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Rector of St. Michael-Balijaw, Librarian of Sion

COLLEGE, and Fellow of the Royal and Anti-
QUARIAN Societies.


Printed in the Y E A R 1764.


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Sir William Baker, Knt. EV.Dr. Atwell, Preben- Rev. Dr. Barton, Dean of

dary of Westminster, Bristol. Rev. Mr. James Altham, Rec- Rev. Dr. Blair, Prebendary tor of St. Olave Jewry.

of Westminster. Rev. Mr. Auften, Fellow of Rev. Dr. Birch, Rector of

Sir John's College, Oxon. St. Margaret Pattens, Rev.Mr. Thomas Aliham, Fel- Rev. Dr. Burton, Rector of low of St. John's College,

St. Peter le Poor. Oxon.

Rev. Mr. Bonney, Rector of Rev. Mr. Agate, Fellow of St. Andrew Undershart.

St. John's College, Oxon. Rev. Mr. Bishop, Lecturer of Anthony Askew, M. D. St. Christopher's. Mrs. Askew.

Rev, Mr. Burrows. John Aikenhead, Erg; Rev. Mr. Berriman, Rector Mrs. Aikenhead.

of St. Alban, Wood-ftreet, Mr. Aikenhead.

Rev. Mr. Betterworth. Roger Altham, Esq;

Rev, Mr. Braithwaite, Lec. William Alexander, Efq; turerofAllhallows, Thames. Robert Alexander, Elq;

ftreet. Patrick Adair, Esq;

Rev. Mr. Bailey, of the ChaMrs. Ainge.

pel Royal. Mr. Arnold,

Rev. Mr. Baldwyn. Mr. Aimley:

Rev. Mr. John Blackstone. Mr. Awford.

Rev. Mr. Burrough.

Mr. Bogdani,Fellow of King's B.

College, Cambridge. The Right Hon. Lord Vif- William Battie, M. D. count Beauchamp.

Wilkinson Blanthard, M.D. The Right Rev. the Lord Bi- George Baker, M. D. shop of Bristol.

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