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2. In what respects matters may grow worse with people, even when they are thus coming to Christ,

Page 259 3. The reasons why people come to Christ for help, and why they whom

he undertakes to help, may find their distress grow, before their deliverance come,

260 4. The application of the whole subject,

261 (1.) Satan's temptations to leart-blafphemy, cautioned against, 266 (2.) He tempts to heart-wandering,

269 (3.) To the omillion of duiy, (4.) To the commission of fin,

272 (5.) To unworthy apprehensions of God, (6.) To self-murder,


S E R M O N CI. Dark Providences cleared in due Time, Page 287 John xiii. 7. - What I do, thou knowest not now, but thou Malt

know hereafter. After taking a view of the words in their scope and design, analizing

and explaining them, deducing an observation from them, and conforming it by an induction of scripture-instances, the following general

heads are proposed, viz. . 1. To mention some things the Lord doth towards his church and

people, that are dark and mysterious, hidden and unknown, 288 2. To sew in what respects these things that he is doing for them, , may be bid and unknown to them,

293 3. For what reason the Lord takes this way of doing, so hid, dark, and mysterious, that what lie doth they know not,

297 4. To observe some seasons, when it is that he makes them know what now they are in the dark about,

299 5. To deduce some inferences for the application of the whole, 305

SERMON CII. . The Great Trumpet of the Everlasting Gospel, 318

Isa. xxvii. 13. And it shall come to pass, in that day, that the great

trumpet shall be blown : and they shall come wbich were ready to perish in the land of Ajsyria, and the outcasts in the land of Egypt, and sail

worship the Lord in the holy mountain at Jerusalem. The words being copiously viewed, both as to their literal,

typical and spiritual meaning, accurately analized and explained, their spiritual sense expressed in a doctrinal observation, and cach branch of the doctrine confirmed and illustrated from express texts of scripture, the following general topics of discourse are insisted upon, viz.

1, The

1. The state and condition of sinners by nature, as outcasts, ready to perish, considered,

Page 324 2. The duty of sinners to come to a Saviour, the great Lord-deliverer,

and glorious object of worship


to him, viz. the blowing of the great gospel-trumpet,

330 4. The efficacy of these means, and thew why it is promised they sball come,

339 5. The end for which they shall come, viz. their worshipping in his

holy mountain, 6. Inferences for the application of the whole,



The Sum of the Gospel; or, God in Christ,


Mat. iii. 17.-This is my beloved Son, in wbom I am well-pleased.

The words being viewed in their connection, explained, and summed up

in a doctrinal proposition, the following general topics of discourse

are prosecuted, viz. 1. To speak of God's being in Christ, 2. To enquire how God is in Christ,

361 3. To fhew that in Christ alone, he is well-pleased, 4. To make application of the whole subject,




SERMON CIV. Present Duty before approaching Darkness,


JER. xiii. 16. Give glory to the Lord your God, before be cause darkness.

The Author having considered the words in their connection, divided,

and explained them, and taken up their sense in a doctrinal observa

tion, he proposes the following general heads of method, viz. 1. To speak a little of this glory that is given to God, and what it is to glorify him,

392 2. To enquire how, and by what means, we are to give him glory, 393 3. What is imported in the expression, Give glory unto the Lord your God,

399 4. To speak of the motive here assigned, Before be cause darkness, 401 5. To deduce some inferences for the application of the whole, 406

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