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from me.


unfeigned heart : when I shall vant : that I may live, and keep
have learned the judgements of thy word.
thy righteousness.

18 Open thou mine eyes: that 8 I will keep thy ceremonies : I

may see the wondrous things O forsake me not utterly! of thy law.

19 I am a stranger upon earth: 2d Part. (f)

O hide not thy commandments 9 WHEREWITHAL shall

' a
20 My soul breaketh ou(i

) young man cleanse his way :

for the very

fervent desire : the even by ruling himself after thy

it hath alway unto thy judge word. 10 With my whole heart have

21 Thou hast rebuked the I sought thee: O let me not go

proud : and cursed are they that wrong out of thy command

do err from thy commandments

. ments.

22. () turn from me shame 11 Thy words have I hid (8)

and rebuke : for I have kept thy within my heart : that I should

testimonies, not sin against thee.

23 Princes also did sit and 12 Blessed art thou, O Lord : O teach me thy statutes.

speak against me : but thy ser

vant is occupied in thy statutes. 13 With my lips have I been telling : of all the judgements of

24 For thy testimonies are my thy mouth.

delight : and my counsellors.
14 I have had as great delight

4th Part. (k)
in the way of thy testimonies :
as in all manner of riches.

My soul cleaveth to the

25 15 I will talk of thy com

dust : O quicken thou me acmandments : and have respect cording to thy word.

26 I have acknowledged my unto thy ways.

ways, and thou heardest me: 0 16 My delight shall be in thy

teach me thy statutes.
statutes : and I will not forget thy

27 Make me to understand the

way of thy commandments : and 3d Part. (b)

so shall í talk of thy wondrous

17 O do well unto thy ser- 28 My soul melteth away


[blocks in formation]

princes, i. e. Saul's courtiers, did sit and speak against him.

(i)Breaketh out," &c. The earnest- 4.28 ness with which he looked up to God is strongly expressed in Ps. lxii. 2. " My • soul ibirstein for thee, my Aesh also

longeth after thee ; in a barren and dry “ land, where no water is." And see Ps. xlii. 2.-cxlij. 6.

(k) Reflections, resolutions, and praye ers, during great distress.

very heaviness : comfort thou 38 Ostablish thy word in thy me according unto thy word. servant : that I


fear thee. 29 Take from me the way of 39 Take away the rebuke that lying : and cause thou me to I am afraid of : for thy judgemake much of thy law.

ments are good. 30 I have chosen the way of 40 Behold, my delight is in truth : and thy judgements have thy commandments : O quicken I laid before me.

me in thy righteousness. 31 I have stuck unto thy testimonies : O Lord, confound me

6th Part. (c) not.

41 Let thy loving- mercy 32 I will run the way of thy come also unto me, O Lord : commandments : when thou hast even thy salvation, according set my heart at liberty. :

unto thy word.

42 So shall I make answer

unto my blasphemers (p) : for MORNING PRAYER. my trust is in thy word.

43 O take not the word of 5th Part. (1)

thy truth (9) utterly out of my 33 Teach me, O Lord, the mouth : for my hope is in thy way of thy statutes : and I shall judgements. keep it unto the end.

44 So shall I alway keep thy 34 Give me understanding, law : yea, for ever and ever. and I shall keep thy law : yea, 45 And I will walk at liberty: I shall keep it with my whole for I seek thy commandments. heart.

46 I will speak of thy testimo35 Make me to go in the path nies also, even before kings (r) : of thy commandments : for therein and will not be ashamed. is

47 And my delight shall be in 36 Incline my heart unto thy thy commandments : which I have testimonies :' and not to covet- loved. ousness (m).

48 My hands (s) also will I lift 37 O turn away mine eyes, up unto thy commandments, lest they behold (n) vanity : and which I have loved : and my quicken thou me in thy way. study shall be in thy statutes.

my desire.

(?) A prayer for God's assistance to be instructed and kept in the ways of goodness.

(m) “ Covetousness," i. e. (perhaps) every species of inordinate desire.

(a) « Lest they behold," i. e. so as they may not behold.

( ) A prayer for protection, and resolutions to keep God's laws and courage

ously to speak of his testimonies. bo (p)“ Blasphemers," i. e. those who

scoff at me for my dependence upon thee. 3 (9) “ The word of thy truth," i. e.

(perhaps) thy promise of protection to

them who trust in thee. Let me not lose
the comfort of applying this promise to

(r) “ Before kings." This implies v. 46.
that the Psalm was written before David
was on the throne : after that he would
have had less fear of speaking before
kings, or other great men.

“ My hands," &c. The meaning v.48. is, either " I will adhere vigorously to

thy commandments,” or, I will swear solemnly to follow them; one of the Jewish modes of swearing was by lifting up the hand to heaven. See note on Ps. xliv. 21.

60 I made haste, and prolonged 7th Part. (1)

not the time : to keep thy com49 0 THINK upon thy ser- mandments. vant, as concerning thy word (u): 61 The congregations of the wherein thou hast caused me to

ungodly have robbed me : but I put my trust.

have not forgotten thy law. 50 The same is my comfort in

62 At midnight I will rise to my trouble : for thy word hath give thanks unto thee : because of quickened me.

thy righteous judgements. 51 The proud have had me 63 I am a companion of all exceedingly in derision : yet have them that fear thee : and keep I not shrinked from thy law; thy commandments. 52 For I remembered thine

64 The earth, O Lord, is full everlasting judgements, O Lord :

of thy mercy : 0 teach me thy and received comfort.

53 I am horribly afraid : for
the ungodly that forsake thy law.

gth Part. (z)
54 Thy statutes have been my
songs : in the house of my pil. 65 O LORD, thou hast dealt
grimage (x).
55 I have thought upon thy cording unto thy word.

graciously with thy servant : acName, O Lord, in the night-sea- 66 o learn me true under. son : and have kept thy law. 56 This I had : because I kept

standing and knowledge : for I

have believed thy command. thy commandments. 8th Part. (y)

67 Before I was troubled, I

went wrong : but now have I 57 Thou art my portion, o kept thy word. Lord : I have promised to keep 68 Thou art good and gra.

cious : 0 teach me thy statutes. 58

I made my humble petition 69 The proud have imagined in thy presence with my whole a lie against me : but I will keep heart : O be merciful unto me thy commandments with my according to thy word.

whole heart. 59 I called mine own ways to 70 Their heart is as fat (a) as remembrance : and turned my brawn : but my delight hath been feet unto thy testimonies.

in thy law.


thy law.


(c) A prayer for protection .

(u) “ Thy word,” &c. This may allude to God's promise to David mentioned, 2 Sam. v. 2. « Thou shalt feed “ my people Israel, and thou shalt be a “ captain over Israel."

(x) “House of my pilgrimage.” Perhaps the places where he concealed himself for fear of Saul.

(1) Reflections, resolutions, &c. after prayer and self-examination.

(z) A thanksgiving after deliverance from trouble, praying for further knowledge, and resolving to walk in God's commandment.

(a) “ Fat,"' &c. An expression to denote their arrogance. So Ps. xvii. 10, “ They are inclosed in their own fat, and “ their mouth speaketh proud things and Ps. lxxiii. 7." Their eyes swell with

fatness, and they do even what they « lust."


71 It is good for me that I 72 The law of thy mouth is have been in trouble : that I may dearer unto me : than thousands learn thy statutes.

of gold and silver.
Lessons for the Twenty-fifth Day of the Month throughout the rear.
January 25
February 25.

April 25. Morn. Wisd. v. Morn. Deut. v. Morn. Ecclus. ï. Morn. Ecclus. iv. Aets xxii. to 0.22.

Luke viii. (1)
John xii.

Acts xxj.
Even. Wisd. vi. Even. Deut. vi. Even. Ecclus. iii. Even. Ecclus. v.
Acts xxvi.
Eph. ii. (2)
I Tim. in.

1 John i. (3)

March 25.

[blocks in formation]


77 O let thy loving-mercies Ioth Part. (6)

come unto me, that I may live ;'

for thy law is my delight. 73 Thy hands have made

78 Let the proud be confoundme, and fashioned me : give ed, for they go wickedly about me understanding, that I may to destroy me : but I will be oclearn thy commandments, cupied in thy commandments. 74 They that fear thee will be

79 Let such as fear thee and glad when they see me : because have known thy testimonies : be I have put my trust in thy word. turned unto me. 75 I know, O Lord, that thy

80 O let my heart be sound judgements are right : and that in thy statutes : that I be not thou of very faithfulness hast

ashamed. caused me to be troubled. 76 O let thy merciful kindness

11th Part. (c) be my comfort : according to thy word unto thy servant.

8. My soul hath longed for

(6) Reflections in trouble, acknowledging the utmost dependence upon God and the justice of his judgments, praying earnestly for deliverance,

and resolving

to keep God's law.

(c) Reflections during trouble and per. secution, (probably written whilst David was concealed for fear of Saul) earnestly looking up to God for protection, and noticing the dangers he had undergone.

me ?

thy salvation (d) : and I have a 92 If my delight had not been good hope, because of thy word. in thy law : I should have perished

82 Mine eyes long sore for thy in my trouble. word: saying, “ O when wilt thou 93 I will never forget thy com" comfort me?”

mandments : for with them thou 83 For I am become like a hast quickened me. bottle (e) in the smoke : yet do I 94 I am thine, O save me : not forget thy statutes.

for I have sought thy command84 How many are the days of ments. thy servant : when wilt thou be 95 The ungodly laid wait for avenged of them that persecute me to destroy me : but I will

consider thy testimonies.
85 The proud have digged pits 96 I see that all things(b) come
for me : which are not after thy to an end (i): but thy command-

ment is exceeding broad (k).
86 All thy commandments are
true : they persecute me falsely ;

13th Part. (1)
O be thou my help.

97 Lord, what love have I 87 They had almost made an

unto thy law : all the day long is end of me upon earth : but I for. sook not thy commandments. 98 Thou, through thy com

88 O quicken me after thy | mandments, hast made me wiser loving-kindness : and so shall í than mine enemies : for they are keep the testimonies of thy ever with me. mouth.

99 I have more understanding

than my teachers (m): for thy tes12th Part.

timonies are my study. 89 O Lord, thy word : en- 100 I am wiser than the aged : dureth for ever in heaven. because I keep thy command90 Thy truth also remaineth

ments. from one generation to another : 101 I have refrained my feet thou hast laid the foundation of from every

evil way : that I may the earth, and it abideth.

keep thy word. 91 They (8) continue this day 102 I have not shrunk(n) from according to thine ordinance : for thy judgements : for thou teaches all things serve thee.

me ().

my study in it!


7.81. (d) Thy salvation," i.e. deliverance

at thy hand. v.83.

“ A bottle," &c. Their bottles were of skin, or leather, and when hung up in the smoke became parched, dried up, worn out. So here David is almost worn out by waiting.

(8) Upon the certainty of the fulfilment of God's promises, and the comfort

of keeping his commandments. 0.91. (8) “ They,'' i. e. either the founda

tions of the earth, or all things.


“All things,” i.e. all earthly thing .. (i) “Come to an end," i. e. fail, peristy (k

“ Broad," i. e. firm, stable, upon tyle a solid foundation, not (like earthly things) coming to an end, &c.

(1) An eulogium upon God's law.

Teachers, and verse 100, aged.” These verses imply that the writer was not very far advanced in years.

(u) “ Not shrunk," &c. i. e. I have . born my affli&tions with patience.

(0) · Thou teachest me," i.e. eitler !

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