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die. On the last Sabbath, he saw the Sabbath school by classes. He was desirous to see them once more, and hear them sing. In this village God has poured out His Spirit, and about sixty individuals have been brought into the kingdom of God. God honours those who honour Him.

FARM SCHOOL IN PORTLAND.—A letter was read stating that the superintendent of the State Farm School in Portland sent into the morning prayermeeting a request for the conversion of the teachers, and within two weeks four of them were converted.


REMEMBER THE CLERKS.—A brother at that prayer-meeting said that he had a clerk with whom he had laboured, and for whom he had prayed in vain. He went to his closet, one morning, to ask God what more he could do that he had not done. It was strongly impressed upon his mind that he must go immediately and beseech him to come to Christ now. He went to his residence and inquired for him, and he was still in bed. He was shewn to his chamber, knocked at his door, and was admitted.

, He fell upon his neck and wept. He asked, “What is the matter? Is your wife dead, or any of your family?" He still continued to weep, but at length said, “I am distressed for

He replied, “If you are so distressed for my soul, I can hold out no longer.” They knelt down and prayed, and the clerk submitted to the Lord Jesus Christ. He that goeth forth weeping, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.




Several Catholics have been converted lately in New York. A priest went with a cowhide to whip the heresy out of a brother and sister who had recently renounced the Mother Church. The brother dared him to come on; but he was cowed, and dared not attempt to use the cowhide. A child of Catholic parents was whipped because he went to the Sunday school. He asked if that was all. His parents answered, “Yes." Then said he, “I shall go to the Sunday school again, next Sabbath.” He has now become an efficient teacher in the same school.

God so LOVED THE WORLD.—Another young lady had got tired of living in this world, and made preparation to commit suicide. As she was about to perpetrate the crime, the light from & church shone into her window, and she thought that she would once more visit the house of God. When she entered the vestibule of the church, the minister announced his text, God so loved the world." When she heard this she said, “God must love me; I will not destroy myself, but will come to God through Christ." This she did.

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SINGULAR CONVERSION.—It was also related that à certain man, last spring, stood and looked at people as they went into the Old South Chapel, and remarked that on

they had better be at work than spending their time in that manner.' however, persuaded to go and see for himself what they did. He had been seated but a short time before he felt that God was there. He found himself weeping. He cried for mercy, and the Lord

He was,

heard his cry.

INFLUENCE OF THE MEETING.-A brother, who, some months ago, was converted by seeing the people coming out of the Old South Chapel with smiles


their countenances, and by their appearance seeming very happy, was present. He said that he had found and enjoyed the same happiness in Christ that he witnessed in others.

Another brother said that he came to this city about a year ago, not to seek religion, but to find amusement and business. He fell into the company of those who were attending the prayermeetings, and he went with them. The Old South Chapel was the place of his birth, and if he should live until the 15th of March he should be one year old.

WHILE HE CALLED, THE ANSWER CAME. - A young man in Detroit requested prayers for a friend in New York city, and that very night remarked that he felt as though somebody was praying for him. This impression led him to pray for himself. It was said of him, as of Saul of Tarsus, “Behold he prayeth!” He was brought to Jesus. It came

” to pass before they called that God answered, and while they were yet speaking that God heard.

THE BIBLE AMONG CATHOLICS.--A brother from a town in the vicinity stated that a young Catholic had visited him several times, to obtain a knowledge of the way of salvation. He came by night, lest his countrymen should waylay and beat him. He has renounced the superstitions in which he was trained, and is reading the Protestant Bible with a desire to know what God teaches.

The same brother also said that in a town in Rhode Island several hundred Bibles had been sold to the Catholics.

CONVERSION OF A CATHOLIC PRIEST.-A gentleman from Philadelphia gave a detailed account of a recent conversion of a German Catholic priest. He had officiated as priest in his own country for nine years. His eyes were partially opened to the falsity and wickedness of the Catholic system before he came to Philadelphia, last spring. He was inquiring after the truth, and was directed to a German Baptist minister as an instructor. This minister opened his pulpit for him to expose the falsity of the Catholic religion. This he did with a good deal of ability. His instructor then told him to preach Christ. He selected for his subject the forgiveness of the penitent thief. Up to this time he had been relying upon his own righteousness. He saw that the thief had no good works on which to depend. He was forgiven by faith in Christ. This truth sent an arrow of conviction into his own soul. He now received Christ as the end of the law for his righteousness. He clearly apprehends the way of salvation through the blood of Jesus, that cleanseth from all sin. He is now preaching among his countrymen in Philadelphia the faith that he once destroyed.

No WORK ON THE SABBATH.- Rev. Mr. Hooker said, a young sailor came to his study to ask what he should do to be saved. On a whaling voyage, he had twice come very near losing his life. He formed the resolution that if he ever got home he would devote himself to Christ. This he did, and

.. sailed again as mate of the ship. The last that he heard of him was that he had lost his place because he would not harpoon whales on the Sabbath.

THE RECEIVING SHIP NORTH CAROLINA. - A communication was read from the sailors aboard the United States receiving ship North Carolina, Brooklyn, N. Y., in the following words :

January 25, 1859. “On board of the receiving ship North Carolina, three hundred seamen, in a state of anxiety, request the daily prayer-meetings in Boston to remember them at the throne of grace, before which we bow in prayer; that you beg for Christ's sake that they may be converted; that God would glorify the riches of His grace in their salvation. The Lord is pouring out His Spirit in great power upon this ship, and seventy seamen have been converted. Conversions are daily taking place.

In behalf of the ship's company,
“Yours, in the bonds of the Gospel,




THANKSGIVING. It has been the custom, for the last few years, to hold the prayer-meeting on Fast and Thanksgiving Days in the Tremont Temple. At the meeting held in that place, November 25, 1858, the following resolutions were presented by Rev. Martin Moore, and adopted :

Whereas, It has pleased the Great Head of the Church copiously to pour out His Spirit upon this land the past year, and He has by treaty opened the way for the preaching of the Gospel in the Chinese Empire: Therefore,

Resolved, That we will come into His presence with thanksgiving, and enter His courts with praise, and bless His holy name for the gift of the Holy Spirit the past year; and we will this day pledge ourselves to work for Him the coming year.


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