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of trouble, yet shalt thou refresh 14 My bones are not hid from me : thou Thalt stretch forth thy thee : though I be made secretly, hand upon the furiousness of and fashioned beneath in the mine enemies, and thy right earth. hand shall save me.

15 Thine eyes did see my 8 The Lord thall make good substance, yet being imperfect : his loving-kindness toward me: and in thy book were all my yea, thy mercy, O Lord, en- members written; dureth for ever; despise not then 16 Which day by day were the works of thine own hands. fashioned : when as yet there

was none of them.

17 How dear are thy counsels MORNING PRAYER. unto me, o God : O how great

is the sum of them! Psalm cxxxix. Domine, provasti. 18 If I tell them, they are

LORD, thou hast searched more in number than the fand:

me out, and known me : when I wake up, I am present thou knoweit my down-fitting, with thee. and mine up-rising; thou under- 19 Wilt thou not pay the ftandeft my thoughts long before. wicked, o God : depart from

2. Thou art about my path, me, ye blood-thirsty men. and about my bed : and (piett 20 For they speak uprighteousput all my ways.

ly against thee : and thine ene3 For to, there is not a word in mies take thy Name in vain. my tongue : but thou, O Lord, 21 Do not I hate them, O Lord, knoweit n altogether.

that hate thee : and am not I 4 Thou halt fashioned me grieved with those, that rise up behind and before : and laid against thee? thine hand upon me.

°22 Yea, I hate them right fore: 5 Such knowledge is too won- even as though they were mine derful and excellent for me : enemies. I cannot attain unto it.

23 Try me, o God, and seek 6 Whither shall I go then from the ground of my heart : prove thy Spis : or whither thall I go me, and examine my thoughts. then from thy presence!

24 Look well if liere be any 7 If I climb up into heaven, way or wickedness in me : and thou art there : if I go down to lead me in the way everlafting. hell, thou art there also.

• Pf.cxl. Eripe me, Domine. blen take the wings of the Debe evil man : and preserve

ELIVER me, O morning. : and remain in the uttermost parts of the fea; me from the wicked man;

9 Even there also thall thy 2 Who imagine mischief in hand lead me : and thy right their hearts : and kir up frife hand shall hold me.

all tke day long. 10 if I say, Peradventure the 3 They have fharpened their darkness thall cover me : then tongues like a serpent : adders' thall my night be turned to day. poiion is under their lips.

11 Yea, the darkness is no 4 Keep me, O Lord, from the darkness with thee, but the night hands of the ungodly : preferve is as clear as the day : the dark- me from the wicked men, who nefs and light to cliee are both are purposed to overthrow my alike.

goings. 12 For my reins are thine : 5 The proud have laid a snare thou haft covered me in my for me, and spread a net abroad mother's womb.

with cords : yea, and set traps in 13 I will

give thanks unto thee, my way: for I am fearfully and wonder- 6 I said unto the Lord, Thou fully made : marvellous are thy art my God : hear the voice of works, and that my foułknoweth my prayers, O Lord. Tight well.

7o Lord God, thou Arength

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of my health : thou haft covered 11 Let the ungodly fall into my head in the day of battle. their own nets together : and

8 Let not the ungodly have his let me ever escape them. defire, O Lord : let not his mis. chievous imagination prosper, left they be too proud.

EVENING PRAYER. 9 Let the mischief of their own Psalm cxlii. Voce mea. lips fall upon the head of them: that compass me about.


my voice : yea, even unto 10 Let' not burning coals fall the Lord did I make my suppliupon them : let them be cast cation. into the fire, and into the pit, 2 1 poured out my complaints that they never rise up again. before him : and Thewed him of

11 A man full of words ihall my trouble. , not prosper upon the eartı : evil 3 When my spirit was in thall hunt the wicked person to heaviness, thou knewest ny overthrow him.

path : in the way wherein í 12 Sure I am, that the Lord walked have they privily laid will avenge the poor : and main- a snare for me. tain the cause of the helpless. 4 I looked also upon my right

13 The righteous also thall give hand : and saw there was no man thanks unto thy Name: and the that would know me. juft thall continue in thiy fight. 5 I had no place to flee unto:

Pr. cxli. Domine, clamavi. and no man cared for my soul. Lehel utcall upon thee, hafte 6 I cried unto thee, O Lord,

thee unto me: and confider and said : Thou art my hope, my voice, when I cry unto thee. and my portion in the land of

2 Let my prayer 'be set forth the living. in thy fight as the incense : and 7 Confider my complaint : for let the lifting up of my hands be I am brought very low. an evening sacrifice.

8 o deliver me from my per3 Set a watch, O Lord, before secutors : for they are too trong my mouth : and keep the door for me. of my lips.

9 Bring my soul out of prison, 4 O lét not mine heart be in that I may give thanks unto thy clined to any evil thing : let me Name : which thing if thou wilt not be occupied in ungodly grant me, then thall the righteous works with the men that work resort unto my company. wickedness, left I eat of such Pl.cxliii. "Domine, exaudi. things as please them. 5 Let the righteous rathersmite HEAR my prayer, O Lord,

and consider my desire : me Burdle not their precious and highteousneris sake. friendly: and reprove me.

me for thy truth balms break my head : yea, I 2 And enter not into judge. will pray yet against their wick- ment with thy servant : for in ednels.

thy light shall no man living be 7 Let their judges be over- juftified. thrown in ftony places : that they 3 For the enemy hath perseinay hear iny words, for they are cuted my foul; he hath smitten sweet.

my life down to the ground : he 8 Our bones lie scattered be. hath laid me in the darkness, as fore the pit : like as wheo one the men that have been long breaketh and heweth wood upon dead. the earth,

4 Therefore is my spirit vexed 9 But mine eyes look unto within me : and my heart within thee, O Lord God: in thee is my me is defolate. trust, o cast not out my soul. 5 Yet do I remember the time 10 Keep me from the snare that past; I muse upon all

thy works: they have laid for me : and from yea, I exercise myrest in the the traps of the wicked doors, works of thy bands.

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6 I ftretch forth my hands unto 8 Whoie mouth talketh of thee : my soul gaipeth unto thec vanity : and their right hand is a as a thirty land.

right hand of wickedness. 7 Hear me, O Lord, and that 9 I will fing a new song unto foon; for my spirit waxeth faint: thee, o God: and fing praise; hide not thy face from me, lest I unto thee upon a ten-liringed be like unto them, that go down lute. into the pit.

10 Thou haft given victory 80 let me hear thy loving- unto kings : and halt delivered kindness betimes in the morn- David thy servant from the peril ing; for in thee is my trust : of the sword. Thew thou me the way that I 11 Save me, and deliver me thould walk in; for I lift up my from the hand of trange child.

1 foul unto thee.

ren : whose mouth talketh of 9 Deliver me, O Lord, from vanity, and their right hand is a mine enemies ; for I Nee unto right hand of iniquity. thee to hide mne.

12 That our fons may grow 10 Teach me to do the thing up as the young plants, and that that pleareth thee; for thou art our daughters may be as the my God; Jet thy loving Spirit polished corners of the temple, lead me forth into the land of 13 That our garners may be righteousness.

full, and plenteous with all man. 11 Quicken me, O Lord, for ner of liore : that our theep may thy Name's fake and for thy bring forth thousands, and ten righteousness' lake bring my soul thousands in our fireets. out of trouble;

14 That our oxen may be 12 And of 'thy goodness nay trong to labour, that there be no minc enemies : and destroy all decay : no leading into captithem that vex my soul, for i am vity, and no complaining in our thy servant.


15 Happy are the people that MORNING PRAYER. are in such a cafe : yea, blefied Psalm cxliv. Benedi&tus Dominus. Lord for their God.

the people who have the LESSED be the Lord my

Pr, cxlv. Exaltabo te, Dexs. hands to war, and my fingers to I

WILL magnify thee, O God

my King , and I will pratie % My hope and my fortress, thy Náme for ever and ever. my cafile and deliverer, my 1 Every day will I give thanks defender, in whom I trust : who unto thee, and praise thy Name fubauerh my people that is un. for ever and ever der me.

3 Great is the Lord, and mar 3 Lord, what is man, that yellous, worthy to be praised: thou haft such respect unto himn : there is no end of his greatness, or the son of many that thou fo 4 One generation thall praise regardeft him!

thy works unto another i and Man is like a thing of declare thy power. nought : his time paffeht away 5 As for me, I will be talking like a thadow,

of thy wormip thy glory, uh 5 Bow thy heavens, O Lord, praise, and wồndrous works, and come down ; touch the inoun, 6 50 that men thall speak of tains, and they shall smoke, the might of thy marvellow

o Caft forth thy lightning, and acts : and I will also tell of thy tear them : thoot out thine are greatness, rows, and consume them.

The memorial of thing 7 Sepd down thine hand from abundant kindness Ihall be the above ; deliver me, and lake me ed ; and men thall hing of this out of the great waters, from the righteousness.


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merciful : long-suffering, and of 5 Who made beaven and earth, Bieat goodness.

the sea, and all that therein is: 9 The Lord is loving unto who keepeth his promise for Levery man : and his mercy is ever; over all his works.

6 Who helpeth them to right, 10 All thy works praise thee, that surfer wrong : who feedeti O Lord : and thy saints give the hungry. thanks unto thee.

7 The Lord looseth men out of u They shew the glory of thy prison ; the Lord giveth fight to El kingdom i and talk of thy power; ihe blind.

12 That thy power, thy glory, 8 The Lord helpeth them that and mightiness of thy kingdom": are fallen : the Lord careth for might be known unto men. the righteous.

13 Thy kingdom is an ever- 9 The Lord careth for the lafiing kingdom : and thy domi- ftrangers; he defendeth tic nion

endureth throughout all fatherless and widow : as for the azes.

way of the ungodly, he turneth '14 The Lord upholdeth all it uphide down. fuch as fall : and lífteth up all 10 The Lord thy God, o sion, those that are down.

shall be King for evermore ; and 15 The eyes of all wait upon throughout all generations. thee, O Lord : and thou givest them their meat in due season.

marinasconia 16 Thou openest thine hand: and filleft all things living with

EVENING PRAYER. pienteousness.

Psalm cxlvii. Laudate Dominum. 17 The Lord is righteous in abhis ways i and holy in all his O PRODUCE live, Lords for it is works.

a good thing to sing 18 The Lord is nigh unto all unto our God: yea, a joyful and them that call upon him : yea, all pleasant thing it is to be thankful. such as call upon him faithfully, 2 The Lord doch build up

19 He will !ulfil the defire of Jerusalem : and gather together them that fear him : he also will the oui cafts of lfrael. > hear their cry,and will help them. 3 He healeth those that are

20 The Lord preserveth all broken in heart : and givetia them that love him : but scat- medicine to heal their fickness. tereih abroad all the ungodly. 4 He telleth the number of the

21 My mouth thall speak the stars ; and calleth them all by * praise of the Lord : and let all their

names. feth give thanks unto his holy 5 Great is our Lord, and great Name for ever and ever.

is his power : yes, and his

wisdom is infinite. Pf.cxlvi. Lauda, anima mea.

6 The Lord fetteth up the RAISE the Lord,, O my soul; meek: and bringe:h the ungodly Lord : yea, as long as I have any 7 o fing unto the Lord with being, I will fing praises unto thanksgiving : fing praises upou

the harp unto our God; 3

2 0 put not your trust in 8 Who covereth the heaven princes, nor in any child of man; with clouds, and prepareth rain for there is no help in them. for the earth : and maketh the

3 For when the breath of man grass to grow upon the moun. goeth forth, he thall turn again tains, and herb for the use of men, 10 his earth; and then all his 9 Who giveth fodder unto the thoughts perish.

caitle : and feedeth the young 4 Blefled is he, that hath the ravens that call upon him. God of Jacob for his help : and 10 He hath no pleasure in the whose hope is in the Lord bis frength of an horse : neither

dlclighteth he in any man's legs


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my God.

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11 But the Lord's delight is in 11 Kings of the earth and all them that fear him: and put people : princes and all judges of their trust in his mercy.

the world; 12 Praise the Lord, O Jeru. 12 Young men and maidens, ralem : praise thy God, o Sion. old men and children, praise the

13 For he hath made fast the Name of the Lord : for his Name bars of thy gates : and hath only is excellent, and his prailt blefled thy children within thee. above heaven and earth.

14 He maketh peace in thy 13 He shall exalt the horn of borders : and filleth thee with his people; all his faints thail the flour of wheat.

praise him : even the children of 15 He sendeth forth his com. Israel, even the people that mandment upon earth : and his ferveth him. word runneth very swiftly.

Ps. cxlix. Cantate Domino. * 16 He giveth snow like wool :

SING unto the Lord a new and scattereth the hoar fre like O

song : let the congregation alhes.

of saints praise him. 17 He cafteth forth his ice like

2 Let Ifrael rejoice in him that morsels : who is able to abide his made him : and let the children frost?

of Sion be joyful in their King. 18 He sendeth out his word,

3 Let them praise his Name in and melteth them; he bloweth the rance : let them fing praises with his wind, and the waters unto him with tabret and harp. flow,

4 For the Lord liath pleaiure 19 He theweth his word unto in his people : and helpeth the Jacob : his statutes and ordi- meek-hearted. nances unto Ifrael.

5 Let the saints be joyful with 20 He hath not dealt so with glory : let them rejoice in their any nation : neither have the beds. heathen knowl: dge of his laws.

6. Let the praises of God be in Pf.cxlviii. Laudate Dominum, their mouth : and a two-edged O praife in the height PRAISE the Lord of heaven: sword in their hands;

7 To be avenged of the hea« 2 Praise him, all ye angels of then : and to rebuke the people, his : praise him. all his hoft. 8 To bind their kings in

3 Praise him, fun and moon : chains : and their nobles with praise him, all ye tians and light. links of iron.

4. Praile hin, a'l ye heavens : 9 Tlrat they may be avenge and ye waters that are above the of them, as it is written : suci heavens.

honour have all his faints. 5 Lt them praise the Name

Pl. cl. Laudate Dominum. of the Lord : for he fpake the word, and they were

made; he O PRAISE God in his holine's commanded, and they were of his power:

praise him in the firmamen created,

2 Praise him in his noble aas 6 lle hath made them fas för praise him according to hi ever and ever : he hath given excellent greatness. them a law, which shall not be

3. Praise him in the sound o broken.

the trumpet : 7 Praise the Lord upon earth : the lute and harp:

praise him upot ye diagons, and all deeps.

4 Praise him in the cymbal 8 Fire and nail, snow and and dances : praise him upor llit vapours : wind and storm ful ftrings and pipe. filling his word;

5 Praise hiin upon the well 9 Mountains and all hills :

tuned cymbals : praise him upor fruitful trees and a cedars;

the loud cymbals. 10 Beasts and all cattle : worms

6 Let every thing that hall and feathered fowls;

breath : praise the Lord.

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