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that all they that do confess thy all such as Thall be religiously holy Name, may agree in the and devoutly disposed, the most truth of thy holy Word, and live comfortable Sacrament of die in unity and godly love. We Body and Blood of Christ; to be beseech thee also to save and by them received, in rememdefend all Christian Kings, brance of his meritorious Cross Princes, and Governors; and and Pallion; whereby alone we especially thy fervant GEORGE obtain remillion of our fins, and our King; that under him we are made partakers of the king. may be godly and quietly go- dom of heaven. Wherefore it is verned: And grant' unto his our duty to renvier moit humble whole Council, and to all that and hearty thanks to Almighty are put in authority under hin, God our heavenly Father," for that they may truly and indif- that he hath gives his Son our ferently minister justice, to the Saviour Jesus Chrifi, not only to punishment of wickednefs and die for us, but also to be our vice, and to the mainterance of spiritual food and sustenance in thy true religion and virtue.. that holy Sacrament. Which Give grace, o heavenly Father, being so divine and comfortable 10 ail Bishops and Curates; that a thing to them who receive it they may both by their life and wortily, and so dangerous to doctrine set forth thy true and them that will presume to receive tively Word, and rightly and it unworthily; my duty is to exduly adminifter thy holy Sacra- hort you, in the mean seafon to ments. And to all thy people contider the dignity of that holy give thy heavenly grace ; and myfiery, and the great peril of e!pecially to this Congregation the unworthy receiving' therehere present; that with meek of; and so to search and examine heart, and due rererence they your own consciences (and that may hear, and receive thy holy not lightly, and after the manner Word; truly serving thee in holi- of diffemblers with God, but so) hefs and righteousness all the that ye may come holy and dass of their life. And we most clean to such a heavenly feast, in humbly beseech thee of thy good. the marriage garment required kess, O Lord, to comfort and by God in holy Scripture, and be fuccour all them whoin this tran- received as worthy partakers of fitory life are in trouble, forrow, that holy Table. need, fickness, or any other ad The way and means thereto versity. And we alle bless thy is; First, to examine your lives holy Name for all thy servants and conversations by the rule departed this life in thy faith and of God's commandments: and fear; beleeching thee to give us whereinsoever ye shall perceive grace fo to follow their good ex: yourselyes to have offended, amples, that with them we may either by will, word, or deed, be partakers of thy heavenly there to bewail your own sinfulkingdom : Grant this, o Father, nefs, anri to contess yourfelves to for Jesus Chrill's fake, our only Almighty God, with full purpole Mediator and Advocate. Amnen. of amendment of life. And if When the Minister giveth warn- ye ihal perceive your offences

be fuch ing for the celebration of the to

as are not only Holy Communion, (which he against God, but also againti your theit always so upon the Sun. neighbours, then yeThall re

unt) thein day, or some Holy-Day', imme. concile yourlelves diately preceding, after the being ready to make reftitutior Sermon or Humily ende 1, he shall and !atisfaction, according to the read this Exhortation following uttermost of your powers, for all

injuries and' wrongs done by next, I purpore, through hikewise ready to forgive other fod's afhance, to adminifter to that have offended you, as ye

would have forgiveness of your to come.

Which of you, in offences at God's hand: for other- such a cale, would not be move wise the receiving of the holy ed? Who would not think a Communion doth nothing elie great injury and wrong done but increase your damnation. unto him? Wherefore, most Therefore if any of you be a dearly beloved in Christ, take ye blafphemer of God, an hinderer good' bee:t, lest ye, withdraw. or anderer of his Word, an ing yourselves from this holy adulterer, or be in malice or Supper, provoke God's indignaenvy, or in any other grievous tion againit you. It is an easy crime, repent you of your fins, matter for a man to say, I will or else come not to that hoiy not communicate, because I am Table; left after the taking of otherwise bindered with worldly that holy Sacrament, the devil business. But such excuses are enter into you, as he entered into not so easily accepted and allow. Judas, and you full of all ini- ed before God. If any man say, quities, and bring you to deliruc- I am a grievous finner, and tion both of body and soul. therefore am afraid to come;

And because it is requisite wherefore then do ye not repent that no man should come to the and amend? When God calleth Holy Communion but with a full you, are ye not afhamed to say, trust in God's mercy, and with ye will not come?

When se a quiet conscience, therefore if ihould return to God, will ye there be any of you who by this excule yourselves, and say, ye means cannot quiet his own are not ready ? Consider earneftconscience herein, but requireth ly with yourselves, how little further comfort or coupiel, let such feigned excuses will avail him come to me, or to foine before Gud. They that refused other discreet and learned Mini- the feast in the Gospel, because 1er of God's word, and open his they had bought a farm, or grief; that by the ministry of would try their yokes of oxen, God's holy Word he may receive or because they were married, the benefit of abfolution, toge- were not fo excused, but counted ther with ghostly counsel and ad- unworthy of the heavenly feart. vice, to the quieting of his con: I, for my part, thall be ready; fcience, and avoiding of all scruple and according to mine office, I and doubtfulness.

bid you in the Name of God; Or in cafe he shall see the People I call you in Chrifi's behalf, I ex:

negligent to coine to the Holy bort you, as ye love your own Communion, indiead of the falvation, that ye will be partakformer, he jhall nje this Exhor. ers of this holy Communion. tation.

And asihe Son of God did vouchDE

EARLY beloved brethren, safe to yield up his foul by death

on---l intend, by God's upon the Cross for your falvagrace, to celebrate the Lord's tion; so it is your duty to receive Supper: unto which, in God's the Communion in remembrance behalf, l bid you all that are here of the facrifice of his death, as present; and beseech you for the he himself hath commanded: Lord Jesus Christ's lake, that ye Which if ye thall neglect to do, will not refuse to come thereto, consider with yourielves, how being to lovingly called and great injury ye do unto God, den by God himself. Ye know and Bowiure puninmenthangeth how grievous and unkine a thing over your heads for the same; it is, when a man bath prepareu when ye wilfully abstain from the a rich feali, decked histabie with Lord's Table, and separate from all kind of provision, so that your brethren, who come io feed there lacketh nothing, but the

on the banquet of that mof hea. guelis io fit down; and yer they venly food. These things if ye who are called,' without any earnestly contider, je wind, by cause, moft untiankfully refuse God's grace return to a birer 99


are in

mind : for the obtaining whereof life. And to the end that we wethal not cease to make our thould alway remember the humble petitions into Almighty exceeding great love of our God our heavenly Father. Master and only Savior Jesus At :?: time of the celebration of the innumerable benefits which

Chrift, thus dring for us, and the communi n, the Commull by his precious blood-thedding c2usbeing conveniently placed he hath'obtained to us, he hath for the recriving of the Holy inftitured and ordained holy Smernment, the Priejt jhall fay Mytieries, as pledges of his love, thus Exhortation.

and for a continual remembrance DEAR to

ve that mind to come to endless comfort. To him there. the n ly Communion of the Body fore, with the Father, and the and Blood of our Saviour Christ, Holy Ghoft, let us give, as we inuft confider how Saint Paul are most bounden, continual exhorteti all perions diligently thanks, fubmitung ourhelves to try and examine themelves, wholly to his holy will and before they prefiline to eat of pleasure, and fiudving to serve that Bread, anderink of tha! Cup him in true holiness and rightFor as the benefit is greai, if with eoufvess all the days of our life. a true penitent heart a:d lively Amen. faith we receive that holy Sacra. ment; (for then we fpirituaily Thera jhall the Prief fizy to them

that come to receive the Holy eat the tieth of Christ, and drink his blood; then ve dvell in

Comunion, Christ, and Christ in us; we are

earn one with Chrilt, and Christ with

repent you of your ups, and us :) fo is the danger great, if we

love and charity with receive the tame unworthily: For your neighbours, and intend to then we are guilty of the Body lead a new lift, following the and Blood of Christ our Saviour'; commandments of God, and we eat and drink our own dam- walking from henceforth’in his nation, nor confidering the Lord's holy ways; Draw near

with Bodywe kindle God's wrath faith, and take this holy Sacraagainst us; we provoke him to ment to yourcomfort; and make plague us with divers diseases, your buinble confeffion to Aland lundry kinds of death. Judge mighty God, meekij kreeliity therefore voulelves, breihren, upon your knees. that ve he not judged of the Lord: Then thall this general Confeffiou repent ye truly for your fins

be made in the name of all those patt; have a lively and vedfait

that are minded to receive the faith in Christ our Saviour;

holy Communio, bvne of the amend your lives, and be in perfect charity with all men; fo

11inisters; toth' ke and all the ibald ye be meet partakers of

People kneeling, hunbly upon wole holy mylieries. And abuve

their knees, and saying ; all things must give mot ALMIGHTY God; Father of humble and bearty hanks to 1 our Lord Jesus Chriti, Maker God the Father, the Son, and of all things, Judge of all men; the Holy Ghoti, for the redemp. We acknowledge and bewail our tion of the world is the death manifold ins and wickedness, and paflion of our Saviour Chritt, Which we from time to time both' God and man; who did moli grievously have committed, humble liimself, even to the death By thought, word, and deed, upon the Cross, for us miserable Againti iny divine Majeliy, Profinners, who lay in darkness, and voking moti julily, ihy wrath the throw of death; that lie and indignation against us. We migat make is the children of do earnestly repent, And are God, and exalt us to everíaiting heartily sorry for these our mitdoings; The remembrance of Answ. It is meet and right to them is grievous unto us; The to do. burden of them is intolerable. Then thall the Prief turn to the Have mercy upon us, llave mercy Lord's Table, und say, upon us, most merciful Father; , I

T is very meet, right, and Chrifi's fake, Forgive us all that thou at all times, and in all is naft; And grant that we may places, give thanks unto thee, ever hereafter terve and pleate o Lord, * Holy Father, Almighty, thee in newness of life, to the everlafiing God honour and glory of thy Name, # Thurworks [loly Father] must Through Jesus Chrif our Lord. be omitt din Trinit Sunday. Amen.

Here thall foll u the Proper PreThen shall the priest for the Bithop, faci, according to the time, if

being present) Aand up, and, there be any specially appointed: turning himself to the People, orelse immediately thall follow, pronounce this Absolution. T

*HEREFORE with Angels LMIGHTY God our hea.

, A venly Father, who of this all the company of heaven,

we great mercy baih promised for- laud and magnify thy glorious giveness of sins to all them that Name, evermore praifing thee, with heariy repentance and true and saving, Huly, holy, holy, faith tuin

unto himn; Have Lord God of horis, heaven and mercy upon you, pardon and earth are full of the glory: Glory deliver you froin' all your fins, be to thee, O Lord most high. confirm and firengthen you in Amen. all goodness, and burns you to PROPER PREFACES. everlailing life, through Jesus Upon Chrift mas-Diry, and seven Christ our Lord. Aen.

Days after.
Then finll the Priet say, ECAUSE ihou didst give Jesus

Hear . vores

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Hear alfo what sain. Palu faith. But chien nie we bound ta

cur Saviour Chrif faith unto born as at this time for us; why, all that truly turn to him. by the operation of the Holy TOME unto me, ali ye that Ghosi, was made very inan of the

travel and are heavy laden, subliance of the Virgin Mary his and I will refresh you. 11.011.xi. 28 mother; and that without spot

So God loved he world, that of in, to make us elean from all he gave his onl. begotten Son, sm. Therefore with Angels, 8c. to the end that all that believe in Upon E cfterDay, cand seven Days him thould not perith, but have

ufter. life. .


praise thee for the glorious This is a true faring, and keturrection of thy Son Jesus worthy of all men to be received, Chriit our Lord: for he is the that Christ Jerus came into the very Pafchai Lamh, which was world to save linrers. I Timii. 15. offered for us, and hath taken Hear also what Saint John fauh, away the fin of the world, who

If any inan fin, we have an by his death hati delirayel neath, Advocate with the Father, Jesus and by his riung to life again Christ the righteous; and he is hath reftcred as everlasting the propitation for our lins. life. Therefore with Angels, &c. For ij. 1, 2.

Upon Afcenfion-Dav, and feuen After which the Pript Mall pro

Days after
Ceti! Puwing,
Lift up your parts.


CIROCGI thy most dearly Anfu'We lift them up unto our Lord; who afier his mot the Lord.

glorious Resurrection inanifefiiy Priell. I co us give thanks unto appeared iv ail his Apofiles, sod our Lord God.

in thcir neht ascendea up into


freaven, to prepare a place for righteousness, but in thy mani. us; that where he is, thither we fold and great mercies. We might also ascend, and reign are not worthy so much as to with him in glory. Therefore gather up the crumbs under thy with Angels, &c.

table. But thou art the same Upon Whit-Sunday, and fix Days to have mercy,

Lord, whose property is always

Grant us thereafter.

fore, gracious Lord, fo to eat the "HROUGH Jesus Christ our fleth of thy dear Son Jesus Christ, most true promise, the Holy finful bodies may be made ciean Ghost came down as at this by his body, and our souls time from heaven with a sudden wathed through his most pregreat found, as it had been a cious blood, and that we may mighty wind, in the likeness of evermore dwell in him, and he fiery tongues, lighting upon the in us. Amen. Apofles, to teach them, and to lead them to all truth; giving When the Priest, standing before them both the gift of divers languages and also boldness

the Table, hath so ordered the with fervent zeal confiantly to

Bread and Wine, that he may preach the Gospel unto all na

with the more readiness end

decency break the Bread before tions; whereby we have been brought out of darkness and

the People, and take the Cup error, into the clear light and

into his hands, he shar!! say the true knowledge of thee, and of

Prayer of confecratin as fole

locuith: thy Son Jesus Christ. Therefore with Angels, &c.

LMIGHTY God our hea.

A Upon the Feast of Trinity only. venly Father, who of thy THO art one God, one Lord;

tender merey didst give thiné not only one Person, but only, sou Jesus Christ to futter three persons in one substance. death upon the Cross for our For that which we believe of the



made there glory of the Father, die füine (by his one oblation of himmelf we believe of the Son, and of

once offered) a full, perfect, and the Holy Ghost, without any

fuiticieni lacritice, oblation, and difference or inequality. There. fatisfaction for the fins of the fore wiin Angels, 8c.

whole world, and did infiitute,

and in his holy Gospel command After each of which Prefaces jhall us to continue, a perpetuat meimmediately be fung or said, mory of that his precious death,

HEREFORE with Angels until his coming again; Hear all the company of heaven, we humbly befeech thee; and grant, land and magnify thy glorious that we receiving there they Name; evermore prailing thee, creatures of Bread and Wine, and saving, Holy, holy, holy, according to thy Son our Sa. Lord God of holís, heaven and viour Jelus Christ's holy intiiruearth are full of thy glory: Glory ton, in reinemurance of his be to thee, O Lord moti High. death and parlion, may be par: Amen.

takers of his moti bletfed Body

and Blood: who in the same Then jhall the Priest, kaeeling niynit that he down at the Lord's Table, say (a) took bread,

was betrayed, in the name of all them that

() Here the

and when he had Jhall receive the communion, given tanks, (3) the Paten into

Priest is to take this Prayer following:

he brake it, and luis hands : E do not presume come it

(0) And here ciful Lord, frulling in our own Take, eat, this is

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We wis pie save, to mere Siciplės

, saying, to break


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