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First, AND of Benjamin he said, the beloved of the LORD shall dwell in safety by him. This, it is said, was literally accomplished. The temple of Jerusalem, the place where the divine majesty especially resided, being in the tribe of Benjamin.

Secondly, The LORD shall cover him all the day long, and he shall dwell between his shoulders. Psalm, xci 1, "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty."

Thirdly, And of Joseph he said, Genesis xlix. 26, "The blessings of thy father have prevailed above the blessings of my progenitors, unto the utmost bound of the everlasting hills; they shall be on the head of Joseph, and on the crown of the head of him that was separate from his brethren." Psalm xxiv. 1, "The earth is the LORD's, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein." Blessed of the LORD be his land.

Fourthly, For the precious things of heaven, &c. &c. &c.
Fifthly, For the good will of him that dwelt in the bush.

Sixthly, His glory is like the firstlings of his bullock, &c. &c. &c. Numbers, xxiii. 22, "God brought them out of Egypt, he hath, as it were, the strength of an unicorn." Psalm xliv. 5, "Through thee will we push down our enemies."


First, Joseph also is a type of the Redeemer. In many particulars of his eventful life he is, undoubtedly, a luminous type. As the earth is the LORD's, and the fulness thereof. Secondly, His land shall be blessed with every thing precious. Thirdly, With the good will of him that dwelt in the bush. Fourthly, His glory, the firstling of the bullock. He shall, with his horn, push the people together to the ends of the earth. Divide and conquer saith the adversary. Unto him shall the gathering of the people. be, saith that Omnipotent God, who can neither err, nor be defeated in any of his purposes.


JOSHUA ii. 9-13.

First, RAHAB makes confession of her faith.

Secondly, She renders a reason for the hope that is in her, she knew the LORD had given them the land, because his terrors had fallen on the inhabitants. Psalm ix. 16, "The LORD is known by the judgment which he executeth: the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands. Higgaion. Selah." Genesis xxxv. 5, "And they journeyed: and the terror of God was upon the cities that were round about them, and they did not pursue after the sons of Jacob." Deuteronomy xi. 25, "There shall be no man able to stand before you: for the LORD your God shall lay the fear of you and the dread of you upon all the land that ye shall tread upon, as he hath said unto you."

Thirdly, Rahab had heared of the wonderful works of Jehovah in dividing the sea, for the safety of the Israelites, and in the returning of the waves to the o'erwhelming the pursuing enemy: from all which she rationally concluded, that the LORD God, their God, was God in heaven above, and earth beneath.

Fourthly, Rahab solicitous for the preservation of her family, requires an oath of the spies, that both herself, and her father's house, should be exempted from the general destruction: 1 Timothy, v. 8, "But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel."


First, Rahab's faith was not fancy, it was founded on facts. Secondly, She rendered a reason for her faith. Thirdly, Her faith came by hearing. We have heard &c. &c. Fourthly, She was thus convinced there was no God in heaven, or earth, save the God of Israel. Fifthly, Thus believing she required of the spies an oath for the security of her kindred. Sixthly, She solicits for a token that her father, mother, brethren and sisters, and all that they have, shall be delivered from death. Seventhly, It is worthy of observation, that not one of these characters had any thing to do in this business.


JOSHUA ii. 14-24.



HE men, the spies commissioned by Joshua, declare their lives should be forfeited if the demands of Rahab were not answered, on this one condition, that she should make no disclosure of the business transacted between them.

Secondly, They engage when they come into possession of the land, that they will deal kindly and truly with her.

Thirdly, Consequent upon this assurance, she conveyed the spies by the assistance of a cord out of her window, and this was the more easily effectuated as she dwelt upon the town wall.

Fourthly, On parting with these men of Israel, she counselled them to flee to the mountains, to shelter there for three days, until the ardour of the pursuit was expired; when they might securely return.

Fifthly, The men of Israel requested Rahab to bind a line of scarlet thread in the window through which they escaped. They requested her to gather into her house the family she loved, for should any of her kindred be out of the house, they could not be responsible for their safety.

Sixthly, Should she utter a syllable of the business, they would consider themselves as exonerated from the oath which she had made them swear.

Seventhly, She pledged herself to a punctual observance of the condition, and delayed not to bind the scarlet line in her window.

Eighthly, They abode three days in the mountains until the pursuit was no more, when they returned to Joshua, and told him all that had befel them.


First, These men were faithful to Joshua, and discharged most judiciously the duties confided to them. Secondly, Thus the ministers of Jesus, wherever they may wander, or wherever they may be stationary, will never lose sight of the grand object of

their mission: but while they are harmless as doves, they are wise as serpents, and they will be upon their guard before all those with whom they chance to be connected. Thirdly, Yet they do not pause for a character of their hearers, that they may govern themselves accordingly, but unto whatsoever house they enter, their salutation is a salutation of peace. Fourthly, Their utmost efforts are embodied to convince all those who come within the sound of their voice, that it is equally their interest, and their duty, to receive and to adorn the doctrines of God, our Saviour, in all things. Fifthly, Their steps will always be steps of caution, for well they know, it is easy to be deceived. Sixthly, In every danger their hiding place is the munition of rocks, they take refuge under the wing of their almighty Friend, until the storm be over and past. Seventhly, They delight to commune with their Saviour, the Captain of their salvation, and to tell him all things that hath befallen them.


JOSHUA iii. 1-8.

First, JOSHUA leads the people from Shittim to Jordan, where all the children of Israel were lodged.

Secondly, After three days the officers passed through the hosts of Israel to regulate and direct the people.

Thirdly, They were commanded to regulate their movements by those of the ark of the covenant of the LORD their God; which was to be borne before them.

Fourthly, Joshua commanded the people to sanctify themselves, for upon the ensuing day the LORD would do wonders among them.

Fifthly, Joshua ordered the Priests to take up the ark of the covenant and to proceed before the people.

Sixthly, The LORD said unto Joshua, This day will I begin to magnify thee in the sight of all Israel, that they may know, that as I was with Moses, so I will be with thee. Joshua i. 5, "There shall not any man be able to stand before thee all the days of thy

life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with thee: I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee."

Seventhly, And thou shalt command the Priests that bear the ark of the covenant, saying, When ye are come to the brink of the water of Jordan, ye shall stand still in Jordan.


First, Joshua rose early in the morning after the third day, and brought all the people of Israel with him. Secondly, The ark of the covenant was their precursor every step of the way. Thirdly, The people were commanded to sanctify themselves because the LORD would do wonders among them. Fourthly, Joshua commanded the Priests to take up the ark of the covenant and advance before the people. Fifthly, God magnified Joshua in the sight of all Israel, thus evincing that he was as much with the Saviour, as he was with the lawgiver. Joshua i. 7, 8, 9, "Only be thou strong, and very courageous, that thou mayest observe to do according to all the law which Moses my servant commanded thee: turn not from it to the right hand or to the left, that thou mayest prosper whithersoever thou goest. This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and thou shalt have good success. Have not I commanded thee; Be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed? for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest." How eminently did the omnipotent Antitype of this illustrious type perform all these requisitions. Sixthly, Joshua was directed to command the Priests to bear the ark to the brink of the river Jordan, and there standing still, to behold the salvation of God. The minister of the New Testament, well instructed in the things of the kingdom, will find great delight in filling up these general heads.


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