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and Foster. The kind manner in which the manuscripts have been rendered accessible, lays the Editor and his readers under lasting obligations.

At the urgent and frequent solicitations of many esteemed friends, the Journal will henceforth appear under the slightly changed title of “The CHRISTIAN Record.The range of investigation and of topics will thus be somewhat enlarged; and, if occasion should arise, discussion permitted on a subject which its present denominational title would seem to preclude, or prejudge. Some advantage will arise, if on some common ground Baptists and Peedo-baptists can meet, and exchange thoughts on the “vexed question,” which sunders them. It may aid the coming of that time, when we shall not only have One Lord and One Faith, but also One BAPTISM.

May the God of our fathers, pour out his blessing on this and on every other effort to glorify His Name !

Neumarket House, Nailsworth,

Nov. 24, 1848.



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Immortality of the Soul assumed in the

New Testament, 209

Influence of Recent Revolutions, 558

Intercourse with God, 337

Ireland, its present state, 579

Jesus Christ, 57

Kind Words from the Baptist Union, 301
Letters (two), with Criticisms, by Robert

Hall, 5

Liberty, equality, fraternity, 244

Literal Translation of Psalm cxxxvii., 349

Mennonites, the, of the Pfalz, 28

Neander on Historical Developement of

the Church examined, 448

Notes of a Sermon on Job xxxiv, 22, by

John Foster, 553

Perseverance in Religion, by Robert

Hall, 515

Poetry, 41, 158, 296, 318, 588, 456

Praying in the Spirit, 408, 457

Prevailing Prayer, on, 115

Pulpit and Bar compared, 373

Readers, to our, 1

Restoration of Judah and Israel, 153, 205

Resurrection, the, 22, 150

Rome guilty of Idolatry ? 462, 501

Scriptural and Moral Philosophy, 174,

229, 378
Sermon by John Foster, on Mal. iii. 17–


Servant of God, the, 225

Thoughts, Paragraphs, Laconisms, &c.,

35, 257, 589

Vocal Praise of God, the, 472, 533, 580

Voyage to Utopia, 572

Wrestling of Jacob, 138

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Ecclesiastical Polity of the New Testa-

ment, Dr. Davidson, 350

Egypt, her Testimony to the Truth, 16
Epistle to the Hebrews, Henry Craik, 94
First Impressions of England, Hugh

Miller, 88

“ Who will live for ever," Rev. J. H.

Hinton, 194

Faith and its Counterfeits, 544
Five Tracts on the State Church, 323
Fleming's Epistolary Discourse, 265
Ford's Alarm in Zion, 266
Foster's Conversations, 644
Fraser on Spiritual Progress, 265
Garvey's Christian Warfare, 322
Gitten's Smooth Stone from the Brook,

Green's Christian Aspect of Teetotalism,


Gray's Immortality, 157

Guide to the Gates of Zion, 433

Gurney's Lecture on Idolatry, 265

Haldane's Exposition of Galatians, 383

Hammersmith Protestant Discussion, 322

Herschell's Jewish Witnesses, 101

Herschell's Child's Help to Self-Exami-

nation, 595

Hobson's Domestic Piety, 542

Howard's Eight Lectures on Puseyism,

Howe's Works, 321
Jordan-Scriptural Views of the Sabbath,

Juvenile Missionary Herald, 156

Church, the, 39

Chase's Life of Bunyan, 593

Christian Treasury, 593

Christianity and the Hampden Contro-

versy, 266

Chronology of Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and

Daniel, 102

Clowes's Importance of Right Views on

Baptism, 593

Collyer's Hymns for Israel, 385
Converse with Conscience, 434
Cox's Congratulations and Counsels, 542

Davenport's Land of Glory, 494

Davids' England's Obligation, 322

Davies' Sketches from the Cross, 155

Denham's Marriage with deceased Wife's

Sister, 39

Dick's Philosophy of a Future State, 321

Evans on the Spirit of Holiness, 542

Kennedy's Science and Scripture, 323

Kingdon's Yucatecan Grammar, 38

Last Days of a departed Mother, 321

Leask's Sanctified Intellect, 544

Leask, on National Revolutions, 268

Lectures to Young Men, 323

Life of Solomon, 214

Littell's Living Age, 323

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, 12, for “ primitive,” read privative.


6 from bottom, for “first cat," read first oak.


5, for “ theory,” read Rector.

31, for “Saviour,” read favour.



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