Union Questions, Or, Questions on Select Portions of Scripture from the Old and New Testaments: Containing the parables and other instructions of Our Lord Jesus Christ

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American Sunday School Union, 1834 - Bible

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Page 78 - I think with great probability, as having its principal view beyond the revolutions then near at hand ; to the rejection of the Jews, and the calling of the Gentiles.
Page 120 - What did he mean by saying he reaped where he had • not sown, and gathered where he had not strawed ! What did the Jews of old say of God ! — Ezck.
Page 4 - When the mind is once aroused and led forward in the right course, it receives no benefit from being burdened with too many questions. This sentiment is imbibed from long practice in this mode of examining the Scriptures. Too many questions also render the instruction mechanical, and prevent the teacher from the exercise of his own powers. It should also be remembered that these...
Page 6 - Sabbath-school, will find it good to send their children. But there are some families who are so situated that their children cannot be connected with any school. Some parents, who are thus situated, have already introduced this system of teaching their children on the Scbbath, either before or after the time of public worship.
Page 87 - What is the meaning of fared sumptuously? 20. What other person is mentioned in this parable ? Where was he laid ? What was his condition ? What do we understand by his being Laid at the gate!* Was there any public provision made for the poor in those days 1 21.
Page 114 - How are we cautioned against the love of the world? 1 John ii. 15. 6. What did the remnant do? Who are meant by the remnant? What is meant by "entreated them spitefully?
Page 48 - Every kind of what) 48. What was done -when the net was full? What -was done with the good ? What was done with the bad ? 49. What shall be done like this at the end of the world ? What is the meaning of sever? Who are the just1!
Page 81 - Did any one pity him ? 17. When he came to himself, what did he say? What is meant by his coming to himself? ' 18. What did he determine to do ? What did he resolve to say to his father ? What did he mean by saying, / have sinned against heaven ? Against whom is all sin committed ! Howl What did David say when weeping over his sins 7 —
Page 55 - Did he ask for it in a proper manner 1 29. What did his fellow-servant do ? What is the meaning of besought ? What did he promise ? 30. What did the other servant do ? 31. What did his fellow-servants do ? What lord was this ? — See verse 23.
Page 91 - Rom. ii. 23, 24. 3. What does the Lord here warn his disciples to do ? What is it to take heed to yourself? What was a disciple told to do, if a brother trespassed against him ? What is it to trespass against a brother 7 What is it to rebuke a person 1 What is written in the law of God concerning this 1 — Lev.

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