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enough to know that he was the person prayed for. This deeply affected him. He trembled like an aspen-leaf, and on the sidewalk cried for and obtained mercy. He returned to his home, set up a prayer-meeting, and about twenty persons have been converted.

THE CLOUD LIFTED UP.-At a neighbourhood meeting, in this city, after several brethren had prayed, one impenitent person knelt down, and cried, sobbing aloud, “ God be merciful to me a sinner!” Others prayed for her. She arose from her knees, saying, The cloud is lifted up." While they were calling on God, He heard and answered.

THE DEAF AND DUMB EMBRACING CHRIST.-Rev. Mr. Turner, Principal of the Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb at Hartford, was present at the meeting this morning, and gave some very interesting facts relating to the conversion of a number of deaf mutes, connected with the institution. A young man now in the asylum, and who was there when a boy for five years, and then left, went, when about sixteen years of age, as an apprentice to learn the machinist business. He remained at the trade until he was twenty-one, and when he had earned fifty dollars he left his place, and went to the asylum for the purpose of gaining more knowledge. He had been there but a few weeks, when Rey. Mr. Turner, the principal, received from him the following note, which we give verbatim :

I repent of my sin, and trust in Christ. I do not sleep all night. I feel great trouble and misery. I confess sin to God one month since."

He did not understand the language very well,


and meant by this that he had been one month confessing his sins. Mr. Turner gave him good instruction; he soon was converted, and has been an exemplary Christian ever since. His fifty dollars carried him through six months of the asylum. He is now going through another six months, at the expense of the institution. A short time since, Governor Banks was at Hartford, and made the acquaintance of the young man; and, learning his anxiety to obtain an education, promised him a year's tuition, at the expiration of his six months, in May, at the expense of the State of Massachusetts.

Mr. Turner also stated that, some little time since, two of the deaf mutes attended a prayermeeting in a village near by. It was proposed in the meeting that prayer should be offered for them. All eyes were of course turned to them. One of them afterwards said he noticed this, but did not know what it meant. He became seriously impressed at the meeting, and he and his sister were both, subsequently, and in a very few days, converted. This fact was given to show how prayer was answered.

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FEAR GOD RATHER THAN MAN.—A salesman had sold a bill of damaged goods to a customer. The clerk, in making out the bill, said, “You are aware, I suppose, that these are damaged goods.” The customer refused to take them. The salesman said to the clerk, “You have prevented the sale of these goods. It was a cash trade, sir; it was a cash trade, and you have prevented the sale, and I will report you to the firm." The clerk said, “When ? I am ready to go with you now.The salesman declined going, fearing probably that he should be rebuked, as one of the firm had lately become a Christian. The clerk was a youth of nineteen, but feared God rather than man.


JUDGES AND ASTRONOMERS. — A brother from Ohio stated that the work of grace was still progressing in that State. In Cincinnati a band of brothers has been formed, who in turns go out into the surrounding regions to hold prayer-meetings. Among this number are Judge Storer, one of the Judges of the Supreme Court, and Mitchell, the celebrated astronomer.

BEFORE WE CALL, HE ANSWERS.-A minister from Ohio said that if he wished to send a message to his family and receive a speedy answer, he went to the telegraph office and transmitted it over the wires, and in a moment the answer returns. The heart is the telegraph wire over which prayer ascends to heaven, and gracious answer speedily returns. Before we call, He answers; and while we are yet speaking, He hears. The same brother said that when he was labouring in a place, there was a sister who lived some seven miles from the church, who wanted him to come and preach at her house. She had an impenitent husband and children. Before the meeting began, she retired to her chamber; when she came down, her face shone like Moses'. After the sermon, persons who wished to converse on the subject of their salvation were invited to remain. The whole assembly stopped, and were in tears. Before the meeting closed, the husband and one daughter gave their hearts to Christ. That was the commencement of a revival that spread

through the neighbourhood. God heard the prayer of that single sister.


NONE TOO WICKED.-Rev. Mr. Cable, of Ohio, said that a gentleman in Albany asked a minister to pray for him. The minister, in turn, asked him if he would give his heart to Christ.“ What ! a heart so wicked as mine?". -“ Yes, a heart so wicked as yours. Will you do it? Christ is willing to receive you just as you are. Will you come as you are ?” _“Yes, I give myself away; it is all that I can do." At that moment, he did what he had been trying to do all his life long.

CONVERTED WARRIOR:-A dream of a converted warrior, of the Polynesian Islands, was related. Me, the chief, not long before he died, told Mr. Williams, the missionary, that he dreamed that he was leading on his tribe to battle, and there arose a mountain which reached to heaven, that prevented the fight; suddenly he saw a drop of blood fall upon it, and it vanished ; a beautiful plain appeared in its stead, and the sky beyond looked very glorious. He gave Mr. Williams this interpretation: The mountain was Me's sins, and the drop of blood which fell upon Me’s heart was Christ's blood, and washed all his sins away. Me died the next day.

AN ACTRESS CONVERTED.-A pious seamstress of New York, nearly reduced to starvation, sought guidance from her heavenly Father, and implored His aid. While on her knees in prayer, some one knocked at the door; she opened it, and was met by a fashionably-dressed female, who proved to be an actress. She wished to procure the services of the seamstress in making dresses for the stage. The poor girl replied, "I cannot do it until I ask direction from my heavenly Father." Accordingly she knelt down in presence of the actress, and prayed first that she might be led to do her duty, and finally that the actress might he led to renounce her sins, and flee to Christ. In a few moments she was kneeling, mingling her tears with those of the seamstress. As they arose, the actress said, “I will take these things home—I shall never need them. Henceforth I will be a follower of Christ.” She is now a noble Christian woman. Oh, the power of Christian consistency !

DRUNKARD CONVERTED. In a town in this vicinity, one person said to another, “Let us go over to Mr. B- -'s to a meeting."-"What meet

“ ing?" said he.-" To a prayer-meeting.”—“Why, , he is drunk, and has not been sober this five years.'

_“But,” says the other," he has become a sober, praying man. This man and several others soon found peace in believing, and are now standing up for Jesus.

WHAT MANUFACTURERS CAN DO.-It was stated, also, that there is a manufacturing village, about fifty miles from Boston, employing about three hundred and fifty men, who are received into the establishment upon the condition that they attend public worship, pay their proportion towards sustaining the institutions of religion, and abstain from intoxicating drinks. It is mostly under the direction of several brothers. One of these brothers has, for many years, been the leader of the singing choir. He is now near the close of life, and fears not to

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