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&c., I had rather let the ancient offender pass unchastised, than soil my hands in the operation.”-As Mr. Wesley is so kiudly dismissed by Mr. Toplady, I must also dismiss thee, gentle reader, and leave thee to decide, which is most likely to convert thee to Calvinian Reprobation, Urbanitas or Logica Genevensis ;-the Courtesy of our opponents, or their Arguments.

In the mean time, if thou desire to know how near Calvinian Election comes to the truth, and what is the Reprobation which the Scriptures maintain, I refer thee to An Essay on the partial election of Grace, and on the impartial election of Justice. (Vol. iii.) —A double Essay this, that unfolds the difficulties, in which prejudiced divines and system-makers have, for these fourteen hundred years, involved the fundamental doctrine of Election; and which, I flatter myself, will check party-spirit, reconcile judicious Protestants to one another, and give some useful hints to more respectable divines, who, in happier days, will exert themselves in the total extirpation of the errors, which disgrace modern Christianity,

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Be ye perfect. Every one that is perfect shall be as his Mas

ter. If thou wilt be perfect, go, and sell that thou hast,

and give to the poor.-Jesus CHRIST. If any man teach otherwise, and consent not to wholesome

words, even the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the doctrine which is according to godliness, he is proud..

ST. PAUL. Let no man deceive you, &c. For this purpose the Son of

God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the Devil. Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment ; because as he (the vine] is, so are we [the branches) in this world. St. John.

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Why the following Tract is called, The Last Check

to Antinomianism,and A Polemical Essay.Mr. Hill's Creed for Perfectionists.-A short Account of the Manner in which Souls are purged from the Remains of Sin, according to the Doctrine of the Heathens, the Romanists, and Calvinists. The Purgatory recommended by the Church of England, and vindicated in this Book, is Christ's Blood, and a soul-purifying Faith.

I CALL the following Essay, The Last Check to Antinomianism ; because it properly continues and closes the preceding Checks. When a late Fellow of Clare-hall, Cambridge, attacked the doctrine of Sincere Obedience, which I defend in the Checks, he said, with great truth, “ Sincere obedience, as a condition, will lead you unavoidably up to perfect obedience.” What he urged as an argument against our views of the gospel, is one of the reasons by which we defend them, and perhaps the strongest of all: For our doctrine leads us as naturally to holiness and perfect obedience, as that of our opponent does to sin and imperfections. If the streams of Mr. Hill's doctrine never stop, till they have carried men into a sea of indwelling sin, where he leaves them to struggle with waves of immorality, or with billows of corruption, all the days of their life : it is evident that our doctrine, which is the very reverse of his, must take us to a sea of indwelling holiness, where we calmly outride all the storms, which Satan raised to destroy Job's perfection; and where all our pursuing corruptions are as much destroyed as the Egyptians were in the Red Sea.

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