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openly:"of whom, we trust, there is still a greater number than would appear to a superficial observer.

Now concerning the members of different branches of the church of Christ, who agree in the fundamental and principal parts of the doctrine of the Bible, yet differ in some external things of minor importance; is it not too often the case that between them there is too much opposition and party spirit manifested ? And while one denomination is sowing the good seed of the word of God, and confirming believers in the faith of Jesus Christ, others of a different opinion, and too often from selfisha and sinister motives, and to increase the number of their own party, sow the seeds of discord, and extend their influence to destroy the good seed thus sown, and eradicate its growth from the heart. How much good would result, if

. all the different denominations, who agree in the fundamental principles of christianity, wonld lay aside their disputes about external things of minor importance-and uniting together to promote the redemption of Christ, by the spread of his glorious gospel, and the extension of his kingdom from shore to shore?-That the good Lord grani, that believers be united in the bonds of charity, and thus labour together, till the earth be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the 'waters cover the sea, (Heb. 2: 14,) is the ardent wish ol. May 19, 1838.


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