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trust in the name of the Lord, he had scourged him, to be cruand stay upon his God. Behold, cified. And the soldiers led him all ye that kindle a fire, that away into the hali called Pretocompass yourselves about with rium; and they call together the fparks; walk in the light of whole band. And they clothed your fire, and in the sparks that him with purple, and platted ye have kindled. This shall ye a crown of thorns, and put it have of mine hand, ye thall lie about his head; and began to down in forrow.

salute him, Hail, King of the

Jews! And they smote him on The Gospel. Mark xv. 1.

the head with a reed, and did ND straightway in the morn- {pit upon him, and, bowing their

And consultation with the elders and when they had mocked him, scribes and the whole council, they took off the purple from and bound Jelus, and carried him, and put his own clothes on him away, and delivered him to him, and led him out to crucify Pilate. And Pilate asked him, him. And they compel one Art thou the King of the Jews? Simon a Cyrenian, who passed by, And he answering said unto him, coming out of the country, the Thou sayeft it. And the chief father of Alexander and Rufus, priest accused him of many to bear his cross.

And they ihings ;but he answered nothing. bring hina unto the place GolgoAnd Pilate alked bim again, tha, which is, being interpreted, saying, Answereft thou nothing? The place of a scull. And they behold how many things they gave him to drink wine mingled witness against thée. But Jesus with myrrh: but he received it yet answered nothing; so that not. And when they had cruci. Pilate marvelled. Now at that fied him, they parted his garfeast be released unto them one ments, casting lots upon them, prisoner, whomsoever they de. what every man fhould take. lired. And there was one, named And it was the third hour; and Barabbas, which lay bound with they crucified him. And the them that had made ipsurrection superscription of his accusation with him, who had committed was wriiten over, THE KING murder in the insurrection. OF THE JEWS. And with him And the multitude, crying aloud, they crucify two thieves; the began to delire him to do as he one on his right hand, and the had ever done unto them. But other on his left. And the ScripPilate answered them, saying, ture was fulfilled, which faith, Will ye that I release unto you. And he was numbered with the King of the Jews for he the transgressors. And they that knew that the chief priests had passed by railed on him, waga delivered him for envy. But ging their heads, and saying, Ah, the chief priefis moved the ihou that destroyeft the temple, people, thai he thould rather and buildest it in three days,

release Barabbas unto them. save thyself and come down 5

And Pilate answered and said from the cross. Likewile also

again unto them, What will the chief priests, mocking, faid 5

ye then that I thall do unio among themselves with the him whom ye call the king of scribes, He saved ers; himielf the Jews! And they cried out he cannot save. Let Christ the again, Crucify him. Then Pic King of Ifrael descend now from late said unto them, Wiiy, what the cross, that we may fee and evil bath he done? And they believe. and they that were cried out the more exceed crucified with him 'reviled him.

ingly, Crucify him. And fo And when the sixth hour was 1

Pilate, willing to content the come, there was darkness over B people, released Baral bas unto the whole land until the ninth ken, and delivered Jelus, when iour. And at the ninth hour

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Jerus cried with a loud voice, heaven itself, now to appearin laying, Eloi, Eloi, lama sabach- the presence of God for us: nor thani ? which is, being interprete yet that he should offer himself ed, My God, my God, why hast often, as the high priest entereth thou fortaken met and some of into the holy place every year them that stuod by, when they with blood of others; for then heard it, said, Behold, he calleth mutt he often have suffered since Elias. And one ran and filled the foundation of the world : a spunge full of vinegar, and but now once, in the end of the put it on a reed, and gave him world hath he appeared, to put to drink, saying, Let alone; let away sin by the facrifice of himus see whether Elias will come self.' And as it is appointed unto to take him down. And Jerus men once to die, but after this cried with a loud voice, and gave the judgement; to Chrift was up the ghost. And the veil of oude offered to bear the fins of the temple was rent in twain many; and unto them that from the top to the bottom. And look for him thall he appear the i when the centurion, which stood second time, without 'lin, unto over againfi him, saw that he falvation. so cried out, and gave up the ghost, he said, Truly this man

The Gospel. Luke xxii. 1. was the Son of God.

OW the feast of unleavened !

bread drew nigh, which

is called The Passover. And the 1: Wednesday before Easter. chief priests and scribes fought The Epistle. Hebrews ix. 16.

how they might kill him; for

they feared the people. Then t. W

HERE a testament is, there entered Satan into Judas (ur. the death of the teftator. For a number of the twelve. And he testament is of force after men

went his way, and communed are dead : otherwise it is of no with the chief priests and capstrength at all while the teftator tains, how he might betray him liveth. Whereupon neither the unto them. And they were glad, first testament was dedicated and covenanted to give him without blood. For when Mofes money. And he promised, and had spoken every precept to all fought opportunity to betray the people according to the law, him unto them in the absence of he took'the blood of calves and the multirude. Then came the of goats, with water, and scarlet day of unleavened bread, when woo!, and hyssop, and Iprinkled the passover must be killed. And both the book and all the peo. he fent Peter and John, faying, ple, saying, This is the blood of Go and prepare us the passover, the teltainent which God hath that we may eat. And they said enjoined unto you. Moreover, unto him, where wilt thou that he sprinkled bikewise with blood

we prepare! And he said unto both the tabernacle and all the them, Behold, when ye are envefsels of the ministry. And al- tered into the city, there shall a most all things are by the law man meet you, bearing a pitcher purged with blood; and without of water: follow him into the thedding of blood is no remillion. house where he entereth in. It was therefore necessary that And ye shall say unto the good the patterns of things in the man of the house, The Matter heavens thould be purified with faith unto thee, Where is the thete; but the heavenly things guest-chamber, where I shall eat themselves with better facrifices ihe pallover with my disciples?! than there. For Christ is not And he thall thew you a large entered into the holy places upper room furnished : there made with hands, which are make ready. And they went, the figures of the true; but into and found as he had said unto

them: and they made ready the that he may fift you as wheat : * paffover. And when the hour but I have prayed for thee, that

was come, he sat down, and the thy faith fail not: and when betwelve apostles with him. And thou art converted, firengthen * he said unto them, With desire thy brethren. And he said untu

I have defired to eat this pass. him, Lord, I am ready to go keover with you before I suffer: with thee, both into prison and to E for I say unto you, I will not death. And he said, I tell thee, vagy more eat thereof, until it be Peter, the cock thall not crow fulfilled in the kingdom of God. this day before that thou shalt

And he took the cup, and gave thrice deny that thou knuwest thanks, and said, Take this, and me. And 'he faid unto them, divide it among yourselves: for When I sent you without purse, I say unto you, I will not driok and scrip, and shoes, lacked yć of the fruit of the vine, until the any thing? And they said, No. kingdom of Godthall come. And thing. Then said he unto them, he took bread, and gave thanks, But now, he that hath a purse, and brake it, and gave unto let him take it, and likewile his them, saying, This is my body {crip: and he that hath no lword, which is given for you: this do let him fell bis garment and in remembrance of me. Like- buy one. For I lay unto you, wife also the cup after supper, That this that is written muft playing, This cup is the new yet be accomplished in me, And testament in my blood, which is he was reckoned among the thed for you. But, behold, the transgreffors : for the things hand of him that betrayeth me concerning me. have an end, is with me on the table. And And they faid, Lord, behold, cruly the Son of man goeth as it here are two swords.' And he was determined: but woe unto said unto them, It is enough. that man by whom he is betray. And he came out, and went, as ed! And they began to inquire he was wont, to the mount of among themselves, which of Olives; and his disciples also them it was that should do this followed him. And when he was thing. And there was also a at the place, he said unto them, ftrife among them, which of Pray that ye enter not into -them Thould be accounted the temptation. And he was withgreatest. And he said unto them, drawn from them about a stone's The kings of the Gentiles exer- caft, and kneeled down, and cise lordihip over them; and they prayed, saying, Father, if thou that exercise authority, upon be willing, remove this cup them are

called Benefactors. from me: nevertheless not my But ye shall not be fo: but he will, but thine, be done. And that is greatest among you, let there appeared an angel unto hiin be as the younger; and he him from beaven, strengthening that is chief, as he that doth him. And being in an agony, ferve. For whether is greater, he prayed more earnestly: and he that fitteth at meat, or he his iweat was as it were great that serveth? is not he that fit. drops of blood falling down to ieth at meat? but I ain among the ground. And when he rose you as he that serveth. Ye are up from prayer, and was come they which have continued with to his disciples,' he found them me in my temptations: And I feeping for sorrow, and said appoint unto you a kingdom, as unto them, Why neep ye? rise my Father hath appointed unto and pray, left ye enter into me; that ye may eat and drink temptation. And while he yet at my table in my kingdom, and spake, behold a multitude, and iton thrones, judging the twelve he that was called Judas, one of ribes of Israel. And the Lord the twelve, went before them, aid, Simon, Simon, behold, Sa. and drew near unto Jerus tó can hath desired to have you, kiss him. But Jefus faid unto

him, Judas, betrayest thou the was day, the elders of the peeSon of man with a kiss? When ple and the chief priests and they which were about him saw the scribes came together, and what would follow, they said led him into their council, sayunto him, Lord, that we finite ing, Art thou the Christ: tell us. with the sword? And one of And lie said unto them, If I tell them (mote a servant of the high you, ye will not believe: and if priest, and cut off his right ear. Í also a tk you, ye will not answer And Jesus answered and said, me, nor let me go. Hereafter Suffer ye thus far. And he thall the Son of man fit on the touched his ear, and healed him right hand of the power of God. Then Jesus said unto the chief Then faid they all, Art thou prietis, and captains of the tem. then the Son of God? And he ple, and the elders, which were said unto them, Ye say that I come to him, Be ye come out, am. And they said, What need as against a thief, with swords we any further witness? for we: and ftaves? When I was daily ourselves have heard pf his own with you in the temple ye mouth. ftretched forth no hands against me: but this is your hour, and the power of darknes.


Thursday before Easter, took they him, and led hin, and brought him into the high The Epiftle. 1 Cor. xi. 17. priest'shoule un to And when they had In Spasse

sou not, that ye come

'N this that I kindled a fire in the midst of the together not for the better, but hall, and were fet down together, for the worse. For first of all, Peter sat down among them. when ye come together in the But a certain maid beheld him Church, I hear that there be dias he fat by the fire, and earnefily visions among you; and I partly looked upon him, and said, This believe it. For there must be man was also with him. And he also herefies among you, that" denied him, saying, Woman, they which are approved may I know him not. And after a be made manifest among you. little while another law him, Wien ye come together thereand said, Thou art also of them. fore info one place, this is not to And Peter said, Man, I am not. eat the Lord's supper. For in And about the space of one hour eating, every one taketh before after, another confidently affirm- other his own supper: and one is ed, saying, Of a truth this fellow hungry, and another is drunken. also was with him; for he is a What have ye not houses to eat Galilean. And Peter said, Man, and to drink in? or despise ye I know not what thou sayest. the Church of God, and thame And immediately, while he yet them that have vot? What shall fpake, the cock crew. And the I say to you? Thaill praise you in Lord turned, and looked upon this? I praise you not. For I Peter And Peter remeinbered have received of the Lord that the word of the Lord, how he which also I delivered unto you, had said unto him, Before the That the Lord Jesus, the fame cock crow, thou thalt deny me night in which lie was betrayed, thrice. And Peter went out, and took bread: and when he had wept bitterly. And the men that given thanks, he brake it, and held Jelus mocked him, and said, Take, eat; this is my body, Imote him. And when ihey had which is broken for you: this blindfolded him, they struck him do in remembrance of me. Atier on the face, and asked him, fay- the same manner also he took ing, Prophefy, who is it that the cup, when he had fupped, (mote thee? And many other saying, This cup is the new things blasphemously fpake they testament in my blood: this do against him. And as 1oon as it ye, as oft as ye drink it, in re

membrance of me. For as often many things of him: and he

as ye eat this bread, and drink hoped to have seen some miracle this cup, ye do thew the Lord's done by him. Then he querdeath till he come.. Wherefore, tioned with him in many words; whosoever thall eat this bread, but he answered him nothing. e and drink this cup of the Lord, And the chief pricfis and scribes

unworthily, thall be guilty of the food and vehemently accused * body and blood of the Lord. him. And Herod with his men - Butler a man examine himself, of war set him at nought, and

and fo let him eat of that bread, mocked him, and arrayed hin and drink of that cup. For he in a gorgeous robe, and sent that eateth and drinketh unwor- him again to Pilate. And the thily, eateth and drinketh dam- same day Pilate and Herod nation to himself, not di cerning were made friends together : the Lura's body. For this caule for before they were at enmity • many are weak and tickly among between themselves. And Piyou, and many Neep. For if we late, when he had called together would judge ourselves, we thould the chief priests and the rulers not be judged. But when we and the people, said unto them, are judged, we are chaliened of Ye have brought this man the Lord, that we should not unto me as one tiat pervertbe condemned with the world. eth the people; and, behold, Wherefore, my brethren, when I, having examined him before ye come together to eat, tarry you, have found no fault in Cone for another. And ifany man this man, touching those things hunger, let him eat at home; whereof ye accule him: No, that ye come not together unto nor yet Herod: for I sent you to condemnation. And the rest will him: and, lo, nothing worthy of I let in order when I come. death is done unto him. I will

therefore chastise him, and reThe Gospel. Luke xxiij. 1.

lease him. (For of necessity he THE whole multitude of them muli release one unto them at

arose, and led him unto Pin the feaft.) And they cried out all late.

And they began to accuse at once, faying, Away with this him, saying, We found this fel- man, and release unto us Barahlow perverting the nation, and bas: (who for a certain sedition forbidding, to give tribute to made in the city, and for murCefar, saying that he himself is der, was casi into prison.) Pilate

Chrifi a King. And Pilate asked therefore, willing, to releafc · him, saying, Art thou the King Jesus, spake again to

m. of the Jews ? Aud be answered But theç cried, saying, Crucify him, and said, Thou sayeft it. him, crucify him. and he iaid Then laid Pilate to the chief unto them the third time, Why, priests and to the people, I find what evil hath he done? I have no fault in this man. And they found no cause of death in himn : were the more fierce, saying, He I will therefore chastite bim, ftirreth up the people, teaching and let him go.

And they throughout all" Jewry, begin- were instant with loud voices,

ning from Galilee to this place, requiring that he might be cruen When Pilate heard of Galilee, cified. And the voices of them

he alked whether the man were and of the chief priefis prevailed. a Galilean And as soon as he And Pilate gave sentence that knew that he belonged unto it thould be as they required. Herod's jurisdiction, he lent him And he released unto them him

to Herod, who himself also was that for sedition and murder o at Jerusalem at that time. And was cati into prison, whom they Red when Herod saw Jesus, he was had desired; but he delivered et exceeding glad :. for he was Jesus to their will. And as they

defirous to see him of a long led bim away, they laid hold scalon, because he had heard upon one simon, á Cyrenian,

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