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under me: and I say to this execute wrath upon him that inan, Go, and he goeth; and to doeth evil. Wherefore ye mnuit another, Come, and he cometh; needs be subject, not only for and to my servant, Do this, and wrath, but also for conscience he deeth it. When Jerus heard fake. For, for this cause pay ye it, he marvelled, and said to tribute also: for they are God's them that followed, Verily I minifters, attending continually say unto you, I have not found upon this very thing. Render to great faith, no, not in Israel. therefore to all their dues; tri And I say unto you, That many bute to whom tribute is due; thall come from the east and custom to whom custom; fear west, and shall fit down with to whom fear; honour to whom Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, honour. in the kingdom of heaven: But the children of the kingdom

The Gospel. Matt. viii. 23. Thall be cast out into outer dark- ND when he was entered

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gnathing of teeth. And Jesus lowed him. And, behold, there taid unto the centurion, Go thy arose a great tempeft in the sea, way; and as thou haft believed, insomuch that the thip. was so be it done unto thee. And covered with the waves : but he his servant was healed in the was asleep. And his disciples Self-fame hour.

came to him, and awoke him,

saying, Lord, save us : we perith. Fourth Sunday after the

And he faith unto them, Why Epiphany.

are ye fearful, Oye of little

faith Then he arole, and re. The Collect.

buked the winds and the fea; GOD, who knowest us to

and there was a great calm.

But the men marvelled, saying, many and great dangers, that what manner of man is this, by reason of the frailty of our that even the winds and the sea uature we cannot always fand obey him? And when he was upright; Grant

us fuch

to the other side, into Itrength and protection, as may the country of the Gergelenes, support us in all dangers, and there met him two poffeffed carry us through all tempta- with devils, coming out of the tions, through Jesus Christ our tombs, exceeding fierce, so that Lord. Amen.

no man might pass by that way. The Epiftle. Rom. xiii. 1. And, behold, they cried out,

unto the higher powers. For with thee, Jesus, thou Son of there is no power but of God: God? art thou come bither to the powers that be are ordain- torment us before

the time? ed of God. Who!oever there. And there was a good way off fore refifteth the power, refift. from them an herd of many eth the ordinance of God: and swine feeding. So the devils bethey that relift shall receive fought him, saying, If thou caft to themselves damnation. For us out, suffer us to go away rulers are not a terror to good into the herd of swine. And he works, but to the evil. Wilt said unto them, Go. And when thou then not be afraid of the they were come out, they went power? do that which is good, into the herd of swine: and, be. and thou thalt have praise of hold, the whole herd of swine the fame : for he is the minister ran violently down a feep place of God to thee for good. But if into the sea, and perilhed in the thou do that which is evil, be waters : and they that kept afraid ; for he beareth not the thein fled, and went their ways sword' in vain : for he is the into the city, and told every minister of God, a revenger to thing, and what was befallen

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to the poffeffed of the devils. in thy field? from whence then And, behold, the whole city hath it tares? He said unto came out to meet Jesus: and them, an enemy hath done this. when they faw him, they be- The fervants said unto him, fought him, that he would de- Wilt thou then that we go and part out of their coafts.

gather them up? But he said,

Nay; left, while ye gather up Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany, wheat with them. "Let both

the tares, ye ruot up also the The Collect.

grow together until the harveft: O to

keep thy Church and house. say to the reapers, Gather ye bold continually in thy true together first the tares, and bind religion; that they who do lean them in bundles to burn them : only upon the hope of thy hea. but gather the wheat into my venly grace, may evermore be barn. defended by thy mighty power, o through Jesus Christ our Lord. Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany. Amen.

The Collect. The Epiftle. Col.iii. 12. PeTeet holy of therefore, as the O GODir whose blefredsson was

manifested that he might loved, bowels of mercies, kind destroy the works of the devil, ness, humbleness of mind, meek. and make us the fons of God, Dess, long-suffering; forbearing and heirs of eternal life; Grant one another, and forgiving one

us, we beleech thee, that having another, if any man have a this hope, we may purify ourquarrel againt any: even as selves, even as he is pure; that Chrift forgave you, so allo do when he thall appear again with ye. And above all these things power and great glory, we may put on charity, which is the be made like unto him in bís bond of perfectness. And let eternal and glorious kingdom; the peace of Gud rule in


where with thee, O Father, and hearts, to the which allo ye thee, O Holy Ghoft, he liveth are called in one body; and he and reigneth, ever one God, ye thankful. Let the word of world without cpd. Amen. Chrift dwell in jou richly in The Epistle. I John iii. 1. all wisdom; teaching and admonithing one another in palms BEHOLD: what manner of

love the Father and hymns and spiritual fongs, ed upon us, that we thould be finging with grace in hearts to the Lord. And what the world knoweth us not, be

called the sons of God! therefore Toever ye do in word or deed, cause it knew him not. Beloved, do all in the Name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and and it doth not yet appear what

now are we thie fons of God; the Father by him.

we thall be: but we know that, The Gospel. Matt. xiii. 24. when he thall appear, we thali likened unto a man which him as he is. And every man

af ; fowed good feed in bis field: that hath this hope in him, but while men Nept, his enemy purificth himself, even as he is came and fowed tares amung pure. Whosoever committeth the wheat, and went his way. lin, transgrefseth also the law: But when the blade was sprung for fin is the transgression of the up, and brought forth fruit, law. And ye know that he was then appeared the tares also. Só manifested io take away our fins; the servants of the householder and in him is no fin. Whofoever came and said unto him, Sir, abideth in him finneih not : didit not thou sow good feed whosoever finneth, hath no


feen him, neither known him. livered by thy goodness, for the Little children, let no man de- glory of thy Name, through Jesus ceive you : he that doeth rigtit- Christ our Saviour, who liveth eousness, is righteous even as he and reigneth with thee and the is righteous. He that committeth Holy Ghoti, ever one God, world fin, is of the devil; for the devil without end. Amen. finneth from the beginning. For The Epistle. 1 Cor. ix. 24. tian pered, that he might defiroy K which reminta race run this purpose was

NOW ye , that they the works of the devil. The Golpel. Matt. xxiv. 23.

all, but one receiveth the prize? THEO " you, Lo, here "HEN "if any man hall say every 'man that tiriveth for the

So run, that ye may obtain. And is

all Chrift, or there : believe it not.

mastery is temperate in For there thall arise false Chrifts, things. Now they do it to obtain and falie prophets, and thaji a corruptible crown; but we an thew great signs and wonders; nüt as 'uncertainly; so fight 1,

incorruptible. I therefore so run, insomuch that, if it were poffi- not as one that beateth the air ble, they shall deceive the very but I keep under my body, and elect. Behold, I have told you bring it into fubjection; left

that before. Wherefore if they thall say unto you, Behold, he is in by any means, when I have the desert; go not forth: behold, thould be a cast-away.

preached to others, I myself he is in the secret chambers; believe it not. For as the light

The Gospel. Matt. xx. 1. : TH

HE kingdom of heaven is and thineth even unto the west ; like unto a man that is an so thall also the coming of the householder, which went out Son of man be. For wherefoever early in the morning to hire the carcare is, there will the labourers into his vineyard. eagles be gathered together. And when he had agreed with Immediately after the tribula- the labourers for a penny a-day, tion of those days all the fun he font them into his vineyard. be darkened, and the moon thall

And he went out about the third not give her light, and the stars hour, and faw others standing thall fall from heaven, and the idle in the market-pace, and powers of the heavens thall be said unto them, Go ye alio into ihaken: and then thall appear the vineyard ; and whatsoever the sign of the Son of man in is right, I will give you. And heaven: and then thall all the they went their way. Again he tribes of the earth mourn, and went out about tlie fixin and they shall see the Son of man ninth hour, and did likewise. coming in the clouds of heaven And about the eleventh hour with power and great glor;. he went out, and found others And he thall send his angels fianding idle, and faith unto with a great found of a trum- them, Why stand ye here all pet; and they thall gather to- the day idle? They say unto gether his eléct from the four him, Because nu man hath hired winds, from one end of heaven Hs. He saith unto them, Go to the other.

ye also into the vineyard; and whatsoever is right, that thall

ye receive. So when even was Septuagefima Sunday, or the Third Sunday before Lent.

come, the lord of the vineyard

faith unto his steward, Call the The Collect.

labourers, and give them their O Favourabiyebefeech thee bire, beginning from the last

to hear unto the first. they prayers of thy people ; that we, came, that were hired about the who are justly punithed for our eleventh hour, they received the first came, they supposed wreck, a night and a day I have that they thould have received been in the deep; in journeyings more; and they likewise re. often, in perils of waters, in ceived every man a penny. And perils of robbers, in perils by mine when they had received it, they own countrymen, in perils by murmured against the good the heathen, in perils in the man of the house, saying, These city, in perils in the wilderness, laft have wrought but one hour, in perils in the sea, in perils and thou haft made them equal among false brethren; in weariunto us, which have borne the ness and painfulness, 'in watchburden and heat of the day. ings often, in hunger and thirst But he answered one of them, in faftings often, in cold and and said, Friend, I do thee nó nakedness. Beside those things wrong : didst not thou agree that are without, that which with me for a penny? Take that cometh upon me daily, the care thine is, and go thy way: I will of all the churches. Who is give unto this last even as unto weak, and I am not weak? who thee. Is it not lawful for me to is offended, and I burn not? If do what I will with mine owo? I must needs glory, I will glory is thine cye evil because I am of the things which concern good! So the last thall be first, mine infirmities. The God and and the first laft: for inany bé Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, called, but few chosen.

which is blessed for evermore, knoweth that I lie not.

The Gospel. Luke viii. 4.
Sexagefima Sunday, or the Second

Sunday before Lent.

HEN much people were

gathered together, and The Collect.

were come to him out of every O LORD God, who Seeft that city when pake obuy a parable

not trust in A fower went to his thing that we do ; Mercifully seed: and as he lowed, some fell grant, that by thy power we by the way-side: and it was trodmay be defended against all ad- den down, and the fowls of the verlity, through Jesus Christ our air devoured it. And some fell Lord. Amen.

upon a rock; and as soon as it

was sprung up, it withered away, The Epistle. 2 Cor. xi. 19.

because it lacked moisture. And YE

E suffer fools gladly, seeing some fell among thorns; and the

ye yourselves are wite. thorns (prang up with it, and For yé fuffer, if a man bring you choked it. And other fell on into bondage, if a man devour good ground, and sprang up, you, if a man take of you, if a and bare fruit ay hundred-fold. man exalt himself, if a man ímite And when he had said there you on the face. I speak as con. things, he cried, He that halls cerning reproach, as though we ears to hear, let him hear. And bad been weak. Howbeit where his disciples asked him, fayinfoever any is bold, (! speak ing, What might this parable foolishly,) I am bold also. Are be? And he said, Unto you it they Hebrews? so am I. Are they is given to know the myfieries Ifraelites? so am I. Are they the of the kingdom of God: but to feed of Abraham? so am I. Are others in parables; that leeing they ministers

Chrift? (I speak they might not see, and hearing as a foul) I am more; in labours they might not understand. more abundant, in stripes above Now the parable is this: The measure, in prisons more fre- feed is the word of God. Thole quent, in deaths oft. Of the by the way-side are they that jews five times received I forty hear; then cometh the devil, Iiripes fave one. Thrice was I and taketh away the word oui beaten with rods, once was l of their hearts, left they ihould ttoned, thrice | suffered ship believe and be saved. They on 31


the rock are they, which, when but whether there be proprie. They hear, receive the word with cies, they thall fail; whether joy; and there have no root, there be tongues, they, thall which for a while believe, and cease; whether there be knowin time of temptation fall away. ledge, it thall vanith away. For And that which fell among we know in part, and we prothorns are they, which, when phely in part; but when that they have heard, go forth, and which is perfect is come, then are choked with cares and that which is in part shall be riches and pleasures of this life, done away. When I was a child, and bring no fruit to perfection. I spake as a child, I underftood But that on the good ground as a child, I thought as a child; are they, which, in an honest and but when I became a man, I put good heart, having heard the away childish things. For now word, keep it, and bring forth we see through a glars darkly; fruit with patience.

but then face to face :

now I 1 know in part; but then thall I

know even as also I am known. Quinquagefima Sundny, or the

And now abideth faith, hope, Sunday next before Lent.

charity, there three; but the The Collect.

greatest of these is charity. that all our doings without

The Gospel. Luke xviii. 31. charity are nothing worth; Send

unto thy Holy Ghoti, and pour into the twelve, and said unto our hearts that most excellent them, Behold, we go up to Jegift of charity, the very bond of rusalem, and all things that are peace, and of all virtues, with written by the prophets conout which whofoever liveth is cerning the Son of man shall be counted dead before thee. Grant accomplished. For he thall be this for thine only Son Jesus delivered unto the Gentiles, and Christ's fake. Amen.

Thall be mocked, and spitefully The Epiftle. I Cor. xiii. 1. entreated, and spitted on: and T

tongues of men and of him to death: and the third day angels, and have not charity, I he thall rise again. And they unam become as founding braís, or derfood none of these things: a tinkling, cymbal. And though and this laying, was hid from I have the gift of prophecy, them, neither knew they the and undertiand all myileries, things which were spoken. Anda and all knowledge; and though it came to pass, that as he was I bave all faith, 10 that I could come nigh unto Jericho, a cerremove mountains, and have not tain blind man lat by the way. charity, I am nothing. And fide begging: and hearing the though I beltow all my goods nulli:ude pais by, he alked what to feed the poor, and though I meant. And they told him give my body to be burned, that lelus of Nazareth palleth by. and have not charity, it profit. And he cried, laying, Jesus, thou eth me nothing: Charity futier. son of David, have inercy on eth long, and is kind; charity me. And they which went beenvieth not; charity vaunteth fore rebuked him, that he should nnt ittelf, is not pufied up, doth bold his peace: but he cried to not belave itself unleemly, seek- much the more, Thou son of eth not her own, is not easily David, have mercy on me. And provoked, thinketh no evil; re. Jelus stood, and commanded him joicetn not in iniquity, bui re. to be brought unio him : and joiceth in the truth; beareth when he was come near, he all things, believeth all things, atked him, laying, What wilt hopeth all things, endureth all thou that I thail do unto thee? Chings. Charity never faileth: And he said, Lord, that I may

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