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3 My lips Thall fpeak of thy 6 So that the fun shall not burn praise : when thou haft taught thee by day : neither the moon me thy statutes.

by night. 4 Yea, my tongue shall fing of 7 The Lord shall preserve thee thy word : for all thy command- from all evil : yea, it is even he ments are righteous.

that shall keep thy soul. 5 Let thine hand help me : 8 The Lord fall preserve thy for I have chosen thy command- going out, and thy coming in : ments.

from this uime forth for ever6 I have longed for thy saving more. health, O Lord : and in thy law Pl. cxxii, Lætatus fum. is my delight.

WAS glad when they said praise thee : and thy judgements the house of the Lord. 70 let my foullive, and it shall I

unto me : We will go into Thall help me. 8 I have gone astray like a

2 Our feet fall stand in thy heep that is loft : o seek thy gates: o Jerusalem. fervant; for I do not forget thy that is at unity in itself.

3 Jerusalem is built as a city : commandments.

4 For thitlier the tribes go up,

even the tribes of the Lord : to MORNING PRAYER. testify unto Ffrael, to give thanks

unto the Name of the Lord. Pralm cxx. Ad Dominum.

5 For there is the feat of WIE Ned was the murder judgement : even the seat of the

called upon Lord : and he heard me.

6 O pray for the peace of 2 Deliver my soul, , 0 Lord, Jerusalem 1 they thall prosper from lying lips : and from a that love thee. deceitful tongue.

7 Peace be within thy walls : 3 What reward thall be given and plenteousness within thy or done unto thee, thou false

palaces. tongue : even mighty and Tharp 8 For my brethren and comarrows, with burning coals.

panions' fakes :

will with thec 4 Woe is me, that I am coil

prosperity. strained to dwell with Mesech : 9 Yea, because of the house of and to have my babitation ainong the Lord our God: I will seek the tents of Kedar!

to do thee good. 5 My soul hath long dwelt

Pf. cxxiii. Ad te levavi. among them : that are enemies unto peace.

TNTO thee lift I up mine 6 I labour for peace; but when eyes : 0 thou that dwellest I speak unto them thereof : they in the heavens. make them ready to battle.

2 Behold, even as the eyes of

servants look unto the hand of Pf. cxxi. Levavi oculos meos.

their masters, and as the eyes of WIOL lift I


mine eyes unto a maiden unto the hand of her the hills : from whence com- mistress : even so our eyes wait eth my help.

upon the Lord our God, until he 2 My help cometh even from have mercy upon us. the Lord : who hath made hea- 3 Have mercy upon us, O ven and earth.

Lord, have mercy upon us : for 3 He will not suffer thy foot to

we are utterly despised. be moved : and he that keepetli 4 Our soul is filled with the thee will not neep.

scornful reproof of the wealthy : 4 Behold, he' that keepeth and with the despitefulness of the Israel : thall neither slumber nor proud. fleep:

Ps. cxxiv. Nisi quia Dominus, 5* The Lord himself is thy TF the Lord himself had not keeper : the Lord is thy defence upon the right hand;

Nrael say : If the Lord bimnielf



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even as .

had not been on our fide, when 5 Turn our captivity, O Lord : men rose up against us;

as the rivers in the south. 2 They had swallowed us up 6 They that sow in tears : hall quick : when they were so wrath- reap in joy. fully displeased at us.

7 He that now goethon his way 3 Yea, the waters had drowned weeping, and beareth forth good us : and the stream had gone seed: hall doubtless come again over our soul.

with joy, and bring his fheaves 4 The deep waters of the with him. proud : had gone even over our Pf.cxxvii. Nih Dominus. soul.

'XCEPT the Lord build the 5 But praised be the Lord : who hatli not given us over for lost that build it. a prey unto their teeth. 6 Our soul is escaped even as city : the watchman waketh but

2 Except the Lord keep the a bird out of the fnare of the

ip vain. fowler : the snare is broken, and 3 It is but loft labour that ye we are delivered,

hafte to rise up early, and so late 7 Our help itandeth in the take rest, and eat the bread of Name of the Lord : who hath carefulness : for fo he giveth his made heaven and earth.

beloved sleep: Pl. cxxv. Qui confidunt. HEY that put their trust in the womb: are an heritage and

4 Lo, children and the fruit of the mount Sion : which may not

5 Like as the arrows in the be removed, but fiandeth fast for hand of the giant : even so are ever.

the young children. 2 The hills fiand about Jerusalem : even fo standeth the Lord his quiver full of them they

6 Happy is the man that hath round about his people, from this thall not be ashamed, when they time forth for evermore, 3 For the rod of the ungodly speak with their enemies in the

gate. cometh not into the lot of the righteous y left the righteous put

Pl. cxxviji. Beati omnes. their hand unto wickedness.

LESSED are all they that fear 4 Do well, O Lord : unto

the Lord : and walk in his those that are good, and true of ways. heart.

2 For thou fhalt eat the labours 5 As for such as turn back unto

of thine hands : 0 well is thee, their own wickedness: the Lord and happy thalt thou be. thall lead them forth with the 3 Thy wife shall be as the fruit ! evil doers; but peace shall be ful vine : upon the walls of thine


4 Thy children like the olive

branches : round about thy table. EVENING PRAYER

5 Lo, thus Thall the man be Psalm cxxvi. In convertendo. blessed: that feareth the Lord. HEN Lord turned

6 The Lord from of Sion were we like unto them that see Jerusalem in prosperity all

thy life long; dream.

2 Then was our mouth filled 7. Yea, that thou shalt fee thy with laughter : and our tongue children's children : and peace with joy.

3 Then said they among the pr. cxxix. Sus pe expugnaverunt. heathen : The Lord hath done

a time have they great things for them.

fought against me from my 4 Yea, the Lord hath done youth up: may Israel now fay; great things for us already : 2 Yea, many a time have they whereof we rejoice.

vexed me from my youth up:


upon Ifrael.

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upon Ifrael.



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Leie but they have not prevailed MORNING PRAYER. against me.

Pfalm cxxxii. Memento, Domine. plowers plowed upon my back and made tong Pura LORD: remember David rana

all his trouble

2 How he fware unto the 4 But the righteous Lord : Lord : and vowed a vow unto hath hewn the snares of the the Almighty God of Jacob; ungodly in pieces.

3 1 will not come within the 5 Let them be confounded and tabernacle of mine house ; nor turned backward : as many as climb up into my bed; have evil will at Sion.

4 I will not suffer mine eyes to 6 Let them be cven as the neep, nor mine eyelids to 'num. grass growing upon the house. ber : veither the temples of my tops · which withereth afore it head to take any rett; te plucked upi.

5 Until I find out a place for 7 Whereof the mower filleth the temple of the Lord : an hanot his hand : neither he, that bitation for the mighty God of bindeth the iheaves, his Jacob. borom.

6 Lo, we heard of the same at 8 So that they, who go by, say Ephrata : and found it in the not so much as, The Lord prosper wood. you : we wish you good luck in 7 We will go into his taberthe Name of the Lord.

nacle : and fall low on our knees Pl. cxxx. De profundis. before his footstool. 0

UT of the deep have I called 8 Arise, O Lord, into thy reft

unto thee, o Lord : Lord, ing-place : thou, and the ark of hear my voice.

thy Itrength. 20 let thine ears consider 9. Let thy priests be clothed well : the voice of my complaint. with righteousneis : and let thy

3 If thou, Lord, wilt be faints fing with joyfulness. extreme to mark what is done 10 For thy servant David's amiss : 0 Lord, who may abide fake : turn not away the presence iti

of thine Anointed. 4 For there is mercy with thee : 11 The Lord hath made a therefore thalt thou he feared. faithful Qath unto David : and

5 I look for the Lord, my soul he ihall not ihrink from it; doth wait for him:in his word is 12 of the fruit of thy body :

shall I set upon thy feat. 6 My soul Meeth unto the Lord : 13 If thy children will keep my

before the morning watch, I say, covenant, and my testimonies that en before the morning watch. I shall learn them : their children

70 lsrael, trust in the Lord ; also shall fit upon thy feat for for with the Lord there is mercy: evermore, and with him is plenteous re

14 For the Lord hath chosen pay demption.

Sion to be an habitation for him. 8 And he mall redeem Ifrael : self: he hath longed for her, from all his lins.

15 This thall be my rest for P. cxxxi. Domine, non est. ever ; here will I dwell, for I ORD, I am not high-irinded: have a delight therein.

I have no proud looks. 16 I will bless her victuals 21 do not exercise myself in with ircrease : and will satisfy great matters - which are too her poor with bread. high for me ;

17 'I will deck her priefts with 3 But I refrain my soul, and health : and her taints thall keep it low, like as a child that is rejoice and long. weaned from his mother : yea, 18 Tuere shall I make the horn my soul iseven as a weaned child. of David to flourish. I have ordain

4 O Israel, :rust in the Lord : ed a lantern for mine Anointed. from this time forth for ever- 19 As for his enemies, I thall morc.

clothe them with thame : bus

my trust.


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upon himself thall his crown O thou land of Egypt : upon flourin.

Pharaoh, and all his servants. Pl. cxxxiii. Ecce quam bonum ,

30 He smote divers nations : EHOLD, how good and joy- and New mighty kings ;

ful a thing it is : brethren, to 11 Sehon king of the Amorites, dwell together in unity!

and Og the king of Baran : 2nd 2 It is like the precious ointo all the kingdoms of Canaan ; ment upon the bead, that ran 12 And gave their land to be dowi unto the heard: even unto an heritage : even an heritage Aarou's beard, and went down to unto 1'rael his people. the 1kirts of his clothing.

13 Thy Name, 'O Lord, en3 Like as the dew of Hermon: dureth for ever : fo doth thy which fell upon the hill of sion. memorial, o Lord, from one ge.

4 For there the Lord promised neration to another. his blessing : and life for ever- 11 For the Lord will avenge more.

his people ; and be gracious unto

his fervants. Pi. cxxxiv. Ecce nunc. EHOLD now, praise

15 As the images of the Lord;

goli : the work of men's hands. 2 Ye that by night ftand in

16 They have mouths, and the house of the Lord : even in speak not : eyes have they, but the courts of the house of our they see not. God.

17 They have ears, and yet 3 Lift up your hands in the they hear not : neither is there fanctuary : and praise the Lord. any breath in their mouths. 4 The Lord, that made heaven like unto them : and fo are all

18 They that make them are and earth : give thee blesling out they that put their trust in them. of Sion.

19 Praise the Lord, ye house of Pf. cxxxv.

Laudate nomen. Israel : praise the Lord, ye house PRAISE the Lord, laud qe of Aaron. O

the Name of the Lord: praise 20 Praise the Lord, ye house of it, o ye servants of the Lord; Levi: ye that fear the Lord, praise

2 Ye that liand in the house of the Lord. the Lord ; in the courts of the 21 Praised be the Lord out of house of our God

Sion : who dwelleth at Jerufalem. 3 0 praise the Lord; for the Lord is gracious : O ling praises unto his name ; for it is lovely.

EVENING PRAYER. 4 For why the Lord hath Psalm cxxxvi. Confitemini chosen Jacob unto himself: and

Domino. Ifrael for his own pofleision.

GIVE thanks unto the Lord,

for he is gracious : and his great : and that our Lord is mercy endureth for ever. above all gods.

2 0 give thanks unto the God 6 Whatsoever the Lord pleased, of all gods : for his mercy enthat did he in heaven, and in dureth for ever. earth : in the sea, and in all deep 30 thank the Lord of all lords: places.

for bis mercy endureth for ever. 7 He bringeth forth the clouds 4 Who only doeth great won. from the ends of the world : and ders : for his mercy endureth for sendeih forth lightnings with the ever. rain, bringing the winds out of 5 Who by his excellent wisdom his treasures.

made the heavens : for his inercy 8 He Imote the first-born of endureth for ever. Egypt : both of man and beast. 6 Who laid out the earth above

g'He hath sent tokens and the waters : for his mercy en. wonders into

5 I , that the Lord is O

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7 Who hath
made great

Pf.cxxxvii. Super flumina.
lighis : for his mercy endureth
for ever;

Y the waters of Babylon we BY

sat down and wept : when 8 The sun to rule the day : for his mercy endureth for ever;

we remembered thee, o sion. 9 The moon and the stars to them up : upon the trees that

2 As for our harps, we haoged govern the night : for his mercy are therein. endureth for ever. 10 Who Imote Egypt


3 For they that led us away their first-born : for his merey song, and melody in our heavi.

captive required of us then a endureth for ever;

nels : Sing us one of the songs of 11 And brought out Ifrael from among them : for his mercy endureth for ever;

4 How thall we fing the Lord's 12 with a mighty hand and song : in a tirange land? ftretched-out

5 If I forget thee, O Jerusalem : for his

let my right hand forget her mercy endureth for ever,

cunning 13 Who divided the Red Sea

6 If I do not remember thee, in two parts : for his mercy let my tongue cieave to the roof endureth for ever;

of my mouth : yea, if I prefer 14 And made Israel to go

not Jerusalem in my mirth. through the midst of it : for his

7 Remember the children of mercy endureth for ever,

15 But as for Pharaoh and his Edom, O Lord, in the day of hoft, he overthrew them in the with it, down with it, even to

Jerusalem : how they faid, Down Red Sea : for his mercy endureth the ground. for ever. 16 who led his people through waited with misery : yea, happy

8°o daughter of Babylon, the wilderness for his mercy Thall he be that rewardeth thee, endureth for ever.

as thou haft served us. 17 Who Tmote great kings :

9 Blefled thall he be that taketh for his mercy endureth for ever; thy children: and throweth then

18 Yea, and new miginty kings: against the stones.
for his mercy endureth for ever;
19 Sehon king of the Amorites:

Pl. cxxxviii. Confitebor tibi. for his mercy endureth for ever; WILL give thanks unto thee,

20 And og the king of Baran : O Lord, with my whole heart: for his mercy endureth for even before the gods will I ang ever ;

praise unto thee, 21 And gave away their land ? I will worthip toward thy for an heritage : for his mercy holy temple, and praise thy endureth for ever;

Name, because of thy loving22 Even for an heritage unto kinduers and truth : for thou Israel his servant : for his mercy haii magnified thy Name, and endureth for ever,

thy word above all things, 23 Who remembered us when 3 When I called upon thee, we were in trouble , før his thou heardef: me ; and enduedit mercy endureth for ever; my soul with much strength.

24 Apd hath delivered us from 4 All the kings of the earth our enemies : for his mercy Thall praise thee, O Lord : for endureth for ever.

they have heard the words of 25 Who giveth food to all thy mouth. flesh: for his mercy endureth 5 Yea, they shall fing in tlie for ever.

ways of the Lord : that great is 26 O give thanks unto the God the glory of the Lord. of heaven : for his mercy endur. 6 For though the Lord be high, eth for ever.

yet hath he reípea unto ihe 27 o give thanks unto the lowly : as for the proud, he Lord of lords : for his mercy beholdeth them afar off, endureth for ever,

7 Though I walk in the midst


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