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but hail them with gratitude, when they can use such gifts as God has given them to rouse the indifferent, or speak a word in season to those who are weary. Let any one read with care the apostolic epistles to the Churches, and there learn how every member of the body, male and female, bond and free, is recognised as contributing their portion, however small, to the nourishment of the whole. On the other hand, we think that all this should be done “ with decency and order," and in accordance with that government, which, whatever be its form, is a part of Christ's wise plan for carrying on His work on earth. Those who give addresses, or conduct prayers in the house of God, should therefore be known to and approved of by the minister or office-bearers of the Church. Unless this is done, we fear that confusion will arise. The wisest guides will be forced to retire, or be thrust aside; and those who have no “authority," either from their knowledge, character, experience, or position in the Church, but are self-willed and presumptuous, will become the leaders of the religious movement, which, in the end, will thus probably fail in good, or produce even positive evil. Let us, by all means, have an army of earnest soldiers fighting Christ's battles; but let them be under the discipline and government which Christ, in His wisdom, hath ordained for His Church. meek will hear thereof, and be glad.”

We should, also, thankfully avail ourselves of every opportunity given to us, in God's Providence, of uniting in prayer, and in any other such labour of love, with Christian brethren of every name, who “call upon

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the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity.One of the most blessed fruits and best evidences of the revival in America and elsewhere, has been Christian union. The fire of Divine love has softened and wielded hearts disposed to become hard and isolated through selfishness and pride. The Spirit, in glorifying Christ, has attracted every eye from self to the Saviour, and thus filled every heart with the same glory of love to God and man which possessed His. All have been made to feel, in proportion as they were theniselves revived, that God was not the God of any

Church or party, but was "Father of all, above all, through all, and in all.” The wretched envy and jealousy, wherever these existed, which would grudge the blessing of a revival to another Church, or seek it as a sign from Heaven in favour of their own only, was rooted up by the conviction that good bestowed on any was good bestowed on all, and that the riches of God's grace were like heaven's light, able to illumine and beautify a world, without its fulness being exhausted by a single beam. In that light may we all see light, and be able to discern our brother,-80 often, alas, concealed from our eye by the darkness of our proud and selfish hearts !

With these few imperfect remarks, we beg to introduce this small volume to the notice of our readers. Whatever judgment may be passed upon the wisdom of some of its sentiments, the value of some of its anecdotes, or the taste of some of its hymns, it is interesting, nevertheless, as a true record of a certain phase of religious life in America, and of one of the most remark

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able " revivals ” which has ever taken place. It is calculated, also, to stimulate our prayers and labours for the advancement of the Redeemer's Kingdom, and to make us rejoice with assured hope that these can never be in vain. May very many in every congregation and parish throughout the land be stirred up by the example of others to meet for prayer, and be strengthened by the experience of others so to ask that they shall receive, and their joy be full. Finally, let not this outpouring of the Spirit of God be recognised as a temporary blessing, which, like a summer shower, must pass away after a day of refreshing, leaving the heavens again hard and dry over our heads; but rather as an overpowering evidence to “stir up our minds by way of remembrance” of the glorious gift of the Sanctifier and Comforter, who is promised to abide with us for ever.” When, struggling onwards amidst storm and difficulty, we are disposed to question our Master's sympathy, as if He cared not that we perish, let His mighty voice, at this time subduing the winds and waves in man's rebellious heart so that there is a great calm, while filling us with awe and wonder, be received also as a rebuke to our unbelief, as, recalling our unworthy fears, He says to us, when these are over, “Oye of little faith, wherefore did ye doubt ?"



EFORE giving a history of the Old South

Prayer-meeting from its very commencement, it may be well to give the reader

some account of the manner in which it is conducted, and of the spirit which seems to pervade those who attend it.

The meeting is held every morning, Sunday excepted, in the Old South Chapel, in Spring Lane, commencing in the warm season at eight o'clock, and in the cold season at half-past eight o'clock. It continues one hour only. The utmost promptness is observed in commencing and closing. No one is allowed to continue his remarks when the hour for closing has arrived. The time allotted to each speaker is three minutes, and those who conduct the meeting are expected to enforce this rule, except in special cases. The leader of the meeting is allowed ten minutes to open it, including prayer, reading of Scriptures, singing, and remarks. Formerly, the brother who took charge one day was expected to secure some one to conduct it the following day. Within the last year or two, a committee has been appointed which has the control of the meeting in all its appointments. This committee secures some one to be responsible for the


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