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Psalm lii. (y)

ing, and root thee out of the land Why boastest thou thyself, thou

of the living tyrant : that thou canst do mis- 7 The righteous also shall see chief;

this, and fear : and shall la


him to scorn ; 2 Whereas (z) the goodness of God : endureth yet daily?

8 (6) “ Lo, this is the man that 3 Thy tongue imagineth wick. 66 took not God for his strength : edness: and with lies thou cut

6 but trusted unto the multitude test(a) like a sharp razor.

“ of his riches, and strengthened 4. Thou hast loved unrighteous

" himself in his wickedness." ness more than goodness : and to 9 As for me, I am like a

green talk oflies more than righteousness.

olive-tree in the house of God: 5 Thou hast loved to speak all

my trust is in the tender of

mercy words that

do hurt : 0 thou

God for ever and ever. false tongue!

10 I will always give thanks 6 Therefore shall God destroy

unto thee (c) for that thou hast thee for ever : he shall take thee, done : and I will hope in thy and pluck thee out of thy dwell- Name, for thy saints like it well.

Lessons for the Tenth Day of the Month throughout the rear.

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September 10.

October 1o.

November 10. December 10 Morn. Micah ii. Morn. Judith xi. Morn. Eccl. xxxii. Morn. Isaiah xxxin. Matt. xi. (9) Mark xiii.

John ii. (10) A&s x.(11) Even. Micah jii. Even. Judith xii. Even. Eccl. xxxiv. Even. Isaiah xxxiv. Rom. xi. 2 Cor. ix. 2 Thess. i.

James ii. (1) ante 57.61. (2) ante 181. 170. (3) ante 81.

(4) ante 29.

(5) ante 39 (6) ante 37.61. (7) ante 109 (8) ante 158. (9) ante 31. 81.

(10) ante só. (11) ante 128. 156.

(y) This Psalm is supposed to have about 1062 years before the birth of been written by David against Doeg the Christ. Edomite, for having falsely accused (2) “ Whereas,' &c. The meaning Ahimelech, the priest, of inquiring of probably is, why do you act so much God for David against Saul, in conse- in opposition to God's example? why do quence of which Saul gave an order for you make mischief your boast, when his slaying Abimelech and all the priests : delight is to do good ? and Doeg executed it, by slaying 85 (a)“Cuttest,” &c. See noteon priests, and smiting their city, both men (6) These are the words it was supand women, children and sucklings, and posed the righteous might use at Doeg's oxen and asses, and sheep, with the edge downfall. of the sword. See i Sam. xxii. This was (c) “ Thee," i.e. God.

my mouth.

given unto Israel out of Sion : EVENING PRAYER.

Oh, that the Lord would deliver

his people out of captivity (8)! Psalm liü. (d)

8 Then should Jacob rejoice : The foolish body hath said in

and Israel should be right glad. his heart : “ There is no God.” 2 Corrupt are they, and be

Psalm liv. (b) come abominable in their wicked. ness : there is none that doeth


me, O God, for thy Names good.

sake : and avenge me in thy 3 God looked down from hea- strength. ven upon the children of men : 2 Hear my prayer, O God : to see if there were any that

and hearken unto the words of would understand (e), and seek after God.

3 For strangers are risen up 4 But they are all gone out of against me : and tyrants, which e the the way, they are altogether be.

have not God before their eyes, come abominable : there is also seek after my soul. none that doeth good, no, not

4 Behold, God is my helper :

the Lord is with them (i) that up5 Are not they without under- hold my soul. standing, that' work wickedness :


He shall reward evil unto eating up my people as if they mine enemies : destroy thou them would eat bread ? they have not in thy truth. called upon God.

6 An offering of a free heart 6 They were afraid where no will I give thee, and praise thy fear (f) was : for God hath bro- Name, O Lord : because it is so ken the bones of him that be- comfortable. sieged thee; thou hast put them

7 For he hath delivered me to confusion, because God hath out of all my trouble : and mine despised them.

eye hath seen his desire (k) upon 7 Oh, that the salvation were mine enemies.


(4) Upon the blasphemy, wickedness, &c. of those against whom the Psalm is written, with an allusion to some discomfiture they had experienced, and a prayer for deliverance. It is nearly the same as the 14th Psalm.

(e) “ Would understand," i.e. had a right mind, true wisdom, the wisdom of seeking after God.

“ No fear," i. e, no real cause for fear; no danger. . $ (3) “ Captivity." This may mean nothing more than “ distress.”

(b) A short prayer for deliverance, with a thankful conclusion, as though it had been granted. It is supposed to have been written by David, when the Ziph

ites informed Saul where he was, and Saul and his men compassed David round about in the wilderness of Maon, but was drawn off by an invasion of the Philistines. See 1 Sam. xxiii. 25 to 28. The first three verses are considered as written whilst Saul was coming against him, the fourth and fifth when Saul was called off, and the last two when the danger was quite over. It is one of the

proper Psalms for Good-Friday.

(1) “ With them,” &c. i.e. it is be v.4. that upholds, &c. he is one of them that upholds. (k) “ Seen his desire," &c. The same

0.7. expression, Ps. lix. 10.—Ps. xcii. 10.Ps. cxii. 8.-Ps. cxviii. 7.

mischief also and sorrow are in Psalm lv. (1)

the midst of it. Hear my prayer, O God : and

II Wickedness is therein : hide not thyself from my peti- deceit and guile go not out of tion.

their streets. 2 Take heed unto me, and hear 12 For it is not an open eneme : how I mourn in my prayer, my, that hath done me this disand am vexed.

honour : for then I could have 3 The enemy crieth sò, and the borne it. ungodly cometh on so fast : for 13 Neither was it mine adverthey are minded to do me some sary, that did magnify himself mischief, so maliciously are they against me : for then peradven. set against me.

ture I would have hid myself 4 My heart is disquieted within

from him ; me : and the fear of death is fallen

14 But it was even thou(n), upon me.

my companion : my guide, and 5 Fearfulness and trembling mine own familiar friend. are come upon me : and an hor. 15 We took sweet counsel torible dread hath overwhelmed me. gether : and walked in the house

6 And I said, “ O that I had of God as friends.

wings like a dove : for then 16 Let death come hastily “ would I flee away, and be at upon them, and let them go down rest.

quick into hell : for wickedness 7 “Lo, then would I get me is in their dwellings, and among away

far off : and remain in them. 6 the wilderness,

17 As for me, I will call upon 8 " I would make haste to God: and the Lord shall save me.

escape : because of the stormy 18 In the evening, and morn66 wind and tempest.'

ing, and at noon-day will I pray, 9 Destroy their tongues (m), and that instantly () : and he O Lord, and divide them : for I shall hear my voice. have spied unrighteousness and 19 It is he, that hath delivered strife in the city.

my soul in peace from the battle 10 Day and night they go that was against me : for there about within the walls thereof :

were many with me ().

(1) This Psalm was probably written by David at the time of Absalom’s rebellion, when Ahitophel, David's own counsellor, was amongst the conspirators, and David with his servants fled from Jerusalem. See 2 Sam. xv. 12. 31. It expresses the infidelity of the people, the perfidy of one of them in particular, the consternation into which it had thrown him, his earnest prayer for deliverance, and his full confidence in God's protection.

(m) “ Tongues," i. e. (probably)

counsels ; the plans they have agreed upon,

(n) “ Thou," i.e. Ahitophel. A, similar complaint occurs,

Ps. xli. 9 “ Even mine own familiar friend, whom “ I trusted, who did also eat of my “ bread, hath laid wait for me

(0) “Instantly," i. e. earnestly pressing upon him.

(p). Many with me,'' i. e. (perhaps), God was with me, who gives more assistance than any numbers.

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20 Yea, even God, that en

MORNING PRAYER. dureth for ever, shall hear me,

Psalm lvi. (x) and bring them (9) down : for Be merciful unto me, O God; they will not turn, nor fear God. for man goeth about to devour

21 He(r) laid his hands upon me : he is daily fighting and such as be at peace with him : troubling me. and he brake his covenant.

2 Mine enemies are daily in 22 The words of his mouth hand to swallow me up : for they were softer than butter, having be many that fight against me, war in his heart : his words were O thou most Highest ! smoother than oil, and yet be they 3 Nevertheless, though I am very swords (s).

sometime afraid : yet put I my 23 O cast thy burden upon the trust in thee. Lord, and he shall nourish thee :

4 I will praise God, because and shall not suffer the righteous of his word (y) : I have put my to fall for ever.

trust in God, and will not fear 24 And as for them (t): thou, what flesh can do unto me. O God, shalt bring them into the 5 They daily mistake (z) my pit of destruction.

words : all (a) that they imagine 25 The blood-thirsty and is to do me evil. deceitful men shall not live (u) 6 They hold all together, and out half their days : neverthe- keep themselves close : and mark less, my trust shall be in thee, O

my steps (6), when they lay wait Lord.

for my soul.


occurs :

xvi. 13.

(9) “ Them,” and “ they," i.e. his

other blessings)

length of days is in opponents, the enemy, the ungodly, men- “ her right hand, and in her left hand tioned verse 3:

" riches and honour." 21.

“ He,” i. e. the traitor of whom (x) This Psalm is supposed to have he is complaining

been written by David, during his ab(s) “Swords.” So Ps. lvii.


mention sence for fear of Saul, and whilst Saul is made of men, “ whose teeth are spears was seeking to destroy him. It com" and arrows, and their tongue a sharp | plains of his enemies, but expresses the “ sword.And Ps. lix. 7. of those who utmost confidence in God's protection.

speak with their mouth, and swords (y) “ His word.” This might allude v.4.

are in their lips.So Ps. lxiv. 3. In to the assurance God had given David Prov. xii. 18. the same figurative idea that he should be king : Samuel anointed

“ There is that speaketh like him before Saul knew him. See 1 Sam. " the piercings of a sword.” And Prov. xviii. 8. « The words of a tale-bearer are

Mistake,” i. e. put a false con- s.

1.5. as wounds,” &c. And Ps. lii. 3.“With

struction upon. “ lies thou cuttest like a sharp rasor." (a) “ All,” &c. i.e. they think of w.5. ), 24. (1) Them,” i. e. his opponents.

nothing else. 20.25.

“ Not live,” &c. Length of days,


“ Mark my steps.” He might al. v.6. on the contrary, is one of the promises lude to the information from time to time to the righteous. Prov. iii. 1, 2. My given to Saul where David was: Saul was

son, forget not my law, but let thine told of his being at Keilah: the Ziphites “ heart keep my commandments: for informed him when David hid himself

length of days, and long life, and peace, with them in strong holds in the wood, « shall they add to thee." And Prov. in the hill of Hachilah ; and Saul was i. 13. 16.

Happy is the man that again told of it when David was in the “ findeth wisdom, and the man that wilderness of Engedi. See 1 Sam. xxiii. “ getteth understanding : for” (among 7. 19:-xxiv. I.


7 Shall they escape for their merciful unto me; for my soul wickedness : thou, O God, in thy trusteth in thee ; and under the displeasure shalt cast them down. shadow () of thy wings shall be

8 Thou tellest my fittings; my refuge, until this tyranny be put my tears into thy bottle : are overpast. not these things noted in thy 2 I will call unto the most book?

high God : even unto the God, 9 Whensoever I call upon

that shall perform the cause, thee, then shall mine enemies be which I have in hand. put to flight : this I know; for 3 He shall send from heaven : God is on my side.

and save me from the reproof of 10 In God's word (c) will I him that would eat me up. rejoice : in the Lord's word will 4 God shall send forth his I comfort me.

mercy and truth : my soul is 11 Yea, in God have I put my trust : I will not be afraid what 5 And I lie even among the man can do unto me.

children of men that are set on 12 Unto thee, O God, will I fire (8) : whose teeth are spears pay my vows : unto thee will I and arrows, and their tongue (h)

a sharp sword. 13 For (d) thou hast delivered 6 Set up (i) thyself, O God, my soul from death, and my feet above the heavens : and thy glory from falling : that I may walk

above all the earth. before God in the light of the 7 (k) They have laid a net for living

my feet, and pressed down my

soul : they have digged a pit bePsalm lvii. (e)

fore me, and are fallen into the Be merciful unto me, O God, be

midst of it themselves.

among lions.

give thanks.

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(c) “ God's word." See note on verse 4:

(d) The Septuagint translation is, " Because thou hast delivered


soul,” &c." therefore will I walk,” &c. making his service to God a return for God's protection to him. This passage, with a little variation, occurs in Psalm cxvi. 8, 9.

(e) This Psalm is supposed to have been written by David, on account of his escape at the cave of Engedi. Saul went out with 3000 chosen men to seek him, went into the cave where David was without perceiving him, and lay down to sleep there : David cut off the skirt of Saul's robe whilst he was sleeping, and so shewed him, that had he wished it, he might have killed him. It is one of the proper Psalms for Easter Day, probably because then our Saviour made his great escape from the power of death, and ex.

tricated himself for ever from the hands of his enemies.

c) “ Under the shadow,” &c. The taking refuge under the shadow or covering of God's wings is poetical; (see ante 255. note on Ps.xvii. 8.) and so is the address in verse 9. to the lute and harp.

(8) “ Children of men that are set on s. “ fire,” i. e. men of great fury, violence, &c. a strong figurative expression.

(b) “ Their tongue,” &c. See note on ci Ps. lv. 22. ante 309;

(1) “ Set up,” &c. A burden to the hymn ; shew thy superiority, by giving me deliverance. (k) This


allude to Saul's situation in the cave; he was endeavouring to get the opportunity of taking away David's life ; and the opportunity of taking away his life was given to David. See note on Ps. vii. 16. ante 246.

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