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J. Blackwood & Company, 1857 - 324 pages

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Page 6 - mid the brown mountain heather, Where the Pilgrim of Nature* lay stretched in decay, Like the corpse of an outcast abandoned to weather, Till the mountain winds wasted the tenantless clay. Nor yet quite deserted, though lonely extended, For, faithful in death, his mute favourite attended, The much-loved remains of her master defended, And chased the hill-fox and the raven away.
Page 127 - My hounds are bred out of the Spartan kind, So flewed, so sanded, and their heads are hung With ears that sweep away the morning dew ; Crook-kneed, and dewlapped like Thessalian bulls ; Slow in pursuit, but matched in mouth like bells, Each under each. A cry more tuneable Was never holla'd to, nor cheered with horn, In Crete, in Sparta, nor in Thessaly.
Page 44 - Oh, where does faithful Gelert roam ? the flower of all his race ! so true, so brave ! a lamb at home — a lion in the chase!
Page 45 - He called his child — no voice replied — He searched with terror wild : Blood ! blood ! he found on every side, But nowhere found the child. " Hellhound ! by thee my child's devoured !" The frantic father cried ; And to the hilt his vengeful sword He plunged in Gelert's side.
Page 155 - tis a most pretty show ! Through Cheapside and Fenchurch Street, and so to Aldgate pump, Each man 's with 's spurs in 's horse's sides, and his back-sword cross his rump. My lord he takes a staff in hand to beat the bushes o'er ; I must confess it was a work he ne'er had done before. A creature bounceth from a bush, which made them all to laugh ; My lord he cried, A hare ! a hare ! but it proved an Essex calf.
Page 44 - In sooth he was a peerless hound, The gift of royal John, But now no Gelert could be found, And all the chase rode on. And now, as o'er the rocks and dells The gallant chidings rise, All Snowdon's craggy chaos yells The many-mingled cries.
Page 98 - It would require more hands to manage a stock of sheep, gather them from the hills, force them into houses and folds, and drive them to markets, than the profits of the whole stock would be capable of maintaining.
Page 45 - His favourite checked his joyful guise, And crouched, and licked his feet. Onward, in haste, Llewellyn passed, And on went Gelert too; And still, where'er his eyes he cast, Fresh blood-gouts shocked his view. O'erturned his infant's bed he found. With blood-stained covert rent; And all around the walls and ground With recent blood besprent.
Page 45 - That day Llewellyn little loved the chase of hart or hare; And scant and small the booty proved, for Gelert was not there. Unpleased, Llewellyn homeward hied, when, near the portal seat, His truant Gelert he espied, bounding his lord to greet ; But when he gained the castle-door, aghast the chieftain stood; The hound was smeared with gouts...
Page 46 - Nor scratch had he, nor harm, nor dread, But the same couch beneath, Lay a great wolf, all torn and dead, Tremendous still in death. Ah, what was then Llewellyn's pain! For now the truth was clear: The gallant hound the wolf had slain, To save Llewellyn's heir. Vain, vain was all Llewellyn's wo: "Best of thy kind, adieu ! The frantic deed which laid thee low, This heart shall ever rue.

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