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through the Tradition of the Elders. But Chrift, and his Apoftles, expounded the Way of God more perfectly.

a He hath called us to Glory, and Virtue, and given unto us exceeding great and precious Promifes; that by thefe, we might be Partakers of the Divine Nature, having escaped the Corruption, that is in the World thro' Luft.

b This is the Gospel of the Grace of God, who will have Mercy, and not Sacrifice; which is the Power of God to Salvation, to every one that believeth. Therein, alfo, is revealed the Wrath of God from Heaven, against all Ungodliness, and Unrighteoufnefs of Men.

c The Word of the Lord endureth for ever: and this is the Word, which by the Gospel is preached unto us. It is easier for Heaven and Earth to pass away, than one tittle of the Law of Chrift to fail.

d Other Foundation can no Man lay than that is laid, which is Jefus Chrift. And, if any Man build upon this Foundation, Gold, Silver, precious Stones, Wood, Hay, Stubble; every Man's Work fhall be manifeft; and the Fire fhall try every Man's Work, of what fort it is.

He died for our SINS.

e Those things, which God before had fhewed, by the Mouth of all his Prophets, that Chrift fhould suffer, he hath fo fulfilled. For, the Chief Priests, and the Scribes, and Elders of the People of the Jews, condemned him to Death,

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and delivered him to the Gentiles, to mock, and to fcourge, and to crucify him: And, He was crucified between two Thieves, being obedient unto Death, even the Death of the Crofs.

a Chrift hath loved us, and hath given himself for us, an Offering, and a Sacrifice to God, for a fweet fmelling Savour.

b Chrift, our Paffover, is facrificed for us; who was the Lamb flain from the Foundation of the World.

c When we were yet without Strength, in due time, Chrift died for the ungodly. While we were yet Sinners, he died for us; and gave himfelf for our Sins, that he might deliver us from this prefent evil World.

d Chrift hath fuffered for Sins, the Juft for the unjuft, that he might bring us to God. Surely, he hath born our Griefs, and carried our Sorrows. He was wounded for our Tranfgreffions, he was bruised for our Iniquities; who, his own felf, bare our Sins, in his own Body, on the Tree, that we, being dead to Sin, fhould live unto. Righteoufnefs: by whofe Stripes we were healed.

e He, who knew no Sin, was made to be Sin for us, that we might be made the Righteoufnefs of God in him. The Lord hath laid on him the Iniquity of us all.

f Chrift hath redeemed us from the Curfe of the Law, being made a Curfe for us; that he might reconcile us unto God, by the Cross.

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a He loved us, and washed us from our Sins, in his own Blood; who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all Iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar People, zealous of good Works.

b The Son of Man gave himself a Ranfom for all; and, He is the Propitiation for the Sins of the whole World. He died for all, that they, which live. fhould not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto him which died for them.

He hath redeemed us to God, by his Blood, out of every Kindred, and Tongue, and People, and Nation.

d He fhall juftify many; for, he shall bear their Iniquities.

e We were not redeemed with corruptible things, as Silver, and Gold, but with the Precious Blood of Chrift, who was fore-ordained, before the Foundation of the World, but was manifeft in these last times, for us, who, by him, do believe in God. For, we are bought with a Price.

f Christ, our High-Prieft, not by the Blood of Goats, and Calves, but by his own Blood, entred in, once, into the Holy Place; having offered himself, without Spot, to God, and obtained eternal Redemption for us. Neither hath he often fuffered, fince the Foundation of the World; But now, once, in the end of the World, hath he appeared, to put away Sin, by

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the Sacrifice of himself. And, as it is appointed unto Men once to die; fo Chrift was once offered, to bear the Sins of many.

a Every other Prieft ftandeth daily miniftring, and offering, oftentimes, the fame Sacrifices, which can never take away Sins; but we are fanctified, through the Offering of the Body of Jefus Chrift, once for all. And, by one Offering, he hath perfected for ever them that are fanctified.

b This Jefus, being the Captain of our Salvation, and having tafted Death for every Man, was made perfect, through Sufferings; that, through Death, he might destroy him that had the Power of Death, that is, the Devil; and deliver them, · who, through fear of Death, were, all their Life-time, fubject to Bondage.

He laid down his Life, of himself, and no Man took it from him. And, hereby perceive we the Love of God, because he laid down his Life for us.

He rofe again for our JUSTIFICATION.

a The fame Chrift, who died for our Sins, was buried, and rofe again the third Day, according to the Scriptures, being put to Death in the Flesh, but quickned by the Spirit.

c God raised him up, and fhewed him openly, unto Witneffes, chofen before of God; whe faid none other things, than those which the Prophets, and Mofes did fay, fhould come; That Chrift fhould fuffer, and that he should be the firft that fhould rife from the Dead.

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a Tho' he was crucified through Weakness, yet he liveth by the Power of God; who loofed the Pains of Death; because it was not poffible that he should be holden of it.

bAs He had Power to lay down his Life; f He had Power to take it again.

c Chrift, being raised from the Dead, dieth no more; Death hath no more Dominion over him.

d He was declared to be the Son of God, with Power, by the Refurrection from the Dead.

e Thus it behoved Chrift to fuffer, and to rife from the Dead; that Repentance, and Remiffion of Sins, fhould be preached in his Name, among all Nations.

f He was delivered for our Offences, and raifed again for our Juftification. And therefore, have we a lively Hope, by the Resurrection of Jefus Chrift from the Dead.

g If Chrift be not rifen, then is there no Refurrection of the Dead, then is the Preaching of the Apostles vain; and our Faith is alfo vain; we are yet in our Sins: But now is Chrift rifen from the Dead, that we also fhould walk in Newness of Life. For, in that he died, he died unto Sin once; but, in that he liveth, he liveth unto God. likewife, let us reckon our felves alfo to be dead indeed unto Sin, but alive unto God, through Jefus Christ our Lord.

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