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Then Mall the Priest speak unto faints; the remiffion of fins;

the Godfathers and Godmothers the resurrection of the field on this wile.

and everlasting Life after death? DEARK beloved we have Answer. All this I liedfaitly

brought this. Child here to believe. be baptized; ye have prayed

Minister. that our Lord Jesus Chrift would vouchsafe to receive him, to re

ILT thou be baptized in lease him of his fins, to ianctify him with the Holy Ghost, to

Answer. That is my desire. give him the kingdom of hea

Minister. ven, and everlasting life. Yehave TILT thou then obediendly Christ hath promised in his Go- commandments, and walk in the spel to grani all these things that same all the days of thy life? ye have prayed for: which pro- Answer. I will. mise, he, for his part, will most fore, aber inis promise made by 0 Mobile Old adam ingenis

Then shall the Priest say, keep and .

MERCIFUL God, grant Christ, this Infant mutt alto faith- Child may be fo buried, that the fully, for his part, promile by you that are his" iureties, (until he new man may be railed up in

him. Amen. come of age to take it upon him

Grant that all carnal affections self) that he will renounce the devil and all his works, and con- things belonging to the Spirit

may die in him, and that all ftantly believe God's holy Word, may live and grow in him. Amen. and obediently keep his Com

Grant that he may have power inandments. I demand therefore,

and strength to have victory, and D OST thou, in the name of to triumph against the devil, the

world, and the feth. Amen. this child, renounce the

Grant that whosoever is here devil and all his works, the vain pomp and glory of the world, dedicated to thee by our Office with all coveious delires of the and Minisiry, may also be endued fame, and the carnal desires of

with heavenly virtues, and ever. the neth, so that thou will not latiingly rewarded, through thy

mercy, o blessed Lord God, who ollow, nor be led by them?

doft live and govern all things, Aufwer. I renounce them all,

world without end. Anien.

OST thou believe in God
the Father Alinighty,

A :

whole moft dearly beloved Maker of heaven and earth? Son Jesus Christ, for the forgive

And in Jesus Christ his only; nefs of our fins, did thed out of Legotten Son our Lord? And his most precious fide both water that be was conceived by the and blood; and gave commandIloly Ghost, born of the Virgin ment to his disciples, that they Mary; that he suffered under thould go teach all nations, and Pontius Pilate, was crucifieri, baptize them in the Name of dead, and buried; that he went the Father, and of the Son, and down into hell, and also did rise of the Holy Ghost; Regard, we again the third day; that he beseech thee, the fupplications ascended into heaven, and fit of thy Congregation; fanétify teth at the right hand of God this Water to the myftical waththe Father Almighty; and from ing away of fin; and grant that thence iliall come again at the this Child, now to be baptized end of the world, to judge the therein, may receive the fulness quick and the dead?

of thy grace, and ever remain in And dott thou believe in the the number of thy faithful and Holy Ghoft; the Holy Catholic eleét, children, through Jesus Courch, the communion of Chritt our Lord. Amen.

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Then the Priest Mall take the Child Then shall the Prief say,

into his hands, and thail say to E yield thee hearty ihanks, the Godfathers and Godmothers,


most merciful Father, that Name this Child.

it hath pleased thee to regenerale And then naming it after them (if this infant with thy Holy Spirit,

they thall certify him that the to receive him for thine own Child may welí endure it) he child by adoption, and to inShall dip it in the Water dif- corporale him into thy holy creetly and warily saying, Church. And humbly we beN.

I baptize thee, In the feech thee 10 grant that he being of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. righteousness, and being buried Anien.

with Christ in liis death, may But if they certify that the Child crucify the old man, and utterly is weak, it shall suffice to pour and that as he is made partaker

abolith the whole body of fin; Wnter upon it, saying the afore- of the death of thy Son, he may said words, N. I baptize thee, In the also be partaker of his refur.

Name of the Father, and rection; to that finally, with of the Son, and of the Holy Ghoft.

the residue of thy holy Church, Amen.

he may be an inheritor of thine Then the Priest Mall fry,

everlasting kingdom, through

Christ our Lord. Amen.

E receive this Child into
the congregation of Christ's Then ait fanding up, the Priest

flock and do Thall say to the Godfathers and * Here the * Syn him with Godmiothers this Exhortation fola Priest siiall make the tign of the L'wing: a cruss upon the Cross; in token Child's forehead.

ORASMUCH as this Child that bereafter he Thall not be athamed to confeis ties, to renounce the devil and all the faith of Christ cruciied, and his works, to believe in God, and manfully to fight under his ban- to serve him; ye mult remember, ner, against lin, the world, and the devil; and to

that it is your parts and duties continue

to see that this infant be taught, Christ's faithfui foldier and ter- fo foon as he thail be able 10 vant unto his bfe's end. Amen.

learn, what a folenin yow, proThen thuill the Priett (ay, mise, and profession he hath here

And that he may brethren, that this child is know these things the better, regenerate, and grafted into the ye thall call upon him to hear body of Christ's Church; let us Sermons; and chietly ye shall give thanks unto Almighty God provide, that he may learn the for these benefits, and with one Creed, tlie Lord's Prayer, and accord make our prayers unto the Ten Commandments in the him, that this Child may lead the vulgar tongue, and all other rest of his life according to this things which a Christian ought beginning.

to know, and believe to nis toul's Then shall be said, all kneeling; health; and that this Child may

UR Father, art be virtuously brought up to Name; Thy kingdom come'; remembering always, that BapThy will be done in earth, as tilm

doth represent unto it is in heaven: Give us this our profeflion; which is, to fole day our daily bread; And forgive low the example of our Saviour us' our trespasses, as we for- Christ, and to be made like give them that trespals' against unto him; that as he died, and us; And lead us not into temp. rose again for us, so thould us, tation, But deliver us from evil. who are baptized, die from an, Amen.

and rise again unto righteousneis,

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continually mortifying all our ihop to be confirmed by him, fo evil and corrupt affections, and soon as he can say the Creed, the daily proceeding in all virtue Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Comand yodliness of living.

mandments in the vulgar tongue, Then fall he add, and say; and be further instructed in the E are to take care that this Church Catechism, set forth for Child be brought to the Bin that purpote. T is certain by God's Word, that Children which are baptized,


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"To take away all cruple cuncerning the use of the lign of the " Crofs in Bopulm; the true explication thereof, and the just rea“ fons for the retaining of it, may be seen in the xxxth Canon, firit

published in the Year 160+.”

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THE Curates of every Pirith fhall often admonilh the People, that

they defer not the Bastim of their Childr n longer than the first or leeund Sunday next after their Birth, or other Holy-Day fulling between, unless upon a great and reasonable cauje, to be approved by the Curite. And also they shall warn them, that without like great cause and neceifity they procure not their Children to be baptizedet home in their houses. But when need ihall compel them fo to do, then Bap.

tism shall be adininiftered on this fathion; Firít, let the Minister of the Parish (or, in his absence, any other lau'.

fui Minifter that can be procured), with them that are present, call upon God, and say the Lord's Prayer, and so murny of the Collexis appointed to be laid before in the form of Public Baptism, as the time and present exigence will suffer: And ther, the Child being named by some one that is present, the Minister jhall pour water

uponit, saying these words. N.Ohapteze alge, name rame and let them not double but that

of of the th? Child so baptized is Son, and ofthe lloly Ghost. Amen. fully and sufficiently baptized, Then all kneeling down, the Mi- and ough not to be baptized

nister Jhall give thanks unto again. Yet nevertheless, if the God, and say,

Child, which is after this fort W E yield ihee heariy thanks, baptized, do afterward livé, it

is expedient that it be brought ithath pleated thee to regenerate into the Church; to the intent, this Infant with thy Holy Spirit, that if the Minister of the same to receive him for thine own Pariln did himfilf baptize that Child by adoption, and to incor- Child, the Congregation may be porate him into thy holy Church. cer ined of the true form of BarAnd we humble beleech thee to tism by him pr vate y before grani, that as he is now made uired: In which cafe he jhall partaker of the death of thy Son, Tay thus; fo he may be alio of his resurrec

I tion; and that finally, with the

CERTIFY you, that accord

ing to the fue and prescribed rendue of thy faints, he may in- Order of the Church, at such a writ thine everlaliing kingdom, time, and at fich a place, before tharugh the same thy son Jesus divers witnesses I baptized this Glut our Lord. Amen.



But if the Child were baptized and forbid them not; for of such by any other lawful Minister, is the kingdom of God. Verily then the Minister of the Paris I say unto you, Whosoever than where the child was born or not receive the kingdom of God christened shall examine and try as a little child, he thall not enwhether the Child betrefully ter therein. And he took them baptized or no. In which case, up in his arms, put his hands if those that bring any Child upon them, and blelled them. the Church do answer that the After the Gospeii: read, the MiniJame Child is already haptized, ter shall make this brief Exhirthen shall the Min Hter examine tation upon the words of the then further, aying,

Yi whom was tliis Child bap- BHOVER Sebear in this GO-

pel the words of our Who was present when this Chust, that he commanded the Child was baptized?

children to be brought unto Because some things essential him; how he blamed those that to this Sacrament may happen would have kepi them from to be omitted through fear or him; how he exhorted all inen haste, in such times of extre

to follow their innocency. Ye mity; therefore I demand fur- perceive how by his cutward ther of you,

geilure and deed he declared With what matter was this his good will toward them; for Child baptized ?

he embraced thein in his arms, With what words was this he laid his hands upon them, Child baptized?

and blessed them. Doubt ye not

therefore, but earnestly believe, And if the Minister Mall find, by

the answers of such as bring the that he hath likewise favourably Child, that all things were done, that he hath embraced him with

received this present Infant'; as they ought to be, then thall the arms of his merc; ; and (as not he christen the child again, he hath promited in his holy but Jhall receive hiin is one of Word) will give unto him thic the flock of true Christian People, bletling of eternal life, and ke saying thus ; I

him partaker of his everlasting CERTIPY' you, that in this kingdom. Wherefore, we being

cafe all is well done, and according unto due order, concern of our heavenly Father, declared

thus persuaded of the good will ing the baptizing of this Child; by his Son Jelus Christ, towards who being born in original fin, this Infant, let us faithfully and and in the wrath of God, is now, devoutly give thanks unto him, by the laver of regeneration in

and say the Prayer which the Baptism, received into the num

Lord himself taught us: ber of the children of God, and heirs of everlasting life: For our Lord Jesus Christ doth not deny Name;

heaven, Hallowed be thy

Thy kingdom come; his grace and inercy unto such infants, but most lovingly doth Thy will be done in earth, as

it is in heaven: Give us this call them unto him, as the holy day our daily bread; And forGospel doth witness to our com

give us our trespalles, as we forfort on this wise;

give them that trespaís against Mark x. 13.

us; And lead us not into tempTHEY brought young child.- tation, But deliver us from evil.

to Chrif, that he Amen. dicundestoebukeen inged that Alodhenve and revela ning difciples those

, Father, we brought them.

But when Jelus give thee humble thanks, that saw it, he was much difpleased, thou hast vouchlaled to call us and said unto them, Suffer the to the knowledge of thy grace, little children to come unto ine, and faith in thee: Increase this



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knowledge, and confirm this Then the Priest Mall say, kahuin is evermore. Give thy Whereongregation of Chritt's

TE into Holy Spirit to this Infant, that he being born again, and being flock; and do made an heir of everlasting sal- * fign him with

Here the vation, through our Lord Jesus the sign of the Priest shall make

a Cross upon the Chrift, may continue thy servant, Cross; in token

Child's forehead. and attain thy promise, through that hereafıer he the fame our Lord Jesus Christ Thall not be ashamed to confess thy son, who liveth and reigneth the faith of Christ crucified, and with thee and the Holy Spirit, manfully to fight under his bannow and for ever. Amen.

ner, against fin, the world, and Then fhall the Priest demand the the devil;, and to continue

Name of the Child; which being Christ's faithful soldier and serby the Godfathers and Godmo- vant unto his life's end. Amen. thers pronounced, the Minister

Then jhail the Priest say, Jhall say,

Sbrethren, that this child is by

G now, beloved DO

OST thou, in the name of Baptifm regenerate, and grafted

this Child, renounce the devil and all his works, the vain

into the body of Christ's Church; pomp and glory of the world, God for these benefits, and with

let us give thanks unto Almighty with all covetous desires of the

one accord inake our prayers unfame, and the carnal desires of the fleth; so that thou wilt 110t of his life according to this be

to him, that he may lead the rest follow, nor be led by them?

ginning. Answer. I renounce them all.

Then shall the Prief say, Minister. OST thou believe in God We yield thee moll Hearty

thanks, merciful of heaven and earth?

regenerate this Infant with thy And in Jesus Christ his only Holy Spirit, to receive şim for begoiten son our Lord? And thine own child by adoption, that he was conceived by the and to incorporate him into thý Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin holy Church. And humbly we Mary; that he suffered under beseech thee to grant, that he Pontius Pilate, was crucified, being dead unto hin, and living dead, and buried; that he went unto righteousness, and being down into hell, and also did rise buried with Christ in his death, again the third day; that he af. may crucify the old man, and cended into heaven, and fitteth utterly abolith the whole body of at the right hand of God the Fa- fin, and that as he is made par. ther Almighty; and from thence taker of the death of thy Son, thall come again at the end of he may also be partaker of his the world, to judge the quick resurrection; so that finally, with and the dead?

the relidue of thy holy Church, And doft thou believe in the he may be an inheritor of thine Holy Ghost: the holy Catholic everlasting kingdom, through Church; the communion of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. faints; the remiffion of fins; Then all ftanding up, the Minithe resurrection of the feth; fter that make this Exhortation and everlasting life after death? to the Godfathers and GodmoAns. All this I liedfafily believe.

thers: ,

ORASMUCH as child W

keep God's holy will and fureties, to renounce the deviland commandmenis, and walk in the all his works, to believe in God, fame all the days of thy life? and to serve him; ye muit reAnjwer. I will.

member, that it is your parts

Dhe Father's Imighty, maker ther, that is hath pleafed thee


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