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CHA P. XXVII. Of the Holiness of God, pag.78 CHA P. XXVIII. Of the Power of God, 80 CHA P. XXIX. Of the Holy Trinity,

84 CHAP. XXX. Of God the Father, CHA P. XXXI. Of God the Son,

91 CHA P. XXXII. Of God the Holy Ghost, 97



Book II.

HAP. I. Of the Works of God; of с 3% God's Decrees, General and Special,

pag. 101 CHA P. II. Of Election and Reprobation, 104 CHA P. III. Of Creation,

109 CHA P. IV. Of Divine Providence, and the Parts thereof,

114 CHAP. V. Of the Justice and Efficacy of Providence about Sin,

123 CHA P. VI. Of God's General Providence, 129 CHA P. VII. Of God's Special Providence, concerning Angels,



CHA P. VIII. Of the First Covenant; pag. 134 CHA P. IX. Of the Fall of Man, 136 CHA P. X. Of Original Sin,

137 CHA P. XI. Of Axtual Sin,

139 CHA P. XII. Of the Kinds of Atual Sin in respect of the Law,

141 CHAP. XIII. Of the Kinds of Aftual Sin in respect of the Person,

143 CHA P. XIV. Of the Kinds of Axtual Sin in respet of the Cause,

147 CHA P. XV. Of the Kinds of Axtual Sin in respet of the Event,

152 CHAP. XVI. Of the Degrees of Actual Sin,

I56 CHA P. XVII. Of the Punishment of Sin, 193

[blocks in formation]

Book III. .

SHAP: 1. Of the Work of Redemption ; CE

Of the New Covenant, pag. 163

CHA P. II. With whom the Covenant of Grace was made,

171 CHA P. III. How far the Old Covenant is repealed,

173 CHA P. IV. Of the Person of the Mediator, 176 CHAP. V. Of the Titles of the Mediator, Lord, Jesus, Christ,

171 CHA P. VI. That Jesus is Christ, 188 CHA P. VII. Of the Office of Christ; Of Christ's Prophetick Office,

199 CHAP. VIII. Of Christ's Priestly Office, 203 CHA P. IX. Of Universal Redemption, CHA P. X. Objections against Univerfal Redemption answered,

219 CHA P. XI. Of Christ's Kingly Office, 227 CHA P. XII. Of Christ's Humiliation ; of Christ's Incarnation,

231 С НАР.


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