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7 That I may shew the voice 10 In whose hands is wickedof (n) thanksgiving : and tell of ness : and their right hand is full all thy wondrous works.

of gifts (p). 8 Lord, I have loved the habit- 1 But as for me, I will walk ation of thy house : and the place innocently : 0 deliver me, and where thine honour dwelleth (6). be merciful unto me.

9 O shut not up my soul with 12 My foot standeth right : I the sinners : nor my life with the will praise the Lord in the conblood-thirsty;

gregations (9).
Lessons for the Fifth Day of the Month throughout the rear.

March 5.

January 5. Morn. Gen, vii.

Matt. iv.(1) Even. Gen. viii.

Rom. iv.(2)

February 5.
Morn. Exod. xvi. Morn. Deut. xxiv.
Mark v.

Luke xvi. (3)
Even. Exod. xvii. Even. Deut. xxv.
2 Cor. i.

Phil. iv. (4)

April 5.
Morn. i Sam. xiii.

Acts ii. (5)
Even. 1 Sam. xiv.

Heb. vii.

June 5.

May 5.
Morn. I Kings xiv. Morn. Job iv.
Matt. iii.

Mark vi.
Even. 1 Kings xv. Even. Job v.

Rom. iv.(6) 2 Cor.ii. (7)

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November 5.

September 5.
October 5.

December 5.
Morn. Amos v. Morn. Judith i. Morn. Ecclus, xxii. Morn, Isaiah xxiii. (10)

Mark viii.(12) Luke xxi. (14) Acts vi. Even. Amos vi. Even. Judith ii. Even. Ecclus. xxiii. Even. Isaiah xxiv. Rom. vi.(11) 2 Cor. iv. (13) 1 Thess. i.

Heb. xi. (1) ante 82. 225. (2) ante 48. (3) ante 185. 164. (4) ante 32. (s) ante 153.

(6) ante 48. (7) ante 191. (8) ante 197

(9) ante 221. (10) ante 79. 199. (11) ante 178. 180. (12) ante 180.

(13) ante 203. (14) ante 29.

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taketh me up

there rose up war against me, yet

from me : nor cast thy servai will I put my trust in him. away in displeasure.

4 One thing (u) have I desired 11 Thou hast been my su of the Lord, which I will require : cour : leave me not, neither fo even that I may dwell in the house sake me, O God of my salvi of the Lord all the days of my

tion. life, to behold the fair beauty of 12 When () my father an the Lord, and to visit his temple. my mother forsake me : the Lor

5 For in the time of trouble he shall hide me (x) in his taber- 13 Teach me thy way, nacle : yea, in the secret place Lord : and lead me in the righ of his dwelling shall he hide me, way, because of mine enemies. and set me up upon a rock of 14 Deliver me not over int stone.

the will of mine adversaries : fo 6 And now shall he lift up there are false witnesses (a) riser mine head : above mine enemies up against me, and such as speal round about me.

wrong 7 Therefore will I offer in his 15 I should utterly have faint dwelling an oblation with great ed: but that I believe verily to gladness : I will sing, and speak see the goodness of the Lord in praises unto the Lord.

the land of the living (b).
8 Hearken unto my voice, O 16 O tarry thou(c) the Lord's
Lord, when I cry unto thee : leisure : be strong, and he shall
have mercy upon me, and hear comfort thine heart ; and put

thou thy trust in the Lord.
9 My heart hath talked of
thee; “ Seek ye my face (y).

Psalm xxviii. (d)
Thy face, Lord, will I seek. Unto thee will I cry, O Lord,

10 O hide not thou thy face my strength : think no scom of


xlix. 15.

V. 4.

is an equally courageous and confident
assertion, Ps. iïi. 6. I will not be afraid
“ for ten thousands of the people, that
“ have set themselves against me round
or about."

(u) “One thing," &c. i.e. probably,
this is my chief wish ; the thing I have
desired above all others. He often notices
the delight it gives him to be able to visit
the place of God's worship. See Ps. xlii.
-Ps. lxxxiv.

(xv) “ Hide me," &c. So Ps. xxxi. 22. “ Thou shalt hide them" (i.e. those that trust in thee) “privily by thy own pre

sence, from the provoking of all men : “ thou shalt keep them secretly in thy 6 tabernacle," &c.

(y) The Bible translation is, “ When “ thou saidst, “ Seek ye my face," my “ heart said unto thee, Thy face, Lord, " will I seek ;" which seems preferable.

(2) “ When,” &c. An idea, nearly similar, is beautifully expressed, Isaiah

“ Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have

compassion on the son of her womb? “ Yea, they may forget ; yet will not I

forget thée."

(a) “ False witnesses.” He makes the same complaint, Ps. xxxv. 11.

" False “ witnesses did rise up : they laid to my “ charge things that I knew not."

(6) * In the land of the living," i.e. probably, even in this life, whilst 1 yet live.

(c) “Thou,” i.e. probably, mankind in general

. It does not appear to be addressed to any one in particular.

(d) An earnest prayer to God to hear his supplications, to deliver him, and to discomfit the wicked, concluding with a spirited song of exultation, as if God had

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me, lest if thou make as though 7 Praised be the Lord : for thou hearest not, I become he hath heard the voice of my like them that go down into the humble petitions. pit (e).

8 The Lord is my strength, 2 Hear the voice of my humble and my shield; my heart hath petitions, when I cry unto thee : trusted in him, and I am helped : when I hold up my hands to. therefore my heart danceth for wards the mercy-seat (f) of thy joy, and in my song will I praise holy temple.

him. 3 O pluck me not away, neither 9 The Lord is my strength : destroy me with the ungodly and he is the wholesome defence and wicked doers : which speak

of his Anointed. friendly to their neighbours, but 10 O save thy people, and imagine mischief in their hearts. give thy blessing unto thine in

4 Reward them according to heritance : feed them, and set their deeds : and according to

for the wickedness of their own inventions.

Psalm xxix. (1) 5 Recompence them after the Bring unto the Lord, o ye work of their hands : pay them mighty, bring young rams unto that they have deserved.

the Lord : ascribe unto the Lord 6 For they regard not (3) in worship and strength. their mind the works of the Lord, 2 Give the Lord the honour nor the operation of his hands : due unto his Name : worship the therefore shall he break them Lord with holy worship. down, and not build them

up: 3 It is the Lord (i) that com

them up



signified to him, during the progress of the Psalm, that he would grant his request. The first six verses contain the prayer ; the other four the song of exultation. David is supposed to have been the author.

(e) “ Them, that go down into the

pit," i. e. the dead. 0.2.

(f) “ Mercy seat.” In Exod. xxv. and xxvi. is an account of God's commands to the Israelites for making him "a sanctuary, that he might dwell

among them ;” and after giving them directions as to the ark, he told them to make a mercy-seat of pure gold, and to put it above upon the ark, and there, said he, “ I will meet with thee, and I will

commune with thee from above the

mercy seat, from between the two “ cherubims which are upon the ark of “the testimony." It was natural, therefore, in his earnest prayers in the tabernacle that David should direct his eyes too that place. When Moses went into the tabernacle after its sanctification, and

after the offerings of the princes," he “ heard the voice of one speaking unto “ him from off the mercy seat, that was

upon the ark of testimony, from be“ tween the two cherubims," Numb. vii. 89. and it was probably to the mercy, seat that they looked when they inquired of the Lord. See 1 Sam. xxiii. 2. 4:Ezek. xiv. 3.-XX. 3• 31.

(p)“ Regard not,” &c. So Is. v. 12. v.6. God denounces woe to those who riot and feast, but "regard not the work of “ the Lord, neither consider the opera" tion of his hands ;” and see Ps. lxxxvi. 10.—xcii. 4.-cxi. 2.

(b) A hymn of triumph, of great spirit and grandeur, after some victory, probably one in which a storm of thunder, lightning, and rain had contributed to discomfit the enemy. See Ps. xcrü.

(1) “ The Lord, &c. How magni- v.3. ficent is Job's description of God's power," which removeth the mountains, is and they know not ; which over:


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mandeth the waters (k): it is the the thick bushes : in his temple(s) glorious God that maketh the doth every man speak of his thunder.

honour. 4

It is the Lord that ruleth the 9 The Lord sitteth above the sea; the voice of the Lord (1) is water-flood (t) : and the Lord mighty in operation : the voice of remaineth a King for ever. the Lord is a glorious voice.

10 The Lord shall give strength 5 The voice of the Lord break- unto his people : the Lord shall eth the cedar-trees : yea, the Lord give his people the blessing of breaketh the cedars of Libanus.

6 He maketh them also to
skip (m) like a calf : Libanus also,
and Sirion (n) like a young uni- MORNING PRAYER.

Psalm xxx. (u)
7 The voice of the Lord di-
videth (6) the flames of fire; the || I will magnify thee, O Lord,
voice of the Lord shaketh the for thou hast set me up : and not
wilderness : the Lord shaketh made my foes to triumph over
the wilderness of Cades (o).

me. 8 The voice of the Lord 2 O Lord my God, I cried maketh the hinds (9) to bring unto thee : and thou hast healed forth young, and discovereth (r) me.


: yea,

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“ turneth them in his anger. Which
« shaketh the earth out of her place,
" and the pillars thereof tremble. Which
“ commandeth the sun, and it riseth not,
"" and sealeth up the stars. Which alone
w spreadeth out the heavens, and tread-
“ eth upon the waves of the sea. Which
“ doeth great things past finding out ;

yea, and wonders without number:
« Lo, he goeth by me, and I see him
not; he passeth on also, but I

per66 ceive him not. Behold he taketh

away, who can hinder him ? who will

say unto him, what doest thou ?" Job ix. 5 to 12.

(6) “ The waters," and, consequent

ly, the rain.
9.4,5. (!) “ The voice of the Lord,” i. e.
7,8. probably, in these passages, “ the thun-

« der." Thunder is called “the voice
“ of the Lord,” Job. xxxvii. 2. So

“ Hast thou an arm like God?
or canst thou thunder with a voice like
« him?"

(m) “ To skip.” The same idea occurs Ps. cxiv. 6. “ what aileth thee, O “ thou sea, that thou Aeddest, and thou “ Jordan, that thou wast driven back : " ye mountains, that ye skipped like rams, « and ye little bills, like young sheep."

(n)“ Libanus and Sirion," two lofty mountains. (0) “ Divideth,” &c. i.e. perhaps

, sends the dirided or forked lightning

() Cades," called elsewhere • Ka-. 6 desh.”

(g) “ Maketh the hinds to bring forth S.

young," from the terror it raises in them; hinds being remarkable, in general, for bringing forth with difficulty

. Bp., Lowth considers this below the dignity and grandeur of the other images, and he reads, “ shaketh the oaks."

(r) “Discovereth,” i.e. uncovereth, strippeth, maketh bare.

() For “ in his temple,” &c. Lee Clerc and Bishop Hare read, “ In the “heavens" (poetically called " his

temple”) does every thing proclaim

() « The waterflood," i.e. probably, the clouds of heaven : the storehouses of rain. So, “He rides in the whirlwind, “ and directs the storm."

(u) A thanksgiving, either after a recovery from sickness, or deliverance from an enemy. Bp. Patrick thinks it was written by David, after his deliverance from the rebellion of Absalom.

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" his glory."

Job xl. 9.



3 Thou, Lord, hast brought 11 “ Hear, O Lord, and have my soul out of hell (x) : thou hast

mercy upon me : Lord, be kept my life from them that go “ thou my helper." down to the pit (y).

12 Thou hast turned my heavi4 Sing praises unto the Lord, ness into joy : thou hast put off O ye saints of his : and give my sackcloth (d), and girded me thanks unto him for a remem- with gladness. brance of his holiness.

13 Therefore (e) shall every 5 For his wrath endureth but good man sing of thy praise, the twinkling of an eye, and in without ceasing : O my God, I his pleasure is life (z) : heaviness will give thanks unto thee for may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. 6 And in my prosperity I said,

Psalm xxxi. (6) « I shall never be removed :" In thee, O Lord, have I put my thou, Lord, of thy goodness hadst trust : let me never be put to made my hill (a) so strong. confusion; deliver me in thy

7 Thou didst turn thy face righteousness. from me : and I was troubled. 2 Bow down thine ear to me :

8 Then cried (6) I unto thee, make haste to deliver me.
O Lord : and gat me to my Lord 3 And be thou my strong
right humbly.

rock, and house of defence : that
“ What profit is there in thou mayest save me.

blood : when I go down to 4 For thou art my strong o the pit?

rock, and my castle : be thou 10 “ Shall the dust give thanks also my guide, and lead me for “ unto thee : or shall it declare thy Name's sake (8). “ thy truth?

5 Draw me out of the net that

9 (c)


9.3. (x) “ Brought my soul out of hell,”'

i.e. extricated me from a most perilous
situation, when I was within the grasp
of death.
(). “ Them that go down into the

pit,” i.e. the dead. v.5. (z)

(z) “ Life," i. e. for duration, the

wrath so short, the pleasure so long. 0.6. (a) “My hill," i.e. my situation,


condition. v. 8 (6) Cried,” &c.

See Sam. v. 13. İs any one afflicted, let him pray : the « fervent


of a righteous man " availeth much.” James v. 16.

(c) This is his prayer. When God 0,11. told Hezekiah to set his house in order,

for that he should surely die, and he
prayed unto the Lord, and wept sore,
and the Lord added unto his life fifteen
years ; (see Is. xxxviii.) part of his
thanksgiving for this mercy was,

“ The
grave cannot praise thee, death cannot
“ celebrate thee; they that go down into

“ the pit cannot hope for thy truth; the
“ living, the living, he shall praise thee,
“ as I do this day." So Ps. vi. 5. “ In
« death no man remembereth thee, and
“ who will give thee thanks in the pit ?”
and Ps. cxv. 17. " the dead praise not
thee, O Lord, neither all they that go
or down into silence."

(d) “ Sackcloth,” i. e. the garment 0.12. of misery

(e) “ Therefore, &c. The deliver- v.13. ance, &c. of the good is repeatedly mentioned as a topic for praising God.

(f) An earnest prayer to God for protection, supposed to be written by David, mentioning the troubles he was in, the falling off of his friends, and the machinations of his enemies, but calling to mind the deliverances he had before received, and expressing the most confident assurance that God would still

preserve him. (8) “ Name's sake,” i. e. that thou v.4.

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