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army, since there

appears no scruple in him on this head. That this was the true or the only cause of his misfortune, I dare not affirm, for I have no express authority to support me in affirming it ; but this I see, that he was found in the day of battle,

: not with the equipage of a king of Judah, but surrounded with forces which the law of his God had forbidden him to trust to, and which had often proved a strength fatal to his ancestors.





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Notice of the relation borne by the Bishop to his clergy, which renders it necessary for him to address them. To go through the various parts of the pastoral office would require too much time; he therefore confines himself to those particulars which under present circumstances demand attention. The duties of the pastoral office are to be learned from the general rules of the gospel; and in the exercise of them we must guide ourselves by the laws and constitutions of our church and kingdom.

The first and only thing now adverted to, is the obligation which the clergy are under to a constant attendance on their several cures; which is the foundation of all their other duties.

This duty arises by necessary consequence from the nature of the office which they have undertaken, as ambassadors of Christ, overseers of the flock, &c.; but which of these characters can be supported by one who absents himself from his cure? The case of a pastor compared with that of a pilot : the one ought no more to be absent from his flock than the other from his ship : hence the canonists hold that residence is jure divino naturali.

- This duty, with respect to the substance or essential part of it, has been invariably the same in all times of the church; but the circumstances of it have varied, according to the different settlements and provisions made for the preachers of the gospel in different times.

In early ages the clergy lived with their bishop in the city, and were sent, as occasion required, to instruct the people in


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