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Ballad of Brechin, a; by J. W. Fraser

Ballad of Seafield tower, the; by M. Bean

Ballad The gipsy woman of the tower; by
Margaret T. Bell

Ballade of old magazines; by J. M. Bulloch
Balm and briar; by A. Jeffrey

Baloo, my bairnie, fa' asleep; by J. Smith
Bangin' the ba'; by P. J. M'Mahon
Banks o' Doon, the; by D. Waters
Banks o' Glazert, the; by J. Shaw
Banks of Tarf, the; by W. Nicolson


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Banks o' the Dye, the; by J. W. Brack
Bannockburn; by W. Archer

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Bannockburn; by P. P. Alexander
Bard of Avon, the; by W Wilson

Bard of passion, the; by J. A. Anderson
Bard's ghost, the; by T. Whitehead
Barley bree, the; by A. Dewar

Battle of Drumclog, the; by A. G. Murdoch
Battle of Trafalgar; by J. Johnston
Battle of Pentland Hills, the; by J. Wright

Battle of Restennet, the; by G. H. Kinnear
Battle of Spearford, the; by S. Wilson
Battle of the dead, the; by C. Waddie

Battle of the Nile; by J. Johnston

Bauldy Mill; by J. Harrison

Bawbee saved is a bawbee gained, a; by D. Gow
Be a man; by J. Paul

Be a man; by R. Chalmers

Beattie's garden lesson; by J. Longmuir

Beauties of a border landscape, the; by A. F.


Beautiful home; by J. Copeland

Beautiful in fading; by R. B. Merrylees

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Beautiful May; by A. Glass

Beautiful sea, the; by A. Brown

Beauty; by W. Leighton

Beauty in nature; by J. Taylor

Beauty is worthless when honour is lost; by

D. M. Hampton

Beauty o' life's gloamin', the; by J. A. Duncan

Beauty o' Scotland, the; by W. Neill

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Beauty of nature, the; by J. Kelly

Beauty's power; by A. S. Irving

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Beauty's power on the raging sea; by G. Sproat

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Beethoven at the piano; by G. E. M. Lancaster

Before and after; by George Eyre

Before the dawn; by A. R. Cousin

Beggar wean; by A Hamilton

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Beggar's fate, the; by J. Trotter

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Beggar's wallet, the; by Hamilton Corbett
Be happy while you may; by C. Macleod
Behind the veil; by J. Cranstoun
Behold the Lamb of God; by J. Proctor
Be kind to auld grannie; by A. M'Kay
Be kind to the auld; by J. W. Lyall
Be kind to the bairns; by Alex. Snaddon
Be kind to the birdies; by G. Watson
Bell; by J. W. Fraser

Belle o' Lasswade, the; by W. Stewart
Belshazzar's feast; by J. H. Stirling
Bells, the; by A. S. Swan

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Bereavement; by W. L Alexander

Bereavement-hope; by M. W. Fairbairn

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Best o' my fortune's the spending o t, the; by

W. Lamberton

Best thing wi' gear is the haining o't, the; by

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Better away by J. H. Simpson


Better sma' fish than nane; by J. Macintosh

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Bield on the mountain, the; by W. M'Queen

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Big arm-chair, the; by R. Mennon

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Big tea kettle, a; by D. Carmichael

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Biggin' on the brae, the; by J. M. Neilson
Billy's rose; by G. R. Sims

Birchen tree, the; by A. Milne

Birchington revisited; by W. Sharp
Bird and the bee, the; by J. D. Burns
Bird in the garden; by P. Still, junr.

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Bird in the hand is worth twa on a tree, a; by

Alex. Snaddon

Birdies, the; by W. Leighton

Birds; by J. B. Crombie

Birds and bards of Bonnie Scotland, the; by D.

M. M'Neil

Bird's message, the; by M. T. Whitlock.

Bird's nest, the; by Mrs J. C. Simpson
Bird's nest, the; by A. Smart

Birkenshaw; by J. Rae

Birth of a song, the; by J. E. H. Thomson

Birth of Burns, the; by Jessie K. Lawson
Bishop's well, the; by W. Blair

Bittie nearer hame, a; by J. Whitelaw
Black Thursday; by M. K. Beveridge
Black Saturday, the; by J. Murray
Blackbird, the; by J. B. Brown
Blackbird's lament, the; by C. Will
Blacksmith, the; by P. J. M'Mahon
Blacksmith, the; by J. H. Stoddart
Blake, William; by J. Thomson
Blantyre; by W. Č. Spens

Blawearie, I'm wae; by G. M'Murdo

Bless the weans; by T. Thomson

Blessed are they that mourn; by I. F. Mayo

Blighted life, a; by A. Shand

Blind; by J. Greig

Blind, blind, blind; by J. Morison

Blind Alice; by R. Duthie

Blind boy's lament, the; by H. A. Dewar

Blind lassie, the; by T. C. Latto

Blind musician, the; by James Milligan

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Blindness and vision; by G. T. S. Farquhar

Blinkin' o't, the; by J. Greig

Blood on my hands; by B. Parker

Blood on the wheel; by A. Anderson

Blood-stained road, the; by F. Mary Colquhoun

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Blowing bubbles; by Emily Leith
Blue-eyed maid, the; by R. S. Mutch

Blue eyed Speedwell, the; by S. Macnamara

Blyth summer's awa; by J. Pettigrew
Boast na' the bairnie; by J. Leggat

Bobby's prayer; by D. Russel
Bocht wit's best; by J. Chapman

Body's complaint of the soul, the; by Elizabeth


Bon-accord; by W. D. Geddes

Bonnets o' bonnie Dundee, the; by Maggie Todd
Bonnie Ayr; by E. Smith

Bonnie bairnies; by Colin Sievwright


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Bonnie banks o' Noran, the; by A. E. Thomson

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Bonnie braes o' Dun, the; by J. A. Duthie

Bonnie burnie; by N. Thomson

Bonnie bus' o' brier; by P. M'Neill

Bonnie Deeside; by W. Carnie

1 : 308
5: 297

Bonnie faded flower; by A. J. Willock -

Bonnie Dryfe; by W. Gardiner

Bonnie is the land o' Garioch; by W. Gordon

Bonnie Jean; by F. Henrietta

Bonnie Jean o' Auchinha'; by T. M'Lauchlan
Bonnie Jean's lament; by J. P Reid

Bonnie lass o' Broughty Ferry, the; by G. Duthie
Bonnie lassie tell me; by J. Wynd

Bonuie Lismore; by W. Gardiner

Bonnie Mary Pruce: by W. C. Sturoc

Bonnie Mary; by J. Rae

Bonny Mary Græme; by G. Pirie

Bonnie May; by D. Burns

Bonnie, Meg; by W. W. Smith

Bonnie Nith; by D. Russel

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Bonnie Nuranside; by J. Kennedy

6: 216

Bonnie Ochtertyre; by D. Kippen

15: 141

Bonnie Scotland; by T. Thorpe

4: 23

Bonnie Strathyre; by H. Boulton

11: 36

Bonnie streams o' Ayrshire, the; by A. Glass

6: 341

Bonnie wee Sam; by R. A. Dakers

14: 146

Bonnie wee trootie, the; by J. Dougall

13: 211

Bonnie woods o' Fyvie, the; by A. K. Dorward
Bonnie woods of Luthrie, the; by P. Begg

13: 349


Bonny Glencotha; by G. Dobie

5: 133

Bonny Teenie Broon by J. Taylor

1: 80

Boo to the bus' that bields ye; by J. Usher

10: 277

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Borderer's keep, the; by J. L. Hercus

12: 36

Borderland; by J. Inglis

Borthwick braes; by M. Barr
Boss nut, the; by H. G. M'Laren
Botanist's song, the; by A. Stewart

Bouquet. the; by J. Stuart

Bowl o' bluid, the; by G. Cooper
Bowler's song, the; by J. Smith
Boyhood; by J. Wilson

Boyhood in old Glasgow: by P. Barrie
Boys are away, the; by I. F. Darling
Braes o' Blackcastle, the; by J. Roger
Braes o' Loch Awe, the; by R. Bell
Braes o' Lochlee, the; by J. Campbell
Braes o' Galloway, the; by W. Nicolson
Brave and fair, the; by J. M. Bell
Brave auld sangs, the; by G. Paulin
Braw young lad, the; by R. D. Jamieson
Bread; by S. S. Jerdan

Brechin's braes: by D. Kirkland

Brevity of human life, the; by W. D. Latto

Bricht sun had faded, the; by R. S. Bowie
Bridal o' the robins the; by Walter Watt
Bridal there will be, a; by T. Dykes

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Bride, the; by A. Cowan

Bride's lament, the; by A. Laing

Bright blooining inland so gay, the; by



3: 34

Bright through scenes of beauty; by J. Park

9: 75

Brightest side, the; by W. M. Smart

11: 212

Bring flowers; by M. Cross

1: 312

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Brittle thread, the; by W. T. M Grigor

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