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I would not live alway; by W. L. Alexander
I'd play the fule again; by W. Whyte
I'd rather; by G. Clark

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Ideal, an; by W. Aitken -

If I were you; by P. F. Sinclair

If thou canst sing; by A. Dewar

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Ilka blade o' grass keps its ain drap o' dew;
by J. Ballantine

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Ilka dark cloud wears a silvery linin'; by W.

H. Phim

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I'll aye be his ma; by J. Menzies

I'll be thine the morn, Willie; by K. M'Lauchlane
I'll buy my auld mither a frock; by J. Blair
Illusion; by P. Bayne

I'm an auld minstrel body; by W. T. M'Grigor

I'm fifty years the day; by D. L. Greig -

I'm going home; by R. Allan

I'm now upon my journey back; by D. Kippen

I'm getting auld an' cranky; by A. Stewart

I'm no amang my ain fowk; by J. Alexander

I'm slidin' doon the brae; by J. K. Scott
I'm wearied sair; by A. Murray

Imaginings; by M. L Duncan

Im-hm by J. Nicholson

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Immortelle; by J. C. Kennedy
Impression, an; by W. Graham

In a village churchyard; by C. J. Sherer

In an autumn garden; by S. Reid
In an old garden; by M. H. Browne
In autumn; by J. Kelly

In cauld, bleak December; by A. Mabon
In city pent; by G. Eyre

In couthie but an' ben; by D. Maclean

In exile a letter; by C. H. Laubach
In exile land; by D. Kennedy

In his garden; by Elizabeth C. Clephane

In Me ye shall have peace; by H. Bonar
In memoriam; by T. Dunlop

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In memoriam: Mdlle. Therese Tietjens; by D.

R. Williamson

In oor ain glen; by W. J. Currie

In oor hoose at e'en; by D. M. M'Neil -

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Infant dreams; by A. M Donald

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Infant metaphysician, the; by W. J. M. Rankine

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Infant praises; by W. Robertson

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Insula sanctorum; by M. Coyle

Ingle, the; by D. C. Smith

Intrusive thoughts; by J. Allison

Invalid's farewell, the; by A. Drummond

Invalid's Sabbath morning hymn, the; by Sir J.

Invocation, an; by J. G. Mackenzie


Inverkip; by K. M·Neill

Invitation, an; by J. D. Reid

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Ireland's cry to Scotland; by J. Luby

Is it well? by J. M'Vittie


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Is he my father's brother? by R. W. Thom

Is life worth living? by R. Walker

Is the auld guidman aye leevin'? by R. Sanderson

Is there space for the poet to-day? by R. Bain
I'se rede ye tak' tent; by A. Fisher
Island haven, the; by G. G. M'Crae

Islesman's farewell, an; by Marquis of Lorne
Isobel; by J. G. M. Heddle

It is time to seek the Lord; by M. Mackay

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It might have been; by W. M. Lawrence
It was the time of roses; by L. J. Nicolson
It's my turn noo; by A. Sutherland

It's no worth the warsle for't; by G. Paulin
It's not enough; by F. Henrietta

I've come again; by J. Greig

I've heard the rushing; by J. C. Maxwell
I've lost my mither's wean; by R. Fisher
Ivy, the; by R. de B. Trotter

J. P. N.; by J. Nichol

Jaded cup, the; by W. Aitken

James Beattie; by G. Colburn

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James Renwick, last Scottish martyr; by G. Maxwell 8: 402

Jamie; by J. Paul

Jamie; by D. Louden

Jamie Affleck; by W. Blair

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Jamie M'Dougall; by A. Maclachlan

Jamie the joiter; by J. Lumsden

Jamie's Bible; by B Parker

Jamie's comin' hame to me; by J. Drake

Jamie's farewell; by J. M. Macculloch

Jardim da Serra, Madeira, the; by J. D. Burns

Jaunting car, the; by R. S. G. Anderson
Jean and Geordie; by W. Aitken

Jean Findlater's loun; by W. Anderson
Jean Linn; by W. Wilson


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Jean o' Inchmill; by W. Lindsay

Jeanie; by W. S. Durie

Jeanie; by R. P. Scott

Jeanie Gellatly; by W. C. Sturoc

Jeanie Gray; by R Allan

Jeannie; by T. Stewart

Jeannie Bell; by D. Ramsay

Jeannie M'Nee by A. S. Graham

Jeannie the pride o' Langloan; by T. Millar

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Jeannie s blue e'e; by J. Inglis

13: 397

Jeannie's " nay" to Jock; by F. Draper

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Jessie Brown; or, the slogan of Lucknow; by

J. Anderson

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Jesus; by M. Macphail

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, to-day, and for
ever; by A. Duncan

Jewels of Blarney, the; by A. M'Lean

Jilted-(a sonnet in Scotch); by A. Cargill

Jim and I; by G. A. G. Gibb

Jimmie Jenkins; by A. Jeffrey

Jimsie; by J. Teeuan

Jinglin' heather, the; by M. Moir

Joanna; by Mrs L. Robertson

Job's complaint; by T. Cowan

Jock M'Gee, a tale; by D. Macdonald

Joe Wood; by D. Macdonald

John and Tibbie's dispute; by R. Leighton

John Brown; by J. Wright

John Brown, or a plain man's philosophy; by C.

John Frost; by D. Wingate

John Howard Payne; by H A. Thomson
John Knox; by P. Macmorland

John Knox and the Covenanters; by S. Brown-

John Robieson's cairt wheel; by G. Williams
Johnnie Cran; by G. W. Anderson

Johnnie Frost; by W. D. Birrell

Johnnie, man, I'm wantin' siller; by D. Grant-

Johnnie Smith, a falla fine; by R. Grant

Johnnie Stuffie; by R. Lawson

Johnnie's farewell; by R. A. Macfie

Johnnie's new breeks; by R. Houston

Johnny Joss, the cadger; by D. Grant

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Josephine, to her chardonneret; by D. Anderson
Jouk and let the jaw by; by R. Whittet
Joyful expectation; by W. L. Alexander
Joyous days; by A. P. Melville

Jubilee for jubilee or fifty years shepherd, for
fifty a king; by W. Muir -

Judas Iscariot; by W. C Smith
Just a butterfly; by J. B. Crombie
Just their way; by J G. Mackenzie
Kadmore; by R. P. Scott

Kate; by J. Paterson

Kate Barlass; by Emily Leith
Kate Daʼrymple; by W. Watt

Kate Galloway's Tam; by J. Crawford
Kathleen's wooing; by J. Stewart

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Kilt and feather; by W. V. Jackson

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Keen blaws the win'; by J. Orr
Keep oot o' the glaur; by M. Coyle
Keep your he'rt abune; by J. Robb
Keepers at hame; by J. Russell
Keeping baby; by D. L. Greig

Keeping of the vow; by H. T. M. Bell

Kelvingrove; by A. Reston

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Keswick Lake, Cumberland; by D. R. Williamson

Keystone to virtue. the; by S. Brown

Kilspindie; by J. Robb

Kind word still is easy said, a; by J. W. Lyall

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Kindness; by D. Buchanan

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King death; by J. L Hercus

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King death; by W. Black

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King may come the cadger's way, the; by J.

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Kiss ahint the door, the; by T. C. Latto
Kiss an' cuddle; by J. Christie

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Kiss and make it up again; by A. Cameron
Kiss and the cruel miss, the; by J. Paterson
Kiss my native soil for me; by A. Logan
Kiss sweet stolen kiss! by I). M. Hampton
Kiss the sun; by Lady Janet Colquhoun
Kiss through the telephone, a; by J. Imrie
Kitchen angel, the; by L. L Thain

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Kite is tugging at the string, the; by J. Browne
Kitty; by D. Waters

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Knights of the wheel, the; by P. J. M'Mahon

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Laddies noo-a-days, the; by R. Meek

Laird o' Gowdenleas, the; by. W. Thomson
Laird o' Macnab, the; by A. Wanless

Laird's awa', the; by W. Cross

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