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my Name.


hands : that thou hurt not thy I will rejoice in giving praise for foot against a stone.

the operations of thy hands. 13 Thou shalt go upon the 5 O Lord, how glorious are lion and adder : the young lion thy works : thy thoughts are very and the dragon shalt thou tread deep! under thy feet.

6 An unwise man doth not 14 “ Because he hath set his well consider this : and a fool “ love upon me, therefore will doth not understand it. “ I deliver him: I will set him 7 When (r) the ungodly are up, because he hath known

green as the grass, and when all

the workers of wickedness do 15 “ He shall call upon me,

flourish : then shall they be de" and I will hear him : yea, I am stroyed for ever ; but thou, Lord, “ with him in trouble; I will art the Most Highest for ever“ deliver him, and bring him to 6 honour.

8 For lo, thine enemies, o 16 “ With long life will I Lord, lo, thine enemies shall satisfy him : and shew him

my perish : and all the workers of o salvation.'

wickedness shall be destroyed.

9 But mine horn shall be exPsalm xcii. (9)

alted like the horn of an unicorn: It is a good thing to give thanks for I am anointed with fresh oil. unto the Lord : and to sing 10 Mine eye also shall see his praises unto thy Name, O Most lust (s) of mine enemies : and Highest;

mine ear shallhear his desire of the 2 To tell of thy loving-kind- wicked, that arise up against me. ness early in the morning : and 1 The righteous shall flourish of thy truth in the night-season; like a palm-tree (t) : and shall

3 Upon an instrument of ten spread abroad like a cedar in strings, and upon the lute : upon

Libanus. a loud instrument, and upon the 12 Such as be planted in the barp.

house of the Lord : shall flourish 4 For thou, Lord, hast made in the courts of the house of our me glad through thy works : and God.

what he assumed to be, the Son of God. Matt. iv. 6. See ante 82.

(9) A spirited invocation to the praise of God, noticing the punishments he brings upon the wicked, and the exaltation to which he advances the righteous. It was used by the Jews on their Sabbath. 7. (r) “ When," &c. The, certain

downfall of the wicked is the subject of the 37th and 73d Psalms, and how exquisitely is it described, Job xx. 4 to 8. " Knowest thou not this of old, since " man was placed upon earth, that the

triumphing of the wicked is short,

and the joy of the hypocrite but for a

a moment: though his excellency “ mount up to the heavens, and his head reach unto the clouds, yet he shall “ perish for ever ; they which have seen 66 him shall


" Where is he?" He “ shall fly away as a dream, and shall not “ be found ; yea, he shall be chased away as a vision of the night.”

« See his lust.” The same ex- v.10. pression frequently occurs. See Ps. liv. 7.-lix. 10.-cxii. 8.-cxvii. 7.

(6) “ A palm tree," which is more v. 11. fertile as it is older.

13 They also shall bring forth true (x) the Lord my strength is: more fruit (u) in their age : and and that there is no unrighteousshall be fat and well-liking ;

ness in him. 14 That they may shew how

Lessons for the Eighteenth Day of the Month throughout the rear.

[blocks in formation]

hath thy seat been prepared :

thou art from ever-lasting. EVENING PRAYER.

4 The floods (z) are risen, O Psalm xciii. (y)

Lord, the floods have lift up

their voice : the floods lift up The Lord is King, and hath put

their waves. on glorious apparel : the Lord 5 The waves of the sea are hath put on his apparel, and mighty, and rage horribly : but girded himself with strength. yet the Lord, who dwelleth on

2 He hath made the round high, is mightier. world so sure : that it cannot be 6 Thy testimonies, O Lord, moved.

are very sure : holiness becometh 3 Ever since the world began, thine house for ever.



(u) “ More fruit,' &c. like the palm tree mentioned in verse 11.

(x) “ True," i. e. steady to those who trust in him ; never deserting those who do not desert him.

(y) A spirited hymn on the transcendency of God's power.

(2) “ The floods," i. e. (perhaps) the great men of the earth. In 2 Sam.

xxii. 5. and in the Bible translation of Ps. xvii. 4. David speaks of the flood

of ungodly men" as making him afraid ; and in that fine passage, Is. lix. 19. the impetuosity of an enemy is described by resembling it to a flood; “ when the

enemy shall come in like a food, the spi: “ rit of the Lord shall lift up a standard

against him.”


Psalm xciv. (a)

II The Lord knoweth the O LORD God, to whom ven- thoughts of man : that they are

but vain. geance belongeth (6): thou God, to whom vengeance belongeth,

12 Blessed is the man whom shew thyself.

thou chastenest, O Lord : and 2 Arise, thou Judge of the

teachest him in thy law; world : and reward the proud

13 That thou mayest give after their deserving.

him (d) patience in time of ad3 Lord, how long shall the versity : until the pit be digged ungodly : how long shall the un- up for the ungodly. godly triumph ?

14 For the Lord will not fail 4 How long shall all wicked his people : neither will he fordoers speak so disdainfully : and

sake his inheritance; make such proud boasting ?

15 Until (e) righteousness turn 5 They smite down thy people, again unto judgement : all such O Lord and trouble thine as are true in heart shall follow

it. heritage. 6 They murder the widow 16 Who will rise


with and the stranger : and put the against the wicked : or who will fatherless to death.

take my part against the evil 7 And yet they say, “Tush, the

doers? « Lord shall not see: neither shall 17 If the Lord had not helped " the God of Jacob regard it.” me : it had not failed, but my

8 Take heed, ye unwise among soul (f ) had been put to silence. the people : 0 ye fools, when 18 But when I said, will ye understand?

« foot hath slipped : thy mercy, 9 He that planted the ear,

O Lord, held me up. shall he not hear : or he that 19 In the multitude of the sormade the eye, shall he not see? rows that I had in my heart :

10 Or he that nurtureth the thy comforts have refreshed my heathen : it is he that teacheth (c) soul. man knowledge, shall not he 20 Wilt thou have any thing punish?

to do with the stool of wicked


- My


(a) An earnest prayer to God for de liverance from the persecutions and unjust decisions of the wicked, and a confident assurance in his prote&tion.

(6) “ To whom vengeance belongeth.” In the Song of Moses, about 1450 years before our Saviour's birth, Deuter. xxxii. 35. God is represented as saying, “ To me belongeth vengeance and re

compence;" and St. Paul refers to it in that admirable passage, Rom. xii. 19. (ante 57.) “ It is written, vengeance is

mine, I will repay, saith the Lord.". Before man taketh upon himself to reyenge, it is worth considering whether he is not encroaching upon that which

God hath said shall belong wholly to

(c) “ Teacheth," &c. i.e. (probably) v. 10.
if he is at the pains to teach, shall not he
punish those who will not learn, who dis-
regard his teaching?

(d) “ That thou mayest give him," v. 13, i. e. (perhaps) so as to give him, or in order to give him.

(e) “ Úntil,” &c. i. e. (perhaps) until v.15. the righteous again prevail ; until righteousness again possesses the seat of judgment, and gives its recompence to every act.

9) "My soul," &c. i.e. my life had 0.17. been taken away.

ness (8) : which imagineth (5) 7 For he is the Lord our mischief as a law?

Gód : and we are the people of 21 They gather them together his pasture, and the sheep of his against the soul (i) of the righte- hand. Qus : and condemn the innocent : To-day if ye will hear his blood.

voice, harden not your hearts : 22 But the Lord is my re- as in the provocation, and as fuge : and my God is the strength in the day of temptation in the of my confidence.

wilderness; 23 He shall recompence them 9 When your fathers temptad their wickedness and destroy me : proved me, and saw my them in their own malice : yea, works. the Lord our God shall destroy 10 Forty years long was ! them.

grieved with this generation, and said : “It is a people that do err

“ in their hearts; for they have MORNING PRAYER. s6 not known my ways. Psalm xcv. (k)

11 Unto whom I sware in my O come, let us sing unto the

wrath : that they should not enter Lord : let us heartily rejoice in

into my rest.
the strength of our salvation.
2 Let us come before his

Psalm xcvi. (0)

presence with thanksgiving : and

thanksgiving : and sing unto the Lord a new shew ourselves glad in him with song : sing unto the Lord, all the psalms.

whole earth. 3 For the Lord is a great

2 Sing unto the Lord, and God : and a great King above praise his Name : be telling of his

salvation (m) from day to day. 4 In his hand are all the 3 Declare his honour unto the corners of the earth : and the heathen : and his wonders unto strength of the hills is his also.

5 The sea is his, and he made 4 For the Lord is great, it : and his hands prepared the cannot worthily be praised : he dry land.

is more to be feared than all 6 O come, let us worship and gods. fall down : and kneel before the

5. As for all the gods of the Lord our Maker;

heathen, they are but idols (e):

all gods.

all people.


0. 20.

(8) “The stoolof wickedness," i.e. (probably) the judgment-seat of wicked judges.

(b) “ Imagineth," &c. i.e. (perhaps). 0.20. treateth mischief as a law, as a rule of


(i) “ Soul," i.e. life. v.21. (4) See ante, p. 3. where this Psalm

(1) A spirited invocation to the praise of God. It is part of the hymn deliver

ed by David to Asaph and his brethren, about 1043 years before the birth of Christ, on the day he brought up the ark of God from the house of Obededom to Mount Sion. See i Chron. xvi

. 7: and 23 to 34. The former Part of the hyrun is to be found in

(m) “ His salvation," i.e. the aid he s.. gives.

) « Idols." The absurdity of idol 6.5.

also occurs.

but it is the Lord that made (6) 13 For he cometh, for he the heavens.

cometh to judge the earth : and 6 Glory and worship are be- with righteousness to judge the fore him : power and honour are world, and the people with his in his sanctuary.

truth. 7 Ascribe unto the Lord, O ye kindreds of the people : ascribe

Psalm xcvii. (r) unto the Lord worship and The Lord is King, the earth may power.

beglad thereof: yea, the multitude 8 Ascribe unto the Lord the of the isles may be glad thereof. honour due unto his Name : 2 Clouds and darkness are bring presents, and come into his round about him : righteousness courts.

and judgement are the habita9 O worship the Lord in the tion (s) of his seat. beauty of holiness (o) : let the 3 There shall

go (t) a fire bewhole earth stand in awe of him. fore him : and burn up his ene

10 Tell it out among the mies on every side. heathen, that the Lord is King : 4 His lightnings gave shine and that it is he who hath made unto the world : the earth saw it the round world so fast that it and was afraid. cannot be moved ; and how that 5 The hills (u) melted like wax he shall judge the people righte- at the presence of the Lord : at ously.

the presence of the Lord of the ií Let the heavens (9) rejoice, whole earth. and let the earth be glad : let the 6 The heavens have declared sea make a noise, and all that

his righteousness : and all the therein is.

people have seen his glory. 12 Let the field be joyful, and 7 Confounded be all they that all that is in it: then shall all the

worship carved images and that trees of the wood rejoice before delight in vain gods : worship the Lord.

him (x), all ye gods.

v. 5.

worship is admirably ridiculed in Is. xliv. 13 to 19. See post, note on Psalm CXXXV. 15.

(0) « Made," &c. so that he must be 0,11. the true God. 0.9. (p)“ Beauty of holiness," i.e. perhaps

a part of the place of worship to which

this name was given. D.II. (9) “ The heavens," &c. How highly

poetical it is to call upon the heavens and the earth, the sea and fields, &c. the inanimate parts of the creation, to partake in this joy! See note on Ps. Ixv. So in Ps. cxlviii

. 3, &c. they are called upon to join in praising God : « Praise him,

sun and moon; praise him, all ye stars " and light,” &c. &c. and see Isaiah xliv. 23.—xlix. 13.

(r) A spirited hymn upon the supe

riority and irresistible power of God:
probably a hymn of triumph, after some
signal victory : perhaps one, in which
thunder and lightning had contributed to
discomfit the enemy. The 29th Psalm
is an animated composition upon the same

(s) For “ habitation," Dr. Hammond v.2. reads “ basis,"

(t) For “ shall go" and “burn," the v. 3. readings should perhaps be “ went” and “ burnt.”

(u) “ The hills," i, e. (perhaps) the v.5. troops upon the hills.

(*) Worship him,” &c. The au. v.7. thor of the Epistle to the Hebrews is supposed to refer to this passage, 1 Heb. vi.“ Again, when he bringeth in the first “ begotten into the world, he saith, and


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