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Printed for R. HETT, at the Bible and Crown,
and J. OSWALD, at the Rofe and Crown, both
in the Poultry. MDCCXL.

[Price Stitch'd One Shilling and Six-pence.]

1260 ε. 30


29. NOV 1920 OXFORD




HE following Sheets pretend to no more than a Vindication of the ScriptureDoctrine of Original Sin, from Mr Taylor's Mifreprefentations of it, and his Objections against it; and a Vindication of feveral Texts of Scripture, in which this Doctrine is contained, from the forced and unnatural Senfes which, the Author apprehends, Mr Taylor hath put upon them, in favour of his own Scheme.


No further Explication and Proof of this Doctrine is here attempted, than what was neceffary to these Purposes. The Writer most fincerely joins with Mr Taylor's hearty Wish, in his Preface, That we may all ftudy the Scriptures impartially, peaceably, and in the Spirit of Love. It is hoped nothing will be found contrary to that Spirit in the enfuing Pages. Mr Taylor would have us freely use our own Judgment, without any Regard to his. And he declareth, If we are led into any Error, by an implicit Faith in what he faith, we ourselves fhall be accountable for it. This Book is writ with a fincere Intention and Defire, that none may be accountable for any fuch Error. If any Sentences fhould be thought too fevere, the Writer hopes the candid Reader will confider, how difficult it is to read over a Book, wrote with fo much


Spirit and Warmth as that which this remarks upon, without, now and then, catching a little of the Author's Fire. He prefumes, therefore, that the Admirers of Mr Taylor's Book cannot justly find Fault with this Performance, on that Account: He is rather apprehensive of the Cenfures of fome others, who, perhaps, will not find their Indignation at Mr Taylor's Book fufficiently expreffed in this. But, however that be, he is fure, that he hath honeftly endeavoured to fet Things in a juft Light, without aiming at gratifying any Party; and therefore hopes he fhall efcape the fevere Cenfures of all true Lovers of Truth, and of the Word of God. He is of Opinion with Solomon, that only by Pride cometh Contention; and that if we all ftudied the Scriptures with a more humble Mind, we should study them more impartially and peaceably;


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