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Proper Psalms. Ixiv, cxxiv, cxxv. again with joy and gladnels

after the time that thou hadit Proper Lessons.

afflicted us, and putting a new The First. 2 Sam. xxii. Te Deum. song into our mouths, by bring: The Second. Aas xxiii. Jubilute ing his Majesty King WILLIAM, Deo.

upon this Day, for the deliver. In the Suffrages after the Creed, ance of our church and Nation

these shall be inserted and used from Popith tyranny and arbifor the King.

trary power. We adore the Priest, O Lord, fave the King;

wisdom and justice of thy ProPeople. Wlo puiteth bis trutt vidence, which to timely interin thee.

pored in our extreme danger, Priest. Send him help from and disappointed all the designs thy holy place;

of our enemies. We bereech People. And evermore mightily thee, give us such a lively and defend him.

lafiing sense of what thou didst Priett. Let his enemies have then, and haft tince that time no advantage against him;

done for us, that we may not People. Let not the wicked grow secure and careless in our approach to hurt him.

obedience, by presuming upon Inftead of the first Colleet at ners, but that it may lead us to

thy great and undeserved goodMorning Prayer, all these two repentance, and move us to be be used.

the more diligent and zealous in LMIGHTY God, who last all the duties of our Religion, and mercy in the miraculous manner preserved to Let and gracious deliverances of thy truth and justice, brotherly Church, and in the protection of kindness and charity, devotion righteous and religious Kings and piety, concord and unity, and States, profeting thy holy with all other virtues, fo flourish and eternal Truth, from the among us, that they may be the wicked conspiracies, and mali- fiability of our times, and make cious practices of all the enemies this Church a praile in the earth. thereof; We yield thee our un- All which we humbly beg for leigned thanks and praise, for the tire sake of our blessed Lord and wonderful and mighty deliver- Saviour. Amen. ance of our Sovereign King JAMES the Firti, the Queen, In the end of the Litany (which the Prince, and all the Royal Hall always this Day be used) Branches, with the Nobility, after the Colle Et [We humblybe. Clergy, and Commons of Eng- Seech thee, O Father, &c.] shall land, then assembled in Parlia- this be said which followeth. ment, by Popilla treachery apin a most barbarous and lavage venly Father, who of thy manner, beyond the examples gracious Providence, and tender of former ages. From this unna- mercy towards us, didit prevent lural Conspiracy, not our merit, the malice and imaginations of but thy mercy, not our forelight, our enemies, by discovering and but thy. Providence, delivered confounding their horrible and us; And therefore not unto us, wicked enterprise, plotted and O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy intended this Day to have been game be ascribed all honour executed against the King, and and g!ory in all Churches of the whole "State of England, the Saints, from generation to for the fubversion of the Govern generation, through Jesus Christ ment and Religion established our Lord. Amen.

among us; and didst likewise A CSEPT also God, of

our unfeigned duct thy Servant King WILLIAM, anks, for filling our hearts and bring him safely into Eng.

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land, to preserve us from the our gracious Sovereign, and his attempts of our enemies to be. Realm, being preserved in thuy rcave' us of our Religion and true Religion, and by thy merLaws; We most humbly praise ciful godnefs protected in the and magnify thy most glorious fame, we may all duly serve Name for thy unspeakable

good- thee, and give thee thanks in ness towards us,' expressed in thy holy congregation, through both these acts of thy mercy. Jesus Chritt our Lord. Amen. We confess, it has been of thy In the Communion Service, instead mercy alone, that we are not confumed: for ' our fins have

of the Collec? for the Day, hall cried to heaven against us, and

this which followeth be used. curo iniquities jutily called on ETighty

Protector, we thy

TERNAL most vengeance upon us. But thou hait not deali with us after our unworthy servants do humbly uns, nor rewarded us after our presentourselves before Mainiquities; nor given us cver, jefty, acknowledging thy power, as we deserved, to be a prey to wisdom, and goodness, in preour eneinies; but haft in mercy serving the King, and the Three delivered us from their malice, Estates of the Realm of Engand preserved us from death land, afsembled in Parliaand destruction. Let the con- ment, from the destruction this fideration of this, thy repeated Day intended againti them. Make goodness, O Lord, work in us us, we beseechi thee, truly thanktrue repentance; that iniquity ful for this, and for all other may not be our ruin: And in- thy great mercies towards us; crease in us more and more a particularly for making this Day lively faith and love, fruitful in again meinorable, by a frein all holy obedience; that thou instance of thy loving-kindness mayeft Itill continue thy favour, towards us. We bless thee for with the light of thy Gospel, to giving his late Majesty King us and our polierity for ever- WILLIAM a la fe arriva! here, more: and that for thy dear and for making all opposition fali Son's fake Jesus Christ, our only before him, till he became our Mediator and Advocate. Amen. King and Governor. We belecchi Instead of the Prayer [In time of thee to protect and defend our War and Tumults]jhall be used all the Royal Fainily, from all

Suvereign King GEORGE, and this Prayer following.

treasons and conspiracies; Prediscover the snares of death love; Profper his reign with long that were laid for us, and didst happiness here on earth; and wonderfully deliver us from the crown him with everlasting glory fame; Be thou till vur mighty hereafter, through Jesus Christ Protector, and scatter our ene- our only Saviour and Redeemer. mies that delight in blood: in. Amen. fatuate and defeat their counsels, The Epifle. Rom xiii. 1. abate their pride, affwage their ET every fou! be subject unto malice, and confound their devices. Strengthen the hands there is no power but of God: of our gracious Sovereign King the powers that be are ordained GEORGE, and all that are put of God: Wholocver therefore in authority under him, with refifieth the power, refitteth the judgement and justice, to cut ordinance of God. and they that off all such workers of iniquity, relilt thall receive to themselves as turn Religion into Rebellion, dainnation. For rulers are not apr Faith into Faction; that a terror to good works, but to they may never prevail against the evil. Wilt thou then not us,' or triumph in the ruin of be afraid of the power? do that thy Church among us : but that which is good, and thou thali

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bave praise of the fame.: for he After the Creed, if there be no is the Minister of God to thee Sermon, Jhall be read one of the for good. But if thou do that" fix Homilies against Rebellion. which is evil, be afraid; for he This Sentence is to be read at the beareth not the sword in vain :

Offertory. for he is the Minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon should do to you, do ye even fo

Whatsoever ye would that men him that doeth evil. Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not the prophets. Matt. vji. 12.

to them; for this is the law and only for wrath, but also for conscience fake. For, for this Aftir the Prayer for the Church cause pay ye tribute atlo: for

Militant, this

following Prayer they are Gud's ministers, attend

is io be used. ing continually upon this very O lent in all the earth, and

GOD, whole Name is excelthing. Render therefore, to all their dues : tribute to whoin thy glory above the heavens; tribute is due; custom to whom who on this Day didft miracucultom; fear in whom fear; lously prelerve our Church and honour to whom honour,

State from the secret contrivance

and hellith malice of Fopith ConThe Gospel. Luke ix. 51.

1pirators; and on this Day also ND it came to pass, when didit begin to give us a mighty

that deliverance from the open ty. he should be received up, he ranny and oppreffion of the same 1edfastly set his face to go to cruel and blood-thirsty enemies; Jerusalem, and sent messengers We bleis and adore thy glorious before his face: and they went, Majeliy, as for the former, io for and entered inio a village of the this thy late marvelous loving Samaritans, to make ready for kindness to our Church and him. And they did not receive Nation, in the preservation of him, because his face was as our Keligion and Liberties. And though he would go to Jerusa- .we humbly pray, that the devvat lem. And where his diiciples, sense of this thy repeated merey james and John, saw this, ihey may renow and increase in us a Taid, Lord, wilt thou that we spirit or ove and thankfulness to cunmand fire to come down thee its opiy Au:hor; 3 spirit of from heaven,


consume peaceable fubiniffion and obedithem, even as Elias did? But he enco to our gracious Sovereign turned and rebuked them, and Lord King GEORGE; and fuid, Ye know not what manner fyirit of fervent zeal for our of spirit ye are of. For ine Son holy religion, which thou haft of nian is not come to destroy to wonder ully referred, and eftamen's lives, but to save them. blished a bielling to us and our And they went to

another pofterity And this we beg for village.

Jesus Chrift his fake. Amen.

Aihe time

was come


KING CHARLES THE MARTYR. A Form of Prayer with Fasting, to be used yearly upon the Thirtieth

Day of Janury, being the Day of the Martyrdom of the Blessed King CHARLES 1. lo implore the Mercy of God, thar neither the Guilt of that facred and innocent Blood, nor i hóte other Sins, by which God was provoked to deliver both us and our King into the hands of cruel and unrealunable Men, may at any time hereafter be vihted upon u., or our Polierity. If this Day thall happen in be sunday, this form of Prayer thall be used, and ihe fat kept the next Day followingAnd upon the Lorid's Dav next before the Day to be keot, at, Morning Pruyor

immediately after the Nicene Creed, notice shall be given for the due
Observation of the fuid Day,
The service of the Day shall be the same with the usual Office for

Holy-Days in all things; except where it is in this Office otherwise

THE ORDER FOR MORNING PRAYER. · He that ministereth Jhull begin. Yea, his own familiar friends

with one or more of these Sen- whom he trusted ; they that eat tences.

of his bread, iaid great wait for T.

the Lord our God belong him. Psalm xli. 9.

mercies and forgivenelles, They rewarded him evil for though we have rebelled against good to the great discomfort of him ; neither have we obeyed his soul. Píalm xxxv. 12. the voice of the Lord our God, They took their counsel togeto walk in his laws, which he fet ther, saying, God bath forļaken before us, Dan, ix. 9, 10. him: persecute him, and take

Correct us, O Lord, but with him, for there is none to deliver judgement; not in thine anger, himn. Psa'm lxxi. 9. lex thou bring us to nothing. The breath of our nolirils, the Jer. x. 24.

Anointed of the Lord, was taken Enter not into judgement with in their pits : of whom we said, thay fervants, o' Lurd : for in Under his Mhaduw we shall be fafé. thy fight Mall no man living be Lam. iv. 20. justified. Psalm cxliii. 2.

The adversary and the enemy
Instead of Venite exultemus, the entered into the gates of Jerusa-

Hymn following shall be said lem : saying, When shall he die,
or fung; one verse by the Priest, and his name perilh ? ver. 12.
and another by the Clerk and Pfalm xli. 5

Let the sentence of guiltiness proand just are thy judgemeuts! ke lieh, let him rise up no more. Psalm cxix. 137.

Ver. 8. Thou art just, Lord, in all False witnesses also did rise that is brought upon us : for thou up against him : they laid to haft done right; but we have done his charge things that he knew wickedly. Néh. ix. 33.

not. Pfalm xxxv. 1). Nevertheless, our feet were For the fins of ike people, and almost gone : our treadings had the iniquities of the priests: they well-nigh Nipped. Psalm lxxiii. 2. jhed the blood of the fijt in the

For why we were grieved at midst of Jerusalem. Lam. iv. 13. the wicked : we did also see the O my soul, come not thou into ungodiy in such prosperity. ver. 3. their secret; unto their assembly,

The people stood up, and the mine honour, be not thou united : rulers took counsel together : for in their anger they new a against the Lord, and against his man; Gen, xlix. 6. Anointed. Pfalm ii. 2.

Even the man of thy right They cast their heads together hand : the Son of man, whom thou with one consent : and were confe- hadit made fo trong for thine derate against him. Pl. lxxxiii. 5. own felf: Pálm lxxx. 17.

He heard the blafphemy of In the fight of the unwise he the multitude, and fear was on seemed to die : and his deparevery fide · while they conspired ture

was taken for milery together against him, to take Wifd. iii. 2. away his lite. Psalm xxxi. 15. hey, fools, ounted his life

They spake against him with madness, and his end to be withfalje tongues, and compassed him out honour : but he is in peace. about with words of hatred : Wildl. v. 4.& iii. 3. ond fought against him without For though he was punished a cauje. Pfalm cix. 2.

in the fight of men ; yet was

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his hope full of iminortality. life of our gracious Sovereign Wisd. iii. 4.

King CHARLES the First, to be How is he numbered with the (as on this Day) taken away by children of God : and his lot is the hands of cruel and bloody among the saints! Wild, v.5.

men: We thy linful creatures But, o Lord God, to whom here aifembled before thee, do, vengeance belongeth, thou God, in the behalf of all the people to whom vengeance belongeth á of this land, humbly confels he favourable and gracious unto that they were the crying fins Sion. Psalm xciv. 1. & li. 18. . of this Nation, which brought

Be merciful, O Lord, unto thy down this heavy judgement upon people, whom thou haji redeemed: us. But, o gracious God, when and lay not innocent blood to our, thou makeft inquisition for blood, charge. Deut. xxi. 8.

lay not the guilt of this innocent o thut not up our fouls with blood (the thedding whereof finners : nor our lives with the nothing but the blood of thy blood-thirtty. Pfulm xxvi. 9. Son can expiate,) lay it not to

Deliver us from blood-guiltinefs, the charge of the people of this O God, thou that art the God of land; nor let it ever be required our salvation : and our tongue of us, or our posterity. Be mershall fing of thy righteousness. ciful,'o Lord, be merciful unto Psalm li. 14.

thy people, whom thou haft reFor thou art the God, that deemed; and be not angry with halt no pleasure in wickedness : us for ever: Rut pardon us for weither shall any evil dwell with thy mercies' fake, through the thee. Psalm v. 4.

merits of thy Son Jesus Chrift Thou wilt destroy them that our Lord. Amen. peak leasing ; the Lord abhors both the blood-thirsty and deceitful B

LESSED Lord, in whose sight ver. 6.

the death of thy saints is O how suddenly do they con- precious; We magnify thy Name fume : perish, and come to a for thine abundant grace bestowfearful end! Psaim lxxiii, 18. ed upon our martyred Sovereign;

Yea, even like as a dream, by which he was enabled to when one owaketh : so didst thou cheerfully to follow the fieps of make their image to vanish out of his blessed Mafter and Saviour, the city. ver. xix.

in a conftant meek luffering of Great and marvellous are thy all barbarous indignities, and at works, O Lord God Almighty : laft refifting unto blood; and juft and true are thy ways, 0

even then, according to the same King of saints! Rev. xv. 3. pattern, praying for his murder

Righteous art thou, O Lord : ers. Let bis memory, O Lord, ard just are the judgements! be ever bieffed among us; that Plalm cxiv. 137.

we may follow the example of Glory be the Father, &c.

his courage and confiancy, his as it was in the beginning, &c.

meekneisand patience, and great

charity. And grant, that this Proper Psalms. ix, x, xi.

our land may be freed from the Proper Leflons.

vengeance of his righteous blood, The First. 2 Sam. i.

and thy mercy glorified in the The Second. Matt. xxvii.

forgiveness of our fins: and all

for Jelus Christ his fake, our Instead of the first collect at only Mediator and Advocate. Morning Prayer Thall these Amen.

two, which next follow, be used. In the end of the Litany, (which O MOST mighty God, terri- Jhall always on this Day be

used ) immediately afterthe Colwonderful in thy doings toward leet (We humbly beleech thee, the children of men; who in thy O Father, &c.]the three Colletis Heavy displeasure didst suffer the next following are to be reud.


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