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in beaven, but thee, cinkinen
earth, that I delir, istet,
ту beart fault din lut God is ins jonvinger
my heart, and my portion for

3. Hence also, we may particularly refect on our own minuteness, and the brevity of our existence here. We are but of yesterday, and are foon gone, but his

years are throughout all generations. Our days are brit as an band-breadth, our age is as nothing before him, and at our best ftate we are but vanity. While a thousand years in his fight, are but as a watch in the night, we are carried away, as with a flood, like the grass that groweth up. And this consideration of our short and transitory state here, may give us hopes in the goodness of God, of mercy and compassion from him: that, as we are such minute creatures, he will be merciful to our finful failures ; that he will not set our inquities before him, to use the words of the Psalmist, nor our secret fins in the light of his countenance, but that as a father pitieth his children, fo be will pity those who fear him.

4. That God is eternal, is also just ground of comfort and satisfaction to good men. For as he lives for ever, his

E 3



SERM. Wisdom, his Power, and Goodness can

never fail, and his favour and mercies may be continued for ever. In the most distant ages, and to eternity, he may be relied upon : he will ever be a refuge to them that fear him. Trust ye in the Lord for ever (says the prophet Isaiah) for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength. Besides him, there is none, in whom we can always trust, and who can be eternally our security and strength. In man we fee there is often no help; he is suddenly gone, and at his best fate, he is altogether vanity, so that when we'depend upon him, we are often deceived. He often cannot reach to us his assistance in this short space of our being, and far less through the ages of the invisible. world. But as God invariably exists through Eternity, there can be no alteration in his power and purposes, in any revolutions of time. And therefore, what-. ever he has promised in the most distant periods, shall be made effectual. That eternal reward, that everlasting crown, which is promised to good men, shall be secure, as it comes from him, who is ever faithful to his promises, and is eternally powerful to bestow it upon them,



As he reigns, and is ever glorious through SERM. endless ages, so the glory cannot fade, that is derived from him. He is the eternal and inexhaustible fountain, from which happiness shall continually flow. And therefore,

5. This consideration, that God is eternal, gives us an amiable view of the blessed enjoyments of the saints and angels in heaven. For as God is eternal and unchangeable, the happiness, in which he has placed them and promised to them, shall never come to an end. And this will compleat and enhance all their joys and pleasures, that they shall never fail ; that when millions of ages are past, the everlasting God will continually supply them; his goodness will ever survive, and cherish, and bless them, and he will be their portion for ever. And O! what a pleasing prospect it must give them to reflect, that there shall be no limited time to their felicity; that as God lives for ever (to use the words of the Psalmist) the rivers of pleasures, and joys that are at his right hand, shall never be exhausted. Nature may come to a period, and the whole frame of the universe may be dissolved, but the goodness of our God


E 4


SER M: shall continue for ever, to them who III.

shall be accounted worthy of his falvation.

In the last place, the Eternity of God ought to give terror to wicked men, to those who rebel against his laws and government. They have just ground to fear, that, as they are at enmity with him, their happiness will ever be oppofed and destroyed by him, who ever exists and reigns to take vengeance upon them. He can reach them in any state of their being, and make them everlasting examples of his justice. Their

punishment he can eternally continue, and who knows, or can describe the power of his anger, that may be exerted through endless ages. The wrath of an earthly prince, whofe breath is in his nostrils, may often be easily evaded; for his envy and hatred sometimes suddenly perish with him ; but alas! who can deliver from the wrath of the eternal king of the universe: no length of time can limit his power and vengeance. Consider this, all'ye who forget God! Fear him who can destroy both body and soul in kell, where the worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.



S E R M 0 N


The Translation of ENOCH.


And Enoch walked with God, and be was

not, for God took him.


HESE words contain a short ac-SERM.

IV. count of one of the patriarchs who

lived before the flood; and who is distinguished to all generations, by the noble character which is here given of him, and the wonderful manner of his Translation. He lived in the times when men began to corrupt themselves, and when God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth; and he was, we may suppose, a living Example of righteousness, to a vicious and debauched world. He was one of those witnesses to the truth, whom God sometimes raises up, to give their testimony to religion and virtue, in the midst of a general apostacy


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