of the Lord to be observed herbs they shall

eat it. Eat not of and twentieth day of the mouth of all the children of Israel in their it raw, nor sodden at all with wa

Seven days shall thero generations. ter, but roast with fire; his head

be no leaven found in your with his legs, and with the pur: houses: for whosoever eateth that Exod. xiii, 4, 6, 8-10. This day tenance thereof. came ye out, in the month Ablb. shall be to you for a token upon shall be cut off from the congre

And the blood which is leavened, even that soul And it shall be, when the LORD the houses where ye are: and gation of Israel, whether he be a shall bring thee into the land of when I see the blood, I will pass stranger, or born in the land. Yo the Canaanites, and the Hittites, over you, and the plague shall not shall eat nothing leavened; in all and the Amorites, and the Hivites, be upon you to destroy, you, your habitations shall ye eat unand the Jebusites, wliich he sware when I smite the land of Egypt. leavened bread. unto thy fathers to give thee, a Then Muses called for all the land flowing with milk and honey, elders of Israel, and said unto

Exod. xili, 6, 7. Seven days thou that thou shalt keep this service them, Draw out, and take you a shalt eat unleavened bread, and shew thy

son in that day, saying, and kill the passover. In this month. And thou shalt la:nb'according to your familles, in the seventh day shall be a feast

to the LORD. Unleavened bread This is done because of that which shall take a bunch of byssop, and shall be eaten seveu days: and the loro did unto me when ! dip it in the blood that is in the there shall no leavened bread be came furth out of Exypt. Aud it bason, and strike the lintel and the seen with thee;

neither shall shall be for a sign unto thee upon two side-posts with the blood that there be leaven seen with thee in thine hand, and for a memorial is in the bason: and none of you

all thy quarters. between thine eyes, that the shall go out at the door of his Deut. xvi, 3, 4. Thou shalt eat Lord's law may be in thy mouth: house until the morning. For the no leavened bread with it; seven for with a strong hand bath the Lord will pass through to smite days shalt thou eat unleavened Lord brouglit they out of Egypt: the Egyptians: and when he seeth bread therewith, eren the bread Thou shalt therefore keep this the blood upon the lìntel, and on of affliction; (for thon, ordinance in his season from year the two side-posts, the Lord will forth out of the land of Egypt in to year.

pass over the door, and will not haste;) that thou mayest rememEcod. xxill, 16. Thou shalt keep suffer the destroyer to come in ber the day when thou camest the feast of unleavened breal: unto your houses to smito you. forth ont of the land of Egypt all (thou shalt eat unleavened bread

Deut. xvi, 7. And thou shalt the days of thy life. And thero seven days, as I commanded thee, roast and eat it in the place which shall be no leavened bread seen in the time appointed of the month the LORD thy God sball choose: with thee in all thy coasts seven Abid; for in it thou camest out and thou shalt turn in the morn-days; neither shall there апу from 'Ezypt; and none shall appear ing, and go unto thy tents.

thing of the flesh, which thou sacbefore me emply.)

2 Chron. xxx, 16. And they main all night until the morning.

rificedst the first day at even, reExod. xxxiv, 18. The feast of stood in their place, after their unleavened bread shalt thou keep. manner, according to the law of

Ezra vi, 22. And kept the feast Seven days thou shalt eat un Moses, the man of God: the priests of unleavened bread seven days leavened bread, as I commanded sprinkled the blood, which they with joy: for the LORD bad made thee, in the time of the month received of the hand of the Le-them joysul, and turned the heart Abib: for in the month Abib thou vites.

of the king of Assyria unto them, camest out from Egypt.

2 Chron. xxxv, 11--13. And they work of the house of God, the

to strengthen their hands in the Num. Ix, 2. Let tbe children of killed the passover, and the

God of Israel. Israel also keep the passover at priests sprinkled the blood from his appointed season.

their hands, and the Levites

flayed them. And they removed 1 Cor. 6, 7, 8. Purge out thereTHE PASCAL LAXB. the burnt - offerings, that they fore the old leaven, that ye may Exod. xil, 3-9, 13, 21--23. Speak might give accordiug to the divi- be a new lump, as ye are un ye unto all the congregation of signs of the families of tbe people, leavened. For even Christ our

for us: Israel, saying, In the tenth day of to offer onto the Lord, as it is passover is sacrificed this month they shall take to them written in the book of Moses: and Therefore let us keep the feast, every man a lamb, according to so did they with the oxen. And not with old leaven, neither with the house of their fathers, a lamb they roasted the passover with the learen of malice and wickedfor an house. And if the honse- fire, according to ihe ordinance: Dess; but with the unleavened hold be too little for the lamb, let but the other holy offerings sodbread of sincerity aud truth. him and his peighbour next unto they in pots, and in calurons, and

THE FEAST. his house take it, according to the in pans, and divided them speedily uumber of the souls; every man, amung all the people.

Exod. xii, 10, 11, 16, 46 And yo according to bis eating, shall make Heb. XI, 28. Through faith he shall let pothing of it remain your count for the lamb. Your kept the passover, and the sprink- until the morning, and that which lamb shall be without blemish, a ling of blood, lest be that destroy remainetli of it until the morning inale of the first year: ye sball take ed the first-born should touch ye suall burn with fire. And it out from the sheep, or from the thein.

ilus shall yo eat it; with your

loins girded, yoor shoes on your ost not sacrifice the passover sald anto then, Stand still, and I feet, and your staff in your hand; within any of tby gates, which the will hear what the LORD will comand ye shall eat it in haste: it is LORD thy God giveth thee: But at mand concerning yon. But the the LORD's passover. And in the the place which the Lord thy man that is clean, and is not in a Orst day there shall be an holy God shall choose to place his name journey, and forbeareth to keep convocation, and in the seventh in, there thou shalt sacrifice the the passover, even the same soul day there shall be an boly convo- passover at even, at the going shall be cut off from his people; cation to you; no manner of work down of the sun, at the season becius, he brouglit not the offer. shall be done in them, save that that thou camest forth out of ing of the Lord in his appointed which every man must eat, that Egypt.

season, that man shall bear his only may be done of you. In one

2 Chron. xxx, 2-4. 13, 15, 23. For sin. And if a stranger shall so. house shall it be eaten: thou shalt the king had taken counsel, and

his journ among you and will keep not carry forth ought of the flesh princes, and all the congregation the passover unto the LORD ac abroad out of the house; neither in Jerusalem, to keep the pass-cording to the ordiuancy of the shall ye break a bone thereof.

over in the second month. 'For passover, and according to the Num. XXVIII, 18. In the first day they could not keep it at that

manner thereof, so shall be do: ye shall be an holy convocation; yo | time, because the priests bad shall have one ordinance, both for shall do no manner of servilo not sanctified themselves sue the stranger, and for him that was work therein.

ficiertly, neither had the people born in the land. Deut. xvi, 48. :: Neither shall gathered themselves togetuer to

2 Chron. XXX, 17-20. For there there any thing of tho flesh, which Jerusalem. And the tbt 8 pleased were many in the congregation that thou sacrifice ist the tirst day at

the king and all the congregation. were not sanctified; therefore the even, remain all night until the

And there assembled at Jerusa- Levites had the charge of the morning. Six days thou shalt eat lem much people to keep the killing of the passovers for every unleavened bred; and on the feast of unleavened bread in the one that was not clean, to sanctify seventh day shall be a solemn second month, a very great con- them unto the Lord. For a mulassembly to the Lord thy God: gregation. Then they killed the titude of the people, eren many of thou shalt do no work therein.

passover on the fourteenth day of Ephraim, and Manasse.:, Isaachar, 2 Chron. Xxx, 21. And the child and the Levites were ashamed, themselves, yet did they eat the

the second month; and tho priests and Zebulun, had not cleansed dren of Israel, that were present and sanctified themselves, and passover otherwise than it was at Jerusalem, kept the feast of brought in the burnt-offerings written: but Hezekiah prayed for unleavened bread seven days into the house of the LOR.. Aud them, saying, The good LORD with great gladness: and the Le the whole assembly took counsel pardon every one That prepareth vites and the priests praised the to keep other seven days: and his heart to seek Gou, the LORD Lord day by day. singing with they kept other seven days with God of his fathers, thougla he be loud instruments unto the LORD. gladness.

not cleansed according to the TIME AND PLACE.

Exek. xlv, 21. In the first month, purification of the Sanctuary. Lev. xxiil, 5, 6. In the fourteonth month, ye shall have the pa:sover, kiah, and healed the people.

in the fourteenth day of the And the Lord hearkened to llezeday of the first month at even is the Lord's pissover. And on the bread shall be eaten. a foust or seven diys; unleavened

2 Chron. XXXV, 6. So kill the fifteenth day of the same month

passover, and sanctify yourselves, is the feast of unleavened bread


and prepare your brethren, that unto the LORD: seven days ye

they may do according to the must eat unleavened bread.

Erod. xii, 43-45, 47, 48. And the word of the Lord by the hand of Num ix, 3, 10, 11. In the four- LORD said unto Moses and Aaron, Mosos.

This is the ordinance of the passteenth day of this month, at even, over; There shall no stranger eat and the 'Levites were purified

Ezra vi, 20, 21. For the priests ye shall keep it in his appointed thereof: But every man's servant together, all of thein rcere pure, season: according to all the rites that is bought for money, when and killed the passover for all the of it, and according to all the ceremonios thereof, shall ye keep shall he eat thereof. A foreigner their brethren the priests, and for

thou hast circumcised him, then children of the captivity, and for it. Speak unto the children of and an hired servant shall not eat Israel, saying, If any man of you, thereof. All the congregation of Israel, which were come again out

themselves. And ihe children of or of your posterity, shall be un. Israel shall keep it. And when a clean by reason of a dead body, or stranger shall sojourn with thee, separated themselves unto them

of captivity, and all such as had be in a journey afar off, yet he and will keep the passover to the from the filthiness of the heathen Second month at even they shall / cised, and then let him come near of Israel, did eat, keep it, and eat it with unleaven

and keep it; and he shall be as
one that is born in the land: for

John xl, 55. And the Jews' passed bread and bitter herbs. Num. xxvill, 16. And in the thereof. no uncircumcised person shall eat over was nigba at hand: and many

went out of the country up to fourteenth day of the first month is the passover of the LORD.

Num. ix, 6-8, 13, 14. And there Jerusalem before the passover, to

purify themselves. were certain men, who were deDeut. xvi, 1-6. Observe the filed by the dead body of a man, month of Abib, and keep the pass that they could not keep the passe

ACCOMPANYING SACRIFICES, over unto the LORD thy God; for over on that day; and they came in the month of Abib the LORD before Moses and before Aaron on 2 Chron. XXXV, 7-9, 12, 13. And thy God brouzh thee forth out of that day. And those men said Josiab gare to the people, of Egypt by night. Tuon shalt unto him, We are defiled by the the flock, lambs and kids. therefore sacrifice the passover dead body of a man: wherefore all for the passover offerings, unto the LORD thy God, of the are we kept back, that we may for all that were present, to Aock and the herd, in the place not offer an offering of the Lord the number of thirty Thousand, which the LORD shall choose to in his appointed season among the and tbree thousand bullocks : place his name there. Thou may- I children of Israel ? And Moses these were of the king's sabstance. And his prioces gavo Bhebs even to Dan, that they be killed. And he sent Peter and willmgly unto the people, to the should come to keep the passover John, saying, Go and prepare us priests, and to the Levites: Hil- unto the LORD God of Israel at the passover. that we may eat. kiah, and Zechariah, and Jehiel, Jerusalem: for they had not done and they said unto him, where rulers of the house of God, guve it of a long time in such sort as it wilt thou that we prepare? And unto the priests for the passover. was written. So there was great he said unto them, Behold, when offerings two thousand and six joy in Jerusalem: for since the yo are entered into the city, thero hundred small cattle, and three time of Solomon, the son of David shall a man meet you, bearing a hundred oxen. Conaniah also, king of Israel, there was not the pitcher of water; follow him into and Shemalah, and Nathaneel, like in Jerusalem.

the house where he entereth in. his bretliren, and Hashabiah, and

2 Chron. XXXV, 1, 16-19. More- And ye shall say unto the goodJelel, and Jozabad, chief of the over, Josiah kept a passover unto man of the house, The Master Levites, gave unto the Levites for the Lord in Jerusalem: and they saith unto thee, Where is the passover-offerings five thousand killed the passover on the four- guest-chamber, where I shall cat small cattle, and five hundred teenth day of the first month. So the passover with my disciples? oxen. And they removed the all the service of the LORD was And he shall show you a largo burnt-offerings, that they might prepared the same day. to keep upper room furnished: there make give according to the divisions of the passover, and to offer-burnt- ready. And they went, and found the families of the people, to offer offerings upon the altar of the as he had said unto them: and unto the Lord, as it is written in LORD, according to the cuminand- they made ready the passover. the book of Moses: and so did they ment of king Josiah.

And the And when th

hour was come, he with the oxen. And they roasted children of Israel that were pres- sat down, and the twelve apostles the passover with fire according ent kept the passover at that iime, with him, And he said unto to the ordinance: but the other and the feast of unleavened bread them, With desire I have desired holy oferings sod they in pots, seven days. And there was no to eat this passover with you beand in caldrons, and in pans, and passover like to that kept in Israel fore I suffer: For I say unto you, divided them speedily among all from the days of Samuel the pro- I will not any more eat thereof, the people. And afterward they phet; neither did all the kings of until it be fulñlled in the kingdom made ready for themselves, and Israel keep such a passover as

of God. for the priests: because the priests Josiah kept, and the priests, and

2.-UNDER New TESTAMENT. the sons of Arron were busied in the Levites, and all Judah and offering of burnt-offerings and the Israel that were present, and the


INSTITUTIOX. fat until night; therefore the inbabitants of Jerusalem. In the Levites prepared for themselves, eighteenth year of the reign of

Matth. xxvili, 19. Go ye thereand for the priests the sons of Josiab was this passover kept.

fore, and teach all nations, bapAaron.

tizing them in the name of the Luke il, 41, 42. Now his parents Father, and of the Son, and of the INSTANCES.

went to Jerusalem every year at Holy Ghost. Num. 1x, 4, 5. And Moses spake the feast of the passover. And 1 Cor, i, 13 -- 17. Is Christ onto the children of Israel, that when he was twelve years old, divided? was Paul crucified for they should keep the passover. they went up to Jerusalem after you ? or were ye baptized in the And they kept the passover on the custom of the feast.

name of Paul? I thank God that I the fourte: nth day of the first month at even in the wilderness feast of the Jews, was nigh.

John vi, 4. And the passover, a baptized none of you, but Crispus

and Gaius; Lest any should say of Sioal; according to all that the

that I baptized in mine own name. LORD commanded Moses, so did CIIRIST'S LAST PASSOVER.

And I baptized also the housethe children of Israel, Josh. v, 10. And the children of first day of the feast of unleaven- For Christ sent me not to baptize,

Batth. xxvi, 17-20. Now, the not whether I baptized any other.

hold of Stephanas: besides, I know Ieruel encamped iu Gilgal, anded bread, the disciples came to kept the passiver on the four. Jesus, saying unto bim, Where

but to preach the gospel; not with teenth day of the month at even, wilt thou that we prepare for thee

wisdom of words, lest the cross of in the plains of Jericho.

Christ should bo made of none to eat the passover? And he said,

effect. 2 Kings xxiil, 21-23. And the Go into the city to such a man,

Eph. iv, 5. One Lord, one faith, king commanded all the people, and say unto him, The Master saying, Keep the passover unto saith, My time is at hand; I will one baptism. tho LORD your God, as it is keep the passover at thy house written in the book of this cove with my disciples. And the dis

Matth. xx, 22. 23. But Jesus nant. Surely there was not holden ciples did as Jesus had appointed answered and said, Ye know not such a passover from the days of them; and they made ready the what ye ask.

Are ye able to the judres that judged Israel, nor passover. Now, when the even drink of the cup that I shall drink in all the days of the kings of was come, he sat down with the of, and to be baptized with the Israel, nor of the kings of Judab twelve.

baptism that I am baptized with? But in the eighteenth year of Mark xiv, 12, 16, 17. And the They say unto him, We are able. King Josiah, wherein this passover frst day of unleavened bread, And he saith unto them, Ye shall was holden to the Lord in Jerusa- when they killed the passover, his driok indeed of my cup, and be lem.

disciples said unto him, where baptized with the baptism that I 2 Chron. XXX, 1, 5, 26. And wilt thou that we go and prepare am baptized with...... Hezekiah sent to all Israel and that thou mayest eat the pass- Mark x, 88. 89. But Jesus sald Judah, and wrote letters also to over? ... And they made ready unto them, Ye know not what yo Epliraim and Manasseh, that they the passover. And in the even

ask: can ye drink of the cup that should come to the house of the ing he cometh with the twelve.

I drink of? and be baptized with LORD at Jerusalem, to keep the Luke xxii, 1, 7-16. Now the feast the baptism that I am baptized passover unto the LORD God of unleavened bread drew nigh, with? "And they say unto him, of Israel. So they established which is called the Passover We can. And Jesus said unto a decree to make proclamation Then came the day of unleavened them, Ye shall indeed drink of the throughout all Israel, from Beer. I bread, when the passover must I cup that I drink of, and with the


baptism that I am baptized withal when she was baptized, and her John iv, 1, 2. When therefore Bhall ye be baptized.

household, she besought us, say- the Lord knew how the Pharisees Luke xil, 60. But I have a bap- ing: If ye have judged me to be had heard that Jesus made and tism to be baptized with; and how faithful to the Lord,

come into my baptized

disciples than

And she | John. am I straitened till it be accom- house, and abide there.

(Though Jests himself constrained 18. plished!

And he took baptized not, but his disciples.)

them the same hour of the night, 1 Cor. x, 1, 2. Moreover, brethand washed their stripes; and

BY JOHN. ren, I would not that ye should be Ignorant, Low that all our fathers was baptized, he and all his,

Matth. 111, 5, 6, 11, 12. Then went straight way. were under the cloud, and all

out to him Jerusalem, and all passed though the ser; And were

Acts xvill, 8. And Crispus, the Judea, and all the region ruand all baptized unto Moses in the chief ruler of the synagogue, be about Jordan, And were baptized cloud and in the sea.

lieved on the Lord, with all his of him in Jordan, confessing their

house: and many of the Corin- sins. I indeed baptize you with 1 Cor. xll, 13. For by one Spirit thians hearing believed, and were water unto repentance: but he are we all baptized into one body, baptized.

that cometh after me is mightier whether we be Jews or Gentiles,

than I, whose sboes I am not whether we be bond or free; and


worthy to bear: he shall baptizo have been all made to drink into

Mark xvi, 16. He that believeth, you with the Holy Ghost, and one Spirit.

and is baptized, shall be saved; with fre: Whose fan is in his 1 Cor. xv, 29, 30. Else what shall but he that believeth not shall be band, and he will throughly purge they do which are baptized for damned.

hils floor, and gather his wheat the dead, if the dead rise not at

Acts xxil, 16. And now, why into the garner, but he will burn all? why are they then baptized tarriest thou? arise, and be bap- up the chaff with unqueachable for the dead? And why stand ye tizrd, and wash away thy sins,

fire. in jeopardy every hour? calling on the name of the Lord. Mark 1, 4, 5, 8. John did bap

tize in the wilderness, and preach INSTANCES

Rom. vi, 3. 4. Know ye not, that
80 many of us as were baptized remission of sius.

the baptism of repentance for the Acts vill, 12. 13. 36-38. But when into Jesus Christ were baptized went out unto him all the land of

And there they believed Pbilip, preaching into his death? Therefore we are Judea, and they of Jerusalem, and the things concerning the king buried with him by baptism into were all baptized of him in the dom of God, and the name of dealb; that like as Christ was river of Jordan, confessing their Jesus Christ, they were baptized, raised up from the dead by the both men and women.

sins. I indeed bave baptized you Simon himself believed also: and glory of the Father, even ko we

with water: but he shall bapiize also should walk in newness of when he was baptized, he con

you with the Holy Ghost. life. tinued with Philip, and wondered,

Jolin iil, 23. And John also was beholding the miracles and sigos

Gal. iil, 27. For as many of you which were done. And as they as have been baptized into Christ, baptizing in Ænon near to Salim,

because there was much water went on their way, they came un- bave put on Christ.

there; and they came and was to a certain water: and the eunuch

Col. ii, 12. Buried with him in baptized. said, See, here is water; what doth baptism, wherein also ye are binder me to be baptized? And risen with him throngh the faith tized with water: but ye shall be

Acts 1,5. For John truly bapPhilip said, if thou believest with of the operation of God, who hath baptized with the Holy Ghost not all thine heart, thou mayest. And raised him from the dead. he answered and said, I believe

many days hence. that Jesus Christ is the Son of 1 Peter til, 21. The like figure Acts xviii, 25. This man was God. And he commanded the whereunto even baptism doth also instructed in the way of the Lord; chariot to stand still: and they vow save us, (not the putting and, being fervent in the spirit, went down both into the water, away of the filth of the flesh, but he spake and taught diligently both Pbilip and the eunuch; and the answer of a good conscience the things of the Lord, knowing he baptized him.

toward God.) by the resurrection only the baptism of John,

of Jesus Christ, Acts ix, 18. And immediately there fell from his eyes as it bad

Acts xix, 2-5. He said unto

BAPTISM OF CHRIST. them, Have ye received the Holy been scales, and he received sight therewith, and arose and was Matth. ill, 13--15. Then cometh Glost since ye believed? And baptized.

Jesus from Galilee to Jordan unto they said unto bim, We have not Acts a, 46-48. For they heard John, to be baptized of him. But so much as heard whether there

John forbade him, saying, I have be apy Holy Ghost. And he said them speak with tongues, and

need to be baptized of thee, and unto them, Unto what tben were magnify God. Then answered

comest thou to me? And Jesas ye baptized? And they said, Peter, Can any man forbid water, answering said

unto bim, Suffer it Unto Johu's baptism. Then said that these should not be baptized, 1 to be so now; for thus it becometh Paul, John verily baptized with which have received the Holy us to fulfil all righteousness.

the baptism of repentance, saying Ghost as well as we? And he Then he suffered him.

unto the people, that they should commanded them to be baptized

believe on bim which should come in the name of the Lord. Then Mark 1, 9. And it came to pass after bim, that is, on Christ Jesus. prayed they bim to tarry certain in those days, that Jesus came when they heard this, they were days. from Nazareth of Galilee, and was baptized in the name of the Lord

Jesus Acts XVI, 14, 15, 33. And a cer. baptized of John in Jordan. tain woman named Lydia, a seller


THE LORD'S SUPPER. of purple, of the city of Thyatira,

Irs INSTITUTION. which worshipped God, beard us: John Ili, 22. After these things wbuse heart the Lord openedl, came Jesus and his disciples into Matth. XXVI, 26-29. And as they that she attended unto the things the land of Judea, and there he were eating, Jesus took bread, which were spoken ot Paul. And tarried with tbem and baptized. and blessed it, and brake it, and


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