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to his song. And Moses took the of ive hundred, both of the per- dreds. and brought it into the redemptiou-money of them that sons, and of the beeves, and of the tabernacle of the congregation,

over and above them that asses, and of the sheep. Take it for a memorial for the children of were redeemed by the Levites. of their half, and give it unto Israel before the LORD. or the first-born of the children of Eleazar the priest, for an heaveIsrael took be the money; a thou- offering of the LORD. And of the the city with fire, and all that

Joshua vi, 24. And they burned Band three hundred and three children of Israel's hall, thou score and five shekels, after the shalt take one

portion of árty, of was therein: only the silver, and shekel of the sanctuary. And the persons, of the beeves, and of the gold, and the vessels of bragg Moses gave the money of them the asses, and of the flocks, of all and of iron, they put into the that were redeemed unto Aaron, manner of beasts, and give them | treasury of the house of the

LORD. and to his sons, according to the unto the Levites, which keep the word of the LORD, as the LORD charge of the tabernacle of the

1 Sam. xv, 14, 15, 21. And commanded Moses.

LORD. And Moses and Eleazar Samuel said, What meaneth then

the priest did as the LORD com- this bleating of the sheep in mine POLL TAX.

manded Moses. Even of the ears. and the lowing of the oxen Exod. xxx, 12-16. When thon children of Israel's half, Moses which I hear? And Saul said, takest the sum of the children of took one portion of fifty,' both of They have brought them from Israel after their number, then man and of beast, and gave them the Amalekites: for the people shall they give every man

unto the Levites, which kept the spared the best of the sheep ransom for his soul unto the charge of the tabernacle of the and of the oxen to sacrifice unto LORD, when thou uumberest them; LORD: as the LORD commanded the LORD thy God; and the rest that there be no plague among Moses.

we have utterly destroyed. But them, when thou

the people took of the spoil, sheep numberest, Joshua vi, 19. But all the silver, and oxen, the chief of the things them. This they shall give, every and gold, and vessels of brass and which should have been utterly one that passeth among them iron, are consecrated unto the destroyed, to sacrifice unto the that are numbered, half

a shekel, LORD: they shall come into the Lord thy God in Gilgal. after the shekel of the sanctuary: treasury of the LORD. (a shekel is twenty gerahs:) an Isa. xxiii, 18. And her mer

2 Sam. viii, 9-12. When Tol half shekel shall be the offering of chandise and her hire shall be king of Hamath heard that David the LORD. Every one that passeth holiness to the LORD: it shall not bad smitten all the host of Hadaamong them that are numbered, be treasured nor laid up; for her dezer, ... And Joram brought from twenty years old and above, merchandiso shall be for them with him vessels of silver, and shall give an offering unto the that dwell before the LORD, to vessels of gold, and vessels of LORD. The rich shall not give cat sufficiently, and for durable brass: Which also king David did more, and the poor shall not give clothing.

dedicate unto the LORD, with the less, than half a shekel, when they


silver and gold that he had dedigive an offering unto the LORD, to

cated of all nations which he make atonement for your souls.

Num. 3XXI, 37--41, 48-51, 53, 54. subdued: Of Syria, and of Moab, And thou shalt take the atone. And tho Lord's tribute of the and of the children of Ammon, ment-money of the children of chet-p wes six hundred and threo- and of the Philistines, and of Israel, and shalt appoint it for the score and Afteen. And the beeves Amalek, and of the spoil of service of the tabernacle of the roere thirty and six thousand, of Hadadezer,

son of Rehob, king of congregation; that it may be a whicl: the LORD's tribute was Zobah. memorial unto the children of threescoro and twelve. And the Israel before the LORD, to make asses were thirty thousand and took the shields of gold that


1 Chron. xvill, 7, 8. And David an atonement for your souls.

five hundred, of which the LORD'S
tributo. was threescore and one.

on the servants of Hadarozer, and Exod. xxxviil, 25, 26. And the


brought them Jerusalem. Anil the persons were sixteen Likewise from Tibhath, and from silver of them that were number thousand, of which the Lord's Chun, cities of Hadarezer, brought ed of the congregation was an hundred taleuts, and a thousand

tribute was thirty and two per- David very much brass, where

Nong. seven hundred and threescore

And Moses gave the tri- with Solomon made the brasen sea, and afteen shekels, after the buto which was the Lord's beave and the pillars, and the vessels of shekel of the sanctuary: A bekah offering, unto Eleazar the priest:

brass, for every man, that is, halt a And the officers which were over as the LORD commanded Moses.

1 Chron. XXVI, 27. Out of the shekel, after the shekel of the thousands of the host, the captains spoils won in battlesh did they went to be numbered from twenty hundreds, came near unto Moses: the LORD.

of thousands, and 'captains of dedicate to maintain the house of years old and upward, for six And they said unto Moses, Thy hundred thousand, and three

THE SACRED TREASURY. thousand, and five hundred and servants have taken the sum of fitty men.

the men of war which are under 1 Chron. XXVI, 20, 26, 28. And of

our charge, and there lacketh not the Levites, Ahijah was over the BOOTY GIVEN TO GOD.

one man of us. We have there- treasures of the house of God,

fore brought an oblation for the and over the treasures of the de Num. Xxxl, 26-31, 47. Take the LORD, what every man hath got- dicated things. Which Shelosum of the prey that was taken, ten, of jewels of gold, chains, and mith and his brethren were over both of man and of beast, thou, bracelets, rings, ear - rings, and all the treasures of the dedicated and Eleazar the priest, and the tablets, to make an atonement for things, which David the king, and chief fathers of the congregation; our souls before the LORD. And the chief fathers, the captains And divide the prey into two Moses and Eleazar the priest took over thousands and hundreds, parts, between them that took the the gold of them, even all wrought and the captains of the host, had war upon them, who went out to jewels. (For the meu of war had dedicated. And all that Samuel battlo, and between all the con- taken spoil, every man for him- the Beer, and Saul the son of gregation; And lovy a tribute un- sell:) And Moses and Eleazar the Kish, and Aboer the son of Ner, to the LORD of the men of war priest took the gold of the cap- and Joab the son of Zorulah, bad which went out to battle: ono soul tains of thousands and of hun- dedicated; and whosoever had

dedicated any thing, it was under , which cometh of the sale of his fine linen, and goats' hair, Aud the hand of Shelomith, and of his patrimony.

rams skins dyed red, and badbrethren.

2 Chron. XXXI, 4, 15-19. More- gers' skins, and shittim wood, oil 2 Chron. v, 1. Thus all the work over, he commanded the people for the light, spices for anointing that Solomon made for the house that' dwelt in Jerusalem to give oil, and for sweet incense; Onyx. of the LORD was finished: and the portion of the priests and the stones, and stones to be set in Solomon brought in all the things Levítes, that they might be on the ephod, and in the breastthat David his father had dedi- couraged in the law of the LORD. plate. cated; and the silver, and the gold, and next him were Eden, and Exod. XXXV, 5-9, 22-24, 27, 28 and all the instruments, put he Miniamin, and Jeshua, and she Take ye from among you an offeramong the treasures of the house malah, Amariah, and shecaniah, ing unto the LORD: whosoever is of God.

in the cities of the priests, in of a willing heart, let him bring it, 2 Chron. xxxi, 7-13. In the their set office, to give to their an offering of the LORD; gold, and third month they began to lay brethren by courses, as well to silver, and brass, And blue, and the foundation of the heaps, and the great as to the small. Besides purple, and scarlet, and fine linen, finished them in the seventh their genealogy of males, from and goats' hair, And rams' sking month. And when Hezekiah and three years old and upward, even dyed red, and badgers' skins, and the princes came and saw the unto every one that entereth into shittim - wood, And oll for the heaps, they blessed the LORD, and the house of the LORD, his daily light, and spices for anointing oil, his people Israel. Then Hezekiah portion for their service in their and for the sweet incense; And questioned with the priests and charges, according to their cour onyx-stones, and stones to be set the Levites concerning the heaps. ses; Both to the genealogy of the for the ephod, and for the breastAnd Azariah the chief priest, of priests by the house of their plate. And they came, both men the house of Zadok, answered fathers, and the Levites from and women, as many as were him, and said, Since the people twenty years old and upward, willing - hearted, and brought began to bring the offerings into in their charges, by their courses: bracelets, and ear - rings, and the house of the LORD, we have

And to the genealogy of all their rings, and tablets, all jewels of had enough to eat, and have little ones, their wives, and their gold: and every man that offered, left plenty: for the LORD hath sons, and their daughters, through offered an offering of gold unto blessed his people; and that which all the congregation : for in their the LORD. And every man with is left is this great store.

Then set office they sanctified them whom was found blue, and purHezekiah commanded to pre

selves in holiness. Also of the ple, and scarlet, and fine linen, pare chambers in the house of the sons of Aaron the priests, which and goats' hair, and red skins of Lord; and they prepared them, were in the fields of the suburbs rims, and badgers' skins, brought And brought in the offerings, and of their cities, in every several them. Every one that did offer the tithes, and the dedicated city, the men that were expressed art offering of silver and brass, things, faithfully: over

which by name, to give portions to all brought the Lord's offering: and Cononial the Levite was ruler, the males among the priests, and every man with whom was found and Shimel his brother was the to all that were reckoned by gen- shittim-wood, for any work of the next. And Jeniul, and Azaziah, ealogies among the Levites. service, brought it. And the and Nahath, and Asahel, and Neh. xii, 47. And all Israel, in rulers brought onyx-stones, and Jerimoth, and Jozabad, and Eliel, the days of Zerubbabel, and in stones to be set, for the ephod, and Ismachiah, and Mahath, and the days of Nehemiah, gave the and for the breastplate; Aud spice, Benaiah, were overseers, under portions of the singers and the and oil for the light, and for the the hand of Cononiah and shimei porters, every day his portion : anointing oil, and for the sweet his brother, at the commandment and they sanctified holy things

incense. of Hezekiah the king, and Azariah unto the Levites; and the Levites Exod. xxxvIII, 24, 29. All the the ruler of the house of God. sanctified them unto the children gold that was occupied for the

of Aaron, Neh, xil, 44. And at that time

work, in all the work of the holy were some appointed over the

place, even the gold of the offer chambers for the treasures, for Neh. xlif, 10, 11. And I perceived ing, was twenty and nine talents, the offerings, for the first-fruits, that the portions of the Levites

and seren hundred and thirty and for the tithes, to gather into bad not been given them: for the shekels, after the shekel of the them, out of the fields of the Levites and the singers, that did sanctuary. And the brass of the cities, the portions of the law for the work, were fled every one to

offering was seventy talents, and the priests and Levites: for Judah bis field.' Then contended I with

two thousand and four hundred rejoiced for the priests and for the the rulers, and said, Why is the

shekels. Levites that waited.

house of God forsaken? And I Num. Xxx1,62. And all the gold Neh, xil, 12, 13. Then brought gathered them together, and set of the offering that they offered all Judah the tithe of the corn, them in their place.

up to the Lord, of the captains of

thousands, and of the captains and the new wine, and the oil, anto the treasuries. And I made THE MAINTENANCE OF

of hundreds, was sixteen thou

sand seven bundred and Afty she treasurers over the treasuries, DIVINE SERVICE.

kels. Shelemiah the priest, and Zadok Exod. xxill, 15. Thou shalt keep the scribe; and of the Levites, the feast of unleavened bread: in a year shall all thy males ap

Deut. xvi, 16, 17. Three times Pedaiah; and next to them was (thou shalt eat unleavened bread pear before the LORD thy God in Hanan the son of Zaccur, the seven days, as I commanded thee, the place which he shall chvose; son of Mattaniah: for they were in the time appointed of the in the feast of unleavened bread, counted faithful; and their office month Abib; for in it thou camest and in the feast of weeks, and in was to distribute unto their out from Egypt; and none shall the feast of tabernacles: and they brethren. appear before me empty:)

shall not appear before the LORD Exod. xxv, 3-7. And this is the empty: Every man shall give as DISBURSEMENT.

offering which yeshall takeofthem; he is able, according to the blessDeut. xvlli, 8. They shall bave gold, and silver, and brass, Aud ing of the LORD thy God which he like portions to eat, besides that I blue, and purple, and scarlet, and halh given theo.

1 Chron. XXIX, 4,7-9. Even three , silver, and threescore and seven money that was found in the thousand talents of gold, of the priests' garments.

house of the LORD gold of Ophir, and seven thou

Neh. X, 32, 33, 39. Also we made 2 Kings xxii, 3, 4. And it came sand talents of refined silver, to ordinances for us, to charge our- to pass in the eighteenth year of overlay the walls of the houses selves yearly with the third part king Josiah, that the king sent withal. And gare, for the service of a shekel for the service of the Shaphan the son of Azalial, the of the house of God, of gold, five house of our God; For the show. son of Meshullam, the scribe, to thousand talents and ten thou- bread, and for the continual the house of the LORD, saying, Go Band drams; and of silver, ten meat-offering, and for the contin- up to Hilkiah the high priest, thousand talents; and of brass, ual burnt - offering, of the sab- that he may sum the silver eighteen thousand talents; and baths, of the new-moons, for the which is brought into the house one hundred thousand talents of set feasts, and for the holy things, of the LORD, which the keepers Iron. And they with whom pre- and for the sin-offerings, to make of the door have gathered of the cious stones were found gave an atonement for Israel, and for people. them to the treasure of the house all the work of the house of our of the LORD, by the hand of Jehiel God. For the children of Israel things of gold, and the sliver for

1 Chron. xxix, 5. The gold for the Gershonite. Thea the people and the children of Levi sball things of silver, and for all manrejoiced, for that they offered bring the offering of the corn, of ner of work to be made by the willingly, because with perfect the new wine, and the oil, unto hands of artificers. And who heart they offered willingly to the chambers, where are the ves- ther is willing to consecrato the LORD: and David the king sels of the sanctuary, and the bis service this day unto tho also rejoiced with great joy. priests that minister, and the por- LORD. 2 Ohron. xxiv, 6, 9. And the ters, and the singers: and we will

2 Chron. xxxiv, 17. And they king called for Jehoiada the chief, not forsake the house of our

have gathered together the money and said unto him, Why hast thou God.

that was found in the house of the not required of the Levites to briug in, out of Judah, and out of oblation that ye shall offer; the the hand of the overseers, and to

Ezek. xlv, 13-16. This is the LORD, and have delivered it into ing to the commandment of

Moses sixth part of an ephah of an ho- the hand of the workmen. the servant of the LORD, and of mer of wheat, and ye shall give the congregation of Israel, for the homer of barley. Concerning the

the sixth part of an ephah of an CHEERFUL GIFTS. tabernacle of witness? And they ordinance of oil

, the bath of oil, the congregation of the children

E.cod. xxxv, 20, 21, 29. And all made a proclamation through Judah and Jerusalem, to bring in ye shall offer the tenth part of a of Israel departed from the pres

out of the cor, which is an to the Lord the collection that homer of ten baths; for ten baihgence of Moses. And they came

the upon Israel in the wilderness.

are an homer: And one lamb out everyone whose beart stirred Ezra ii, 69. They gave after out of the fat pastures of Israel, brought the Lord's offering to the of the flock, out of two hundred, him up, and every one whom his

spirit made willing, and they their ability, unto the treasure of for a meat-offering, and for a work of the tabernacle of the conthe work, threescore and one burnt - offering, and for peacethousand pound of silver, and one for them, saith the Lord God: children of Israel brought a willthousand drams of gold, and five offerings, to make reconciliation gregation, and for all his service, hundred priests' garments. All the people of the land shall Ezra vil, 16-18. And all the give this oblation for the prince ing offering unto the LORD every

man and woman, whose heart silver and gold that thou canst in Israel.

made them willing to bring, for find in all the province of Baby

all manner of work which the lon, with the free-will-offering of the people, and of the priesis, E.cod. xxv, 2. Speak unto the Lord had commanded to be made offering willingly for the house children of Israel, that they by the band of Moses. of their God which is in Jerusa- bring me an offering: of every Erod. XXXVI, 3--7. And they relem; That thou mayest buy speed- man that giveth it willingly with ceived of Moses all the offering lly with this money bullocks, his heart ye shall take my offer- which the children of Israel had rame, lambs, with their meat-ing.

brought for the work of the ser. offerings, and their drink-offerings, and offer them upon the ash said to the priests, All the withal, 2 Kings xil, 4, 9, 10. And Jeho vice of the sanctuary, to make it

And they brought yet altar of the house of your God money of the dedicated things unto him free - offerings every which is in Jerusalem.

And that is brought into the house of morning. And all the wise men, whatsoever shall seem good to the LORD, even the money of that wrought all the work of the thee, and to thy brethren, to do every one that passeth the ac- sanctuary, came every man from with the rest of the

silver and the count, the money that every man his work which they made; And gold, that do after the will of your is set 'at, and all the money that they spake unto Moses, saying, God.

cometh into any man's heart to the people bring much more Neh, vli, 70-72. And some of the bring into the house of the LORD. than enough for the service chief of the fathers gave unto the But Jehoiada the priest took a of the work wbich the Lord comwork: the Tirshatha gave to the chest, and bored a hole in the lid manded to make. And Moses treasure a thousand drams of of it, and set it beside the altar, gave commandment, and they gold, Afty basons, five hundred on the right side as one cometh caused to be proclaimed and thirty priests' garments. And into the house of the LORD: and throughout the camp, saying, Let some of the chief of the fathers the priests that kept the door put neither man nor woman make gave to the treasure of the work therein all the money that was any more work for the offering of twenty thousand drams of gold, brought into the house of the the sanctuary. So the people and two thousand and two hun- LORD. And it was so, when they were restrained from bringing. dred pound of silver. And that saw that there was much money for the stuff they had was sufficiwhich the rest of the people gave in the chest, that the king's scribe ent for all the work to make it, was twenty thousand drams of and the high priest came up, and and too much. gold, and two thousand pound of they put up in bags, and told the 1 Chron. xxix, 6, 17. Then the


chief of the fathers, and princes of if he that sanctified the field will and the people, for the woodthe tribes of Israeí, and the cap- in any wise redeem it, then he offering, to bring it into the house tains of thousands and of hun- shall add the fifth part of the of our God, after the houses of dreds, with the rulers over the money of thy estimation unto it, our fathers, at times appointed, king's work, offered willingly. and it shall be assured to him. year by year, to burn upon the I know also, my God, that thou And if he will not redeem the altar of the LORD our God, as it 48 triest the heart, and hast peasure field, or if he have sold the field written in the law. in uprightness. As for me, in the to another man, it shall not be re- Neh. xiii, 31. And for the wooduprightness of mine heart I have deemned any more. But the field, offering at times appointed, and willingly offered all these things: when it goeth out in the jubilee, for the first - fruits. Remember and now have I seen with joy tby shall be holy unto the LORD, as

me, O my God, for good. people, which are present here, to a field devoted; the possession offer willingly unto thee. thereof sball be the priest's. And

Ezek. xliv, 29. They shall eat

the meal-offering, and the sinEzra il, 68. And some of the if a man sanctify unto the LORD chief of the fathers, when they which is not of the fields of his a field which he hath bought, and every dedicated thing in

offering, and the trespass-offering; came to the house of the LORD

Israel shall be theirs. which is at Jerusalem, offered possession; Then the priest shall freely for the house of God, to reckon unto him the worth of thy estimation, even unto the year of

ROYAL GIFTS. set it up in his place. the jubilee: and he shall give

1 Chron. xxii, 14. Now, behold, thine estimation in that day, as a in my trouble I have prepared for DEVOTED THINGS.

holy thing unto the LORD. Not- the house of the LORD an hundred Lev. xxvii, 2, 8-23, 28, 29. Speak withstanding, no devoted thing, thousand talents of gold, and a unto the children of Ísrael, and that a man shall devote unto the thousand thousand talents of say unto them, When a man shall LORD, of all that he hath, both of silver; and of brass and iron withmake a singular vow, the persons man and beast, and of the field of out weight; for it is in abundance: shall be for the LORD by thy esti- his possession, shall be sold or timber also and stone have I premation. But if he be poorer than redeemed: every devoted thing is pared; and thou mayest add thy estimation, then he shall pre- most holy unto the LORD. None thereto. sent himself before the priest, and devoted, which shall be devoted 1 Chron. xxviil, 13-17. Also for the priest shall value him; accord- of men, shall be redeemed; but the courses of thé priests and the ing to his ability that vowed shall shall surely be put to death. Levites, and for all the work of the priest value him. And if it be a beast, whereof men bring an

Num. xviii, 14. Every thing de- the service of the honse of the

LORD, and for all the vessels of offering unto the Lord, all that voted in Israel shall be thine.

service in the house of the Lond. any man giveth of such unto the 1 Kings vii, 51. So was ended all | He gave of gold by weight for LORD shall be holy. He shall not the work that king Solomon made things of gold, for all instruments alter it, nor change it, a good for for the house of the Lord. And of all manner of ser silier a bad, or a bad for a good: and if Solomon brought in the things also for all instruments of silver he shall at all change beast for which David his father lad dedi- by weight, for all instruments of beast, then it and the exchange cated; even the silver, and the every kind of service: Even the thereof shall be holy. And if it be gold, and the vessels, did he put weight for the candlesticks of any unclean beast, of which they among the treasures of the house gold, and for their lamps of gold, do not offer a sacrifice unto the of the LORD,

by weight for every candlestick LORD, then he shall present the beast before the priest: And the in the things which his father had the candlesticks, of silver by

1 Kings xv, 15. And he brought and for the lamps thereof; and for priest shall value it, whether it be dedicated, and the things which weight, both for the candlestick, good or bad: as thou valuest it, bimself had dedicated, into the and also for the lamps thereuf, who art the priest, so shall it be. house of the LORD, silver, and according to the use of every But if he will at all redeem it, then gold, and vessels.

candlestick. And by weight he he shall add a finh part thereof moto thy estimation. And when

1 Chron. xviii, 9-11. Now when gave gold for the taules of shew. a man shall sanctify his house to Tou king of Hamath heard, how bread, for every table; and likebe holy unto the LORD then the David bad smitten all the host of wise silver for the tables of silver: priest shall estimate it, whether Hadarezer king of Zobah, He Also pure gold for the flesh-hooks, it be good or bad: as the priest sent. Hadoram his son to king and the bowls, and the cups: and shall estimate it, so sball it stand. David, to enquire of his welfare, for the golden basons he gave gold And if be that sanctified it wili and to congratulate him, because by weight for every bason; and redeem his bouse, then he shall he had fought against Hadarezer, likewise silver by weight for every add the fifth part of the money of and smitten him; (for Hadarezer bason of silver. thy estimation unto it, and it shall all manner of vessels of gold, and because I have set my affection

had war with Tou;) and with him 1 Chron. xxix, 3. Moreover, tify unto the Lord some part of a silver, and brass. Them also king to the house of my God, I have field of his possession, then thy with the silver and the gold that and silver, which I have given to

David dedicated unto the LORD, of mine own proper good, of gold estimation shall be according to the seed thereof; an homer or he brought from all these nations; the house of my God, over and barley-seed shall be valued at

from Edom, and from Moab, and above all that I have prepared for fifty shekels of silver. If he

from the children of Ammon, and the holy house. sanctify his field from the year of

from the Philistines, and from

2 Chron. XXX, 24. For Hezekiah jubilee, according to thy estima

king of Judah did give to the tion it shall stand. But if ho

2 Chron. xv, 18. And he brought congregation a thousand bullocks sanctify his field after the jubilee, into the house of God the things and seven thousand sheep; and then the priest shall reckon untó that his father had dedicated, and the princes gave to the congregahim the money according to the that he himself had dedicated, tion a thousand bullocks and ten years that remain, even unto the silver, and gold, and vessels.

thousand sheep: and a great year of the jabilee, and it shall be Neh. x, 34. And we cast the lots number of priests Banctifed abated from thy estimation. And l among the priests, the Lovites, I themselves.

2 Ohron. Xxxl, 3. He appointed


of heaven; and whatsoever thou also the king's portion of his sub

shalt bind on earth shall be bound

(PROPHETS, see under stance for the burnt-offerings, to

PROPHECY.) wit, for the morning and evening

in heaven; and whatsoever thou

shalt loose on earth shall be loosed burnt-offerings, and the burnt

in heaven.

III. offerings for the sabbaths, and for

Matth. xvili, 18. Verily I say the new-moons, and for the set UNDER THE NEW

unto you, Whatsoever ye shall feasts, as it is written in the law

DISPENSATION. bind on earth shall be bound in of the LORD.


heaven; and whatsoever ye shall

loose on earth shall be loosed in Ezra vi, 8, 9. Moreover I make

Matth. x, 1. And when he had

heaven, a decree what ye shall do to the called unto him bis twelve diselders of these Jews, for the

ciples, he

them power

Luke xxiv, 48. And ye are witbuilding of this house of God; against unclean spirits, to cast nesses of these things. that of the king's goods, even of them out, and to heal ali manner

John xv, 27. And ye also shall the tribute beyond the river, of sickness, and all manner of bear witness, because ye have forthwith expences be given un- disease.

been with me from the beginto these men, that they be not hindered. And that which

Mark II, 14. And as he passed ning:

John xx, 23. Whose soever sins they have need of, both young by, he saw Levi the son of Alpheus bullocks, and rams, and lambs, sitting at the receipt of custom, (ye remit, they are remitted unto for the burnt-offerings of the God and said unto him, Follow me. them; and whose soever sins ye

retain, they are retained. of heaven, wheat, salt, wine, and And he arose and followed him. oil, according to the command- Mark vi, 7. And he called unto

Acts i, 21, 22. Wherefore, of ment of the priests wbich are at him the twelve, and began to

these men which have companied Jerusalem, let it be given them send them forth by two and two; Lord Jesus went in and

with us all the time that the

out. day by day without fail.

and gave them power over unEzra vll, 14, 15, 20-23. Forasclean spirits.

among us, Beginning from the

baptism of Joha, unto that same much as thou art sent of the king,

Luke vi, 13. And when it was day that he was taken up from and of his seven counsellors, to day, he called unto him his

dis- us, must one be ordained to be a enquire concerning Judah and ciples: and of them he chose witness with us of his resurrec Jerusalem, according to the law twelve, whom also be named tion. of thy God which is in thine hand; Apostles.

Acts xv, 22, 23. Then pleased And to carry the silver and gold,


it the apostles and elders, with which the king and his coun

Matth. X, 2-4. Now the names of the whole church, to send chosen sellors have freely offered unto the twelve apostles are these; men of their own company, to the God of Israel, whose habita- The first, Simon, who is called Antioch with Paul and Barnabas, tiou is in Jerusalem; And wbat- Peter, and Andrew his brother; namely, Judas surnamed Barsasoever more shall be needful for James the son of Zebedeo, and bas, and Silas, chief men among the house of thy God, which thou John his brother, Philip,' and the brethren: And they wrote shalt have occasion to bostow, Bartholomew; Thomas, and letters by them after this manner; bestow it out of the king's treas- Matthew the Publican; James the The apostles and elders and ure-house. And I, eren I Artax- son of Alpheus, and Lebbeus, brethren send greeting unto the erxes the king, do make a decree

whose surname was Thaddeus; brethren which are of the Gen. to all the treasures which are Simon the Canaanite, and Judas tiles in Antioch, and Syria, and beyond the river, that whatso. Iscariot, who also betrayed him.

Cilicia, ever Ezra the priest, the scribe of the law of the God of heaven, Luke vi, 14-16. Simon, (whom

Acts xvi, 4. And as they went shall require of you, it be done he also named Peter,) and Andrew through the cities, they delivered speedily, Unto an hundred talents his brother, James and John, them the decrees for to keep, that of silver, and to an hundred Philip and Bartholomew, Mat- were ordained of the apostles and measures of wheat, and to an thew and Thomas, James the son elders which were at Jerusalem. bundred baths of wine, and to an of Alpheus, and Simon called Acts xxli, 15. For thou shalt bo hundred baths of oil, and salt Zelotes, And Judas the brother of his witness unto all men of what without prescribing how much. James, and Judas Iscariot, which thou hast seen and heard. Whatsoever is commanded by the also was the traitor.

1 Cor. iv, 21. What will ye? God of heaven, let it be diligently Acts 1, 23-26. And they appoint- shall I come unto you with a rod, done for the house of the God of ed two, Joseph called Barsabas, or in love, and in the spirit of heaven: for why should there be who was surnamed Justus, and meekness ? wrath against the realm of the Matthias. And they prayed, and king and his sons? said, Thou, Lord, which knowest

1 Cor. ix, 3-5. Mine answer to P8. Ixvill, 29. Because of thy the hearts of 'all men, shew them that do examine me is this; temple at Jerusalem, shall kings whether of these two thou hast Have we not power to eat and to bring presents unto thee. chosen, That he may take part of drink? Have we not power to this ministry and apostleship,

lead about a sister, a wife, as well Ezek. xlv, 17. And it shall be the from which Judas by transgres- as other apostles

, and as the prince's part to give burnt-offer- slon fell, that he might go to his brethren of the Lord, and Coings, and meat - offerings, and drink-offerings, in the feasts, and their lots; and the lot fell upon own place. And they gave forth phas?

2 Cor. 11, 6-10. Sufficient to such in the new-moons, and in the Matthias; and he was numbered a man is this punishment, which Babbaths, in all solemnities of the with the oleven apostles.

was inflicted of many, So that house of Israel: he shall prepare

contrariwise, ye ought rather to the sin-offering, and the meat

THEIR PREROGATIVE AND forgive him, and comfort him, lest offering, and the burnt-offering, and the peace-offerings, to make


perhaps such an one should be

swallowed up with overmuch reconciliation for the house of Matth. xvi, 19. And I will give sorrow. Wherefore I beseech Israel.

unto thee the keys of the kingdom I you, that ye would confirm your


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