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Then A Lesson of the New Topta- cified, dead, and buried: lle

ment, as it is appointed; and descended into Hell; The third after that, Nunc dimittis, or day he rose again from the dead: the Song of Simeon, in English, He ascended into Heaven, And as followeth.

litteth on the right hand of Nunc dimittis. Luke ii. 29. God the Father Almighty ; From Llevant de part in peace? ORD, now lettest thou thy thence he thall come to judge

the quick and the dead.

I believe in the Holy Ghost; according to thy word.

The For mine eyes have seen : thy The Cominunion of Saints; The

holy Catholic Church; saivation, Which thou hast prepared : rection of the Body, And the

Forgiveness of Sins; The Rciurbefore the face of all people;

Life everlasting. Amen. To be a light to lighten the Gentiles : and to be the glory And after that, these Prayer: fola of thy people Israel.

lowing, all devoutly kneeling; Glory be to the Father, &c.

the Minister first pronouncing As it was in the beginning, &c.

with a loud voice, Or elje this Psalm; except it be

The Lord be with you: the Twelfth Day of the Anfw. And with thy spirit. Month.

Minister. Let us pray.

Lord, have mercy upon us.
Deus mifereatur. Pfalm lxvii.

Christ, have mercy upon us.
OD be merciful nito us,


Lord, have mercy upon us. the light of his countenance, and Then the Minister, Clerks, and be merciful unto us;

People, shall say the Lord's That thy way inay be known Prayer with a loud voice. upon earih : (hy saving health heaven, Hällowed be thy

UR Fatherwhich among all nations.

Let the people praise thee, Name;. Thy, kingdom come; O God : yea, ler all the people Thy will be done in earth, as it praile thee.

is in heaven: Give us this day Olet the nations rejoice and our daily bread; And forgive us be glad : for thou that judge the our trespatles, as we forgive them folk rigliteously, and govern the that trespass against us; And lead nations upon earth.

us not into temptation, But de- 1 Let the people praise thee, liver us from evil. Amen. O God : yea, let all the people Then the Priist standing up, praise thee.

Jhall say, Then thall the earth bring

O Lord, ihew thy mercy upon forth her increase : and God,

us; even our own God, ihall give us bis blefling

Anfu'. And grant us thy fal.

vation. God Thail bless us : and all the ends of the world thall fear him.

Priest. O Lord, save the King; Glory be to the Father, &c.

Answ. And mercifully hear us, As it was in the beginning, &c. when we call upon thee.

Priest. Endue thy Ministers Then shall be said or fung the with righteousness;

Apoftlas' Creed by the Minister Answ. And make thy chosen and the People, standing. people joyful.

BELIEVE in God the Father Prieft. O Lord, save thy people; I

Almighty, Maker of heaven Anw. And bless thine' in and earth

heritance. And in Jesus Christ his only Priest. Give peace in our time, Son, our Lori; Who was con

O Lord; ceived by the Holy Ghost, Born Anw. Because there is none of the Virgin Mary, Suffered other that fighteth for us, bus under Pontius Pilate, Was cru- only thou, o God.

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Priest. O God, make clean him, that he may vanquish and our hearts within us;

overcome all his enemies; and Answ. And take not thy Holy finally, after this life, he may Spirit from us.

attain everlasting joy and feliThen Jhall follow three Colle7s; city, through Jesus Christ our

Lord. Ameri.
the first of the Day; the second,
for Peace; the ihird for Aid

A Prayer for the Royal Family. again all perilin here. A la Gort Goce the founafter followeth; which

tain of all goodness, we

to bless last collects shall be daily said humbly befeech thee at Evening Prayer, wiihuut

our gracious Queen Charlotte, alteration.

their Royal Highneffes George

Prince of Wales, the Princess of
The second Colle Et at Evening Wales, and all the Royal Family:
Endue them with

thy Holy O

GOD, from whom all holy Spirit; enrich them with thy

defres, all good counsels, heavenly grace; prosper them
and all just works do proceed; with all happiness; and bring
Give unto thy servants that them to thine everlasting king-
peace which the world cannot dom, througl. Jelus Christ our
give; that both our hearts may Lord. Amen.
be set to obey thy command-
ments, and also that by thee we A Prayer fir the Clergy and
being defended from the fear of

our enemies, may pass our time
in rest and quietness, through

; "
God, who alone work eft

Send down the merits of Jesus Christ our great marvels; Saviour. Amen.

upon our Bithops and Curares, The third Colle Et, fo Aid against to their charge, the healthíul

and all Congregations commined all Perils.

Spirit of thy grace: And that beseech thee, O Lord; and by thy great mercy detend us ihy bleting : Granttis, O Lord,

upon them the continual dew of from all perils and dangers of for the honour of our Advothis night, for the love of thy cate and Mediator Jelus Chrift. only Son our Saviour Jesus

Chrift. Amen.

A Prayer of St. Chryfoftom.
In Choirs and Places where
they fing, here followeth the An

given us grace, ai this time them.

with one accord to inake our A Prayer for the King's Majesty. cominon fupplications unto thee; O

LORD our heavenly Father, and doft promise, that when two

high and mighty, King of or three are gathered together kings, Lord of lords, the only in thy Name," thou wilt grant Ruler of princes, whó doit froin their requefis; Fulfil now, o thy throne behold all the dwell- Lord, the desires and petitions ers upon earth; Most heartily of thy servants, as may be moft we beseech thee with thy favour expedient for them; granting us to behold our most gracious So- in this world knowledge of thy vereign Lord, King GEORGE; truth, and in the world to come and to replenith him with the life everlasting. Amei grace of thy Holy Spirit, that he

2 Cor. xiii, 14. may alway incline to ihy will, HE grace of our Lord Jesus him plenteously with heavenly and the fellowihip of the Holy gifts; grant him in health and Ghost, be with us all evermore. wealth long to live; strengthen Amen.

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Here endeth the Order of Evening Prayer,

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Upon these Feafts, Christmas Day, the Epiphany, St. Matthias, 'Easter Day, Ascension Day, Whit-Sunday, St. John Baptif, St. James, St. Bartholumew', 'S.. Matthew, st. Simon and St. Jude, St. Andrew, and upon Trinity Sunday, Jhall be fung or frit at Morning Prayer, instead of the Apoftlés Creed, this Confillion of our Christian Faith, commonly called The Creet of St. Athanalius, by the Minister and People, standing. Quicunque vult.

And yet not threc Lords : but

one Lord. saved : before al things it

For like as we are compelled is necessary that he hold the Ca- by the Christian verity : to tholic Faith.

acknowledge every person by Which Faith, except every one himself to be God and Lord; do keep whole and undefiled : So are we forbidden by the without doubt he thall perith Catholic Religion : to say, There everlastingly.

be three Gods, or three Lords. And the Catholic Faith is this : The Father is made of none : That wc worthip one God in neither created, nor begotten. Trinity, and Trinity in Unity; The Son is of the Father alone :

Neither contounding the Pere not made, nor created, but befons : nor dividing the Sub. gotten. ftance.

The Holy Gloft is of the For there is one Person of the Father, and of the Son : neither Father, another of the Son, and made, nor created, nor begotten, another of the Holy Ghott.

but proceeding. But the Godhead of the Fa. So there is one Fatlier, not ther, of the Son, and of the Holy three Fathers; one Son, not Ghost, is all one: the glory equal, three Sons : one Holy Ghost, not the Majesty co-eternal.

three Holy Ghosts. Such as the Father is, such is And in this Trinity vone is the Son : and such is the Holy afure, or after other : none is Ghost.

greater, or less than another; The Father uncreate, the Son But the whole three Perfons uncreate : and the Holy olt are co-eternal together : and uncreate.

co-equal. The Father incomprehenfibie, So' that in all things, as is the Son incomprehenable : and aforesaid : the Unity io Trinity, the Holy Ghost incomprehen- and the Trinity in Unity, is to fible.

be worshipped. The Father eternal, the Son Hetherefoce that will be saved: eternal : and the Holy Ghost must thus think of the Trinity. eternal;

Furthermore, it is neceffary to And yet they are not three everlasting salvation : that he eternals : but one eternal. also believe rightly the incarna

As also there are not three tion of our Lord Jelus Chrift. incomprehensibles, three For the right Faith is, that uncreated : but one uncreated, we believe and confefs : that our and one incomprehenfible. Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of

So likewise the Father is God, is God and Man; Almighty, the Son Almighty : God, of the Substance of the Faand the Holy Ghost Almighty; ther, begotten before the worlds:

And yet they are not three and Man, of the Substance of his Almighties: but one Almighty. Mother, born in the world;

So the Father is God, the Son is Perfeat God, and Perfect Man: God: and the Holy Ghost is God; of a reasonable soul, and human

And yet they are not three flesh fubfifting; Gods : but one God.

Equal to the Father, as touchSu likewise the Fatheris Lord, ing his Godhead : and inferior the Son Lord : and the lioly to the rather, as touching his


Who a'though he be God and fitteth on the right hand of the Man: get he is not iwo, but one Father, God Almighty : froni Chrift;

whence he thail come to judge One; not by conversion of the quick and the dead. the Godhead into tlette ; but Ai whose coming all men thall by taking of the Manhood into rise again with their bodies : Gud;

and that give account for their One altogether; not by con- own works. fufion of Suöftance : but by unity And ilier inat have done good of Person

shall go into life everlating : For as the reasonable foul and and they ihre have done evil, into flein is one man : so God and everlasting fire. Man is one Chrift;

This is the Catholic Faith ; Who suffered for our salvation : which except a man believe descended into hell, rote again faithfully, he cannot be saved. the third day from the dead; Glory be to the Father, &c.

He ascended into heaven; he As it was in the beginning, &c.

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THE LITANY, Or General Supplication, to be sung or said after Morning Prayer,

upan Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and at other times, when it Jhall be cúmmanded by the Ordinary. GOD the Father of heaven

all evil and mischief; rable finners.

affaults of the devil; from thy o God the Father of heaven: wrattı, and from everlasting damkave mercy upon us miserable nation, finners.

Good Lord, deliver us. O God the Son, Redeemer of From all blindness of heart ; the world : have mercy upon from pride, vain glory, and hy. us miserable finners.

pocrisy; from envy, hatred, and O God the Son, Redeemer of the malice, and all uncharitabiencís, world: have mercy upon us mife

Good Lord, deliver us. rable hinners.

From fornication, and all other o God the Holy Ghost, pro- deadly fin; and from all the ceeding from the Father and deceits of the world, the feth, the Son : have mercy upon us and the devii, miserable finners.

Good Lord, deliver us. o God the Holy Choft, proceed- From lightnivig and tempest; ing from the Father and the Son: from plague, peftilence, and have mercy upon us miserable famine'; from battle and mur. inners.

der, and from suculen death, O holy, blessed, and glorious Good Lord, deliver us. Tripity, three Persons, and one From all ledition, privy conGod : have mercy upon us mise- spiracy and rebellion; from table finners.

all false doctrine, herely, and holy, bleffect, and glorious schism; from hardness of heart, Trinity, Three Persons, and one and contempt of thy Word and God i hirve mercy upon us mife- Commandment, rable finners.

Good Lord, deliver us. Remember not, Lord, our By the myftery of thy holy offences, nor the offences of our Incarnation; by thy holy Nativity forefat)iers; neither take thou and Circumcifion; by thy Bapvengeance of our fins: Spare us, tism, Fafting, and Temptation, good Lord, spare thy people, Good Lord, deliver us. whom thou haft redeemed with By thine Agony and bloody thy most precious blood, and be Sweat; by thy Cross and Paffion; Hot angry with us for ever. by thy precious Deathi and Burial:

Spure us, good Lord. by thy glorious Resurrection and Afcenfion; and by the coming That it may please thee to of the Holy Ghoft,

bless and keep the Magistrates; Good Lord, deliver us. giving them grace to execute In all time of our tribulation; jufiice, and to maintain truth; in all time of our wealth ; in the We bejerch thee to hear us, good hour of death, and in the day of Lord. judgement,

That it may please thee to Good Lord, deliver us. ble's and keep all thy people; We finners do beleech thee to We beseech ihee to hear wj, good hear us, O Lord God; and that Lord. it may pleate thee to rule and That it may please thee to govern thy holy Church universal give to all nations, unity, peace, in the right way;

and concurd; We beseech thee to hear us, good We beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.

Lord. That it may please thec to keep That it may please thee to and firengthen in the true wor give us an heart to love and thipping of thee, in righteousnefs dread thee, and diligently to live and holiness of life, thy servant after thy commandments; GEORGE, our moft gracious We befetch thee to hear us, good King and Governor;

Lord. We bejeech thee to hear us, good - That it may please thee to Lord.

give to all thy people increase That it may please thee to rule of grace, to hear meekly thy his heart in thy faith, fear, and Word, and to receive it with love; and that he may evermore pure affection, and to bring forth liave' affiance in thee, and ever the fruits of the Spirit; seek thi honour and glory; We beseech ihee to hear us, good

We bejeech thee to hear us, good Lord. Lord.

That it may pleafe thee to That it may please thee to be bring into the way of truth all bis defender and keeper, giving such as have erred and are hin the victory over all his deceived; enemies;

We bejeech thee to hear us, good We befeech thee to hear ui, good Lord. Lord.

That it may please thee to That it may plea'e thee to firengthen such as do fand, bless and preserve our gracious and to comfort and help the Queen Charlotte, their Royal weak-hearted, and to raise up Highnesses George Prince of them that fall, and finally to Wales, the Princess of Wales, beat down Satan under our feet; and all the Royal Family, We beseech thee to hear us, good

We beseech thée to hear us, good Lord. Lord.

That it may please thee to That it may please thee to succour, help, and comfort all illuininate all' Biskops, Priests, that are in danger, neceflity, aud and Deacons, with true know- tribulation; ledge and underlianding of thy We befiech thee to hear us, good Word; and that both hy their Lord. preaching and living they may That it may please thee to let it forth, and thew it accord. preferve all that travel by land ingly;

or by water, all women labourWe beseech thee to hear us, good ing of child, all fick pertons Lord.

[*"specially thoje That it may please thee to for whom

* This to be said endue the Lords of the Council, prayers are de- wien any desire and all ibe Nobility, with grace, fired) and young

the Prayers or the widom, and underlianding; children, and to

congregation. ive befeech ihre to hear us, good thew thy pity upon all prisoners Luiid.

and captiyes;


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