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way, called in at a shop and got him something to eat. Talked with him about his soul. Stated his case at the meeting, and he was fervently remembered in several prayers. When opportunity was given, he rose with five or six others for prayers; and also when those were requested to rise who were fully determined to serve the Lord, he stood up with three others. I took him, at the close of the meeting, to the sailors' home, to remain till Monday. Will you pray for him ?

ANSWER TO PRAYER.-On Monday morning a paper was read, stating that, on the previous Monday, prayers had been requested there for the conversion of a person then present, rejoicing in hope, and desiring publicly to express thanksgiving to God, and afford encouragement to Christians to pray for the impenitent. A few mornings since, an incident was mentioned of a physician in this city who recently was instrumental in guiding a dying patient to Christ.

CONVERSION OF A STABLE-KEEPER.-At one of the meetings a clergyman mentioned, among other classes to be made subjects for prayer, stable-keepers. In response to this, the next speaker said that a stable-keeper in Lowell, who had not been accustomed to regard the Sabbath, as he was driving about, one Sabbath morning not long since, was so struck by the crowds of people entering a church, that he tied his horse, and went in with the rest. He was considerably moved by the preaching, and the next morning called at the door of the minister, and placed five dollars in his hands, refusing to disclose his name.

The man was subsequently con

verted; and it was further stated that he has been instrumental in persuading several engaged in a similar business to come in and habitually fill a pew in the church.

BROUGHT BACK.-- -An influential


in Boston had withdrawn from his church and religious insti. tutions altogether. In a short time he dispensed with family prayer, and then with private devotion; finally he professed himself “free from restraint," and all religious obligation. He was called on by a friend, who kindly expostulated, pointed to his three little children, and asked what would be the natural effect of his present course upon their future wellbeing. Tears began to flow; he confessed he was in error; promised to retrace his steps, and seek immediately the good old paths of “righteousness

and peace.



went into one of the neighbourhood meetings, and spoke as follows:-“Four months ago I was the most miserable man you ever knew. I was not fit to look upon, and I despised myself. I am thirtysix years old, and have not seen a sober Sabbath for thirty years. I began to drink when I was six years old, by going after liquor for my father. I used to drink out of the measure, so I was never sober. One night I had a dream. I dreamed that I died and went to the judgment, and was found on the left hand of the judge. I was ordered into another room to wait for sentence. A lady came into the room, took a card, and wrote on it, saying, “ Give this to Jesus to-morrow, and He will take you to heaven.' I awoke troubled, and in great distress. My wife


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thought I was going to die. A few days after this, a lady came to see me, and asked me to go to a prayer-meeting with her. She was the same lady I saw in my dream, Miss — the city missionary. I went, and was much troubled about my soul; but it soon wore off, and I took to drinking again. I moved to the north part of the city. My little son was invited to go to the Sunday school.

He went, and when he came home I asked him where he had been. He said, to Sunday school, and to meeting in North Street. I told him I did not believe it, for there was no meeting in North Street. He said there was, and that they talked about Jesus there, and that it made him feel good. 'I want you to go, father. This touched my heart, and I told him I would go. I had no clothes fit to wear, but I had a pair of overhauls, and an old ragged shirt, and I put them on and went. I stood up and told them I was a poor, miserable sinner, and asked them to pray for me; and I prayed for myself. I had been drinking, but I knew what I was about. I signed the pledge that night, and I thank God I have kept it ever since. I never have had any desire to drink since; God has taken the appetite away. I went home, and prayed to God to have mercy on my soul, and in a few days I found peace. I felt that

God had, for Christ's sake, forgiven my sins. The ladies

, came to see me, and furnished me with clothes, and wanted me to go to Sunday school. I went, but did not know how to read, for I never went to school a day in my life. I did not know A from B, and began to learn my letters. In a short time I learned so fast they put me in the Testament. The teacher wanted me to learn two verses to repeat at the next Sabbath school concert. I thought I had a great



task, but I said I would, with the help of God; and I did stand up, and repeated four verses, and did not miss a word, for God helped me. I could not have done it myself; He helped me in everything. I was poor, and had not anything to eat for myself or family, and I prayed to God to send me something to eat. I went out, and when I home


wife said some one had sent us a barrel of flour; I told her it could not be for us. She said it was, and shewed me the bill of it. I never knew where it came from. You see how good God is; He has clothed me, and fed me, and raised up friends for me. I now have plenty of work, and carry my money home into my family, while I used to spend it for the worst of purposes. Now I am happy, and have a plenty. Now I can share my loaf with others poorer than myself, and I thank God I can do it. I thank Him that He has lifted me out of the gutter, and out of the drunkard's grave. I mean to serve Him all my days; I thank God I can go to meeting every day. I have one hour for my dinner, and I take half of it to go to meeting to stand up for Jesus."

This man has united with one of our evangelical churches.

-A man

CONVERSION OF A MAN IN THE CHAPEL. about fifty years old, seeing the people going into the Old South Chapel, morning after morning, said to himself, “What do they go there for, to pray and to sing, every morning?” He thought that they had better be doing something else.

One morning, as he was going by Spring Lane, he saw the people going into the chapel, men and women, and he thought he would go in for a few minutes. As soon as he entered the room, he felt that God was there; he remained till the meeting was over, and left feeling that he was a great sinner. The next morning he went again, and heard them sing and pray.

He felt that he was a lost sinner, and that there was no hope for him. He said to himself, What shall I do? He wept, and cried to God for

mercy. An invitation was given for all that desired prayer, or wished to have personal conversation, to go into the room below. He went in, in great distress, the tears running down his cheeks. An invitation was given for all that desired prayer to rise. He stood up, and said that he was a great sinner, and that there was no hope for him, and sat down, covering his face with his handkerchief. He wept aloud. All knelt down and prayed to God to have mercy upon this man, but he went from the meeting bowed down on account of his sins. The next morning he came to the meeting again, and was in the room below, still bowed down under his sins. It seemed to him that he could not live. Four or five

prayers were offered up to God, that He would have mercy on his soul. He gave his heart to Christ, and found peace to his soul. The next day he stood up at a prayer-meeting in Park Street upper vestry, and said, " I have found Jesus precious to my soul.” He was full of love to Christ and to all men, and has been rejoicing in Christ his Saviour ever since. He is often heard in the neighbourhood meetings relating what God has done for his soul, and inviting others to come to Jesus. He is often in the Old South Chapel, and says that that meeting was the means of saving his soul from death.

INSTEAD OF THE THEATRE, THE PRAYER-MEETING.-A young lady came into our neighbourhood

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