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JANUARY, 1875.



E attended a Public Annual Meeting of our beloved

Society on the 14th of last month, in a little Midland market town, accompanied by one of our regular deputations. We are not often able personally to enjoy

this privilege, as our Editorial work occupies all the time we can spare from an engrossing profession. This

occasion was invested with peculiar interest to us, because twenty-four years ago we were resident in that town, and had the honour of introducing the late Rev. Ridley Herschell and the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel among the Jews into the place. Moreover, we were on this occasion entertained by one of our oldest and most valued Christian friends, and altogether there was much to gladden us. And yet we confess, amidst it all, to a chastened and sorrowful spirit on behalf of our Society and its interests. We seemed to be standing in a typical place, for in this town there are several Gospel centres, and many Christian gatherings--all flourishing at, or above, the average degree. The ministers of three denominations kindly met us,' and ere we attended the meeting we drew near together to the throne of the Heavenly Grace, to ask in faith and love for the power of the Spirit and the presence of Jesus to be there. When the meeting began there were seventy or eighty persons present ; the number soon increased to one hundred, and before the time came for closing, one hundred and twenty were listening to the excellent address of our deputation. A people more attentive and earnest than they we never saw, and the collection on this occasion and on the previous Sunday were as much as heretofore they have been. So there was nothing personally to complain of, and much to commend. Still, after listening to the fervid and eloquent statements of the



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