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Note, that the Collet appointed for every Sunday, or for any Holy

day that hath 2 Vigil or Eve, Jhall be said at the Evening Service next before.

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The Gospel. Matt. xxi. 1.
The Collect.
LMIGHTY Gud, give us

THEN they drew nigh unto

WHEN grace that we niay cast

Jerusalem, and were come away the works of darkness, and to Bethphage, unto the mount put upon us the armour of light, of Olives, then sent Jesus two how in the time of this mortai disciples, saying unto them, Go life, in which thy Son Jerus into the village over again it you, Christ came to visit us in greathu. and straightway ye thall find an mility; that in the last day, when als tied, and a colt with her: he thall come again in his glorious loose them, and bring them unto Majesty, to judge both the quick me. And if any man fay ought and dead, we may rise to the life unto you, ye shall say, The Lord immortal, through him who liveth hath need of them; and straightand reigneth with thee and the way he will send them. All this Holy Ghost, now and ever. Amen. was done, that it might be ful['this Collect is to be repeated filled which was spoken by the

the every Day, with the other collects prophet, saying, Tell ye in Advent, until Christmas Eve.]

daughter of Sion, Behold, thy

King cometh unto thee, meek, The Epistle. Rom. xiii. 8.

and fitting upon an ass, and á OY WE no man any thing, but colt the foal of an ass.

And the to love one another: for he disciples went, and did as Jesus that loveth another hath fulfilled commanded them, and brought the law. For this, Thou thalt the aís, and the colt, and put on not commit adultery, Thou ihalt them their clothes, and they set not kill, Thou shalt not steal, him thereon. And a very great Thou ikait not bear false witness, multitude spread their garments Thou shalt not covet; and if in the way; others cut down there be any other commande branches from the trees, and ment, it is briefly comprehended firawed them in the way. And in this saying, pamely, Thiou the inultitudes that went before, shalt love thy neighbour as thy- and that followed, cried, saying, self. Love worketh no ill to luis Hosanna to the son of David neighbour: therefore love is the Blessed is he that cometh in fulfilling of the law.. And that, the name of the Lord; Hofanna knowing the time, that now it in the highest! And when he is higla "time to awake out of was come into Jerusalemn, all the Neep: for now is our salvation city was moved, saying, Who nearer than when we believed. is this? And the multitude said, The night is far spent, the day This is Jesus, the Prophet of is at hand: let us iherefore cast Nazareth of Galilee. And Jesus off the works of darkness, and went into the temple of God, lei us put on the armour of light. and cast out all them that loid and Let us waik honestly, as in the bought in the temple, and overday; norin rioting and drunkenthrew the tables of the money. neis, not in chambering and changers, and the seats of them wantonness, not in ftrife and that fold doves; and laid unto envying. But put ye on the Lord them, It is written, My house Jesus Christ, and make nou pro- fhall be called the boule of vifion for the flesh, to fulfil the prayer; but ye have made it a lults thereuf.

deu of thieves.

looking after those things which The Collect.

are coming on the earth : tor BI

LESSED Lord, who haft cauf-. the powers of heaven shall be

ed all holy Scriptures to be thaken. And then thall they fee written for our learning; Grant the son of man coming in a that we may in such wise bear cloud with power and great them, read, mark, learn, and glory. And when these things inwardly digeft them; that by begin to come to pass, then look patience, and comfort of thy up, and lift up your heads; for holy Word, we may embrace your redemption draweth nigh. and

ever hold fast the blessed And he spake to them a parable; hope of everlasting life, which Bebold, the fig-tree, and all the thou hast given us in our Saviour trees; when they now shoot Jesus Christ. Amen.

forth, ye see and know of

your The Epiftle. Rom xv. 4. own 'selves that summer is now W

THATSOEVER things were nigh at hand. So likewise ye, written for our learning, that to pass, know ye that the king. wo through patience and com- dom of God is nigh at hand. fort of the scriptures might have Verily I say unto you, This ge. hope. Now the God of patience neration hall not pass away till and consolation grant you to be all be fulfilled. Heaven and earth like-minded one toward another, shall pass away; but my words according to Christ Jesus; that ihall not pass away. ye may with one mind and one inouth glorify God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Wherefore receive ye one an

The Collect. other, as Christ also received as thy tieze coming didit fend

LORD Christ to the glory of God. Now I say that Jesus Christ was a minifter thy messenger to prepare thy of the circumcision for the truth way before thee; Grant that of God, to confirm the promises the minifters and ttewards of thy made unto the fathers; And that mysteries maylikewife so prepare the Gentiles inight glorify God and make ready thy way, by turn. for his mercy; as it is written, ing the hearts of the disobedient For this cause I will confess to to the wildom of the just; that at thee among the Gentiles, and thy second coming to judge the fing unto thy Name. And again world, we may be found an ache faith, Rejoice, ye Gentiles, ceptable people in thy light, who with his people. And again, livett and reignest with the Father Praise the Lord, all ye Gentiles; and the Holy Spirit, ever one and laud him, all ye people. God, world without end. Amen. And again, Elias faith,' There The Epiffle. 1 Cor. iv. 1.

be root of , and that thali rise to reign over the LETA man fo account

of us,

as of the minifiers of Christ, Gentiles; in him thall the Gen. and Newards of the mysteries of tiles trust. Now the God of God. Moreover, it is required in hope hill you with all joy and stewards, that a man be found peace in beleving, that ye may faithful. But with me it is a abound in hope, through the very imall thing that I should power of the Holy Ghost. be judged of you, or of man's

The Gospel. Luke xxi. 25. judgement; yea, 'I judge not Α'

ND there thall be signs in mine own self: for I know no.

the sun, and in the moon, thing by myself; yet am I not and in the stars; and upon the hereby juftified: but he that earth distress of nations, with judgeth, me is the Lord. There. perplexity; the sea and the tore judge nothing before the waves roaring; men's hearts time, until the Lord come, who failing them for fear, and for both will bring to light the

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hidden things of darkness, and but in every thing by prayer and will make manifelt the counsels fupplication, with thank giving, of the hearts: and then all let your requefis be made known every man bave praise of God. uuto God: And the peace of God,

The Gospel. Matt. xi. 2. which paiseth all understanding,

Ow when John had heard shall keep your hearts and mirds Christ, he fent two of bis dis

The Gospel. John i. 19. ciples, and said unto him, Art

HIS thou he that fiould come, or do Tuhens the record of John, we look for another? Jesus an- and Levites from Jerusalem to

Jews Iwered and said unto them, Go atk him, Who art thou? And he and thew John again thole things confessed, and denied not; but which ye du hear and fee : The confelled, I am got the Chrift, blind receive their fight, and the And they'alked him, What then? lame walk, the lepers are cleans Art thou Elias: And he faith, I ed, and the deat'hear, the dead am not. Art thou that prophet are raised up, and the poor have And he answered, No. Then said the Gospel preached to them. they unto him, who art thou? And bleted is he, whosoever that we may give an answer to thall not be offended in me. And, them that fent us. What fayeft as they departed, Jelus began thou of thy self? He said, I am to fay unto the multicudes con- the voice of one crying in the cerning John, What went ye out wilderness, Make firaight the into the wilderness to fee? a

way of the Lord, as said the reed Thaken with the wind! But prophet Efaias. And they which what went ye out for 10 see! a

were lept were of the Pharisees. man clothed in soft raiment? And they asked him, and said Behold, they, that


unto him, Why baptizett thou clothing are in kings' houses, then, if thou be not that Chrift, But wliat went ye out for to lee?

nor Elias, neither that prophet! a propbet? yea, I say unto you, John answered them, laying, I

I and more than a prophet. For baprize with water: but there this is he of whom it is written, fiandeth one among you, whom Behold, I send my messenger be ye know not; He it is, who, £ore thy face, which thall prepare coming after 'me, is preferred thy way before thee.

before me, whose Thoe's latchet

I am not worthy to urloose. Fourth Sunday in Advent. These things were done in BethThe Collect.

abara.beyond Jordan, where John LORD, raise up (we pray

was baptizing.

; among us, and with great might fuccour us; that whereas, through

The Nativity of CHRIST, our fins and wickedness, we are

called Christmas Day. fore let and hindered in running

The Collect.

LMIGHTY God, who haft and speedily help and deliver us, Son to take cur nature upon through the fatisfaction of thy Son him, an as at this time to be our Lord; to whom with thee and born of a pure Virgin; Grant the Holy Ghost be honour and that we, being regenerate, and glory, world without end. Amin. made thy children by adoption

The Epiftle. Phil. iv. 4. and grace, may daily be renewed

and again I say, Rejoice. fame our Lord Jesus Christ, who Let your moderation be known liveth and reigneth with thee untó all men : The Lord is at and the fame Spirit, ever one hand. Be careful for nothing; God, world without end. Amen.

the race that is set beforeresmas Aiven us thy

only begotten


in elit

the "ole

The Epifle. Heb. i. 1.

And the light thinein in OD, who at sundry times darkness; and ihe darkness com

in divers manners spake prehended it not. There was a

1i unto the fathers by man sent from God, whose name

chets, hath in these last was John. The fame came for day woken unto us by his Son, a witness, tu bear witness of the wiom he hath appointed heir of Light, that all men through bin all things, by whom also he might believe. lie was not that made the worlds; who being Light, but was sent to bear wit

tlie brightness of his glory, and nels of ihat Light. That was the ne the express image of his person, true Light, which lighteth every mand upholding all things by tie man that cometh into ihe world. d word of his power, when he had He was in the world, and the be by himself purged our fins, fat world was made by him, and the et down on the right hand of the world knew him not. He came te Majelly on high"; being made so unto his own, and his own re

much better than the angels, as ceived nim not. But as many as pihen he hath by inheritance obtained received him, to them gave he is a more excellent name than they, power to become the tons of I- For unto which of the angels God, even to them that believe res! said he at any time, Thou art on his name: which were born, in my Son, this day have I begot not of blood, nor of the will of 11 ten thee? And again, I will be to the flesh, nor of the will of man, o him a father, and he shall be to but of God. And the Word was $ me a Son ? And again, when he made flesh, and dwelt among us, do bringeth in the firit-begotter into (and we beheld his glory, the portanto the world, he faith, and let all glory as of the only begotten of 1the angels of God worship him. the Father,) full of grace and Do And of the angels he faith, who truth.

maketh his angels fpirits, and C's his ministers a fame of fire.

Saint Stephen's Day. upte But unto the Son he faith, Thy into throne, O God, is for ever and

The Collect. se is vehe iceceptrer of righteousness GRAN Tuffer Inord, that in an persone of kingdoin

sufferings here upon Thou hast loved righieourners, earth, for the teftimony of 'thy her and hated iniquity; therefore truth, we may stedfastly look up and God, even thy God, hath anoint to heaven, and by faith behold glased thee with the ol of gladness the glory that thali be revealed; Bol above thy fellows. And, Thou, and being filled with the Holy e) Lord, in the beginning hait laid Ghoft, may learn to love and

the foundation of the earth; and bless our perfecutors, by the exthe heavens are the works of ample of thy first Martyr, Saint thine hands: They thall perith, Stephen, who prayed for his but thou renainelt; and they ali murderers to thee, o blessed shall wax old, as doth a garment;

Jesus, who ftandet at the right and as a vesture thalt ihou fold hand of God to succour all thore them up, and they thall be

that Iuffer for thee, our only changed: but thou art the same, Mediator ani Advocate. Amen. and thy years thall not fail.

[Then shull follow the Collect of The Gospel. John i. 1.

the Nativity; which shall be said N the I words and the word was

was the continuallyuntil New Year's Eve.]

For the Epiltle. Acts vii. 53. with God, and the Word was


TEPHEN, being full of the God. The fame was in the be- Holy Ghost, looked up stedginning with God.

All things falily into heaven, and saw the were made by niin; and without glory of God, and Jesus ftanding bim was not any thing made on the right hand of God, and that was made. In him was life; faid, Behold, I see the heavens and the life was the light of opener, and the Son of ma!


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a loud voice, and topped their T beginning och because everything

of Gor

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ftanding on the right hand of The Epiftle. 1 John i. . Then cried

HAT which ears, and ran upon him with beard, which we have lopdie sith one'accord, and cast him out of our eyes, which we have inced the city, and iioned him: and upon, and our hands have the witnesses laid down their died, of the Word of life; (for the clothes at a young man's feet, Life was manifefted, and we have whose name was Saul. And they seen it, and bear witness, and ftoned Stephen, calling upon thew unto you that eternal Life, God, and saying, Lord Jesus, re, which was with the Father, and ceive my spirit. And he kneeled was manifested unto us;l that down, and cried with a loud which we have seen and heard voice, Lord, lay not this fin to declare we unto you, that ye their charge! And when he had also may have fellow ihip with said this, he fell asleep.

ụs: and truly our fellow thip The Gospel. Matt. xxiii. 34. is with the Father, and with BE

EHOLD, I send unto you pro- his Son Jefus Chrift. And theíc

phets, and wise men, and things write we unto you, that scribes: and some of them ye your joy may be full. This then shall kill and crucify; and fome is the message which we have of them thall ye scourge in your heard of him, and declare unto fynagogues, and persecute them you, That God is light, and in from city to city: that upon him is no darkness at all. If we you may come all the righteous say that we have fellowship with blood shed upon the earth, from him, and walk in darkness, we the blood of righteous Abel unto lie, and do not the truth: but the blood of Zacharias son of if we walk in the light, as he Barachias, whom ye flew be- is in the light, we have fellowtween the temple and the altar. thip one with another, and the Verily I say unto you, All these blood of Jesus Christ his Son things Mall come upon this gene- cleanfeth us from all lin. If we ration. o Jerusalem, Jerusalem, say that we have no fin, we de. thou that killest the prophets, ceive ourselves, and the truth is and ftonelt them which are sent not in us. If we confess our fins unto thee, how often would i he is faithful and just to forgive have gathered thy children toge- us our fins, and to cleanse us ther, even as a hen gathereth lier froni all unrighteousness. If we chickens under her wings, and say that we have not funned, we ye would not! Behold, your make him a liar, and his word house is left unto you defolate. is not in us. For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye Thall

The Gospel. John xxi. 19. say, Blessed is he that cometh in ESUS said unto Peter, Follow the naine of the Lord.

The Peter, turning about, seeth the disciple whom Jesus loved following, which

also leaned on his breast at sup The Colleet.

per, and said, Lord, which is ERCIFUL Lord, webereech he that betrayeth thee? Peter

, , beams of light upon thy Church, and what shall this man dio? Jesus that it being enliglitened by the faith unto him, if I will that doctrine of thy blefied Apostle he tarry till I come, what is and Evangelist Saint John, may that to thee? follow thou me. So walk in the light of thy truth, Then went this saying abroad that it may at length attain among the brethren, That that to the light of everlasting life, disciple thould not die: yet Je. through Jesus Christ our Lord. fus faid mut unto him, He shall Amen.

not die; but, if I will that he

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