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Ps. xciv, 1. O LORD God, to Jer. xvill, 23. Yet, LORD, thon Hosea ix, 15. All their wickedwhom vengeance belongeth; o knuwest all their counsel against ness is in Gilgal; for there I hated God, to whom vengeance belong. me to slay me: forgive not their them.. eth, shew thyself, iniquity, neither blot out their

Joel il, 18. Then will the LORD Prov. xi, 4. Riches profit not in sin from thy sight; but let them be jealous for his land, and pity the day of wrath: but righteous- be overthrown before thee: deal his people. ness delivereth from death.

thus with them in the time of
thine anger.

Micah v, 15. And I will execute
Isa. V, 25. Therefore is the

vengeance in anger and fury upon anger of the Lord kindled against Jer. xxx, 24. The fierce anger of the heathen, such as they huve his people, and he hath stretched the LORD shall not return, until not heard. forth his hand against them, and he have done it, and until he have

Micah vil, 9. I will bear the inhath smitten them; and the hills performed the intents of his did tremble, and their carcases heart: in the latter days ye shall dignation of the LORD, because I

have sinned against him, until he were torn in the midst of the consider it. streets. For all this his anger is Jer. xlvi, 10. For this is the dayment for me.

plead my cause, and execute judg. not turned away, but his hand is of the Lord God of hosts, a day of stretched out still. vengeance, that he may avenge the Lord revengeth; the LORD re

Nah. I. 2, 6. God is jealous, and Isa. X, 25. For yet a very little him of his adversaries.

vengeth, and is furious: the LORD while, and the indignation shall Jer. II, 45. My people, go ye out will take vengeance on his advercease and mine anger, in their des of the midst of ler, and deliver ye saries, and he reserveth wrath for struction,

every man his soul from the fierce his enemies. Who can stand beIsa. xiil, 9, 13. Behold, the day anger of the LORD

fore his indignation? and who can of the LORD cometh, cruel both Lam. ii, 3. He hath cut off in his abiile in the fierceness of his with wrath and fierce anger, to fierce anger all the horn of Israel: anger? bis fury is poured out like lay the land desolate; and he shall he hath drawn back his right fire, and the rocks are thrown destroy the sinners thereof out of hand from before the enemy, and down by him. it. Therefore I will shake the bea

he burned against Jacob like a Zeph. iii, 8. Therefore wait yo vens, and the earth shall remove flaming fire, which deroureth upon me, saith the Lord, until the out of her place, in the wrath of round about.

day that I rise up to the prey; for the Lord of hosts, and in the day of his fierce anger.

Lam. iii, 43. Thou hast covered my determination is to gather the

with anger, and persecuted us: nations, that I may ass mble the Isa. xxx, 27. Behold, the name thou hast 'slain, thou hast not kingdoms, to pour upon them mine of the LORD cometh from far, pitied.

indignation, eren all my fierce burning with his anger, and the buruen thereof is heavy; his lips

Lam. iv, 11. The Lord hath anger: for all the earth shall be

devoured with the fire of my are full of indignation, and his accomplished his fury; he hath

jealousy. tongue as a devouring fire.

poured out his fierce anger, and
hath kindled a fire in Zion, and

Zech. vill, 2. Thas saith the Isa. xxxiv. 8. For it is the day it hath devoured the foundations Lord of hosts, I was jealous for of the Lord's vengeance, and the thereof.

Zion with great jealousy, and I year of recompences for the con

was jealous fur her with great

Ezek. v, 13, 15. Thus shall mine troversy of Zion.

fury. anger be accomplished, and I will

Rom. I, 18. For the wrath of Isa, xlii, 13, 24, 25. The LORD cause my fury to rest upon them,

God is revealed from heaven shall go forth as a mighty man, and I will be comforted; and they he shall stir up jealousy like a

shall know that I the Lord have against all ungodliness and unman of War: he shall cry, yea, spoken it in my zeal, wlien I have righteousness of men, who hold roar; he shall prevail against his accomplished my fury in them. the truth in unrighteousness. enemies. Who gave Jacob for So it shall be a reproach and a Rom. il, 8. 9. But unto them that a spoil, and Israel to the robbers? taunt, an instruction and are contentious, and do not obey did not the LORD, he against astoni-hment, unto the nations the truth, but obey unrighteouswhom we have sinned? for they that are round about thee, when pess, indignation and wrath. Triwould not walk in his ways,

I shall execute judgments in bulation and anguish, upon every neither were they obedient unto thee, in anger and in fury, and in soul of man that doeth evil of the

law. Therefore he hath furious rebukes. I the Lord have Jew first, and also of the Gentile. poured upon him the fury of his spoken it.

1 Cor. x, 22. Do we provoke the anger, and the strength of battle: Ezek, vil, 3. Now is the end | Lord to jealousy? are we stronger and it hath set him on fire round come upon thee, and I will send ihan he? about, yet he knew not; and it mine anger upon thee, and will burned him, yet he laid it not to julge thee according to thy ways, you with vain words: for because

Eph. v, 6. Let no man deceive heart.

and will recompense upon thee of these things cometh the wrath Isa. Ixvi, 6, 14. A voice of all thine abominations.

of God upon the children of disnoise from the city, a voice from the temple, a voice of the LORD fore concerning the land of Israel,

Ezek. xxxvi, 6. Prophesy there- Obedience. that renuereth recompence to his and say unto the mountains, and ing vengeance on them that know

2 Thes. I, 8. In flaming fire, takenemies. And when yo see this, to the hills, to the rivers, and to not God, and that obey not the your heart shall rejoice, and your the valleys, Thus saith the Lord gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. bones shall flourish like an herb; Gop, Beliuld, I have spoken in my and the hand of the Lord shall jealousy, and in my lury, because ful looking for of judgment and

Heb. x, 27, 30. But a certain fearbe known toward his servants, ye have borne the shame of the fiery indignation, which shall deand his indignation toward his heathen. enemies. ....

vour the adversaries. For we Ezek. xxxviii, 19. For in my know him that hath said, VenJer. x, 10. ....

At his wrath jealousy, and in the fire of my geance belongeth unto me, I will the earth shall tremble, and the wrath, have I spoken. Surely in recompense, saith the Lord. And nations shall not be able to abide that day there shall be a great again, The Lord shall judge his bis indignation.

shaking in the land of Israel. people.



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that is,

Rev. VI, 16, 17. And said to the goodness of tho LORD in tho land / fear and tremblo for all the goodmountains and rocks, Fall on us, of thu living.

ness, and for all the prosperity, and hide us from the face of him

Ps. xxxill, 5. He loveth right that I procure unto it. that sittcth on the throne, anu eousness and judgment: the earth Zech. ix, 17. For low great is from the wrath of the Lamb: For is full of the goodness of the LURD. his goodness. the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

Ps. XXXIV, 8. O taste and seo Matth. xix, 17. And he said unto that the Lord is good; blessed is him, Why callest thou me good?

the man that trusteth in him. there is nune food but one, that is,

Ps. III, 1. Why boastest thou God: but if ihon wilt enter into
Gen. xxxii, 12 And thou saidst, thyself in mischief, o mighty man? life, keep the commandments.
I will surely do thee good, and the gooriness of God endureth Matth. XX, 15. Is it not lawful
mike thy seer as the sand of the continually.

for me to do what I will with Seil, which cannot be numbered

P3. Ixix, 16. IIear me, O Lordi mine own? Is thine eye evil, vcfor multitude.

for thy loving-kindness' is good: cause I am grou? Exod. xxxiii, 19. And ho said, I turn unto me according to the Mark x, 18. And Jesus said unto will inake all my goodness pass multitude of thy tender mercies. hin, Why callest thou me good? before thee, and I will proclaim Ps. lxxiil, 1. Truly God is good there is none good but one, the name of the Lord before thee; to Isiael, even to such as are of a

God. and wil be gracious to wliom I clean heart.

Rom. ii, 4. Or despisest thon will be gracious, and will shew

P3. Ixxxvi, 5. For thon, Lord, thu riches of liis goodness, an i mercy on whom I will shew

art good, and ready to forgive; forbearanco, and long-suffering mercy.

and plentoous in inercy unto ali not knowing that the goodness of Exod. xxxiv, 6. And the LORD them that call upon thee.

God leadeth thee to repentance. passed by before him, and pro

P3. ciil. 5. Who satisfieth thy

Rom. xi, 22. Behold therefore claimei, The Lord, the LORD God, mouth with good things; so that the goodness and severity of God: merciful and gracious, long-suffer thy youth is renewed like the

on them which fell, severity; but ing, and abundant in goodness eagle's.

toward thee, goodness, if thivu and truth. 2 Sam. vil 28. And now, O Lord men would praise the Lord for his

P3. cvil, 8, 15, 21, 81. O that continue in his goodness. Gov, thou art that God, and thy goodness, and for his wonderful

IIIS ZIERCY. wor Is be true, and thou hast pro- works to the children of men! On mised this goodness unto thy ser

MERCY OFTEN ASSOCIATED WITI that men would praise the LORD vant. for his goodness, and for his Wunla

FAITIIFULNESS AND TRUTII, 1 Chron. XVI, 34. O give thanks derful works to the children of (Sce under IIIS TRUTII.) unto the Lord; for he is good: for men! Oh that men would praise Exod. xv, 13. Thou in thy marcy his mercy endureth for ever. the Lord for his goodness, and for hast led forth the people which

his wonderful works to the chil- thou hast redeemed...... 2 Chron. V, 13. It came even to pass, as the trumpeters and sing-dren of men! Oh that men iroulu

Exod. xxxiv, 6. 7. And the Lord ers were as one, to mike one praise the Lord for his goodness, I passed by before him and prosount to be heard in prai-ing and and for his wonderful works to calmed, the Lord, the Lund God,

the thanking the LORD, and when they

merciful and gracious. lifted up their voice with the P3. cxviii, 1, 20. O five thanks Keeping mercy for thousands. fortrumpets and cymbals, and in- unto the Lorn; for he is good: be- giving iniquity, and transgression, struments of musick, and praiserl cause his mercy endureth for ever. and sin. the LORD, saying, For he is goud; o give thanks unto the Lord; for for his nerey endureth for ever he is good: for his mercy endureth sudering, and of great mercy, for

kum. xiv, 18 The LORD is longthat then the house was filled for ever.

giving iniquity and transgreswith a cloud, even the house of tho P3. cxxxvi, 1. O give thank:s sion. Lond. tinto the LORD; fir he is good: for

Derit. iv, 31. (For the LORD thy Ezra vill. 18. And, by the good lis mercy endurelh for ever.

God is a merciful God;) he will not hand of our God upon us, they Ps. cxliv, 2. My goodness, and torsake thee, neither destroy brought us a man of understand. my fortress.

tliee. inz, of the sons of Malli, tho son

P3. cxlv, 7, 9. They shall abun- 2 Sam. xxii, 51 He is the tower of Levi, the son of Israel and She-dantly utter the memory of thy of silvation for his king; and showrebiah, with his sons and bis great goodness, and shall sing of ethi mercy to liis anointed, unto brethren, eighteen.

thy righteousness. The Lond is David, and to his sced for everNeh. v, 19. Think nipon me, my good to all; and his tender mercies

more. Gou, for good, according to all are over all his works.

Esra vii. 28. And hath extended that I have dune for this people. Isa. Ixill, 7. I will mention thio mercy unto me before the king

P3. xxi, 3. For thou prevent. I loving kindnesses of the Lord, and an his counsellors, and before all est liin' with the blessings of the praises of the Lori, according the king's mighty princes: and I goodness: thou seltest a crown of

to all that the Lord latlı beslowed was strengthened as the hand of

on vs, and the great goodness tv- the LORD my God was upon me; pure gold on liis head.

ward the house of Israel, which he and I gathered together out of Ps. xxv,7,8. Remember not the hatlı bestowed on them according Israel chief men to go up with me. sins of my youth, nor my tian - to his mercies, ard according to gressions: according to tliy mercy the multitude of his loving-kind- art a God really to pardon graci

Neh. ix, 17, 31. .... But thou remember thou me for thy good- nesses.

ous and merciful. ... Neverness' suko, () LOR , Good and un- Jer. xxxl. 14. And I will satiate theless, for tly great mercies' riglit is the Lorn; therefore will tho soul of the priests with fatness, sake, tou didst not utterly conhe teach sinners in the way. and my people shall be satisfied

sume them, nor forsake them for P3. xxvii, 13. I had fainte I, un

will my govine 8, saith the Lord. Thou art a gracious and merciful less I ha believed to see the Jcr. xxxiii, 9. They shall God

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P3 xxxv,5. Thy mercy, O LORD, I regeneration, and renewing of the will bring them again to placo is in the heavens; and thy faith-Holy Ghost.

them; for I have mercy upon fulness reacheth unto the clouds. James v, 11.

Ye have them..... Ps. Ivii, 10. For thy mercy is heard of the patience of Job, and great unto the heavens, and thy have seen the end of the Lord; OFTEN PRAYED FOR. truth unto the clouds.

that the Lord is very pitiful, and Num. xiv, 19. Pardon. I beseech P3. Ixii. 12. Also unto thee, oof tender mercy.

thee, the iniquity of this people, Lord, belongeth mercy: for thou

1 Peter i, 3. Blessed be the God according to the greatness of thy renderest to every man according and Father of our Lord Jesus mercy. to his work.

Christ, which, according to his Deut. xxi, 8. Be merciful, P3. xciv, 13. When I said, My abundant mercy, hath begotten LORD, unto thy people Isracl, foot slippeth; thy mercy, O LORD, us again unto a lively hope, by whom thou hast redeemed. ... held me up. the resurrection of Jesus Christ

Nch. xiil, 22.

I'3. c. 5.
His mercy is from the dead.

me, o iny God, concerning this everlasting

also, and spare me according to P3. ciii, 8. The LORD is inercifol MERCY OFTEN TIJE GROUND the greatness of thiy mercy. anil gracious, slow to anger, and OF CONFIDENCE, AND

Ps. iv, 1. Hear me when I call, plentevus in mercy.


O God of my righteousness:
P3. cvj 45. And he remembered

have mercy upon me, and hear for them his covenant, and repent

Ps. v, 7. But as for me, I will

my prayer. come into thy house in the multied accorling to the multitude of tude of thy mercy.....

Ps. vi, 2, 4. ITave mercy upon his mercies.

me, O LORD; for I am weak: 0 P3. cvii, 1. () give thanks unto Ps. lix, 10. The God of my mercy Lord, heal me; for my bones are the Lory; for he is good: for his shall prevent me. ....

vexed. "Return, O LORD, deliver merey endureth for ever.

P3. Ixxxix, 2. 29. For I have my soul: Oh save me for tly 13. cxix. 61. The earth, O Lord, salil, Mercy shall be built up for mercies' sake. is full of thy inercy: teach me tuy ever; : .:: . My mercy will I keep Ps, ix, 13. Ilave mercy upon statutes.

for him for everinore, and my me, O LORD: cousider my troublo P3. cxxx, 7. Let Israel bope in covenant shall stand fast with which I suffer of them that bule

him. the LORD; for with the Lord there is mi res, and with him is plen

P3. c'l, 13. Thou shalt arise, and P3. XXV, 6. Remember, O LOND, teous redemption.

have mercy upou Zion. .... thy teniler mercies and ily luva P3. cxxxvill, 8. The Lord will have mercy on Jacob, and will ever of old.

Isa. xiv, 1. For the LORD will ing-kindnesses; for they luce been perfect that schich concernetli me:

Ps. xxvi, 11. But as for me, I tly mercy, O LORD, endureth for yet cl.00 3e Israel, and set them in their own lund.

will Waik in mine integrity : ever; forsake not the works of thine own hands.

Isa. XXX, 18. And therefore will redeem me, and be morciiul uuto P3, cxlv, 8. The LORD is graci. the Lord wait, that he may be me.

Ps. xl, 11. Withhold not thon ons, and full of compassion; slow gracious into you; and therefore to auger, and of great mercy.

will he be exalted, that. he may thy teniler merciex from me, 0) lave mercy upon you.

LORD: let thy loving-kindness and Lam. fii, 22, 23, 32. It is of the

thy truth continually preservo -Loku's mercies that we are not hath mercy on them shall lead

Isa. xlix, 10.....

He that

ine. con-umed, because his.cumpas-them, even by the springs of

P3. xli, 4. I said, Lord, be merclsions fail not. They are new water shall he guide thein.

ful unto me: lical my soul; for I every morning But though

have sinned against thee. he callso grief, yet will he havo

Isa, liv, 7, 8. For a small mo

P3. 11, 1. Have mercy upon mo, compassion according to the mul- ment liave I forsaken thee; but titude of his mercies.

with great mercies will I gather O God, according to thiy loving

thee. In a little wrath I hid my kindness; according unto dio Daniel ix, 9. To the Lord our

face froin thee for a moment; but multitude of thy tender mercies God belong mercies and forgive with everlasting kindness will I blot out my transgressions. Desses, thongh we have rebelled bave mercy on thee, saith tho

Ps. Ixi, 7. He shall abide before against him. Lord thy Redeemer.

God for ever: () prepare mercy Micah vii, 18. .....

По rеtaineth not his anger for ever, be

Isa. IV, 3.....I will make an ever- and truth, which may preservo Canse lie delighteth in mercy.

lasting covenant with you, even linn.
the sure mercies of David.

Ps. Ixxix, 8. O remember not 2 Çor. I, 3. Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Jer. xlli, 12. And I will shes against 118 former iniquities: let Christ, the father of mercles, and mercies unto you, that he may vent us; for we are brouglit very

thy tender mercies sporlily prethe God of all comtort. have mercy upon you, and cause

low. you to return to your own land. Eph. ii, 4. But God, who is rich

73. Ixxxv, 7. Slow us thy mercy in mercy, for his great love where

Hosea ii, 19. And I will betroth

O LORD: and grant us thy salvawith he loved us.

thee unto me for ever, yea, I will tion.

betroth thee unto me in right1 Tim. 1, 13. Who was before a evusness, and in jullgment, and in

Ps. Ixxxvi, 3. De morcisul unto blaspliemer, and a persecutor, and loving-kindness, and in mercies.

me, O Lord; for I cry unto theo Injurious: but I obtainel inercy,

daily. because I did it ignorantly in un

Zech, i, 16...Thus saith the Lord;

1'8. xc, 14. 0 satisfy us early beller.

I am returned to Jerusalem with with thy mercy; that we may reTitus iil, 5. Not by works of Incrcies,

joice and be glad all our days. righteousnes whichi have Zech. x, 6. And I will strengthen Ps, cix, 21, 26. But do thou for (+, but according to his mercy the bouse of Judah, and I will me, o God the Lord, for thy he subvod us, by ine washing of save the house of Joseph, and il name's sake: bocauso thy mercy is




good, dellver thou me. Help mo, endureth for ever. To him which IN THE FORM OF KINYESS. O Lord my God; O save me divided the Red sea into parts:

Neh. ix, 17. ... Thou art . God according to thy mercy.

for his mercy endureth for ever ready to pardon, gracious and Ps.cxix, 41, 77, 124, 132. Let thy And made Jerael to pass through merciful, slow to auger, and of mercies come also unto me, o the midst of it: for his mercy en.

great kindness. .... LORD; even thy salvation, accord dureth for ever: But overthrew

PS. xxxvi, 7, 10. How excellent ing to thy word. Let thy tender Pharaoh and his host in the Red is thy loving - kindness, o God! mercies come unto me, that I may

sea; for his mercy endureth for therefore the children of men put

To him which led his live: for thy law is my delight. ever.

their trust under the shadow of Deal with thy servant according people through the wilderness: unto thy mercy, and teach me thy for his mercy endureth for ever. thy wings. O continue thy loving

kindness unto them that know statutes. Look thou upon me, To liim which smote great kings: and be merciful unto me, as thou for his mercy endureth for ever.

Ps. xlii, 8. Yet the LORD will usest to do unto those that love And slew famous kings: for his thy name.

mercy endureth for ever: Sihon command his loving-kiudness in Hab. iii, 2. ... O LORD, revive king of the Amorites: for his the day-time...

And thy work' in the midst of the mercy endureth for ever:

Ps. II, 1. Ilave mercy upon me, years, in tho midst of the years og the king of Bashan for big o God, according to thy loving make known; in wrath remember mercy endureth for ever:

And kindness; according unto the mul.

gave their land for an beritage: titude of thy tender mercies blot inercy. for his mercy endureth for ever:

out my transgressions. Mal. I, 9. And now, I pray you, Eren an heritage unto Israel his beseech' God that he will be servant: for his mercy endureth Ps. Ixix, 16. Hear me, O LORD: gracious unto us.....

for ever. Who remembered us. for thy loving-kindness is good: Luke xviii. 13. And the publican, in our low estate: for his mercy turn unto me according to the stan ling afar off, would not lift up endureth for ever. And lath re- multitude of thy tender mercies. so much as his eyes unto heaven, deemed us from our enemies; for

Ps.Ixxxviii, 11. Shall thy lovingbuit smote upon his breast, saying, his mercy endureth for erer. kindness be cleclared in the grave? God be merciful to me a sinner. Who giveth food to all flesh; for or thy faithfulness in destruction?

Gal. vi, 16. And as many as his mercy endureth for ever. O walk according to this rule, peace

give thanks unto the God of Ps. cvil, 43. Whoso is wise, and be on them, and mercy, and upon heaven: for his mercy endureth will observe these things, even the Israel of God. for ever.

they shall understand the loving

kindness of the LORD. 1 Tim. i, 2. Unto Timothy, my

MERCY-IN TIIE FORM OF P3. cxvil, 2. ... . His merciful own son in the faith: Grace, mercy, and peace, from God our PITY AND COMPASSION.

kindness is great toward us. . . Father, and Jesus Christ our

Ps. cxliil, 8. Cause me to hear

Deut. xxx, 3... Then the LORD Lord.

thy God will turn thy captivity, I thy loving-kindness in the morn. Heb. iv, 16. Let us therefore and bave compassion upon thee,

ing. come bolilly unto the throne of and will return and gather thee

Jer. xxxi, 3. The LORD hath apgrace, that we may obtain mercy, from all the nations whither the peared of old unto me, saying, and find grace to help in time of LORD thy God hath scattered Yea, I have loved thee with an need. thee.

everlasting love; therefore with Jude 2. Mercy unto you, and

loving-hindness have I drawn peace, and love, be multiplied.

2 Chron. xxxvi, 15.
LORD God of their fathers sent to
them by his messengers, rising up loving - kindness

Jer. xxxii, 18. Thou showest AND OFTEN PRAISED.

unto thoubetimes, and sending, because he Gen. xxiv, 27. And he said,

sands. Blessed be the LORD God of my and on his dwelling-place. had compassion on his people,

Eph. il, 7. That in the cges to master Abraham, who hath not

come he might shew the exceed. left destitute my master of his

Ps. Ixxviis, 88. But he, being full | ing riches of his grace, in his mercy and his truth. .... of compassion, forgave their ini- kindness toward us through

Ps. lix, 16. But I will sing of thy quity, and destroyed them not; Christ Jesus. power; yea, I will sing aloud of yea, many a time turned he his

Titus iil, 4. But after that the thy mercy in the morning. ...

anger away, and did not stir up kindness and love of God our

his wrath. P3. cxv, 1. Not unto us, () LORD,

Saviour toward man appeared. not unto us, but into thy name

Isa. Ixiii. 9. In all their aMiction give glory. for thy mercy, and he was amicted, and the angel of AND ALSO IN THE FORM 07 for thy truth's sake. his presence saved them: in his

LONG-SUFFERING. Ps. cxxxvi, 1-26. O give thanks love and in his pity he redeemed

Neh. ix, 30. Yet many years unto the Lord; for he is good: for them; andle mie bare them, and didst thou forbear them, and give thanks unto the God of gods; bis mercy endureth for ever. 0 / carried them all the days of old.testifiedst against them by thy

Micah vii, 19. He will turn again, Spirit in thy prophets; yet would for his mercy endureth for ever. he will have compassion up n us; they not give ear: therefore gavO give thanks to the Lord of lords: he will subdue our iniquities; and est thou them into the hand of the for his mercy endureth for ever. thou wilt cast all their sins into people of the lands. To him who alone doeth great the depths of the sea.

Ps. lxxviii, 38.

Yea, many wonders: for his mercy cmlureth for ever. To bim that smote Egypt

Rom. ix, 15. For he saith to a time turned he his anger away, in their first-born: for his merey Moses, I will have mercy on whom and did not stir up all his wrath.

Ps. ciii, 9. He will not always endurcth for ever: And brouglit I will have mercy, and I will have out Israel from among them: for compassion on whom I will have chide; neither will be keep his compassion.

anger for ever. his morey titliureth for Will wrong hd, and with a James v, 11. .. .. The Lord is Hosea xi, 9. I will not executo Soloviluu uul uus lur his mercy | very pitiful and of tender meroy. the fierceness of mine anger, I

And the thee.


will not return to destroy Eph- the LORD is exalted; the right' croated from the face of the earth; raim.

hand of the LORD dueth valiantly. both man and beast, and the Micah vii, 18. .... Me restrain- Isr. lii, 10. The LORD hath creeping thing, and the fowls of eth not his anger for ever, because made bare his holy arm in the the air: for it repenteth me that I

have made them. he delighteth in mercy.

eyes of all the nations. .... Nahum i, 3. The LORD is slow Hab. iii, 4. .... He had horns Erod. xxxii, 14. And the LORD to anger.... coming out of his hand; and there repented of the evil which he

thought to do unto his people. Rom. II, 4. Or despisest thon the was the hiding of his power,

Deut. xxxii 36. For the Lord riches of his goodness and forbear

BAOK. ance and long-suffering. .

shall judge his people, and repent

Erod. xxxili, 21-23. And the himself for his servants, when he Rom. ix, 22. What if God, willing to shew his wrath, and to LORD said, Behold, there is a place seeth that their power is gone, make his power known endured by me, and thou shalt stand upon and there is none shut up, or

left. with much long - suffering the a rock: And it shall come to pass,

1 Sam. xv, 11, 35. It repenteth vessels of wrath fitted to de- while my glory passeth by, that

I will put thee in a clift of the me that I have set up Saul to be struction.

rock, and will cover thee with my king: for he is turned back from 1 Peter 111, 20. Which sometime band while I pass by: And I will following me, and hath not perwere disobedient, when once the take away mine hand, and thou formed my commandments... long-suffering of God waited in shalt see my back parts; but my The Lord repented that he had the days of Noah, while the ark face shall not be seen.

made Saul king over Israel. was a preparing, wherein few,

Jer. xviii, 17. I will scatter P8. cxxxv, 14. For the LORD that is, eight souls, were saved

them as with an east wind before will judge his people, and he will by water.

the enemy; I will shew them the repent himself concerning his 2 Peter iil, 15. And acconnt that back, and not the face, in the day servants. the long-suffering of our Lord is of their calainity. salvation. ....

Jer. xv, 6. Thou hast forsaken

me, saith the Lord, thon art gone EYES.

backward; therefore will I stretch Iv.

2 Chron. XVI, 9. For the eyes of out my hand against thee, and ANTHROPOMORPHISM the Lord run to and fro through- destroy thee; I am weary with out the whole earth.....


Prov. xxii, 12. The eyes of the Hosca xi, 8. How shall I give IS PROPER TO MAN

LORD preserve knowledge. thee up, Ephraim? how shall I deASCRIBED IN FIGURE

liver thee, Israel? how shall I NOSTRILS.

make thee as Admah? how shall I TO GOD.

2 Sam. xxii, 16. And the chan- set thee as Zeboim? mine heart is 1. IIUMAN ORGANS. nels of the sea appeared, the turned within me, my repentings

foundations of the world were are kindled together. FACE.

discovered, at the rebuking of the Joel il, 14. Who knoweth if ho Gen. xxii, 30. And Jacob Lorn, at the blast of the breath of will return and repent, and leave called the name of the place hls nostrils.

a blessing behind him, eren a Peniel: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved.

(See under BODY, Page 104.)

meat-offering and a drink-offering

unto the LORD your God. Erod. xxxlii. 11. And the LORD


Jonah iii, 9, 10. Who can tell if spake unto Moses face to face,

Num. Xll, 8. With him [Moses) God will turn and repent, and as a man speaketh unto his will I speak mouth

to "mouth, turn away from his fierce anger, friend.

And God even apparently, and not in dark' that we perish not? Deut. v, 4. The LORD talked speeches.

saw their works, that they turned with you face to face in the

from their evil way; and God re

P8. xvili, 8. There went up a mount, out of the midst of the smoke out of his nostrils, and fire / pented of the evil that he had fire.

said that he would do unto them; out of his mouth devoured: coals

and he did it not. Deut. xxxiv, 10. And there were kindled by it. arose not a prophet since in

1sa. xxx, 27, 28. Behold, the Israel like unto Moses, whom the name of the LORD cometh from far,

SORROW. Lord knew face to face. burning with his anger, and the Lord that he had made man on

Gen. Vi, 6. And it repented the Rev. xx, 11. And I saw a great burden thereof is heavy: his lips the earth, and it grieved him at white throne, and him that sat on are full of indignation, and his

his heart, 1t, from whose face the earth and tongue as a devouring fire: And the heaven iled away..... his breath, as overflowing

Jud. x, 16. And they put away stream, shall reach to the midst of the strange gods from among the neck. ....

them, and served the LORD; and HAND AND ARM.

his soul was grieved for the misery Erod. viii, 19. Then the magi


of Israel. cians said unto Pharaoh, This 13 the finger of God.....

Ps. xviii, 9. He bowed the Ps. lxxvill, 40. How oft did they

hearens also, and came down: provoke him in the wilderness, P3. XXI, 8. Thine hand shall find and darkness was under his feet.

and grieve him in the desert. out all thine enemies; thy right Nahum i, 3.

And the hand shall find out those that hate clouds are the dust of his feet.

Ps. xcv, 10. Forty years long

was I grieved with this generathee. Ps. Ixxiv, 11. Why withdrawest 2. HUMAN FEELINGS.

Ezck. xvi, 43. ... Thou hast not thou thy hand, even thy right

REPENTANCE. Land? pluck it out of thy bosom.

remembered the days of thy yonth,

Gen. vi. 7 And the LORD said, I but hast fretted me in all these P3. cxviii, 16. The right hand of will destroy man, whom I have things. .



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