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the receiving of the Holy Com- Which of you in such a case munion doth nothing else but would not be moved? Who increase your condemnation. would not think a great injury Therefore, if any of you be a and wrong done unto him? blasphemer of God, an hinderer Wherefore, most dearly belov. or slanderer of his Word, an ed in Christ, take ye good heed, adulterer, or be in malice or lest ye, withdrawing yourselves envy, or in any other grievous from this holy Supper, provoke crime; repent ye of your sins, God's indignation against you. or else come not to that holy It is an easy matter for a man Table.

to say, I will not communicate, And because it is requisite because I am otherwise hinderthat no man should come to the ed with worldly business. But Holy Communion, but with a such excuses are not so easily full trust in God's mercy, and accepted, and allowed before with a quiet conscience; there- God. If any man say, I am a fore, if there be any of you, who grievous sinner, and therefore by this means cannot quiet his am afraid to come; wherefore own conscience herein, but re- then do ye notrepentandamend? quireth further comfort or coun- When God calleth you, are ye sel ; let him come to me, or to not ashamed to say, ye will not some other Minister of God's come? When ye should return Word, and open his grief; that he to God, will ye excuse yourmay receive such godly coun- selves, and say, ye are not reasel and advice, as may tend to dy? Consider earnestly with the quieting of his conscience, yourselves, how littlesuch feignand the removing of all scruple ed excuses will avail before God. and doubtfulness.

They who refused the feast in 9 Or, in case he shall see the People negli- the gospel, because they had

gent to come to the Holy Communion, in bought a farm, or would try

stead of the former, he shall use this Ex- their yokes of oxen, or because D.

EARLY beloved brethren, they were married, were not so

on-I intend, by God's excused, but counted unworthy grace, to celebrate the Lord's of the heavenly feast. WhereSupper; unto which, in God's fore, according to mine Office, behalf, Í bid you all who are I bid you in the name of God, here present; and beseech you I call you in Christ's behalf, 1 for the Lord Jesus Christ's sake, exhort you, as ye love your own that ye will not refuse to come salvation, that ye will be partathereto, being so lovingly called kers of this Holy Communion. and bidden by God himself. And as the Son of God did Ye know how grievous and un- vouchsafe to yield up his soul kind a thing it is, when a man by death upon the cross, for hath prepared a rich feast, deck- your salvation; so it is your dued his table with all kinds of pro- ty to receive the Communion vision, so that there lacketh no in remembrance of the sacrifice thing but the guests to sit down; of his death, as he himself hath and yet they who are called commanded: Which if ye shall (without any cause) most un neglect to do, consider with thankfully refuse to come, yourselves, how great is your



ingratitude to God, and how for us miserable sinners, who sore punishment hangeth over lay in darkness and the shadow your heads for the same, when of death; that he might make ye wilfully abstain from the us the children of God, and exLord's Table, and separate from alt us to everlasting life. And your brethren who come to feed to the end that we should always on the banquet of that most hea- remember the exceeding great venly food. These things if ye love of our Master and only Saearnestly consider, ye will by viour Jesus Christ, thus dying God's grace, return to a better for us, and the innumerable mind; for the obtaining where. benefits which by his precious of we shall not cease to make blood-shedding he hath obtained our humble petitions unto Al. for us, he hath instituted and mighty God, our heavenly Fa. ordained holy Mysteries, as ther.

pledges of his love, and for a con1 At the time of the Celebration of the Com- tinual remembrance of his death, munion, the Priest shall say this Exhorta

to our great and endless comfort. DE

EARLY beloved in the To him therefore, with the Fa

Lord, ye who mind to ther, and the Holy Ghost, let us come to the Holy Communion give (as we are most bounden) of the Body and Blood of our continual thanks; submitting Saviour Christ, must consider ourselves wholly to his holy how St. Paul exhorteth all per- will and pleasure, and studying sons diligently to try and exa to serve him in true holiness mine themselves, before they and righteousness, all the days presume to eat of that Bread, of our life. Amen. and drink of that Cup. For as I Then shall the Priest say to those who the benefit is great, if with a true

come to receive the Holy Communion ; penitent heart and lively faith YE.whor do truly and earnso is the danger great, if we sins, and are in love and charity receive the same unworthily. with your neighbours, and inJudge therefore yourselves, bre- tend to lead a new life, followthren, that ye be not judged of ing the commandments of God, the Lord; repent ye truly for and walking from henceforth in your sins past; have a lively and his holy ways; draw near with steadfast faith in Christ our Sa. faith, and take this holy Sacraviour; amend your lives, and ment to yourcomfort; and make be in perfect charity with all your humble confession to Almen: so shall ye be meet par- mighty God, devoutly kneeling. takers of those holy Mysteries. Then shall this general Confession be made, And above all things, ye must

by the Priest and all those who are minded

receive the Holy Communion, humbly give most humble and hearty kneeling thanks to God the Father, the Alof our Lord Jesus Christ

, Son, and the Holy Ghost, for the redemption of the world by Maker of all things, Judge of the death and passion of our Sa. all men; we acknowledge and viour Christ, both God and bewail our manifold sins and man; who did humble himself, wickedness, which we from even to the death upon the cross, time to time most grievously

have committed, by thought, worthy of all men to be received, word, and deed, against thy di that Christ Jesus came into the vine Majesty ; provoking most world to save sinners. 1 Tim. justly thy wrath and indignation i. 15. against us. We do earnestly Hear also what Șt. John saith. repent, and are heartily sorry for If any man sin, we have an these our misdoings; the re. Advocate with the Father, Je. membrance of them is grievous sus Christ the righteous; and unto us; the burthen of them he is the propitiation for our is intolerable. Have mercy upon sins. 1 St. John ii. 1, 2. us, have mercy upon us, most After which the Priest shall proceed, saying, merciful Father; for thy Son Lift up your hearts, our Lord Jesus Christ's sake,

Answer. We lift them up forgive us all that is past; and unto the Lord. grant, that we may ever here. Priest. Let us give thanks after serve and please thee in unto our Lord God. newness of life, to the honour

Answer. It is meet and right and glory of thy name, through so to do. Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. I Then shall the Priest turn to the Lord's I Then shall the Priest (the Bishop, if he

Table, and say, be present ) stand up, and turning to the People, say,

T is very meet, right, and

LMIGHTY God, our hea- should at all times, and in all

our bounden duty, that we great mercy hath promised for places, give thanks unto thee, O giveness of sins to all those who mighty everlasting God:

Lord, [*Holy Father,] Alwith hearty repentance and true faith turn unto him, have mercy

1 Here shall follow the proper Preface, ac

cording to the time, if there be any speciupon you; pardon and deliver ally appointed; or else immediately shall be you from all your sins; confirm

said or sung by the Priest und People, and strengthen you in all good. THE

HEREFORE with Angels ness; and bring you to everlast and Archangels, and with ing life, through Jesus Christ all the company of heaven, we our Lord. Amen.

laud and magnify thy glorious Then shall the Priest say,

name; evermore praising thee, Hear what comfortable words and saying, Holy, holy, holy, our Saviour Christ saith unto Lord God of Hosts, heaven all who truly turn to him.

and earth are full of thy glory: COME unto me, all ye that Glory be to thee, O Lord Most and I will refresh you. St. Matt. xi. 28.

I PROPER PREFACES. So God loved the world, that Upon Christmas Day, and seven days after. he gave his

only begotten Son, Blesas Christ, thine only Son, to the end that all that believe in him should not perish, but have to be born as at this time for us; everlasting life. * St. John iii. 16. who, by the operation of the Hear also what St. Paul saith. Holy Ghost, was made very This is a true saying, and man, of the substance of the

* These words (Holy Father] must be omitted on Trinity Sunday.,

Virgin Mary his mother; and ( Upon the Feast of Trinity only, may be said, that without spot of sin, to make WH

HO art one God, one us clean from all sin: Therefore

Lord; not one only perwith Angels, &c.

son, but three persons in one $ Upon Easter Day, and seven days after substance: For that which we UT chiefly are we bound to believe of the glory of the Fa

praise thee for the glorious ther, the same we believe of resurrection of thy Son Jesus the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, Christ our Lord: For he is the without any difference or ine very Paschal Lamb, which was quality: Therefore with Angels, offered for us, and' hath taken &c. away the sin of the world; who or else tliis may be said, the words (Holy

Father) being retained in the introductory by his death hath destroyed Aditress.


merits lasting life: Therefore with An- Christ our Lord, and for the gels, &c.

sending to us of the Holy Ghost TUpon Ascension Day, and seven days after, the Comforter; who are one THROUGH thy most dearly with thee in thy eternal God

beloved Son Jesus Christ head: Therefore with Angels, our Lord; who, after his most

&c. glorious Resurrection, mani. Then shall the Priest, kneeling down at

the Lard's Table, say, in the name of all festly appeared to all his Apos those who shall receive the Communion, this , and

Prayer following : up ,

E do not presume to come place for us; that where he is,

thy thither we might also ascend, ciful Lord, trusting in our own and reign with him in glory? righteousness, but in thy maniTherefore with Angels, &c.

fold and great mercies. We s Upon Whitsunday, and six days after.

are not worthy so much as to THRU

HROUGH Jesus Christ gather up the crumbs under thy

our Lord; according to Table. But thou art the same whose most true promise, the Lord, whose property is always Holy Ghost came down as at to have mercy: Grant us there. this time from heaven, with a fore, gracious Lord, so to eat sudden great sound, as it had the flesh of thy dear Son Jesus been a mighty wind, in the like. Christ, and to drink his blood, ness of fiery tongues, lighting that our sinful bodies may be upon the Apostles, to teach made clean by his body, and them, and to lead them to all our souls washed through his truth; giving them both the gift most precious blood, and that of divers languages, and also we may evermore dwell in him, boldness with fervent zeal, con- and he in us. Amen. stantly to preach the gospel un. When the Priest, standing before the 'Table,

hath so ordered the Bread and Wine, that to all nations; whereby we have he may with the more readiness and decency been brought out of darkness break the Bread before the People, and take

the Cup into his hands; he shall say the and crror, into the clear light

Prayer of Consecration, as followeth: and true knowledge of thee, and


LL glory be to thee, Alhy Son Jesus Christ: There. mighty God, our heavenly with Angels, sc.

Father, for that thou, of thy tep

The Invocation.


der mercy, didst give thine only sed passion and precious death,
Son Jesus Christ to suffer death his mighty resurrection and glos
upon the cross for our redemp- rious ascension; rendering un-
tion; who made there (by his to thee most hearty thanks, for
one oblation of himself once the innumerable benefits proa
offered) a full, perfect, and suf. cured unto us by the same.
ficient sacrifice, oblation, and And we most humbly
satisfaction, for the sins of the beseech thee, O mer.
whole world; and dia institute, ciful Father, to hear us; and,
and in his holy gospel command of thy almighty goodness,
us to continue a perpetual me- vouchsafe to bless and sanctify,
mory of that his precious death with thy Word and Holy Spirit,
and sacrifice until his coming these thy gifts and creatures of
bagain: For in the night in bread and wine; that we, re-

which he was betrayed ceiving them according to thy (a) Here the (a) he took bread; and Son our Saviour Jesus Christ's she Paten into when he had given holy institution, in remembrance

(by And here thanks, (b) he brake of his Death and Passion, may Bere break the it, and gave it to his be partakers of his most blessed

disciples, saying, Take, Body and Blood. And we earnlas her debut eat, (c) This is my estly desire thy fatherly good supon, all the Body, which is given ness, mercifully to accept this

for you; Do this in our sacrifice of praise and thanks-
remembrance of me. giving; most humbly beseech-

Likewise after supper ing three to grant, that by the meedhe me te (d) he took the cup; rits and death of thy Son Jesus Cup into his and when he had given Christ, and through faith in his

thanks, he gave it to blood, we, and all thy whole

them, saying, Drink ye Church, may obtain remission 9) And here all of this; for (e) of our sins, and all other beneRand upamervery This is my Blood of fits of his passion. And here

the New Testament, we offer and present unto thee, Wine to be con- which is shed for you, O Lord, ourselves, our souls,

and for many, for the and bodies, to be a reasonable, remission of sins: Do this as holy, and living sacrifice unto oft as ye shall drink it, in re- thee; humbly beseeching thee, membrance of me.

that we, and all others who shalí

be partakers of this holy ComThe Oblation. WHEREFORE,O munion, may worthily receive

Lord and heaven- the most precious Body and ly Father, according to the in- Blood of thy Son Jesus Christ, stitution of thy dearly beloved be filled with thy grace and heaSon our Saviour Jesus Christ, venly benediction, and made one we, thy humble servants, do ce body with him, that he may lebrate and make here before thy dwell in them, and they in him. divine Majesty, with these thy And although we are unworthy, holy gifts, which we now offer through our manifold sins, to unto thee, the memorial thy Son : offer unto thee any sacrifice; yet hath commanded us to make; we beseech thee to accept this having in remembrance his bles. our bounden duty and service,


Vessel, in which there is any


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